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    Comet Elenin – Will It Crumble or Explode?

    in Paranormal

    Your Own World Radio with Marshall Masters
    Panel: John DiNardo, Richard Shaw and Ed Douglas
    On the 3rd of August, the Minor Planet Center posted the latest observation data for Comet Elenin plus this one rather curious footnote.  “The recent observations of C/2010 X1 (Elenin) are discordant, presumably due to the lack of any obvious condensation. It is probable that this comet is disintegrating.”

    The operative word here is “probable” which is not to be confused with “has.” Nonetheless, previous announcements that Comet Elenin would disintegrate were spun by the media to appear as though it actually had.  Consequently, this misleading spin was very effective in deflating public interest.

    The serious conversation now taking place, is about whether Elenin will disintegrate.  Recent elongation and dimming are physical signs of that possibility.  Therefore the real question, which Leonid Elenin constantly addresses these days, is whether or not it will explode.

    Lacking clear imagery of the nucleus, Leonid Elenin predicts that Comet Elenin will crumble and not explode - presumably, to quell public concerns.  However, prophecy predicts that our worst nightmare could be realized with an explosive disintegration or violent outburst.  

    In this interview, the panel will address these issues in terms of the science available and the significant amount of prophecy now converging on this comet.  Then compare all that with current Earth changes.

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    Today on The Boochcast Booch and Desmond recap their Thanksgiving vacations, talk about Desmond and Elvis running the show on last week, critique Derek Shapiro filling in for Booch, WWE Network To Launch In Germany In January 2016, Impact Wrestling Premieres On POP TV January 5th, Kurt Angle Announces His Retirement, ROH Announces TV Deal With COMET Done With Destination America, Nikki Bella Avoiding Surgery For Career-Threatening Neck Injury, and Update On When Nikki Bella Will Return To The Ring, ESPN At WrestleMania?, Network Update. 

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    Comet Elenin - The Woman and the Dragon

    in Paranormal

    PLANET X SPECIAL REPORT with MARSHALL MASTERS: Comet Elenin - The Woman and the Dragon
    GUESTS: Richard St. Laurent and Richard Shaw
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    The Comet Elenin buzz on the Web today, all essentially boils down to one question. “Just what the heck are we looking at?” A good question as some believe this relatively young comet, possessing a fraction of the brightness and mass of a great comet such as Hale Bopp or Halley's Comet, is actually a brown dwarf sun entering the core of our solar system.
    In our last Comet Elenin show, we looked at the correlations between the Hopi Blue Star prophecy and Sumerian and Hebrew Accounts. In this follow-on interview, we explore a striking correlation between Revelations and Hopi prophecy. These two prophecies cover the same harbinger event from different world views, but fit together like the pieces of a great puzzle.
    In this next installment in what has grown into a series, Yowusa.com researcher Richard St. Laurent and Watchers 2 producer Richard Shaw of PinLight.com conduct a purely secular comparison of the Hopi Blue Star prophecy with the Book of Revelation Chapter 12, Verses 1-4.

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    Graham Hancock: Magicians of the Gods

    in News

    About Magician of the Gods

    Near the end of the last Ice Age 12,800 years ago, a giant comet that had entered the solar system from deep space thousands of years earlier, broke into multiple fragments. Some of these struck the Earth causing a global cataclysm on a scale unseen since the extinction of the dinosaurs. At least eight of the fragments hit the North American ice cap, while further fragments hit the northern European ice cap. The impacts, from comet fragments a mile wide approaching at more than 60,000 miles an hour, generated huge amounts of heat which instantly liquidized millions of square kilometers of ice, destabilizing the Earth's crust and causing the global Deluge that is remembered in myths all around the world. A second series of impacts, equally devastating, causing further cataclysmic flooding, occurred 11,600 years ago, the exact date that Plato gives for the destruction and submergence of Atlantis.

    The evidence revealed in this book shows beyond reasonable doubt that an advanced civilization that flourished during the Ice Age was destroyed in the global cataclysms between 12,800 and 11,600 years ago. But there were survivors - known to later cultures by names such as 'the Sages', 'the Magicians', 'the Shining Ones', and 'the Mystery Teachers of Heaven'. They travelled the world in their great ships doing all in their power to keep the spark of civilization burning.

    For the comet that wrought such destruction between 12,800 and 11,600 years may not be done with us yet. Astronomers believe that a 20-mile wide 'dark' fragment of the original giant comet remains hidden within its debris stream and threatens the Earth. An astronomical message encoded at Gobekli Tepe, and in the Sphinx and the pyramids of Egypt,warns that the 'Great Return' will occur in our time...

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    Wrestling It Factor Radio WWE Survivor Series review show

    in Wrestling

    reviewing WWE survivor series 2015 show.Discussing thoughts and opinions. Also favorite survivor series moments in the pasts.Hosted by Wayne Benitez and Tommy 2 Chips.

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    Oh You Didn't Know Radio: NXTNA!

    in Wrestling

    On tonights episode of Oh You Didn't Know Radio we discuss the brand new TV deals of ROH and TNA respectively. Lucha Underground Season 2 News as well as backstage news on certain TNA talents that have been spotted backstage at the most recent NXT tapings. S.Series predictions are up on line for discussion as well. Join Toph, JCD & Nate as we shoot the breeze in a special 1 hour 30 min edition of Oh You Didn't Know Radio!

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    The Mark Of The Beast Is Here Now! Why Do They Keep Leaking Stuff Out!?

    in Christianity

     In this episode I will discuss some on the mark of the beast and how its out now its just not mandatory yet!  I will also be discussing how more and more things are being leaked out like first it was the ticker tape reporting the earthquake like in real time like it had just happened but it hadn't just to be taken down! And then the National weath station came out with warnings of tsunami's in several places to then say it was an accident that it was a inside alert they were working on ...Really and in more than one place ...right ...sure...something isn't adding up and I think I know what it is according to all the prophecies dreams and visions!  Also I will again just allow the Holy Spirit to lead this broadcast in the Mighty Name of Jesus all to the glory of God because it is HIs broadcast not mine I am just HIs mouthpiece!!  If you don't know Jesus today please call on Him and if your lukewarm get hot on fire for Yeshua today because only the red hot I like to say will go in the rapture if your lukewarm He will spit you out!  Warning time is about up get in the ark which is JESUS!!!!!! By NO other Name can you be saved under heaven but the Name of JESUS!!!!!!!! He loves you more than anyone could ever love you call on Him today He yearns to fellowship with you He wants relationship with you!!!!!!

  • False Prophet Pope Francis is here to meet with anti-christ obama

    in Christianity

    In this episode I will discuss the pope's visit to this country and how the prophetic clock is getting closer and closer to midnight. All the players are set on the prophetic stage for the book of Revelation to start playing out its just a matter of time before everything becomes reality its not slowing down for no-one but speeding up!  The judgment of this coming comet is near but it could happen this month or it might happen later either way we must stay ready spiritually and in the natural prepared also either way staying close to Jesus! God does do a thing without warning His people first and the warnings have been ringing out for awhile now judgment is soon and so is the rapture!

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    Pastor Harry Walther

    in Spirituality


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    WHY THE WORLD DIDN'T END TODAY: The Book of Revelation Revealed, Pt.2

    in Entertainment

    Richard Rossi continues his series on the Book of Revelation, debunking Doomsday date-setters by sharing what the last book of the Bible really teaches.  He deals with the latest datesetting device, the Blood Moon.  Richard also deals with the "Doctrine of the Nicolaitans," false prophets who put titles in front of their names to create personality cults unto themselves.  Learn how current leaders in today's church are misleading many vulnerable people into exalting man.  This show will equip you to not fall for false prophecies the next time they come around. (The text covered in today's show is the first two chapters of Revelation).

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    My Special Guest Angela R. Whitworth Will Be Sharing Her Open Visions !

    in Christianity

    This episode I will have guest Angela R. Whitworth who had powerful open visions of this coming shaking/judgment that confirms what many others have been shown like Efrain Rodriguez and Dr. Patricia Green to name a few. Angela was shown by the Lord Himself that this comet is headed towards earth that will result in 3 days of darkness and a great earthquake and tsunamis. He didn't give her a day but gave her the year and time the hour. I am excited to have her on her open visions have confirmed what the many dreams the Lord has shown me like a giant puzzle the pieces I was shown now make sense in light of her visions and others confirming one another! God warns His prophets before He does anything well He's been warning and the Word says He confirms His Word through two or three witnesses well He's confirmed His Word through way more than three through people all over the world. .why because our G

    od is merciful but still many MANY will still be unprepared because even many Christians are NOT taking these warnings seriously! We will just let the Lord lead the broadcast Amen!

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