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    Commercial Real Estate Job Market

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    We just heard that the unemployment rate is now the lowest it’s been in many years. More jobs are being created and more are now available, but how does the national jobless report affect commercial real estate professionals? Are more jobs available and at what salary? Are these the jobs that you want? Do your skills and experience fit the jobs that are available? What jobs will be available in the future and will you need to learn new skills? Has the recession caused a “brain drain” in commercial real estate? These and other questions will be discussed with our panel of experts: Bob Poline of Poline Associates and Kent Elliot of RETS Associates.

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    Commercial Real Estate Loans & Business Financing Scenarios

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    My name is Ken Sheppard. I have invested in real estate successfully for over thirty years. Today we'll share some real life loan scenarios in which we are engaged, including difficulties and our take on them.  Please join us for an informative discussion!
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    The Making of Commercial Real Estate News Online: Interview with Michael Beckerm

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    The brainchild of its founder, Michael Beckerman, The News Funnel aggregates real estate news, blogs, videos and other content for busy CRE professional. They gather trade news and information from trusted industry sources and then let users craft that information into a custom feed that is unique to their geographic market, industry segment and areas of interest.

    The News Funnel was created by Michael Beckerman, a 25-year veteran of the public relations industry and author of the RE Tech Bits Blog. Michael was previously the founder and CEO of Beckerman Public Relations, a firm he grew to one of the largest independent agencies in the country. He is now CEO of The News Funnel and is responsible for the site's overall vision and day-to-day operations. The original idea for The News Funnel stemmed from Michael's own experiences trying to stay current without being overwhelmed – he envisioned a more streamlined solution that would benefit both professionals and the PR agencies trying to reach this audience.

    While discussing The News Funnel itself, the focus of this show is on Michael.  We are going to discuss his background and experience and what led up to the inspiration and development of The News Funnel. 

    What did he learn from his experience in business and running a large, independent public relations firm?

    What has it taken to put together a successful and widely utilized online aggregator of news and information?

    How can real estate professionals stay on top of their profession and promote themselves by using The News Funnel?

    Finally, Michael will give us a sneak peak at what he sees for the future of the internet and how it will effect the business of commercial real estate.

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    Commercial Real Estate Appraisals: Finding the Right Appraiser

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    The appraisal of commercial property is, without a doubt, one of the most important aspects of commercial real property practice.  The appraisal touches every part of the business and every person involved in the process, including buyers, sellers, lenders, borrowers and their brokers.  Choosing the right appraiser and understanding what goes into an thorough appraisal can make or break a deal.

    Join my guests, Paul Beisser, Ray Cirz and Dan Boring as we discuss:

    When should an appraiser be retained;
    What should a broker do with an appraisal report;
    Problems and issues with appraisals in today's market;
    What has changed over the last few years;
    The different types of appraisal firms; and
    How has sustainability effected valuations.

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    Commercial Real Estate: Analyzing Value

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    Making Money In Real Estate When You Have No Money Hello! My name is Ken Sheppard. I have invested in real estate successfully for over thirty years. This show will explain to you how to make money in real estate when you do not have any money. I started out this way and so can you. Our topic today is  analyzing value with commercial real estate. Please join us for an informative discussion!

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    How To Choose A FANTASTIC Real Estate Broker/ Office

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    Let's face it: not all real estate brokerages are created equally, especially when it comes to meeting your needs as an agent. Today we're going to tell you how to avoid heartbreak and maximize your opportunities for career-growth & income by finding a fantastic real estate brokerage to work for. Avoid the body-shops! What you need is a brokerage that helps you achieve success and supports your efforts - not a pump-and-dump body shop with high agent turnover....and today we'll help you pick a firm that's a perfect fit for your success.

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    Real Estate on Sunday

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    Episode three of Real Estate on Sunday with Jim Lowenstern and Diana Dority. Jim and Diana from Castles Unlimited answer your real estate questions.

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    Commercial Real Estate Receiverships

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    Have you ever wondered how to become a receiver on commercial property or how to get business from a receiver? What if you are already a receiver but need experience or you need to get more appointments?
    We are going to cover these and other issues pertinent to receiverships and commercial property during this show with our featured guest, Bob Mosier, national speaker and one of the most preeminent receivers in Southern California. Participating in the discussion will be Kirk Rense, an attorney who has worked with Bob for over 20 years, focusing on receivership legal issues and Mike Walters, a long time specialist in commercial auctions.

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    REALTOR® Alert: The Darkside Of Real Estate Coaching

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    Will coaching send you to collections? That's exactly what's happened to thousands of agents, thanks to 6-to-12 month "no exit" contracts with some of the nation's leading coaching companies. It's a practice that's harming the industry and gives coaching a bad name (according to the Wall Street Journal) - which is why Tim & Julie Harris refuse to have contracts, and why we're alerting you to this issue in-depth today.

    Tens of thousands of agents have a coach - but coaching isn't for everyone, and no-exit contracts mean that you pay for service even if you don't like the service or even quit real estate entirely - no exceptions! Today we're going to drill down on what this practice really means for agents, and why it needs to stop.

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    David Henry, CEO of Kimco: Icon of Commercial Real Estate

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    David Henry is the CEO of KIMCO, one of the largest REITS in the country. While part of the S & P 500, it is run with a definite personal touch that is so much David.  Personable, agreeable and competent, David embodies the best of a CEO in commercial real estate.

    Learn what has influenced him as a CRE professional, from school through GE real estate and now at KIMCO.  What are the drivers that have made him so successful?  What were his inspirations and how can his story inspire you to excel in your chosen profession?

    This should be easy listening with tons of lessons to learn


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    Steve Herron - Commercial Real Estate Valuations Can Fluctuate Widely

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    Steve Herron is an expert when it comes to valuing Commercial Real Estate - and he relates some stories about how some appraisers can sometimes really “miss the mark” when they don’t understand exactly how the property is used.

    What do you call 350+ interviews indexed into 35 topic file folders on Business, Life and Family issues? We call it the Exit Coach Audio Library and you can find it at www.ExitCoachRadio.com … Come Listen for a minute!

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