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    The Skinny on Coconut Oil with Joy Reese

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    Skinny Coconut Oil is the only 100% RAW & ALKALINE coconut oil available on the market. It is made with their internationally exclusive, patent-pending Nutralock System™ that crafts our oil without using any heat at all (yes that's right ZERO heat!)

    That is why Skinny is the closest you can get to an actual raw coconut and all you have to do is open a jar. Give it a try and find out why so many people are making Skinny their #1 choice for coconut oil.

    Skinny Coconut Oil comes from mature pesticide-free coconuts from the jungles of Vietnam. Coconuts are harvested from a wild untouched environment instead of a plantation.

    You can buy it at www.elevateyourenergy.com/skinny

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    Reversing Parkinson’s with Coconut Oil

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    9 Reasons to Use Coconut Oil DAILY (3 of them are shocking)

    Can Parkinson’s disease be prevented or even reversed? Current medical treatments have been able to ease the symptoms, but none can even come close to being called a cure. While a complete cure may not be available at this time, there is a treatment that can slow down, stop, and even reverse many of the symptoms of the disease. This new treatment doesn’t rely on drugs, surgery, or any medical treatment. It is based on diet. The key element of this diet is coconut—more specifically, coconut oil. A coconut oil based diet has proven to be highly effective in stopping and reversing a number of neurodegenerative conditions including epilepsy, Alzheimer’s, ALS, and Parkinson’s.

    My special guest is naturopath doctor Bruce Fife, N.D, author of Stop Alzheimer's Now!: How to Prevent & Reverse Dementia, Parkinson's, ALS, Multiple Sclerosis & Other Neurodegenerative Disorders. Dr. Fife will explain how coconut ketones are being used to

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    Dr. Fred Says ..... The Many Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil

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    Join us today on the "Dr. Fred Says ..." Radio Show, LIVE at 12 NOON CST..

    Today's topic is "All About the Many Uses and Benefits of Coconut Oil" where Dr. Fred Valdes will cover this topic and also the latest innovations from research scientist, Dr. Joshua Plant. 


    Each Wednesday, Dr. Valdes - along with his associate Dlynn Saumer - brings us up-to-date information on the state of health in the world today. 

    Presently Dr. Valdes teaches part-time at a medical school close to Miami. His background is emergency medicine and he has spent many years studying complementary medicine. Within his team are doctors, chiropractors. therapists, alternative health care practitioners and professional athletes.



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    The Coconut Oil Miracle With Bruce Fife N.D.

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    Dr. Bruce Fife is a naturopathic doctor and certified nutritionist, and is the director of the southern Colorado chapter of the Weston A. Price Foundation, a nonprofit dedicated to nutritional education. He is currently the president of the Coconut Research Center, a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating the public and the scientific community on the nutritional and health benefits of coconut oil. He has written numerous health and nutrition books, including The Coconut Oil Miracle, The Palm Oil  Miracle, Coconut Lover's Cookbook, Cooking with Coconut Flour: A Delicious Low-Carb, Gluten-Free Alternative to Wheat and Eat Fat, Look Thin. He resides in Colorado Springs, Colorado. 

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    The Many Benefits Of Coconut Oil

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    Coconut Oil have been used for many years in many countries.  But in the US it is just becoming exposed as one of the many natural oils helping to assist with healing.  On this episode of the Staying Healthy broadcast, we will look at the many ways that coconut oil can help you in maintaining and restoring health. And the different ways it is being used.

    Sis. Debbie Mirander, RN, BSN shares integrated conventional health information with natural therapies. She has been an RN for over 25 years assisting patients on how to care for their health, thus taking control of their lives. She is currently in the process of obtaining her Doctorate in Natural Medicine, and Certification in Nutrition as she continues to add to her calling one of Integrated Nutrition and Holistic Health Care. She is also an Ordained Minister, Christian Author and bible teacher and have been teaching the bible for over 15 years. Her book "Standing And Believing On The Promises Of God", is available almost anywhere books are sold.  And on her website: http://www.radianttreeproductions.com  She invites you to visit her facebook health page called Radiant Tree Covenant Health https://www.facebook.com/RadiantIntegratedCovenantHealth

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    Kevin Bacon & Coconut Oil!

    in Spirituality

    Brian Turtle and his college buddies invented the Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon. Today, Brian's kids have inspired a new game called Crazy Legs. When you want to unplug from your devices and reconnect with your family, turn to Endless Games, where Kevin works today.

    Kevin Bacon may be the center of the universe, but it's coconut oil that makes the world go 'round.  Elizabeth Nyland from the Guilty Kitchen takes us on a tour of the wonders of this healthy saturated fat.  It even takes off makeup! 

    Thanks for listening in!


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    Secrets Of Kelapo Coconut Oil With Erin Meagher

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    Erin Meagher, founder of Kelapo Coconut (www.kelapo.com) visits the Perfectly Health And Toned Radio show to talk about her business and the benefits of coconut oil.

    Erin Meagher taught high-school students how to become entrepreneurs before she took the leap herself in 2010 and introduced to the market Kelapo Virgin Coconut Oil and Kelapo Vegetarian Coconut Oil Softgel, the first and only all-vegetarian coconut oil softgel product available today. While teaching remains one of her passions, Meagher has combined it with her enthusiasm for the highest-quality virgin coconut oil as a replacement for butter and oils in cooking.


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    #164: Guest Co-Host Diana Rodgers, Coconut Oil, Kombucha, Cast Iron Care

    in Health

    1. What’s new for you from Liz & Diana [4:39]
    2. Shout Out: Real Food RN [16:13]
    3. This week in the Paleosphere: the American gut project [16:49]
    4. Listener Questions:
    How can I best help someone who does not want to be helped? [21:27]
    Thoughts on using coconut oil to reduce appetite [35:18]
    Kombucha during pregnancy [44:23]
    An interview from our sponsor, Vital Choice’s Randy Hartnell [50:45]
    5. Liz’s skin care tip of the week: combating winter skin [52:29]
    6. Diana’s Kitchen tip: cast iron care [53:57]

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    Snake Oil Radio/Discovering Essence part 2

    in Spirituality

    Jim Ventura (professional Navigational consultant - Astrology, Numerology, Runes, Tarot, Animal cards etc...) is the author of two metaphysical books, YouTube videos and does local and Skype seminars and classes on many different metaphysical subjects. Snake Oil is Jim's monthly blog column. Snake Oil radio is a forum for discussion of a wide range of metaphysical subjects with a primary focus on how everyone can learn to fine tune their unique intuitive abilities and skills. Callers may call in toward the end of Jim’s show with questions or comments and some shows include 5 minute free mini navigational consultations (today's show will not get to live calls).
    Todays Show: Michael Teachings Discovering Essence part two (we will also discuss Essence twins, Task companions, etc...)


    * What is your soul age? The soul age of friends and family ?

    * How do past lifetimes influence us in the present ?

    * What does karma feel like, and how does it work ?

    * How does your chief negative feature impact your life, and can it be changed?

    * What is your life goal? Is it dominance, submission, acceptance, discrimination, growth, re-evaluation, or flow?

    *What is your essence, your soul mate’s essence ? Artisan, priest, king, server, sage, warrior or scholar ?

    * What is a soul mate, task companion, heart link ?

    * What do the higher centers feel like?


    Michael teaches us what the components of the personality are so that we can learn to use and see these components in ourselves and in others. In that way we can learn to understand why human beings behave as they do. Michael is composed of 1,050 individual Essences who have lived on the physical plane and now teach from another plane. One of the most basic and important principles of the teaching is that it is not a religion or a belief system. 

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    The Coconut Oil Miracle with Bruce Fife [Encore Presentation]

    in Health

    Join us on WEDNESDAY November 20 at 7:30 pm EST for a special encore presentation of our interview with Dr. Bruce Fife, founder of The Coconut Research Center and author of numerous best-selling books books including The Coconut Oil Miracle.

    This episode is especially important if you suffer from obesity or an eating disorder such as anorexia, bulimia, bulimarexia, or binge eating disorder.

    Hosted by Dr. J. Renae Norton, clinical pyschologist and director of The Norton Center for Eating Disorders and Obesity in Cincinnati, Ohio.