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    This Life Is Joy - With: Dr. Roger Teel

    in Spirituality

    As a young child, gazing into the night sky, Roger experienced a mystical awareness of the Oneness expressed in all of creation, a knowing that stayed with him throughout his life. When he was a teenager, his mother became involved with Religious Science, and Roger resonated with the uplifting message of personal empowerment, love, and inclusiveness. Those principles helped to guide his life and eventually led him to step into his calling as a minister. Roger supported himself through college by playing banjo and singing in a local pizza parlor. He earned a degree in psychology and religion from the University of Denver. In recognition of his ministerial accomplishments, he has been awarded a Doctor of Divinity and a Doctor of Religious Science.

    Early in his career as a minister, Roger left Mile Hi Church, where he had served for ten years as an Associate Minister, to serve pulpits in Oregon and California. In 1993, he returned to his home church, Mile Hi, where he is currently the Senior Minister and Spiritual Director. The church has thrived under Dr. Roger’s leadership, becoming the premier New Thought spiritual community. In 2008, Mile Hi opened its 15 million dollar state-of- the- art sanctuary, which serves as a spiritual home for a beloved community of more than 10,000 members and friends. In addition to its outstanding ministerial staff, Mile Hi hosts a variety of renowned speakers, which include many of his friends and colleagues such as Wayne Dyer, Deepak Chopra, Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith, and Barbara Marx Hubbard. Dr. Roger’s Sunday messages are broadcast worldwide, shining a light of transformational power throughout the world.

    Dr. Teel's website: http://rogerteel.com/

    Listen to More Soul Talk Episodes at:http://www.soultalkradio.org

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    Author2Author with Dr. Roger Teel

    in Spirituality

    Bill welcomes author and inspirational speaker Dr. Roger Teel to the show. Known for his unique blend of storytelling, humor, and practical spirituality, Dr. Roger’s inspirational messages empower people to dynamically live their limitless potential. Bill and Roger will discuss his new book, Life Is Joy: Discovering the Spiritual Laws to Live More Powerfully, Happily, and Lovingly. Don't miss it!

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    This Life is Joy with Dr Roger Teel

    in Spirituality

    Please join us and our guest, Dr. Roger W. Teel, who will discuss "This Life is Joy!"

    Dr. Roger W. Teel is a life transforming speaker, a gifted community builder, and a global spiritual leader. Through practical spirituality, storytelling and humor, Dr. Teel’s powerful messages help empower people and lead them to their limitless potential to live dynamically.  He has also excelled in leading workshops, classes, business and national conferences.

    Dr. Teel holds a degree in psychology and religion, a Doctor of Divinity and a third honorary doctoral degree. He has served pulpits in Oregon, California, and in 1993 returned to his home church, Mile Hi Church, where he serves as Senior Minister and Spiritual Director to over 30,000 members and friends.

    In 2014, Dr. Teel completed his first book, This Life Is Joy: Discovering the Spiritual Laws to Live More Powerfully, Lovingly, and Happily (Tarcher/Penguin). This critically acclaimed book immediately connected and reached all over the country and world, requiring a third printing within days after its release.



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    Cody Robert Judy to Discuss Supreme Court Case Against Obama's Eligibility

    in Politics

    Cody Robert Judy is the only Presidential Candidate in America who has a "Bi- Partisan" Record in Federal Courts filed to protect the  "natural born Citizen" Clause for the Office of President. The 49 year old 2016 Democratic Presidential Candidate has 15 Civil Actions in Court since 2008 that included McCain and Obama. 
    His case Judy v. Obama 14-9396 will be in U.S. Supreme Court Conference Thursday, June 18. 
    Cody  Majored in Psychology at Utah State and is the author of Taking A Stand- The Conservative Independent Voice.
    Cody has dedicated a large chunk of his life out to preserving, protecting, and defending what he calls the nuclear center of the U.S. Constitution in the qualifications for the Office of President. He's also run for Congress and the U. S. Senate. We're going into some detail about his U.S. Supreme Court Case and hope you'll join WOBC Radio with Host and WOBC Chief Mike Volin, June 18th, at 8pm EST. WOBC RADIO 

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    Anthony Cody previews The Network for Public Education's Conference

    in Education

    Jed and Tim talk to NPE's Anthony Cody about the Network for Public Education's conference in Chicago this weekend.

    See http://www.networkforpubliceducation.org/

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    Inside Sports With Cody and Mike

    in Sports

    Inside Sports w/ Cody and Mike is an all sports talk show that covers all the hot topics in sports. We will discuss NFL Draft, Kansas reaction, Deflate Gate, NBA Playoffs.

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    A World Awakening: A Bright Night with Dark Shadows' Kathleen Cody!!

    in Paranormal

    Tonight we are honored to have television actress Kathleen Cody. She is best known for her role as the characters Hallie Stokes and Carrie Stokes, on the cult television series Dark Shadows and is expected to be part of the Oceanstate Paracon in the future. 

    Hosts Andrea Perron and George Lopez will pilot this new launch into a vast sea of discovery of ourselves, our world and the universe.

    "A World Awakening" strives to unify, empower and give voice to an ever-expanding collective of like-minded individuals who seek Light, gathering together as a cohesive global community. Changing the world begins with changing the mind. Our singular intention, our mission is to serve, to love, to explore, inform and enlighten, promoting peace along the path of a spiritual journey destined to achieve understanding of our eternal connection. We seek the truth which will liberate and elevate humanity.

    "Let us live simply in the freshness of the present moment, in the clarity of pure, awakened mind." Matthieu Ricard

  • Politics Done Right on KPFT - Will Sanders use 2008 Obama playbook beat Hillary?

    in Politics Progressive

    Last night Bernie Sanders had house parties throughout the country. Over 100,000 people signed up. I went to one in the role of a blogger and was blown away by the group of people attending. Bernie Sanders has been accused of having supporters that do not reflect the demographics of America. It seems like the Black Lives Matter protest at Netroots Nation 2015 has completely changed the character of his campaign operation.

    This particular Bernie Sanders house party did not only reflect America, it reflected Houston, it reflected Texas. Moreover the stream beamed into homes throughout the country was also very diverse. Bernie Sanders has not changed his message. He enhanced it. He made it more reflective. He made it more inclusive.

    Currently the polls still show Hillary Clinton with a substantial lead. It also shows Bernie Sanders constantly chipping away. Will there be a real populist vs status quo Democratic Primary after all?



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    Cody Hensliegh Photography

    in Romance

    What is my mission? I want to create an experience for you and showcase the amazing strength and individuality you have. I mean that. You are unique. We are artists.

    So, a quick lowdown on me:
    I've had the amazing opportunity to work all over the United States from commercial shoots in New York to documenting love from LA. Passion is my ultimate drive. Im all about creating something unique with my clients and being involved in the process from start to finish. More often than not I gain an amazing friend in the process. 

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