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    Investing in Coins

    in Finance

    Welcome to The Todd Griffiths Show! With special guest Don Kagin author of a Personal Guide to Rare Coins.   Subscribe via iTunes!

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    Two Coins for the Boatman

    in Christianity

    What is the connection between Christianity, Mythology and other belief systems? Two coins for the boatman refers to a particular belief in Greek mythology that places two coins on the eyes of the dead in order to cross the river Styx into the afterlife. But do these beliefs and that of the Egyptians, Catholics and Odanism have any affiliation with the faith of Christians? You may be surprised at the connections.

    Behind The Faith is a radio broadcast based on the book series Behind The Faith written by Antonio M Wilson. Available at Amazon.com, iBooks, Barnes and Noble and wherever books are sold.

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    Keeping The Count, June 26th, 2015

    in Wrestling


    Winner receives 1 million coins.
    Who knows what people will thing. But the genre tonight is, Funny.
    So I want to hear some parody songs, Funny songs by singing comedians. THe works. But all songs are still welcomed. of course.

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    Modern Coins

    in Finance

    What is the real worth of modern coins?
    The US Mint is turning them out. You see them advertised on TV and lots of sales and marketing firms are hocking them. Is it hype or is there long term value?   Subscribe via iTunes!

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    Travel, Food, Books & Coins

    in Entertainment

    Join Nancy Reid & Lisa Smith - publishers of BigBlendMagazines.com, for Big Blend Radio's variety show focusing on winter travel, food and cooking, books, ghost-hunting, and commemorative coins!
    Features Guests:
    - Glynn Burrows - Historian & Tour Guide - Norfolk Tours, UK
    - Lisa Mayo - Tuolumne County Visitors Bureau
    - Kris Sedersten - Author of 'Lost Mojo' &  Founder of Synergy Paranormal Investigations
    - Ayshe Talay-Ongan - Author of 'Turquoise'
    - Anthony J. Swiatek - Author 'Encyclopedia of the Commemorative Coins of the United States'
    - Ruth Milstein - Author 'Cooking with Love: Ventures Into the New Israeli Cuisine'

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    Captain Rob McDonald Live Presents: Treasure Beepers Radio

    in Culture

    It's has always been said "Gold Is Where You Find it"., From inside the farm field to your local beaches and under our sea's., from around the world! real gold & silver treasures "are there for the taking" ., And is always found in many forms and of "all age's" from a ring lost in the year 1900 to -300 BC (to the first coins ever made!.) All can be found with some of the state of the art (Metal Detectors!), In this Media Group my fellow treasure hunters will be posting some of the best treasures found from around the world Gold/Silver & Bronze Treasures (ever found in modern times!) every find is history., Each and every one of your finds are special to us! So your more then welcome to share each and every find you have! Welcome To The
    "Treasure Beepers Global"

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    Boxing vs MMA

    in Radio

    I admit it I am biased I'm a boxing fan. I grew up watching the sport with my conspiracy crazed uncle Glenn. I watched Muhammad Ali at tail end of his great career. I also remember other great fighters such as Sugar Ray Leonard,"Marvelous" Marvin Hagler, Tommy "the Hitman" Hearns, Roberto Duran as well As Larry Holmes and later on Mike Tyson. I used to save my coins to purchase K.O  magazine. boxing always appealed to me.  It gave me great entertainment there is such a beauty to it especially when I see a boxer get knocked to the canvas and eyes rolled back.  MMA on the other hand has started gaining steam its history is not as detailed but, some think it's better than the sweet science. The fights take place in a mad Max thunder dome type of setting chain linked fence octagon.  I think it's a fad. I don't get why it gets so much love from crazy fans call in and explain this fad to me

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    The Helios Biblios Hour (the book of the sun) did AmeriKKK learn from KKKMT

    in Current Events

    While Europe was experiencing its Dark Ages, a period of intellectual, cultural and economic regression from the sixth to the 13th centuries, Africans were experiencing an almost continent-wide renaissance after the decline of the Nile Valley civilizations of Egypt and Nubia.

    The leading civilizations of this African rebirth were the Axum Empire, the Kingdom of Ghana, the Mali Empire, the Songhai Empire, the Ethiopian Empire, the Mossi Kingdoms and the Benin Empire.

    The Aksum or Axum Empire was an important military power and trading nation in the area that is now Eritrea and northern Ethiopia, existing from approximately 100 to 940 A.D.

    At its height, it was one of only four major international superpowers of its day along with Persia, Rome and China. Axum controlled northern Ethiopia, Eritrea, northern Sudan, southern Egypt, Djibouti, Western Yemen, and southern Saudi Arabia, totaling 1.25 million square kilometers, almost half the size of India. Axum traded and projected its influence as far as China and India, where coins minted in Axum were discovered in 1990.When European merchant ships began to visit West Africa from the 15th century onwards, Benin came to control the trade between the inland peoples and the Europeans on the coast. When the British tried to expand their own trade in the 19th century, the Benin warriors killed their envoys.

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    What it takes to be FINANcially FREE!

    in Entrepreneur

    Our World is changing our economy but we can transform our Fears into Coins..tune in to uncover the best show in radio and our specially designed series to help you Change your Life..smooches! 11pm 6262135635 call us!

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    in Spirituality

     Come Join Andea and I for some Sunday healings.  We LOVE doing our work for God and today we thought we would sit together and get some Healing going on..

     ALSO if you feel you were BLESSED ..PLEASE go to this site and Bless it back with a donation.  This is MY DREAM and I WANT TO SEE IT starting to be built..   http://www.gofundme.com/n0tc1g          I WOULD SO APPRECIATE IT!!!

    I am never afraid to give info because before each Reading I pray to God for help to connect,clarity to hear and the Praise to Him for giving me such a wonderful ability to help others. In all this I found I could also help my BIGGEST PASSION....ANIMALS. I found I was able to help humans by my connections and the fee paid could help the Fur community.

    . To open up the ST FRANCIS SAFE HAVEN SANCTUARY FOR ABUSED AND HOMELESS DOGS AND CATS.... My dreams of this have been so long I can draw every brick and floor plan of this place...
    It will have 2 huge wrought iron gate s with one gate having a picture of Jesus petting a huge dog and the other gate will have Jesus with cats all around his feet while he holds one.......as you drive in there will be a huge ST FRANCIS statue/water fountain where people can throw coins in and pray for those Animals who are not safe yet. Those coins will be a part of the funding to get animals from other areas. As you enter the building a front desk will be straight ahead. As you look down you will see paw prints of dogs go to one side of it and cats to the other. That is because each will dominate a side of the building. Dogs to the left cats to the right.. This building will have 2 studio apartments free to vet students who would like to help with the animals under a supervision of a licensed Vet during their semesters.   THIS IS just a small piece of the story. PLEASE GO TO GO FUND ME site for complete story .

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    East Bound , Homeward Bound

    in Music

    Playing Forgotten Music on 78 RPM Records by Curt Hahn

    East Bound, Homeward Bound

    Ken Griffin ‎ Sentimental Journey

    The Four Aces: “Arizona Moon”

    Gene Krupa and His Orchestra ‎ Along the Navajo Trail

    Ken Griffin ‎St. Louis Blues

    All credit due to the Artists, Musicians and Record Companies  

    No profit or income derived from this podcast.

    Have a historic 78 RPM and story you want to share with my listeners?  Contact me at:

    www.facebook.com/s3productions2 or oscssw@juno.com

    Ken Griffin ‎Sentimental Journey / St. Louis Blues

    Label Broadcast Recordings, Catalog # 430 -4005 1956

    A: Sentimental Journey

    B: St. Louis Blues


    The Four Aces is an American male traditional pop music quartet, popular since the 1950s.

     Over the last half-century, the group amassed many gold records. Its million-selling signature tunes

     Include "Love is a Many-Splendored Thing", Three Coins in the Fountain "Stranger in Paradise”

    Why”, and "(It's No) Sin".

    "Arizona Moon”

    Victoria Records V-101B 1951

    Written Alberts-McCall

    Gene Krupa “Along the Navajo Trail”

    Vocals [Chorus] – Buddy Stewart

    Gene Krupa may not have been the most advanced drummer of the 1930s but he was in some ways the most significant. 

    "Along the Navajo Trail” written by Dick Charles Larry Markes and Edgar De Lange in 1945. It was the title song of the 1945 Roy Rogers film “Along the Navajo trail.”

    Columbia 36846 June 14 1945