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    The HillToP coin Launch

    in Music

    the hilltop coin launch

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    Two Sides, One Coin

    in Motivation

    NICK, one of the most outspoken people about his beliefs, discusses the importance of seeing both sides of the coin. More importantly, how we aren't worth anything without acknowledging the other side.



    Monday nights @ 11 pm: ANT brings you the latest and hottest from the world of entertainment! Find your rhythm!

    Tuesday nights @ 11 pm: NICK speaks, listens, and instructs you how to fly! Rise above your gravity!

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    Major coin and Hood Boogers

    in Entertainment

    How is it that in this day and age the slimy, boggery lifestyle is promoted and accepted in social circles world wide? Some people have pimped this lifestyle and acheived rich hood booger status. Are you a booger? Tonight we discuss... wait, tonight we go on a little rant about the annoyances and the need to eradicate this foolishness. tune in!

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    The Parable Of The Lost Coin

    in The Bible

    Be sure to stay tuned in tonight your going to want to listen to every bit of this message. We are going to be discusing The Parable Of The Lost Coin, what is represents, means, and how it applies to us today


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    John V Amodeo, "The Captain's Coin".

    in Books

    The Captain’s Coin is the story of an immigrant 13 year old youth escaping the web of starvation and death in his native County Cork during the Potato Famine. Michael Brady, young, naïve and afraid sets foot in a strange city, intent on surviving. His story will resonate well with anyone who has had to reexamine the direction of their lives while readjusting to the realities of life’s challenges.The Captain’s Coin is a fictional account of Michael Brady’s journey from Ireland to America in 1848 aboard a ‘coffin ship’ to New York City at the height of the Irish Potato Famine. Once aboard, Michael wins the respect of the captain who gives him a token ‘good luck coin’ and a letter of recommendation to a leading New York businessman. This opening allows him to rise up the corporate ladder, marry an abolitionist only to suffer the loss of this young wife at the onset of the Civil War. Volunteering his services to offset his grief, he saves the Union at the Battle of Antietam, his ‘lucky coin,’ deflecting a life-threatening wound and thus saving his life. He returns home a hero and is elected to the NYS Assembly, rising to Speaker and running for Governor in 1888.Michael Brady’s journey is a journey from destitution to the pinnacle of political power. His story will enrich those who have had to cope with sudden and catastrophic challenges. It is a story of strength and hope and the ultimate will to survive.Born in Troy, New York, John V. Amodeo now lives in the Hell's Kitchen area of Manhattan. For three decades, Amodeo worked for the NYC public school system as assistant principal and history department head; now retired from that post, he is an adjunct professor of American history and political science at Mercy College.

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    Episode 258: COIN, Cyber, and Lawfare: the continuity of war in to 2015

    in Military

    With the coming of the new year, some things have not changes and the old challenges are still with us; most waxing - only a few waning.

    This Sunday we have returning guest Charles J. Dunlap, Jr., Major General, USAF (Ret.),  Professor of the Practice of
    Law, and Executive Director, Center on Law, Ethics and National Security at Duke University. 

    We will cover the board spectrum of the evolution of Counter Insurgency, warfare in the cyber domain, and the ever-present impact of law on the conduct of war. 


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    What's going on in the dating lane: Ladies and Men tell it like it is

    in Entertainment

    A indepth look from both sides of the coin... 

    Ladies and Men face off in a brutally honest conversation about dating in 2015.

    The conversation will address the increasing acceptance of the

    "Side Chicks & Side Dicks" revolution and why we are beginning to accept it as the norm...

    Ms. Mazerati will open the phone lines for you to chim in on the latest stats posted by the CDC in Los Angeles County that at the tip of the iceberg their at 24,000 people living with the HIV virus and are not getting any madical care.

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    Obama and the Muslims

    in Politics Conservative

    President Obama certainly shows a lot of favor toward Islam.  Even the most casual observer must realize by now that every time the United States has any interaction with Muslims or Islamic countries, the Muslims always seem to come out ahead.  Every coin toss somehow favors the Muslims.  After looking at empirical and anecdotal evidence — Barack Obama's actions and words, and the claims of his siblings — I am convinced that Mr. Obama is a Muslim.  Most of the articles I've seen that would support such a conclusion are posted here.  If he is a Muslim he is also a liar, but that should come as no surprise after reading the material on this page.

    Certainly President Obama is no friend of Israel and he is systematically weakening America's defenses — exactly what a Muslim would do.

    exactly what a Muslim would do.

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    Indie band COIN on INDIEvening

    in Indie Music

    "This is COIN. We met in Nashville three months ago and decided that everything is too serious; so, we started a new project. Some call it swirly indie party pop. With catchy synth lines, organic drums, groovy bass parts and spacey guitar tones, we just want to make music people can dance to. Drawing cereal coffee sleeping couches lazy dance honey seasick bicycle casual friday malibu suite suzie 1992."  COIN is Joe Memmel, Ryan Winnen, and Chase Lawrence.

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    in Music

    Part 1 - The quest for the ultimate tone is a constant struggle for guitarists. I've yet to meet a guitarist who is wholly satisfied with every aspect of their sound. Coaxing a great tone out of your guitar and amplifier is certainly a frustrating experience for most of us - even with great equipment, that "perfect sound" always seems to be just out of our grasp. Let's examine several ways of changing your guitar sound without shelling out wads of coin for a new axe or amp.

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    Authentic Enlightenment - Ep#83 - w/Guest Tatiana Moroz

    in Current Events

    Singer-songwriter Tatiana Moroz is a pioneer of the liberty movement. As a graduate of Berklee College of Music, she has had an extensive music career managing and promoting top NY recording studios. She’s performed internationally with industry leaders like: Ron Paul, Gary Johnson, Judge Napolitano, Jesse Venture and at many Bitcoin events. Tatiana’s has become the premier female singer-songwriter in the activist and bitcoin community touring the globe speaking and singing at conferences, political conventions, and community events. Tatiana owns the activist talent and event agency Same Side Entertainment. She has independently produced and released two LP’s, 2 EPs, and several singles. She is recording her 3rd LP and developing a video series on her musical journey with Cryptocurrency. Her latest project is the creation of Tatiana Coin, the first ever artist cryptocurrency.  http://tatianamoroz.com

    You can join our chatroom here: www.cavradio.com/chat-room.html

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