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    Freedoms Voice with Rick Light

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    Starting January 9th I will be back on New Colony Network with a new show that will be called *Freedoms Voice.* We will be reaching out to the people in general to give them a voice. We will be teaching and discussing our responsibilities to our Freedom and Liberties, how to unify our efforts as Freedom loving people. This show is not for one group or agenda, this show is for everyone.

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    New UK Study Reveals Impact Of Neonicotinoids On Bee Brains & Colony Health

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    Research at the Universities of Dundee and St Andrews has confirmed that levels of neonicotinoid insecticides accepted to exist in agriculture cause both impairment of bumblebees’ brain cells and subsequent poor performance by bee colonies. The contribution of the neonicotinoids to the global decline of insect pollinators is controversial and contested by many in the agriculture industry. However, the new research, published in the Journal of the Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology, demonstrates for the first time that the low levels found in the nectar and pollen of plants is sufficient to deliver neuroactive levels to their site of action, the bee brain. In this segment of The Organic View Radio Show, host, June Stoyer talks to Dr. Chris Connolly about his latest research. Stay tuned!

    Today’s show is sponsored by Austria’s Finest Naturally Authentic Pumpkin Seeds and Pumpkin Seed Oil from the Steiermark available at OrganicUniverse.com. Listeners of TheOrganicView can receive $1 off their purchase by using the coupon code "orgview".  For more offers, please visit our website at www.theorganicview.com

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    Dawson Sports Radio-Boys and Girls Basketball vs. Union Colony

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    We are back at it again broadcasting the girls and boys basketball games against Union Colony. The boys are on a three game win streak and are looking to continue their success. Whereas the girls are looking forward to continuing their success after beating Twin Peaks on the road. Thank you for tuning in the broadcast and GO MUSTANGS! 

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    The Secret Mars Colony & The End of the World w Zen Garcia

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    The Secret Mars Colony & The End of the World w Zen Garcia

    Join Kenneth, John and Cathy in the chat room while they cover the lateset apocalyptic headlines and warnings of World War III.  Tonight brother Zen Garcia will join us for a round table dicussion of a recent and fascinating video entitled "The Secret Mars Colony".   Various whistleblowers over many years have come forth and claimed that as part of a secret black-ops military program a colony has been established on Mars for the housing and escape of certain elites when the apocalpyse strike the earth and the world comes to an end.  Some interesting allegations are brought forth and we will discuss them tonight.  

    God Bless You - See you there!

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    A Lunar Colony

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    NASA’s hopes to return to the moon with a fresh perspective. The moon has been our companion for over 4 billion years, yet we hardly know it.  There are treasures there waiting to be discovered.  The moon’s surface is rich with Helium3, oxygen, and water.  Oxygen and hydrogen can also be extracted from water to use as rocket fuel.  In addition to colonization and mining operations, a lunar base can be a springboard for exploring the solar system.

    Please join Melissa and me Monday, January 6, 2014 at 8 pm ET for a special New Year’s presentation of returning to the moon.

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    Tracy Krauss, "Colony Zero", "Neighbors" and much more!

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    Tracy Krauss is an author, playwright, artist, director, and teacher. She grew up in small town Saskatchewan and received her Bachelor of Education Degree in Saskatoon with majors in Art, English and History. She has lived in many interesting places in northern Canada, many of them north of the 60th parallel. She is currently a full time High School teacher of Art, Drama, English and History. She is currently working on several novels and stage plays, and resides with her husband in beautiful Tumbler Ridge, BC.
    - Website: tracykrauss.com
    - goodreads: goodreads.com/author/show/3492473.Tracy_Krauss
    - FB Author page: tinyurl.com/Tracy-Krauss-Author-Fanpage
    - Pinterest:pinterest.com/tracykrauss/

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    Patriot News with WolfPack!!

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    Join New Colony and Wolfpack as he speaks about veterans! 

    Our vets ARE the good guys!

    also see this video to learn of the mistreatment's, the money made by VA Drs to label vets.

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    Sea Colony on The Tennis Authority

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    Join the dynamic Natalie Fox as she brings the latest and greatest tennis products, services and events right to you.  This week we will visit with Thomas Johnston about the amazing Sea Colony Resort and their upcoming tournament.
    Find out more about The Tennis Authority by visiting us at www.TheTennisAuthority.com. Contact us at info@TheTennisAuthority.com
    Call in with questions (619) 924-0864.

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    The Signalis Show: Obama-The Case for Impeachment

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    Defending the Constitution and Conservative Values

    Noone really wants to talk about the "I" word when it comes to a US President. That word is Impeachment. But in today's world-and with this president especially- the option of impeachment cannot be removed from the list of options to stop a president who clearly doesn't love or respect the Constitution he swore to defend!

    Let's face it people. President Obama has did everything in his time in office EXCEPT uphold the oath he took on inauguration day, It's been one scandal after another. Moreover, it's clear he truly does hate America and wants to transform our nation into a socialist utopia. Anyone who has vetted him knows what his ultimate goal is- to bring America down. He feels the USA was founded on racism and bigotry. He has made it clear that he will do whatever he can to destroy our country and our way of life in the name of his twisted socialist idealogy and hatred of the US Constitution. Sadly, the Democratic Party is a willing accomplice in his quest to transform America into a a socilaist country. Have they forgotten we fought wars against that very same thing? Or have they lost their honor?

    We'll discuus the case for impeachment of Pres. Obama and let each of us decide how we stand on the issue? J4P updates as well.


    also listen to firefoxnewsonline here at blogtalkradio

    and haywiregulch.com  patriot radio and host wolfpack

    please dutystationentertainment.com  our troops  need our support

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    The Signalis Show: The Militia-Once Again

    in Politics

    Defending Conservative Values and the US Constitution

    Once again I'll be discussing an issue that completely inflames the liberals- The Militia.We'll discuss what is it is, what it isn't and it's authority to exist. Addditionally, we'll discuss it's importance in US history and why it's even more crucial today. Anyone that loves freedom will love this show.

    We will simulcast on haywiregulch.com with host Wolfpack

    J4P updates

    My special appeal to the people of the Republic of Texas:

    Stand up and tell your state legislators and the Governor that YOU WILL NOT ALLOW SHARIA COURTS OR SHARIA LAW in the State of Texas! The cold hard fact is that the rest of the US is looking to Texas to lead. Stand up Texans! Do for it America! Do it for Texas! Do it for Christianity! This is how Islam infiltrates a country like a cancer. Stand up and stop it now! Learn the lesson of France and what appeasement did for them.

    Be sure and listen to Firefoxnewsonline here on blogtalkradio. It's a great show!

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    The Signalis Show: Obama Slams Christianity

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    Defending Conservative values and the US Constitution

    Once again President Obama shows his true nature. Recently, at a prayer breakfast he all but outright defended Islam over Christianity by referencing The Crusades, slavery in America and Jim Crow Laws.  For Obama to be regarded as such a "road scholar", he clearly stuck his foot in mouth this time. Moreover, he offended the faith of the overwhelming majority of americans- christianity. We're going to disect his classless remarks and set the record straight for those americans who probably didn't know what he was referring to with his speech?

    J4P updates on Sgt. Charles Dyer

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