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    Autism and Colin Brennan Music Sings at Art From The Heart Event, (2015)

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    In January 2012, Colin was invited to sing with Internationally famous Singer/Songwriter, Justin Hines at Joshua Creek Heritage Art Centre in Oakville, Ontario, Canada for the First Annual Art From The Heart Art Gallery Show and Event. It was then a Sold-Out Show with over 300 people in attendance. Fast Foward to three years and now in February 2015 Colin has been asked and invited by The Owner/Operator, (Sybil Rampen) to sing once again at this years Opening Event. There will be many Artists works on display and For-Sale by many Differently-Abled Artists from all over Canada. They come from all Spectrums, Autism, Down-Syndrome, Wheelchair, Blind, and more. These people all prove that having a so-called Disability does not mean one cannot produce beautiful works of Art. Colin is honoured to be part of this event by Singing two full length songs. He will be reading a brief prepared speech at first then he will sing in front of the gathered audience with "Alone in The Universe and Lets Go Fly a Kite." Colin will be selling his three CD's at the end of the show and 50% of all proceeds will be donated to Sybil Rampen for her programs to all future artists registered in her classes at her Art Centre. Today is also Super Bowl night, so no-one who wants to see the Big Game will miss it as today's show and songs will be from 2-5 p.m. and the game begins at 6 p.m. Eastern. Colin asked Justin Hines via e-mail if he will be able to attend but he has another pre-scheduled event to attend. It will be a great show! JOIN-US! Listen-In or call to be a guest! 1-714-888-7428 

    This is our 18th Radio Show since 2012 and we THANK all the 56,087 Listeners so far! 

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    Colin & Durden

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    Tim Daloisio from the baseball site, Fire Brand of the American League, joins Colin & Durden to discuss the upcoming baseball season.

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    Colin Brennan Music and Autism !

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    Here is Colin's 4th Show! It is a relatively short one as Colin is busy busy busy! He just had his first important meeting with his new Production Team from Spring Creek Studio which will be working with him over the next 3 months to create his second original song! It will be about helping children who were victims of Natural Disasters. This new song will have a full Orchestra! We will keep you updated! Colin's First original song is very close to being finished and it should be released this Fall as soon as we are done with Colin's Oakville Children's Choir Conductor's help! She helped us with all the music composition. Colin is excited to sing on other Radio shows as he just did tonight with Positively Autistic with Ryan and Erik. We hope you enjoy this show!

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    Colin Brennan Music and Autism !

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    Here is Colin's fifth Show! Colin is very excited to be letting you into his life and he is happy to tell you all about his Autsim and how it works for him! He does lots of "Eeee's" (Stims) as he gets excited about knowing that he will be doing another Radio Show! We hope you are enjoying his insights into his life with Autism and his gift of singing! If you have a ny questions, call in or ask in our chat room!

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    Colin Brennan Music and Autism !

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    Welcome to our Third Show! It's Canada Day Today! Happy Birthday Canada! We are going to continue where we left off from our last show with discussing about Colin's past year in singing and how his Autism helps him to be who he is! We hope that you will be getting some encouragement by listening in to our shows and discovering how the mind of a 9 year old boy on the Autistic Spectrum can be. We strive to be as Natural as possible with our shows in that the insights delivered are true and direct to the listener. We hope that you can call into our show and ask questions to us or give us your feedback! Music and Autism go hand-in-hand!

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    Colin Brennan and Autism Singing Loud!

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    Hi Everyone! Thanks so much to the 9100 Listeners for our first 6 shows, you are all Amazing! Tonight we are back with our 7th Show! Colin has been Very busy recording 6 new songs at his recording Studio here in Oakville, (River 16 Studio's) and he has been busy with all that is going on with being a Finalist at The Cogeco Stars Among Us Contest, just did his Media Launch for that and receiving a beautiful Certificate from the Mayor of Oakville and signing his first Gig performance contract with them to be the Opening Act on September 20th, 2012! We are asking everyone to Vote now for Colin at www.oakvillearts.com (click on Vote oakville and then vote at Young Artist and you'll see Colin's picture there and click on his picture) You only have to vote ONCE and it will take no more than 30 seconds to do it! THANKS FOR VOTING!! Colin is starting to get excited to go sing in New York City at The Edison Ballroom on October 22nd, 2012 for the Genius of Autism! We will keep you updated here! If you want to ask any questions, or have something to comment on our show call in or come into our chatroom! Call us at 1-714-888-7428

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    Colin and Dad Talk Live!

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    This is our First Radio Show and we are very excited to begin! Colin will sing one of his songs and field any questions that come in from listeners or from the chat room. We will talk about how Colin loves to sing and how his Autism affects his amazing abilities. We will also answer any and all questions from any interested parents about how music can benefit their children on the Autistic Spectrum, and/or answer any questions related to Autism in general. We hope that all musicians from around the world will call in and chat with us as Colin loves to talk to fellow singers and musicians. We invite all of Colin's fans from Colin Brennan Music to call in and/or listen! We hope that this show and our upcoming shows will be a formn for enhanced discussions on music and Autism from all walks of life. We invite all indie musicians to call us and chat with us about their music. We would also love to hear from signed singers and promoters on their thoughts about the music industry! Most importantly, lets have some fun and learn about our talents as a community of people that enjoy music and care about how it affects us and the benefits it brings all of us in our daily struggles in life!

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    Colin Brennan and Autism Singing Proud !

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    Hi everyone! We are back with our 6th show! Thanks to everyone, (Over 5200 of you) for listening to all our shows! We are talking to you about Autism and music and how it effects our lives and how postive it can be when you keep on a positive mental attitude! With a never give up motivational factor! Colin maybe only 10 years old, but he has already touched so many thousands of people in his own way. He takes it all in everyday and it will keep him strong throughout the rest of his life. Should you have any questions or if you wish to be a guest on our shows please let us know in the chat room or give us a call! 1-714-888-7428

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    Colin Performs at Autism's Got Talent in London, England !!

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    Welcome to our 18th Radio Show and many Thanks to all our 44,570 Listeners..Brilliant! Today's show is another Special Edition show as Colin is going to be singing on stage at The Mermaid Theatre in London, England! He was invited by Anna Kennedy OBE to be the only Canadian singer to perform from across the pond! After successfully auditioning online with Anna and her team we received a letter inviting us to come sing in their second annual Production of Autism's Got Talent! Colin will be singing his Theme song, "Different." The Mermaid Theatre holds 500 seats and at press time, there were not too many seats left! Colin's Dad will be calling into the show and Colin's Mom and older Brother will take his call and then they will be off to a swimming lesson, so hopefully, there will be no technical issues! There will be 18 acts performing tonight and Colin will be one of them! It's going to be another exciting night!

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    Actor/Director Colin Hanks

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    Actor/Director Colin Hanks (Fargo, Life in Pieces) discusses his wonderful new documentary All Things Must Pass: The Rise and Fall of Tower Records.

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    Colin Brennan Music Easter 2013 and England!

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    Welcome to our 16th Radio Show! We want to Thank all our 41,472 Listeners! You are all the Best! Today is our day before Easter Sunday Show and a small break from all our Special Guest's Shows. Colin just finished singing at his recent Church Recital for the upcoming Peel Music Festival by singing as Gavroche from the Play "Les Miserable." He will singing four songs at this years Peel Music Festival starting on April 4th, 2013. Then if we can get the small amount of donations still needed for the airfare in the next 3 weeks, ($500) then Colin will be off to London, England to sing on stage at The Mermaid Theatre for Anna Kennedy's Autism's Got Talent on May 11th, 2013! In the meantime, Colin is excited to be playing, "Andrew" for Stephen Geddes production of "Pigment" a musical CD. He received his first demo for his solo song, called, "Something about him." Colin is very excited about Easter and hunting for all the eggs tomorrow morning! He will be singing some songs in today's show! Finally, we want to make a special Thank-you to Blog Talk Radio for Featuring Colin with an Article in their Blog about going to sing in England! This article can also be seen and read from the Featured Newsfeed on the regular Blogtalk homepage after signing in. Thanks again for listening!