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    Alfred Ricci: Spirituality and Your Career

    in Entertainment

    This week, spiritual teacher Alfred Ricci joins Guy's Guy Radio. A mentee of Hans Christian King, his views on spirituality can change the way you look at your career, and the way you do business.

    Got a question for Robert or Alfred? Call in to the show at (347)-945-5834.

    Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

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    This Episode is about how SPIRITUALITY IS BUSINESS and why the African American community has to get back to natural laws. This will be one that shows many laws we need to get back to as a community to unite.


    email>>> hfrn.vault@gmail.com

    call 424-222-5250

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    Sexuality and Spirituality & FREE PSYCHIC READINGS

    in Spirituality

    Sexuality does go with spirituality and it's something that most people will not discuss, however, it is very important.  We have both estrogen and testosterone and sometimes we need to be more feminine in a relationship e.g. We often bring in these traits from a prior lifetime. So, if you are more masculine right now we need to look at that issue as it might be wrecking your relationships. Sexuality is a very detailed subject and this will be discussed in it's entirety.  I already discussed Tantric Sex and how this is so important for relationships.  FREE PSYCHIC READINGS TODAY ON SHOW!!!

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    Uniting Our Spirituality on Sunday

    in Education

    Mr. Floyd Davis is back in the Studio with us for a very in depth look at the strings which bind us Spiritually! Please join us as we seek to bring our Spirit to a single aspect of energy for the goodness of all mankind!
    6:30p.m. Central/7:30 Eastern


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    Have patience in your spirituality

    in Culture

    Most of the time we find ourself exercising our faith when times are tough and needed.  I would like to shed some light on utilizing our spirituality when times are great.  Faith and Spirituality wasn't created to be a quick fix.  It takes plenty of discipline and obedience to understand this powerful gift that has been given to each and everyone of us.  Please call in and share your message of what spirituality has done for you!

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    Just Talking -- Giving Voice to the Masses to help set our minds free

    in Self Help

    Creating Hell On Earth

    Rev., Dr. Om Prakash


    Some say that the underlying reality is one of joy and love.  We don't experience that everyday on this Earth.  There is pestilance, famon, pain and suffering.  Sometimes it seems to be everywhere.  Are we somehow creating our own Hell on Earth.  More importantly, do we have the power to stop it and turn it around?  I think that we do and we will discuss the process of Turning Hell Around on Just Talking this week followed by our regular reading from the book Reunion of Souls by Dr. John W. Gilmore. 

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    The Spirituality of Age

    in Spirituality

    What is the spiritual meaning of aging? Dr. Anseloni talks to co-authors Dr. Weber and Dr. Orsborn about their recent book The Spirituality of Age. LIVE! Join us at 858-769-4705.

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    Episode 32 Journey-In-Rhythm: True Afuraka Diaspora Spirituality Origin Of Exist

    in Spirituality

    Episode 32 Journey-In-Rhythm: True Afuraka Diaspora Spirituality Origin Of Existence In The Creation Of The Universe (Continued)

    Radio Show

    Saturdays at 11am EST.

    Guest Call-in (602) 753-1598

    Guest Speaker: Ptah Asar , Founder- Ptah Originals "Primordial Temple of Discipline"
    Facillator: Kween Mother Akua !!!

    Topics of discussion :
    * "Stomach Is Key To Salvation/Immortality"
    * What's the concept creation "zep-tepi" (first time)?
    & THE
    (You Must Get Your Pen And Pad Ready)

    !!!! Neb Er Tchr / The will of the universe. !!!! Ase,,,?

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    Religion vs. Spirituality vs. Faith vs. Self-Belief

    in Spirituality

    Many people in the world believe in some power that is outside of themselves.  Some call it God, Source, Divine, etc.  There are different words used to define how one reviews these thoughts.  What is the difference between religion, spirituality, faith, self-belief, intuition, no belief, etc.  vOn Friday, Jan. 22, noon PT/3 p.m. ET/8 p.m. UK, join host Cindy Freeman.  We will discuss these terms, how they differ, and why it is important to understand the difference. Find out how these words relate to one's purpose also. If people want to call in and discuss their faith tradition--myths and truths--they are welcome also. It will be an open show with no one disrespecting what someone else has to say. 

    Cindy is an ordained non-denominational minister who seldom uses her title. She lives her life by faith and makes her spirituality and her belief structure to guide her actions.  There are times when that faith may seem to falter, but it is always there.  We all know that there are times in our lives when these parts of our lives may be shared more than others.  Cindy finds that there are times for religion, spirituality, faith, and other related things to be forefront and shared with others and there are times when they are just part of her life. 

    Join us live via Skype or calling in to 347-205-9075. Also join us either live or archived in the Facebook group Purpose Talk Radio Conversations.

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    Al Diaz, Javiera Correa Conscious Manifestation as the fun part of Spirituality

    in Lifestyle

    Al Diaz and co-host Javiera Correa share their insights on Conscious Manifestation as the fun part of Spirituality.

    Wednesday, January 20th  7am PST

    Javiera Correa defines herself as someone who is passionate about exploring the potential of the human existence. Owner of 1133podcast and javiajando.com, she has been leader of environmental movements and a business entrepreneur for over 10 years. Ultimately though, she is here to support and assist the awakening process of the Truth of who we. She does 1:1 consultancy and conscious manifestation has been one of her main topics of interest.

    To contact Al Diaz personally: al.diaz4love@gmail.com 

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    Spirituality is a Personal Thing in Recovery

    in Lifestyle

    Spirituality is recognizing that we have the power to change the things in our lives that bring us pain. Whether it's simply a life in need of greater positivity or a life ravaged by addiction, each of us holds the key to initiating the healing process. Spirituality is recovery. 

    Reverend Leo Booth

    Rev. Leo writes regularly in Counselor Magazine and recovery newspapers across the United States and is the author of 10 publications, which include Say Yes to Your Life, Say Yes to Your Spirit, Spirituality and Recovery, The Wisdom of Letting Go, The Angel and the Frog and others. Rev. Leo has appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America and others to name  a few. Father Leo is a spiritual advisor Spiritual Advisor for: Santé Center for Healing – Argyle, TX, Promises – Malibu, CA, Alina Lodge – Blairstown, NJ, and New Found Life – Long Beach, CA. Tonight’s show is featuring his books, our host Marsha Stafford will share her story "This Little Light of Mine," and open up the phone lines for others to share their Spiritual story of Recovery. This is show you do not want to miss. The holiday season is a perfect time to have this topic on our show, our gratitude seems to be greater, and what a wonderful opportunity to touch someone else’s life with your story.


    Join us at the Been There Done That Show on Sat 12-19-15 6pm mst at our web site www.beentheredonethatshow.com as Marsha discusses, Spirituality and Recovery a book authored by Reverend Leo Booth, shares her story “This Little Light of Mine,” and opens the phone lines for our listeners to share their stories of Spirituality and Recovery. Join us streaming Live on the internet at www.beentheredonethatshow.com click on the listen now button and join our show online you do not want to miss this show call in at Call (718) 766-4707