• Teen Wolf Cody Saintgnue Fancalls

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    Did you miss the last time Cody was on Fancalls? Well he's back again tonight and he is answering YOUR calls. Is there an important question you'd like to ask Cody? Something you want to know about Teen Wolf Season Five? Well tonight your questions will be answered! and immediately following tonight's Fancalls with Cody, he will be doing #AskCody on Twitter. So either way tonight Cody is answering alot of your questions. Please tune in, Call in and join #askCody on Twitter and lets start this weekend with a BANG!! Showtime is 8pm est./7pm c./5pm pst 646-929-1325

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    Pearson Spying Part 2. Talking to Anthony Cody about TRACX

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    After a stimulating conversation with Bob Braun last night about his breaking news story that proved that Pearson was spying on New Jersey students wilth the collaboration of the New Jersey Department of Education,, Jed and Tim continue the Pearson Spygate conversation with Living in Dialogue creator and blogger Anthony Cody. As detailed here http://www.livingindialogue.com/high-stakes-testing-makes-surveillance-necessary/ Anthony suggests that surveillance is a requirement of high stakes testing and explains how TRACX helps make it easy for Pearson to spy on the social media activities of our children.

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    Inside Sports with Cody & Mike

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    Inside Sports with Cody and Mike covers all the hot topics in sports. On this episode we will discuss March Madness and teams that have already been upset. We will look ahead at some key matchups. Also, we will discuss the NFL Draft andwhat are the main needs for each team in BOTH the NFC & AFC East. TUNE IN AND CALL IN!

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    Inside Sports With Cody & Mike

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    Inside Sports With Cody and Mike covers all sports topics. We debate on certain topics and give our opinions. On this episode, we will discuss NFL Free Agency, NFL Draft, March Madness, Nascar, California Race, & we will dicuss some NBA! Call in and give us your opinion on a certain topic!

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    Cody Saintgnue Fancalls (Teen Wolf)

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    Join us tonight for Fancalls with Teen Wolf co star Cody Saintgnue pronounced (saint-new). You know his character on Teen Wolf, now get to the actor himself. Call in and ask him your questions tonight at 7pm est./6pm c./4pm pst You've got questions...He's got answers. Call in!

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    Celebrity Interview - Cari Cody

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    Today's guest is one of the most modest, marvelous and far from mediocre musicians in the local scene. Cari Cody brings her being and belief in her fellow friends to a menagerie of musicians on a weekly basis. Often times, I see her sauntering across a stage, eager to share the spotlight as opposed to occupying the limelight for herself. Her sound is fresh, thus her listeners leap to listen from start to end. Her presence is dynamic, as I have witnessed swarms of smiles the moment she steps on the scene. Today, we will discuss her new musical meshing, Kerry Squared, the music scene, and all the things that make Cari completely cool!!!

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    Dr. Roger Teel: This Life is Joy

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    Have you ever felt trapped in a cycle of unhappiness, plagued by feelings of unworthiness and despair? This week's guest is Dr. Roger Teel, author of the book This Life is Joy, offering practical and inspiring lessons in how to break free from unhappiness by making a few simple changes to our outlook on life.

    Join Robert Manni, author of The Guys' Guy's Guide To Love as we discuss life, love and the pursuit of happiness.

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    Presidential Candidate Cody Robert Judy Explains Obama Fraud

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    Our fantastic guest for Monday night is Cody Robert Judy. Cody resides in Ogden Utah, a business owner and graduate of Utah State with a degree in Psychology. Cody grew up in a ranching and farming atmosphere in  where he learned the lessons of independence, hard work, self determination and self reliance.

    Cody, a presidential candidate and conservative patriot with a passion for constitutional principles and rule of law will discuss his latest court challenge seen on Postandemail, birtherreport.com and many other news sites. What makes this guest subject matter very  interesting is the 10th circuit is preparing to discuss opening an appeal to a challenge Cody Robert made regarding Obama's eligibility previously.

    Having a high court revisit a case of this caliber is monumental and could very well have earth shaking reverberations. Not a single court in the land so far has allowed anyone a fair platform of discovery. Indeed some who have ran for president eliminating the fictitious "standing" rule and filed charges questioning Obama's legitimacy have been summarily dismissed as having been "Twittered, fact checked, and snoped" as one biased and clueless Judge said

    It takes courage, grit, and intelligence to challenge this illegitimate squatter at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave. and  Cody Judy isn't the only one who is questioning Obama's credentials no matter what our detached and clueless congress and senate says. Their inaction on this subject is exactly what Col. Larry Sellin said, "by congress not investigating Obama's proven forgeries, they are institutionalizing criminal behavior" 

    Call in or chat with us on WOBC Monday eve and let's see what we can learn from Cody. "Could this be the break we've been looking for?"

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    #IndyPowerRankingsLIVE w/ Cody Morton, Team IOU & King of Indies Announcement

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    John Wayne Murdoch & Matthew Grant return to the air together for a Tuesday night #IPRLive episode! It's one of our biggest shows to date as we have Cody Morton, Team IOU (Kerry Awful & Nick Iggy) & the King of Indies committee on the show to announce 2 participants, as well as talk a little bit about the tournament itself. All this & much more on this special mega episode of the #IndyPowerRankingsLIVE!

    @johnmurdoch13 @IndyPowerRankin @WeeklyWPodcast @elitepodcastnet



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    BJPenn.Com Radio Mansher Khera, Jonathan Satava, Cody Garbrandt, & Ken Shamrock

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    Mansher Khera is a purple belt under Marcelo Garcia, Khera has had a breakout run, qualifying for the Abu Dhabi World Pro at the Montreal Trials and winning both the Spring and Summer New York Open in the lightweight category. However, his best showing came at this past World Championship, where he took silver after seven hard fights against former Worlds medalists and World champions. We will talk his upcoming match, being a part of an event like this, and much more.

    Our next guest is the main event Jonathan Satava. Jonathan just recently received his Black belt and we will of course talk to him about the whole experience. Receiving such an accomplishment before this event, has got to make it that much sweeter. We will also talk to him about some of his biggest accomoplishments, traveling to Abu Dhabi, and of course his future goals.

    Our next guest made his UFC debut at UFC 182 and added yet another TKO to his professional record. Cody "No Love" Garbrandt is on the show and do we have plenty to talk about. We will talk Cody's amazing UFC debut where he put away Marcus Brimage in the third round, we will also talk with Cody about his nickname, training with Team Alpha Male, leaving his home to chase his dream, and of course all of his ink. Follow Cody on Twitter @Cody_Nolove

    The last hour of the show we have on "The World's Most Dangerous Man" Ken Shamrock. Ken is back in the headlines and this time, he's stepping into the Bare Knuckle Boxing world to take on legendary tough guy James Quinn. We will talk with Ken about how this match up came to be and why he is not fighting Decca Heggie, Just know Ken doesn't duck fights, but if the money doesn't make sense it doesn't make sense... I'll let Ken explain that side of things. Don't miss out on this interview as we will also talk to Ken about his Ministry and his new product Shamrock Slam. Follow Ken on Twitter @ShamrockKen

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    New Music Inferno w/ The Traditional, Cody Jones(A84 Owner) & Minnow!!!

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    The Traditional - 4-piece rock band from Buffalo,NY...New album "How To Live Without Blood" out now on Anchor 84 Records...Check them out this Saturday(Jan 24th) @ The Studio at Waiting Room w/ The Slums, Trespassers, Younger Then & Alleys...Check out all their music,tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/thetraditional

    Cody Jones(Owner of Anchor 84 Records) - Anchor Eighty Four Records is an independent record label from Los Angeles, CA. We support independent bands, record stores, and music communities with the intentions of releasing music from today's best punk, hardcore, and progressive bands.Check out all the releases & more @ www.anchoreightyfour.com

    Minnow - Alternative Rock band from Los Angeles...New album "Trembles & Temperance" out now on Anchor 84 Records...Check out their music, tour dates & more @ www.facebook.com/minnowmusic

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