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    Company Profiles Interview: Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve with Turner Jones

    in Business

    Company Profiles Interview: Nationwide Coin & Bullion Reserve with Turner Jones is our guest today on The Core Business Show with Tim Jacquet. Nationwide is a dealer of U.S. Government issued coins with over 50 years of experience. Our experience qualifies us as experts to lead you in the direction of having success with your investments. The practical advice on enhancing the competitiveness, profitability and market capitalization of their companies.This show is sponsored by Apple Capital Group, Inc. #applecapital

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    fedRadio Episode 162 The coin of Fate

    in Video Games

    Hello im your host dk3dknight and tonight we are going to discuss the going on's of eUSA and dive into the federalist party.
    We are going to be talking politics and not congress politics mind you...  Current discussion of what is going on in the fed party.

    We are going to discuss matters of "church and state" inside the party and we are going to give our thoughts on who might be the future party president... thoughts on the candiates and various words of encourgement.

    Hosts: dk3dknight
    Special Guests: Trekker

    *Trekker will be joining me to ensure my sanity, THANKS TREKKER!!!!!*

    Trekkers Image of MORA!


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    The Flipside of the Coin Audio Release

    in Blogs

    As some of you might know Cynthia Levers-Brower is a survivor of rape and molestation.  Recently she began working with Brittany Pate a narrartor who is working with her on the release of her upcoming audio memoirs.  This heartfelt episode will be one for the ages! Join the fun!

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    The HillToP coin Launch

    in Music

    the hilltop coin launch

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    Self Hatred and Racism, opposite sides of the same coin?

    in Goals


    Is self hatred reflected in our society as Black on Black crimes?  Do we agree that racism is the hatred of one group over the other based solely on race?  Are these two experiences related?  How are they related?  Can we expect others to love and respect us if we fail to do that for ourselves?

    Please join us for another captivating conversation on Discussions with Delia tonight, Wednesday, May 6th, 2015.  

    Please remember you can call in live on 6196394621.  We want to hear from you




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    Two Sides, One Coin

    in Motivation

    NICK, one of the most outspoken people about his beliefs, discusses the importance of seeing both sides of the coin. More importantly, how we aren't worth anything without acknowledging the other side.



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    The Parable Of The Lost Coin

    in The Bible

    Be sure to stay tuned in tonight your going to want to listen to every bit of this message. We are going to be discusing The Parable Of The Lost Coin, what is represents, means, and how it applies to us today


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    Major coin and Hood Boogers

    in Entertainment

    How is it that in this day and age the slimy, boggery lifestyle is promoted and accepted in social circles world wide? Some people have pimped this lifestyle and acheived rich hood booger status. Are you a booger? Tonight we discuss... wait, tonight we go on a little rant about the annoyances and the need to eradicate this foolishness. tune in!

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    John V Amodeo, "The Captain's Coin".

    in Books

    The Captain’s Coin is the story of an immigrant 13 year old youth escaping the web of starvation and death in his native County Cork during the Potato Famine. Michael Brady, young, naïve and afraid sets foot in a strange city, intent on surviving. His story will resonate well with anyone who has had to reexamine the direction of their lives while readjusting to the realities of life’s challenges.The Captain’s Coin is a fictional account of Michael Brady’s journey from Ireland to America in 1848 aboard a ‘coffin ship’ to New York City at the height of the Irish Potato Famine. Once aboard, Michael wins the respect of the captain who gives him a token ‘good luck coin’ and a letter of recommendation to a leading New York businessman. This opening allows him to rise up the corporate ladder, marry an abolitionist only to suffer the loss of this young wife at the onset of the Civil War. Volunteering his services to offset his grief, he saves the Union at the Battle of Antietam, his ‘lucky coin,’ deflecting a life-threatening wound and thus saving his life. He returns home a hero and is elected to the NYS Assembly, rising to Speaker and running for Governor in 1888.Michael Brady’s journey is a journey from destitution to the pinnacle of political power. His story will enrich those who have had to cope with sudden and catastrophic challenges. It is a story of strength and hope and the ultimate will to survive.Born in Troy, New York, John V. Amodeo now lives in the Hell's Kitchen area of Manhattan. For three decades, Amodeo worked for the NYC public school system as assistant principal and history department head; now retired from that post, he is an adjunct professor of American history and political science at Mercy College.

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    Keeping The Count, Open Mic Edition

    in Wrestling


    It Is I Count Zrathknock. And I welcome you all to another edition of KTC, Cohosts shall be Madcow and Bman.

    but Tonight is Open Mic night.. No theme, No pay songs,  Just call in and sing whatever song is in your head.. and If the chat votes for you as the winner.

    I will give you 1.5M coin contract and fire you if you need me to.

    but Let us all have a fun night where everyone is welcome to bless the airwaves with their songs...

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    Madam Speaks To Fathers LEE THOMAS, Alchemist and BUD SIMMONS, Poet/Writer

    in Dads and Family

    MADAM COACH's next upcoming show on FRIDAY, JUNE 19TH, at 5:30 pm guests will be LEE THOMAS, Father, Professional Coin Collector, & Alchemist. And BUD SIMMONS, Father, Poet, & Author/Writer.

    Both men are returning guest to the show. We plan to discuss each one's personal journey into FATHERHOOD, BROTHERHOOD, AND FAMILY RELATIONSHIPS. In my own experience and coaching practice I have not met many father's who freely take full responsibility for their children, families, and relationships. However, I'm happy to express in my youth I was able to experience unconditional LOVE in my life by MEN who stepped up as mentors & step-Father roles. 

    The main point of my shows this month is to "Keep Hope Alive" to let every MAN in the sound of my voice know they have a lifetime of opportunities to offer great service to his family and others. No matter the role he plays, as a biological Father, step-Father, mentor, or an adopted Father. Each CHILD deserves to receive unconditional LOVE from a MAN. Even if you did not have one growing up, you can change someone elses destiny. By becoming a "role model" to another child.

    I hope you will join US for this blog show. But if you miss the live show, after the show a podcast will be posted at: www.facebook.com/madamcoach.Or visit website for more info at: http://madamlifestylrcoaching.com.  


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