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    Simplicity Welcomes Barbara Karnes to Discuss Synchronicity and Coincidence

    in Spirituality

    From Cool Coincidence and The Collective Imagination we welcome Barbara Karnes to talk about synchronicity and the amazing stories she has to share with us.

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    Mary Treacy O'Keef: Meant to Be Moments: The Power of Coincidence

    in Relationships

    Mary Treacy O’Keefe is the award-winning co-founder of Well Within, a nonprofit holistic wellness resource center in Woodbury, MN. Because of her commitment to people living with life-threatening illnesses and other challenging situations, Mary is passionate about helping individuals become ‘well within’ and live as fully as possible, especially when they or their loved ones are facing health crises and other life transitions. Her presentations and writings are designed to help reduce stress and anxiety and foster hope, healing and spiritual growth for a variety of audiences. Mary is available for keynote addresses, seminars, breakout sessions, retreats, and workshops. Her presentations have been enthusiastically received by religious groups, healthcare and hospice organizations, women’s groups, wellness expos, associations and various other public and private sector organizations.

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    Gloria Loring: The Surprising Power of Coincidence

    in Women

    Gloria Loring, singer, songwriter, and TV star, is joining us once again to share her deep connection with Albert Einstein’s belief that “Coincidence is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous.” In fact, the phrase is so meaningful to her that it became the title of her book—which has recently been released in the audio version.
    This thought-provoking and deeply personal work has enjoyed enthusiastic reviews from both the general public and the celebrity world. So join us as Gloria shares how to tap into the power of coincidence and realize divine intervention in your own life. You won’t want to miss this inspiring discussion!

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    Dispelling the Myth of Coincidence ......with Tim Beckley

    in Spirituality

    Carl Jung defined the word Synchronicity in the 1920's as a, "meaningful coincidence."  This phenomena seems to be greatly accelerating for some individuals and today we will discuss why.  I am honored to have special guest a pioneer in Ufology, author and co~author Timothy Green Beckley with his friend Charla to discuss his recent synchronistic events.

    These events also lead to questions of teleportation and time travel. Are we actually illusionists that can materalize things? We will uncover as many things as we can, examples what are Ultra Terrestrials and Power X, may even delve into secret space programs and men in black.

    Tim will also tell about meeting Ralph Lael back in the day, the author of the imfamous little book,"The Brown Mountain Lights." Tim has been on other radio shows like Coast to Coast am with George Noory and Speaking of Strange with Joshua P. Warren.. Buckle up and get ready to have some fun, we may even teleport~Beam us up!:



    Summer time is SUN~SOLAR POWER TIME! visit  http://www.sunshinesimple.com

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    Gloria Loring and the Power of Coincidence

    in Women

    Gloria Loring has a deep connection with Albert Einstein’s belief that “Coincidence is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous”… so much so that the phrase became the title of her recently released book. This thought-provoking and deeply personal work is garnering enthusiastic reviews from both the general public and the celebrity world alike.
    Gloria is joining us to share the power of divine intervention in our everyday lives. You know her as a singer of the hit single “Friends and Lovers” as well as Liz Chandler in Days of Our Lives, but Gloria’s personal story is even more fascinating. So be sure to tune in and learn how divine intervention impacted Gloria’s path and how you can recognize and know the power of coincidence in your own life.

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    Actress Gloria Loring: Coincidence and You

    in Self Help

    VividLife Radio's Kristen White welcomes Actress and Who Sang on Academy Award Nominated Songs. Gloria Loring to discuss Coincidence is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous: Reflections on Daytime Dramas and Divine Intervention Have you ever wondered where coincidences come from and how they manifest? The new book, Coincidence is God's Way of Remaining Anonymous: Reflections on Daytime Dramas and Divine Intervention, details a series of extraordinary coincidences that transformed the life of Gloria Loring – a singer, songwriter, actress, author and keynote speaker. In this presentation, Loring will offer prescriptive insight into how each of us can use coincidence for our own good and the good of those we love. Gloria Loring is the recording artist of the #1 hit song Friends and Lovers, co-composer of television theme songs Diff'rent Strokes and Facts Of Life, an audience favorite as ?Liz Chandler? on Days Of Our Lives, one of the few artists to sing two nominated songs on the Academy Awards and mother of singing sensation Robin Thicke. After her son Brennan was diagnosed with diabetes at age four, she created two volumes o

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    Cool Coincidence 13/14 June 2013

    in Entertainment

    CC RADIO Host: Barbara Karnes Topic: Exponential Synergistic Synchronicities Date: 6/13/13 (US) | 6/14/13 (AU) Time: 7pm EST US | 10am EST AU Duration: ~15 mins ---------- In this segment I share a chain of synchronistic events that started with an intent set "with excitement" after listening to Lisa Harrison's interview with Darryl Anka, aka Bashar on this week's The Collective Imagination radio show.  Listen here: http://www.5dmedianetwork.com/the-collective-imagination-12-june
    SCRIVENER - I also talk about a writing tool called "Scrivener," and, as promised, have shared links directly below to this $45 gem of a program.
    For Mac Users: http://bit.ly/11N5bVx For PC Users: http://bit.ly/163rJl2
    (Scrivener outlining video by Katytastic: http://youtu.be/0ryXJ18eUp8)
    AND, for more information about NaNoWriMo, visit http://www.NaNoWriMo.org.  See ya in November! ---------- Here at Cool Coincidence, we like our synchronicity served with a side of awe and humor. For reasons I can only attribute to regular meditation, continuing education in the areas of spirituality, awareness and energy, and a possible shove from a dear relative who passed in the early summer of 2009, I experience really cool coincidence with ornate frequency.
    Am I a functioning psychotic? Maybe. Yet, I can’t ignore the experiences that find me, and introduce themselves in the most amazing and clever ways. So, pull up a chair and enjoy a regular plateful. It’s good for the soul.  And, join me each Thursday evening at 7:00 p.m., EST US for 15 quick minutes of pure poetry on Cool Coincidence Radio on the 5D Media Network.
    http://www.Facebook.com/CoolCoincidenceCoolCoincidence@gmail.com-----YT link for this episode: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdMmmrwUT_g

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    Gloria Loring Shares the Power of Coincidence

    in Women

    Gloria Loring, singer, songwriter, and TV star, is joining us once again to share her deep connection with Albert Einstein’s belief that “Coincidence is God’s Way of Remaining Anonymous.” In fact, the phrase is so meaningful to her that it became the title of her recently released book, which she calls a “spiritual memoir.”
    This thought-provoking and deeply personal work is reaping enthusiastic reviews from far and wide. Both the general public and the celebrity world are captivated by what Gloria has to say… and you will be, too!
    So join us as Gloria shares how to tap into the power of coincidence and divine intervention in your own life. This inspiring discussion is likely to change the way you view coincidence and other minor miracles now and forever!

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    How To Get Your Lover Back

    in Relationships


    How To Get Your Lover Back

    It’s not a coincidence you’re reading this. Does this feel way too familiar – “I Can't Let Go - How Do I Get My Lover Back? If I don't fix this right now, I'm going to lose the one person I truly love...” If you're tired of banging your head trying to figure out how to get your lover back, tune in to right now and learn the secrets to getting the love or your life back. There are certain things you must do.

    Find out what they are today – on this episode of Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young as Dr. D teaches you – How To Get Your Lover Back!

    Figuring out How To Let Go Of A Relationship is one thing, but figuring out How To Get Your Lover Back is yet another. If you’re having a hard time getting your lover to tune back in to you, you cannot afford to miss this episode of Blog Talk Radio’s Hit Feature Program – Conversations With Dr. D Ivan Young? – Learn How To Get Your Lover Back


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    The CIA Heroin Epidemic

    in Politics

    Maryland Governor Larry Hogan wants to fight Heroin. He has quite a bit of work to do. That heroin is simply flooding out of Afghanistan daily. In fact, this is the biggest drug epidemic America has seen since the 1980's cocaine/crack epidemic while the CIA was helping those Contras down there in South America where the cocaine is grown from the coca plant then processes for delivery to America by the plane load. That crack scourge rivaled the old heroin epidemic in the 1960's and 1970's when the drug mostly came from Southeast Asia where by coincidence America just happened to be fighting a war with Vietnam keeping the world free from the communists playing dominoes or something like that if I recall correctly.

    Here's an idea. Now I don't want to tell the generals how to fight their wars and such but every place our military fights that happens to produce illegal drugs ends up flooding those drugs into our country. My humble suggestion is if you want to fight a drug war wouldn't it be better to do it right where you already have our military? I noticed on FOX Geraldo did a story about our GI's protecting the poppy crop so those Taliban don't get at it. It worked too because it all turned up on the streets of America where we hardly have any of those Taliban.

    Now if we could only find out who snatched the tons of refined product when the military obviously must have been preoccupied fighting the Taliban. Then we could really put a stop to this latest heroin outbreak. Maybe you might share this broadcast so that it could make it's way to the military leaders who obviously haven't noticed that right where they are always are fighting, narcotics are found as well then they find their way to America somehow.

    Maybe Blogtalk will permit this broadcast.

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    Leadership Matters, #NoGreyNoWay, & Which Founding Father was Muslim?

    in Politics

    For every new job, we get 2 new immigrants. Does this make sense to anyone?

    Leadership matters. Veteran Navy Seal, Scott Taylor talks about the damage done by Hillary Clinton and Obama's policies. 

    Why did Obama veto the Keystone XL pipeline?

    Ariel Fernald stands against lies being told in #50ShadesOfGrey. Join fight #NoGreyNoWay, share the truth...Love is NEVER SEXUALLY VIOLENT!

    Obama says: “Islam has been woven into the fabric of our country since its founding.” I wonder which Founding Father was Muslim?

    Veteran and triple amputee Brian Kolfage appears on FOX, 2 weeks later his VA benefits stop. Coincidence?

    Truck driver fired without warning for listing Jesus as his co-driver in logbook.

    Blacks are fastest-growing population joining homeschool movement. Why?

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.

    Joe takes the issues… especially the controversial issues (politics, prejudice, religion, illegal immigration)… and brings in people from different sides to share their viewpoint. This is definitely not a fluff piece. And while no one is attacked, the questions are hard-hitting.

    But the conversation is always respectful and you’re sure to learn something new, even if you don’t agree!

    It’s not the right side, it’s not the wrong side, but the REAL side of the issues!

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