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    Common Core State Standards

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         Nearly a year before students around the nation submit to the new Common Core standardized tests, the federally-backed program is already causing chaos and confusion at local school board meetings, in the classroom and at the dinner table. We are discussing our opinions on the Common Core Standards and the research we have found to better educate us all on what this means for our children. We will be interviewing a local Teacher for her perspective on the Common Core Standards.

         In the News, we are discussing a message that has many outraged saying that the teacher needs to exercise more compassion. The message which was a note sent out to pre k students stating that the children have "unpleasant smells" and "dirty clothes". Tune in to find out more.

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    Common Core: Educational Sub-Standards

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    People across the country are finding out about Common Core Educational Standards and parents and local school boards are not happy about what they are finding out.
    Join for a dicussion on Common Core Educational Sub-Standards with Carolee Adams, NJ President of the Eagle Forum and Shelly Kennedy Founder of CURE-NJ, Citizens United for Responsible Education, as we discuss Common Core's history, separate myth from fact and learn how it made its way into our educational system.
    For more information and to view the 5 part video series click onto www.AmericanPrinciplesProject.org.
    You can also email questions to Carolee Adams at EagleForumNJ@gmail.com and contact Shelly Kennedy by joining her facebook page at www.facebook.com/CURE-NJ
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    How Will Common Core Standards Initiative Affect Teachers And Students

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    Come find out the latest measure on how to ensure teachers teach to the test and that students are learning the Common Core.  Why is it that this approach must be done nationwide.  Hear what is going on in Missouri that has teachers shocked as most never saw this coming.  Will Common Core affect most of the states teachers in the same way?

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    Dr. Duke Pesta On Common Core And The National Sexuality Education Standards

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    Hear interview with Dr. Duke Pesta as he opens our eyes to some very important details in this nationalized education system that is being implemented.  He is a nationally renowned speaker that can connect the dots for us on how the National Sexuality Education Standards will come in to the schools.  We will be speaking with him and other Education Activists such as Alice Linahan of Women on the Wall, Ann Eubank of Stop Common Core Alabama will be dropping in to give more perspectives.   One of the topics we will comment is on the latest tentacle of this nationalized system--the Comprehensive Counseling Guidance Proposal which uses the ASCA National Model.  According to Linda Murphy, a nationally renowned Educator/Activist, who has studied Dr. Bice's Comprehensive Counseling Guidance -- "This is a dangerous expansion of the authority of public schools into the private lives of students, which has never been allowed in American schools. This plan sets goals for changes in students’ emotions, feelings, attitudes, values and beliefs. The area educators call the "affective domain" (from Blooms Taxonomy)." 

    This is part 1 of a two part audio

    Parents need to awaken as according to Mental Health Expert, Joan Landes, this is BIG.  Come learn and share the truths so you can Stand in the Gap for precious children NOW!



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    Hear Teachers and Parents Angry With The Common Core Standards Initiative

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    Listen to teachers explain the problems they see with Common Core along with parents upset about the effects on their children.  Hear why Common Core is turning education upside down.  Let's face the facts that this is a federal intrusion and when parents and teachers can no longer help a child then it is time to stop calling it education as it will lead to indoctrination among other things.  Hear parents and teachers fighting for America's future and the future of those they hold dearest in their own homes.  There are lessons to be learned from the past and the present.  No one that loves children can sit on the sidelines and allow a system to beat up a child inside the mind and Common Core does exactly that to the point that one child psychiatrist calls it "cognitive abuse" and there is even now a mental health problem known as the "common core syndrome".  The Obama administration is proving to be dangerous for this country as we have seen by the wrong actions with Benghazi-gate, Bergdahl-gate, Obamacare and now ObamaCore or Common Core (that David Axelrod proudly calls an Obama Initiative) .  Time to put a halt to it and it starts with understanding--hear from those affected.

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    PIJN News: Chicago Teachers Union Opposes Common Core Standards

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    Dr. Chaps reports on these important issues:

    * The Chicago teachers’ union opposes Common Core education standards.
    * Colorado police are stealing guns from law-abiding citizens.
    * Federal government is prosecuting marijuana users in Washington state.

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    The Corruption of education through “common core”

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    Common Core should be renamed the “Lowest Common Denominator.” He suggests that American schools have been scientifically designed to prevent over-education, thus “ensuring workers who will never be tempted to better their stations in life.”

    Common Core was not developed by the states but rather by the "COMMON CORE REGIME" along with Obama's stimulus $$ and pushed by the duped Republican governors and business groups.

    The push by a DC-based nonprofit called Achieve, Inc., which is the Education division of   Rupert Murdoch‘s News Corp., under the auspices of the National Governors Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO) in 2007. Neither NGA nor CCSSO (which are merely trade associations with private  membership lists) had a grant of legislative authority from the states to   develop national standards. In fact, Common Core was written by the same   progressive education reformers who have been trying to impose a national curriculum for decades. This time, they were savvy enough to invoke the “cover”of NGA so they could paint Common Core as a “state-led” effort. To the extent states had any input, it was limited to offering suggestions that may or may not have been accepted by the people in control.


     GATES FOUNDATION underwrote( paid for)  & promoted the COMMON CORE curriculum scheme along with Jeb Bush's 2 foundations.

    RUPERT MURDOCH's News Corp built the database infrastructure In BLOOM evolving out of the above partnership this was created to operate the database.

    The U.S. Department of Education (USED) did not create the Standards, but it was deeply involved in the effort to gather together the various trade associations and private foundations to do the work that USED wanted done.


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    Common Core standards and CTE

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    A brief thought about common core standards , testing and will it really helps our students ?

    Jan 20, 2014, Has of all this common core training really made a difference ?

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    Montana Common Core State Standards

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    Last week our guest, Kriss Wolf did open a can of worms. The controversial  Common Core State Standards. Kriss generated a lot of interest and requests for more information, especially its status here in Montana. One such contact was from Tim Ravndal an activist from Townsend MT. Tim agreed to be our guest this Thursday nite. Tim has been involved extensively with the Common Core State Standards Initiative (CCSSI)  both at the legislative and local levels.  It's mind boggling to hear that only 1 in 10 people in MT have even heard of Common Core.  The fact that the MT legislature agreed to fund it, indicates that the 1 in 10 stats apparently also applied to the legislators. 
    Tim has followed the money on this to special interest groups that lead to George Soros and Bill Gates.  The ties to Agenda 21 are also very clear. Tim will sort it all out for us and answer your questions and comments. By the way, here's just a few of the many excellent links for further Common Core references. Montanans Against Common Core | Do you know who controls your child's education? http://montanansagainstcommoncore.com/ Stop Common Core » Reclaiming Local Control in Education http://stopcommoncore.com/

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    Alice Linahan And The Latest With Common Core

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    Hear latest in the fight against Common Core with the nation's premiere user of social media. .Alice Linahan of Texas..Hear about this maze of bureaucratic control called Common Core Standards Initiative.

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    Common Core Conundrum Clarified

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    Don’t be fooled by grandiose claims in support of the Common Core State Standards Initiative that incentivizes  states  to "Race to the Top" by choosing uniform Language Arts and Mathematics standards that students are expected to achieve at the close of each school year (K-12). Research Mom Sharon Hanek raises red flags about this scheme that “facilitates,” rather than “educates.” How so? By delivering highly politicized, strictly utilitarian miss-education that undermines the religious value system your family holds dear—this, by systematically altering how your child thinks. Who’s behind the initiative, what’s in it for them, and at what cost to our children? Tune in for answers!

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