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    COD and Airsoft Corps - Mmmmm

    in Hobbies

    Infinity Ward returns with another installment of COD, and Airsoft Corps returns to the airwaves...all in one spectacular night!  Do you have your goggles on?  Join us for MilSim action, on our live broadcast from GameStop, in Jacksonville, AR.  We've missed you :)

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    COD Dangerworld

    in Social Networking

    We interview one of Puerto Rico's hottest COD clans.

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    #166: The Cod Liver Oil Debate, “Paleoing Harder” and Paleo in College

    in Health


    1. What’s new for you from Diane & Liz [5:27]
    2. Shout Out: Scott Mills and his 2-Minute Fix [13:54] 
    3. This week in the Paleosphere: The Fermented Cod Liver Oil Debate [15:51]
    4. Listener Questions:
    Help with eating at college [28:00]
    Doing everything right, and nothing is working; should I “Paleo harder”? [37:29]
    What to eat after a stomach bug [48:51]
    Sensitivity to yeast, avoid fermented foods? [1:00:40]
    5. An interview from our sponsor, Vital Choice’s Randy Hartnell: Selenium and methyl mercury [1:02:43]
    6. Liz’s skin care tip of the week: Winter skin care [1:04:36]
    7. Diane’s Kitchen tip: Slow cooker applesauce [1:07:34]

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    Lori Boyle Radio: Kat O'Keefe Kanavos Cooks Quick & Healthy

    in Cooking


             Do you wish you had more time to cook healthy meals? Kat will show us how!

    Kathleen (Kat) O’Keefe-Kanavos- Healthy Quickie Cooking for Busy People-  Whether you are rich and famous or just making ends meet you have to eat. When crisis management and lack of time take precedence in your life, cooking can become a laborious chore. After all you’ve endured during your hectic day, including a cranky belly from stress; you need a belly-pleaser cooking column that meets your needs, and time restrictions. Kat makes it easy for everyone to prepare healthy food: the building block for emotional, physical and mental health. The how-to videos are dedicated to everyone in crisis, especially women raising their families alone. Not only do they bring home the bacon, they cook it, too! I want to make cooking easy and fun for you. This multi-media column is from Kat’s TV cooking series and cookbook written during her cancer treatments. It will help you cook a meal in fifteen minutes or less, and includes caloric and nutritional information. 


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    The COD Show !

    in Entertainment

    Where We Talk About COD !

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    As Mickey Mouse says.....

    in Sports

    Jay talks about several topics from wrestling to football

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    An Independent Point Of View: Interview with CZW Owner DJ Hyde

    in Wrestling

    Show number 2 this week brings us to Combat Zone Wrestling where on December 13(my birthday) they will be holding there 16th annunal Cage Of Death. On tonight's show I will be interviewing CZW owner/wrestler DJ Hyde. We will talk all things CZW including his match at COD against Chris Dickenson. If you want to talk Cage Of Death or have a question for DJ Hyde the number is 323)870-4022. Come join us as we talk the most violent night of the year.

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    To Vaccinate or not To Vaccinate, that is the Question

    in Health

    State Health officials will tell us that unvaccinated children are more susceptible to coming down with whooping cough as of a recent whooping cough outbreak that occurred in Cape Cod area of Massachusetts. But the media, reported differently. CBS Boston stated that all of the children affected by the outbreak were already vaccinated, proving once again that vaccines don't really work. It was reported that approximately 15 children at Falmouth High School came down with the respiratory illness, which is also known as pertussis.  This outbreak caused panic about a corresponding increase in vaccine exemptions.   However as it turned out and as is usually is the case, nobody affected by the outbreak was unvaccinated.  So the issue is really that no matter how the media tries to spin the issue, those who were vaccinated were not protected.  This true story is the reason why you and your family need to tune in and listen to Aging Younger Radio discuss why your family should not be vaccinated.

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    Feast of Seven Fishes! A visit from Stacey Antine from HealthBarnUSA

    in Food

    What better way to focus on a seafood meal than to learn about the Feast of Seven Fishes! This is a Southern Italian, Italian American Celebration held on Christmas Eve. Seven different seafood dishes are prepared and enjoyed to commemorate Vigilia di Natalie, the waiting of the midnight birth of baby Jesus.  Why seven? And, what are some traditional Seven Fishes menus that may be served then and at other times of the year? Guest, Stacey Antine RD (HealthBarn USA), author of Appetite for Life and founder of the Healing Meals Foundation, has some great answers for you. Co-host, Carolina Jantac RD (Kid Kritics Approved), you and I will be refreshed with some delectable Italian seafood recipes using cod, shrimp and maybe even some sardines!

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    The Uncle Mike& Tom Show #117 w/Blk Jeez

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    Another Packed Show! Joining us this week just days before CZW's Cage of Death, BLK Jeez talks about being in COD for the 2nd time, the current state of CZW, Sozio as Champion, The return of JAPW, his thoughts on the IWC "reporters and podcasts" and lots more, a really fun interview as BLK Jeez holds nothing back!! Ed in San Antonio then joins us with his Live review of Shine 23. We also have Full Live reviews of 2CW, Chikara and ROH from over the weekend. Plus all the Indie news of the week, results and the major shows and preview of this weekends biggest Indie events! Its your Thursday Indie Fix!

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    Jackie Mitchard, author of What We Saw At Night & What We Lost In The Dark

    in Lifestyle

    Many people imagine themselves as a noted novelist, a Multi-New York Times Best Seller, being launched into success with the help of Oprah….Good thoughts!

    Most successful authors describe their journey as ’20 years to overnight success’. … because the task of crafting tales that lead to success is anything but overnight or easy. 

    Staying successful requires the continuing hours of solitude and diligence that you simply must spend to create a good book. Getting back there, when it all was literally stolen away, when your youth seemed spent makes for a great novel, and a very harsh reality.  Jackie Mitchard was out there, up there and then driven hard to the bottom.   Now…Jacqueline Mitchard is back!

    An acclaimed writer of both adult and young adult fiction and best known for her award-winning NY Times bestselling debut novel, The Deep End of the Ocean, which launched Oprah’s book club and became a movie produced by and starring Michelle Pfeiffer, Jackie Mitchard is also a journalist and regular contributor to More magazine as well as the editor in chief of Merit Press, a mature Young Adult imprint under the aegis of F&W Media.  The mother of nine lives in Cape Cod with her children, her husband Dan, and their poodle, Dante.


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