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    Don't call it a comeback

    in Comedy

    The gruesome twosome returns

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    K.Y. and Miss Ebony go through the Comeback Compass

    in Business

    The Comeback Compass is what is used to assist people with a comeback. K.Y.the Comeback Guy (The Young Group inc) will broadcast The Comeback Corner Live which will be aired in Sept.

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    Your Comeback: How to Reclaim Your Center

    in Self Help

    Life takes the wind out of each of us from time to time. Are you getting your bearings as a newlywed? Are you a new mom heading back to work, wondering how you’ll get it all done? Join Jennifer Bellber and Debrah Mathis as we talk about what it takes to make your comeback a success! We’ll talk about reclaiming what makes you joyful and embracing the new, exciting chaos of life – while letting go of unrealistic, cultural expectations.

    Jennifer Bellber is a radio host and life coach who specializes empowering people choosing to physically transform themselves. Visit www.jenniferbellber.com for schedules and more information on how to partner with Jennifer.

    Debrah Mathis a world-class, highly-sought after personal development coach & human resources management consultant, internet radio host, and President of E2S Solutions Professional Coaching LLC in Dallas, Texas. Visit www.DebrahMathis.com for details how to work with her.

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    What's Your Biggest Comeback?

    in Entrepreneur

    Are you tired of putting yourself last?

    Have you hit rock bottom and don't know what to do next?

    Are your secrets destroying your life?

    You're not alone, women and men around the world are suffering from these same life altering problems that's preventing you from experiencing the quality of life. 

    Join us next week as our guest share their stories and how one decision can change your life forever.  Did you know that your story directly correlates with your current journey.  Find out how you can make your story work for you.  

    Sponsored by Biggest Comeback - Register here : http://www.profitproducingspeakers.com

    No matter what the situation the Biggest Comeback was created with you in mind. It's Real People with Real Stories providing you with Real Solutions to overcome any obstacle you may be struggling with.

    This is your opportunity to confront your issue and overcome it to experience true transformation.

    Join us by registering at http://www.profitproducingspeakers.com

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    The Lassie comeback...as a salesman?

    in Marketing

    Tynicka and Liz talk about Dreamwork's campaign to bring Lassie back to the forefront...to sell stuff.

    NY Times "Lassie as Salesdog" http://www.nytimes.com/2014/08/17/business/media/lassie-as-salesdog-one-more-trip-to-the-well.html?ref=todayspaper&_r=1

    Lassie visits Parade Magazine to promote Save the Children partnership http://parade.condenast.com/333015/parade/333015/

    Lassie stop on comeback tour: Ryan Seacrest: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/tvshowbiz/article-2726982/Lassie-prepares-make-comeback-help-Ryan-Seacrest.html

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    The 4th Quarter Comeback Show

    in Self Help

    The 4th Quarter is not the time to throw in the towel and quit. There is still time to make some beautiful things come to life before the ball drops in Times Square! On, The 4th Quarter Comeback Show, Myles W. Miller is going to speak life to your potential and your ability to win regardless of the situation...

    TONIGHT'S TOPIC: "What Do You Do When Everything You Truly Want Seems JUST Out of Your Reach"


    Born in Detroit, MI in 1978, Myles W. Miller, President and CEO of Lion Heart Enterprises, is known to his friends and family as a hard-working, loving, kind, compassionate, creative, and inspirational young man. He is a dynamic teacher and personal coach, a compelling and prolific writer, a charismatic and transformational motivational speaker, and just an all around good guy.



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    Robert Michael Morris: The Comeback Star LIVE!

    in Entertainment

    Celebrated actor Robert Michael Morris joins the show to talk about his late entry into the "professional" world of acting.  Robert will share stories of working with Lisa Kudrow from the hit show The Comeback, as well as his experience on the FOX TV series Running Wilde!

    Call 323 657-1493 to ask Robert a question!

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    Random Talks: "Comeback"

    in Wrestling

    Buzz and Trey make a comeback!!

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    11. Don't call it a comeback.

    in Hip Hop Music

    We are back after a few weeks. I got a new co-host trying out tonight. One hour show, In this 60 minute episode We talk about NWA's opening weekend. What Q wanted to see that he didn't in the movie, as well Suge Knights arrest and his portrayal of the film. Dre and Cube both file motion to be excused from the lawsuit, Jay Electronica disses Drake and J. Cole. Homegrown King Contest Continues with Ice Kings vs Just Wulf. 5 Mics, a mini Torrent or Buy It plus more.

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    in Sports

    Thomas "Cornflake" Lamanna joins Team LeftJab Boxing Radio to talk about his big comeback fight July 25 in his hometown of Millsville,NJ.Lamanna will be back in the ring against Jonathon Batista lookiing to get back on track.Lamanna talks about his new promotion which is Rising Star Promotions as well as what he see's in his future with them.Cornflake also address' Vinny Lamanna's interview on Team LeftJab Boxing Radio where he stated he wants his son to face Adrien Broner in the near future.Finally,Cornflake gives his thoughts on some big fights coming up including Bradley vs Vargas,Thurman vs Collazo and Malignaggi vs Garcia as well as the possibility of Flod Mayweather facing Andre Berto or Karim Mayfield in September.