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    THE TRUMP HANDICAP Why a Trump nomination casts a 5-25% handicap on all GOP

    in Politics

    In the last debate we saw what a debate looks like minus crying, screaming, pounding tantrums.  Tantrums are difficult to listen to for prolonged periods.  And, the American voters are reaching their limit.

    When we take a breath and see the whole picture we have to ask, “What do the pre-school antics of an adult do to the overall country?”  Answer:  The Trump Effect.

    Assuming a Trump nomination, the GOP will experience a heavy handicap in races all over the country.  And to us a little seasonal football talk, “The red jerseys are going to have a huge point spread to try to cover if the party plans on winning it’s Capitol Hill parlay card.”

    Trump and Trump’s copycat-crimes have spoken their truth with relatively little backlash from a nationwide electorate.  More importantly, these comments, philosophies and promises have not faced the full force and effect of a very capable Democrat National Committee’s attack ad campaign.  This is deliberate, not accicential.  This is strategic.

    Make no mistake, the DNC is praying, lighting candles, crossing their fingers, tossing coins in fountains…possibly sacrificing chickens if there was a chance that would help to keep the GOP primary going as it is.

    When the general election campaigns begin we will see an American backlash emerge from the political centrist majority, from non-extremist Republicans, and obviously all Democrats.  This spells big problems for all GOP congressional and senatorial candidates as well as down ballot races.  This will happen organically as well as with the rabid encouragement of the DNC.

    Ultimately, a Trump (or Trump-esque) candidate will fuel a mammoth “anti-R” sentiment that will be a strenuous hill to climb for all Republicans.

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    Thirty Coins and a Rooster/John Chapter 18

    in Religion

    Have you taded Jesus for something else? Have you ever DENIED Jesus? These are amoung the questions that our SONSHINE USA Bible teacher Warren Landis will try to answer on this broadcast. Warren Landis is teaching from the 18th chapter og John on this broadcast. In this chapter, Judas betray's Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. Peter Denies Christ THREE TIMES! It is clear that Judas was not a believer.....but Peter was! Unlike Judas....Peter repented. Peter would go on to become a leader in the first century church and would later die for his FAITH in Christ! Though you may have let Jesus down more than once in the past......you can still be used by God to do great things for HIM! 

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    Dangerous Minds of Wrestling Radio

    in Entertainment

    Tonight Vale, Godrick, Dinklage & R U Ready host and give away some coins in a live promo competition!

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    LIVE! with Cathi---The Titanic of the Ancient World

    in Fitness

    The Titanic of the Ancient World!

    History's most impressive hoard of ancient Greek artifacts include numerous terra-cotta lamps, glass vessesl, coins, jewelry and statues.  Oh, if only these artifacts could talk!

    Scientist search the wine-dark sea for a ship that sank 2,000 years ago.  They believed that this ship carried what is believed to be the World's first computer!

    Foley, an archaeologist fought brutual storms but he was driven.  Beneath a cliff under 180 ft of churning water, are the remains of a ship smashed against rocks 2,000 years ago.


    Finding ships gave birth to the field of marine archaeology...etc.

    Many of the ships treasures...etc.

    Sponge divers find...etc.

    The discovery of a breathtaking machine...etc.

    Decoding the first computer...etc.

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    Hutton Pulitzer: Ancient Roman artifacts Discovered in North America

    in News

    A team of historians have claimed that an island off the coast of Canada has artifacts dating back to a time when the Roman Empire still ruled Europe and the Mediterranean.

    According to Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, lead historian on the research project, a treasure trove of Roman-era artifacts, including a head sculpture, a fragment of a shield, a handful of golden coins from ancient Carthage, a legionnaire’s whistle, and a Roman sword, was found in the wreck of a ship off the coastline of Oak Island, which itself sits off the southern shores of Nova Scotia. The historian spoke to The Express newspaper, claiming that his new find constitutes “the single most important discovery” when it comes to the Western Hemisphere’s archaeological record, adding that it could result in history books being re-written completely.

    Hutton Pulitzer is an Author, Historian and Professional World Explorer.  As an expert he has been featured in Radio, Newspapers, PBS and even has been seen as a regular participant in the History Channels' Breakout Hit "Curse of Oak Island".  Pulitzer has authored over 300 individual Lost History and Lost Treasure Books and publishes a Daily Archaeology Online Newspaper called Investigating History Daily which can be found at www.InvestigatingHistory.org  Pulitzer is also the contributor on theHistoryHeretic.org blog.

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    Investing in Coins

    in Finance

    Welcome to The Todd Griffiths Show! With special guest Don Kagin author of a Personal Guide to Rare Coins.   Subscribe via iTunes!

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    power of perception music with Elton Adams

    in Spirituality

    Canadian soldier, Elton Adams has been performing for his fellow soldiers since he joined the military at the age of 17. While serving his country in Afghanistan in 2008, Sgt Adams performed his song, What A Soldier Left Behind, with Canada’s beloved rock band Blue Rodeo. He released his first rock album in March 2009 (most of the songs on the album were written in Afghanistan) upon returning to Canada. In addition to having his songs chart on various internet radio stations, Sgt Adams has received numerous awards for his music contributions to the Canadian Forces including 5 coins of excellence from 5 different generals, the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal and the Chief of the Defense Staff Commendation. The Canadian Forces also released Sgt Adams’ song, “Lock and Load”, which commemorates the amazing efforts of Canadian soldiers while deployed to Afghanistan. Also, after returning from his third tour of duty (second tour to Afghanistan), Elton released three  songs, "My Canadian Girls", "Gunslinger" and Live a Little Longer. Further, Sgt Adams finished in the TOP 8 (out of 3000 artist) in the 2013 Canadian CBC searchlight contest and was the last standing solo rock artist. 
    You can purchase Eltons digital album on ITunes,  Spotify and Google play.



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    Customer Service: The Art & Science of Working Across Generations

    in Spirituality

    Join us as we welcome Jill Katzenberg, SendOutCards Manager, Business Coach, and Consultant.  Jill came to Cleveland over 13 years ago knowing no one.  She built a real estate practice through relationship-building, no matter what age the prospect or client was, despite moving to Cleveland from New York out of college, not knowing anyone when she settled.  Jill was one of the original 9 partners who brought Keller Williams Realty to the Cleveland, Ohio area 13 years ago.  She also became a multimillion dollar real estate seller and developed a systematic approach to what she coins  "5 Star Customer Service", creating repeat and referral business.  Today Jill works with business owners and individuals helping them reconnect with their passion. 

    We will have a lively discussion about the skills and competencies needed to successfully work across generations.  Never before in the history of America has 5 generations worked together in the workplace.  This generation gap in age, beliefs, and customs, can cause miscommunication and conflict as well as creativity and energy.  Learn how to bring out the best in people no matter the age, race, creed, or color.  Diversity and customer service are necessary ingrediants for award winning businesss success.  Learn how it's done this Sunday, December 13, 2015 at 5:00pm.

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    #355 Exit Strategy, Serial Entrepreneurs, Doing Good, Family Business, Health

    in Business

    Segment 1: Dr. Pamela Dennis has helped some of the world’s top leaders successfully lead their organizations—like Jeff Immelt, at GE and Eric Schmidt at Google. She speaks to international and national organizations on leadership and change, with the emphasis on leading transitions. 

    Segment 2: Hamid Shojaee is addicted to the high of making products that people love to use. Along the way, he’s made a couple of companies including Axosoft and Pure Chat and has helped Arizona’s tech scene create its voice with AZTechBeat.com.

    Segment 3: David Arison is part of the senior executive team of an established multi-generational family. David’s position centers on representing his family’s shared legacy and values, which stem from the vision of Doing Good. 

    Segment 4: Steve Cohen is Vice President and General Counsel at James H. Cohen and Sons, Inc. They are a dealer in rare coins, currency and antique arms and armor, operating on Royal Street in New Orleans’ French Quarter since 1898. 

    Segment 5: Dr. Carla Hightower is a physician and the founder of Living Health Works, a health coaching service. Dr. Hightower teaches individuals to use plant-based nutrition to prevent and reverse chronic diseases. She writes a blog on the subject of “food as medicine” at livinghealthworks.com 

    Sponsored by Sage, Nextiva, and Pure Chat.


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    Modern Coins

    in Finance

    What is the real worth of modern coins?
    The US Mint is turning them out. You see them advertised on TV and lots of sales and marketing firms are hocking them. Is it hype or is there long term value?   Subscribe via iTunes!

  • Literary Viewpoints Welcomes: Catherine Coulter

    in Books

    FBI agent Nicholas Drummond and his partner, Mike Caine are deep into an investigation of COE: Celebrants of the Earth- a violnet group known for widepread bombings of power grids and aoil refineries across the country. While investigating a tip about a possible bombing lot, the Bayway Refinery in New Jersey explodes. Nicholas and Mike race to the scene and barely escape being killed by a secondary device. Before long, COE launches a cyberattack on major oil companies, draining thier financial and intellectual assets. CIA agent Vanessa Grace, working undercover with the COE tries to steap the tiny undetectable bombs invented by the leader. But someone else infiltrated the COE a famous assassin named Zahir Damari. who wants to steal those very same bombs for Iranian and Hezbollah clients and assassinate our president and vice president. Working with Sherlock and Savich they race the clock to find the enemies before the end game, where either side could win. Join me when I interview NYTIMES BEST Selling author: CATHERINE COULTER who takes center stage for her five star novel co-authored with J.T. Eillison: The End Game