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    Season 3 Week 5 "Big Games Around the League"

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    This week there are some major games that headline our schedule for week 5. The defending champs play host to the Bills, The Skins go to Lambou and play the Packers, the Cowboys play host to the Skins are just a few of the important games in our league. The Falcons and their rival Panthers go at it again, after their last battle ended with a 7 point victory for the Falcons. In this league nothing is for sure, so you must always be on your best. Play hard, have fun, and always respect your opponent.

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    SWTS 573: This Week in Fantasy Sports - MLB Week 13

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    Join us for our This Week in Fantasy Sports segment of Sports With The StatMan this Saturday morning.

    Tune in for the latest injury information and hot pick-ups for your team. We will award the Weekly Best and Stock Up/Stock Down from Weeks 11-12 and look ahead to Week 13 with our hitting and pitching planner. Also, we will weigh in on DFS streaming options and rotisserie baseball. Plus, don't forget our new Gaming segment, where we will keep tabs on our Greatest Hitter Challenge tournament. ***

    In fantasy hockey, we will wrap up the NHL.com Stanley Cup Playoff Bracket Challenge and put a bow on your Playoff Hockey pools. ***

    We want to hear from you! Just tweet us your fantasy football, baseball, or hockey question or opinion (@gstatman) or ask us on Facebook.

    Listen live on Saturday at 11am ET, or download the podcast here.  "Like" the show on Facebook.  Follow the show on Twitter (@gstatman) for the latest updates.  You can also download the show on iTunes from your PC or mobile device in the iTunes Store, as well as Stitcher. And, visit our new website, StatManSportsOnline.com.

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    " Season 3 Week 4 "Even though its early, every game is important"

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    The Rams are leading the pack once again, but this time the Seahawks are right on his trail and these 2 will meet twice during the season. The Falcons are on fire with their pass game, while their divisional foe Saints are 3-0 and have a tough Seattle team in town this week. The Bills have changed division coming from the NFC West to the AFC East but the wins continue to pile up. The Colts are in front in the AFC South, while the Browns are udefeated and in first in the AFC North. There are a bunch of teams that are dangerous at 2-1, The Cowboys, Redskins, Packers, Vikings, Chiefs, Titians, and a slew of others. Even the teams who have gotten off to tough starts are very competitive. This league is tough and every win is key, and whoever makes the right adjustments will ultimately come out on top. 

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    PopHealth Week Month End Wrap-Up: Wednesday June 24th

    in Health

    In our second month end 'news/e/um' style PopHealth Week Review this Wednesday June 24 at 9 AM PT/12 PM ET we'll feature hot topics in the news. Our regular panel of Fred Goldstein @fsgoldstein, Gregg Masters @2healthguru and Doug Goldstein @efuturist will identify newsworthy stories and offer commentary along the way. The initial slate of stories in the news includes:

    Healthways revised guidance
    Fitbit’s IPO and Garmin’s lawsuit
    Oschner Health System

    What they are been getting news about Apple Watch – Chronic Care Management
    News B4 the Release – what they are working on the New Mission Control”

    The physician led ACO management company Aledade’s VC raise
    Insights from the Personalized Medicine Coalition Study
    Anthem's sparring bids for CIGNA (and Aetna's pursuit of Humana) Could the 'Big Five' be reduced to the 'Big Three'?

    We may add a few items along the way. Join us and for a more detailed description of the show, check us out at PopHealth Week. 


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    Season 3 Week 3 "Who's Rising In The Standings"

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    The myEcon season is under way and as usual the Rams is leading the way with 2 great performances on defense by allowing only 7 points in 2 games. The Falcons are putting up major points averaging 50 plus a night, while Seattle is showing he's ready to overthrow the Rams out West, but they both have to deal with the new young gunner in "Rebound" the Cards coach who has plenty of swagger. There are many teams looking good from the start. The Browns, Titians, Saints, Bills just to name a few. but don't forget tje Patriots who's learning a new team, and the Broncos who usually plays his best in the second half when it counts the most. Week 3 has plenty of games that are key, and as the season progresses we will see who takes control of their respective division. Its going to be tight all season, no team is a pushover, so be ready and stay focused. 

    The Commish


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    New York Jets Offensive Predictions Call-In Show

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    Welcome to Jetsfansunited show. Tonight is a Call-In show. The number to call in is 1-516-387-1860. We are going to look into our Crystal ball and predict this years stats of our Offensive Star players. QB, RB, WR and TE. We will take a look at their 2014 Stats and discuss why they will either Rise or Drop in 2015.

    Callers can call in and give us their own predictions. Here are the players we will be discussing.

    QB - G. Smith, RB - C. Ivory, B. Powell, WR's - E. Decker, B. Marshall, J. Kerley, D. Smith, Tight Ends - J. Cumberland, J. Amaro

    Our next show we will look at our Defensive players. Once again the call-In number is 1-516-387-1860.

    #JetUp and see you all at 9 p.m. E.S.T. 

    A Podcast by the New York Jet Fans for the New York Jet Fans!!!



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    John Carver Show - Kids NEED Structure - General Colin Powell

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     This is a GREAT SPEECH! In his talk from 2013, former Secretary of State Colin Powell shares his personal thoughts on why it's so important to invest in children by giving them structure, responsibility, and a good start in life.  He talks about how today's kids will be the next generation of leaders and he shares how the military helped to shape him into the man and the leader that he is today.  

    I can't imagine ever seriously asking my kids to stand at attention when the talk to me, but then again, I'm not a General and former world leader.  And I certainly do see his point that our children's education begins well before we send them off to school.  

    He says: "I want to talk about young people and structure, young people and structure. This was last Wednesday afternoon at a school in Brooklyn, New York, at Cristo Rey High School, run by the Jesuits. And I was talking to this group of students, and take a look at them. They were around me in three directions. You'll noticed that almost all of them are minority. You'll notice that the building is rather austere. It's an old New York school building, nothing fancy. They still have old blackboards and whatnot. And there are about 300 kids in this school, and the school's been going now for four years, and they're about to graduate their first class. Twenty-two people are graduating, and all 22 are going to college. They all come from homes where there is, for the most part, just one person in the home, usually the mother or the grandmother, and that's it, and they come here for their education and for their structure."

    This show is full of wisdom!

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    Hillary Clinton will be President -Predictions /Prophecy Open Mic

    in Spirituality

    Dr. Douglas several years ago predicted Hillary Clinton wouild be President of the USA. She came close as Secratery of State and was indeed in the Whitehouse. Will she be President in 2016? Tonights show is about the art of Prediction vs. Prophecy and the effect time and space has on their out come. Can you preceive the future? Open Mic- Callers are invited to give their predictions about the future

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    College Football and NFL Recap....

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    We will take a look at the top stories of College Football and the NFL. JT Barrett, Braxton Miller, and Cardale Jones.

    And, FSU QB arrested. And. a look at the NFL with Brady....Dez Bryant

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    NUC / NFL Draft Bible Podcast: 2016 Offensive Line Preview

    in Football

    Get an early jump on the 2016 NFL Draft class, as we preview the top draft-eligible prospects on the offensive line. We also examine some of the potential draft-risers and small school players worth noting, in addition to some of the underclassmen who should be on your radar for 2017 and beyond. Hosted by NFL Draft Bible Founder Rick Serritella and Senior Scout Joe Everett. Original content presented by NUC Sports. Log-on: www.NUCSports.com

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