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    Saturday Cocktails w/ Julia Ibbotson

    in Books

    Julia Ibbotson lives in a renovated Victorian rectory in the English countryside with her husband (four children, now grown up, having fled the nest), along with lots of apple trees, a kitchen garden and far too many moles. She is an author and academic, and loves choral singing, walking, swimming, gardening and cooking (not necessarily at the same time). She started writing as soon as she could hold a pencil in her tiny fist and has not stopped since, much to the bemusement of her long-suffering husband who brings her endless cups of coffee and sometimes even makes the dinner when she is distracted and frowning at her laptop.


    She wrote her first novel when she was 10 years old, sadly never published and long since consigned to the manuscript graveyard. She loves writing novels with a strong sense of time and place and that is the basis of her latest, Drumbeats, the first of a trilogy which follows Jess through the trials and tribulations of her life. It starts with Jess on her gap year in Ghana in the 1960s.


    Recently she found an old manuscript gathering dust in her drawer, one she had originally scribbled when she was still at school, many years ago. It was a children’s story about a boy who slips through a tear in the fabric of the universe to find himself in a fantasy medieval world. She is currently blowing off the dust and redrafting it for her publishers to let it loose on the world in the autumn. It’s called S.C.A.R.S.


    She loves to hear from readers (it’s a pleasant distraction from her steaming keyboard), so do get in touch via the links below.

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    Saturday Cocktails w/ the authors of "Faded Diamonds"

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    Three brilliant minds created Faded Diamonds - Camille Burke, Stacey Pacouloute & Mellissa Thomas. Be sure to tune in for a chat with these inspirational women on Saturday Cocktails.

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    Cocktails With C. Wade Premiere Show

    in Entertainment

    This is the premiere show of Cocktails With C. Wade. We discuss adult subject matter in a straight forward in your face approach. Tune in and enjoy some adult conversation with myself and my producer B. Woot.

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    Cocktails With C. Wade Episode 3

    in Entertainment

    In episode 3 we will discuss promiscuous men and women along with the stereotypes associated with these men and women. Also, how does their past affect marriage and sex with their spouses. We'll also discuss women dressing provocatively and how that style of dress attracts men in negative or positive ways. We'll have live guests that have lived the promiscuous lifestyle and how it affects their lives today. Log in and listen to another explosive episode of Cocktails With C. Wade!

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    Midweek Cocktails w/ April Minger

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    April Minger was born and raised in Springfield, Ohio. After graduating from high school, April joined the United States Air Force. April works in the Insurance and Health Care fields, and also has a Master’s degree in Business, graduating with honors, and is a member of the Alpha Beta Kappa Chapter of The National Honor Society. She currently resides in Fort Drum, New York, where her husband serves on active duty as a member of the United States Army. April and her husband of eighteen years have two children.


    Book: Alters of the Heart


    Do events from your past continue to play over and over in your mind? Do you feel like your relationship with God is not where it should be? Are you looking for a deeper worship experience?
    If you answered yes to any of these questions, then I have some good news for you. The answer may seem far away, but it’s actually much closer than you think.

    Altars of the Heart will take you on a journey to rediscover who you are and give you authentic tools to help you connect back to walking hand-in-hand with God through deeper worship.
    The knowledge and insight that you will gain from reading this book will take you to a life of newfound liberation from insecurities, fear, doubt, shame, and un-forgiveness.
    You will be encouraged to do an internal “heart” examination, to re-evaluate how you interact with others, make choices and worship the Lord.

    The Word of God specifically states in the book of Hosea 4:6, that my people are destroyed for a lack of knowledge. I issue a challenge to you to open this book, and allow your life to experience freedom from bondage and finally discover your path to deeper worship.

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    Cocktails and Conversations Fourth of July Edition!

    in Entertainment

    Join the divas on todays show because joining us are the ladies behind the delicious company Cookies & Corks.  Also in the studio to help us with our wine pairing is none other than The Wine Coach - Laurie Forster.  Sweet treats and wine...our two favorite things!  We will also have some GREAT giveaways that we know you will absolutely love.  Make sure you are following us on Twitter @cocktailsnconvo and "like" our Facebook page "Cocktails and Conversations" so you won't miss out on the giveaways!  Also make sure that you listen in as well.
    Cocktails and Conversations
    It's like have a chat with your girlfriends!

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    Midweek Cocktails w/ Author Roni Teson

    in Books

    About Roni Teson

    Growing up in Southern California, Roni developed a love for the ocean and all things coastal. Roni lived inland for a few years in Atlanta, Phoenix, and Denver, only to be lured home by the sound of crashing waves and colorful sunsets.

    Roni wrote Heaven or Hell, her first novel, during my treatment for stage IV cancer. The day after the final edit of this book, the doctor told her that she was in remission. Roni believes writing was a critical part of her recovery, and now it's integral to her life.

    Roni feels lucky. She has a passion that keeps her awake at night, friends who have been in her life for decades, family that supports her craziness, a home on the beach, many more novels in her head, and a body that is healed. She is forever grateful.


    Book: Twist

    A romantic suspense full of twists and turns . . . When a steamy incident in the back seat of a borrowed car plunges sixteen-year-old Beatrice Malcolm smack in the middle of a global manhunt, she discovers that the search for her fugitive father has more to do with her than she could ever imagine.

    With her mother gone, Bea's life is unraveling in the worst possible way as she's thrust into a world of government conspiracy, insanity, and mind-altering experimentation that forces her to make a life or death decision on who to believe—the FBI or her father.

    In Twist, Roni Teson has crafted a suspenseful tale of love, betrayal and intrigue with a cast of characters who will leap off the pages and stay in your heart long after the last page has been turned.

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    MidWeek Cocktails w/ Charmaine Galloway

    in Books

    Charmaine Galloway was born and currently resides in Toledo, Ohio with her two children. Writing has been her passion and a positive emotional outlet since middle school. As a teen, writing in her journal allowed her to escape from the negativity of her world. Around that time she also began writing her debut poetry book and Urban Christian fiction novel.

    Charmaine has a Bachelor of Arts in Family Life Education and an Associate Degree in Early Childhood Education. She is currently working on her Master's Degree.

    Charmaine writes reality based stories about imperfect people. Please check out these titles: My World, Through My Eyes, her debut poetry book. Girlfriends Secrets, an Amazon Best Selling Novel Golden, an Amazon Best Selling Novel. Heaven's Cry, a short story. Girl Talk, a teen poetry book I Love Myself As I Am, a children's book.

    Charmaine is currently working on new projects, so keep a look out for her upcoming releases. www.charmainegalloway.com

    Charmaine loves interacting with her readers. Like her Facebook Fan Page AuthorCharmaineGalloway Follower her on Twitter @mscharmgall Email: mscharmgall@yahoo.com

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    Cocktails and Conversations with Erika and Robin

    in Women

    We’ve got another great show for you this morning! We’re talking about Princess Kate looking fab after giving birth, Lamar Odom’s shocking drug of choice, twerking and grinding Miley, Justin Timberlake’s takeover at the VMAs and more!  It’s going to be a fun filled show with lots of great conversation and we invite you to join us.    
    Our phone lines are open (live broadcast only) so if you want to join in on the convo  give us a call at (661) 449-9947.  Feeling a little shy?  Don’t feel like talking, don’t worry because we’re on twitter.  Tweet us at Cocktails N Convo #CnCradio or post on our Facebook Page www {dot} Facebook {dot} com / cocktails and conversations.  

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    Saturday Cocktails w/ Richard F. Holmes

    in Books

    Tune in for a wonderful chat with Richard about his latest release: "Universal Law: An Idiot's Guide".

    About Richard

    I am a medium and clairvoyant and also the author of eleven spiritual books and producer of five meditation CD’s that have helped to change the lives of many people from all walks of life.  Back in the year 2000 I was still struggling with an alcohol problem that was threatening to take my life in a very negative direction from which there would have been no return.  These days I use the same principles that enabled me to turn my life around and apply them to my client’s individual needs.  I help people replace the old negative mindsets, that keep them rooted in the past, with new positive thoughts and attitudes that enable them to get what they dream about having and being in their lives.  By drawing on my own life experience I help people to grow and realise their true worth and potential; helping them to express themselves in ways that make them feel happy and fulfilled. 

    People contact me when they are at a crossroads in their lives or when they feel?they are stuck in a particular negative situation.  It may also be because they?are experiencing grief due to the loss of a loved one or they may simply be in?search of some guidance of a spiritual nature.  Whatever the reason, I always?aim to make people feel at ease so that they can enjoy the experience. 

    I also help people to realise the gifts of clairvoyance, mediumship and healing that are present within themselves.  This can be on a one-to-one or group basis and is achieved through guided meditation and other methods of inner work.


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    Saturday Cocktails w/ Paulette Harper

    in Books

    Paulette Harper is an award-winning and best-selling author. She is the owner of Write Now Literary Virtual Book Tours and is passionate about helping authors succeed in publishing and marketing their books. Paulette has been writing and publishing books since 2008.  Paulette is the author of That Was Then, This is Now, Completely Whole and The Sanctuary. Her articles have appeared on-line and in print. Paulette's most recent release is Living Seperate Lives.

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