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  • 01:36

    Chest Hair Is The Key To A Woman’s Heart

    in Comedy

    Jared is joined by Dustin Chafin to answer questions about male grooming, getting with old chicks, and cockblocking pets.

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    The Passion Zone: Cockblockiing and A Better Male Orgasm

    in Health

    Join Allie and Scarlet as they talk about the "Auto Cockblocking" and "Six Tips For Giving Him The Best Orgasm Of His Life!". 
     Phone lines and chat room will be open!
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  • 02:04

    The Keepin It Real Show

    in Comedy

    On tonight's episode of The Keepin It Real Show:
    Douchebag of the Week Celeb WTF with D-Ray The Art of Cockblocking and how to avoid it happening to you How to "Define the Relationship" by Cosmopolitan Magazine What not to do on a first date by Askmen online The show is broadcasted live every Sunday night at 9pm. We accept callers at 914-338-0525. If you are unable to stream live click the link to list to it as a podcast. Remember, it's ok to like it!

  • 02:00

    Town Hoes, Female Cockblocking and The Art of Backstabbing

    in Pop Culture

    Tazz and some very special guests discuss what happens when people stab each other in the back unnecessarily. They will also discuss what happens to women when they become the town hoe, vs women on vacation!!! It's sure to be a very controversial show: one that will insight anger frustration and sympathy from all! Do Not Miss This Show!

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    in Women

    SEASON FINALE!! Is your life playing out like a Tyler Perry movie except no drop dead gorgeous bus driver shows up at church? From Bible Bangers to Saints to Secret Freaks on choir (you know who you are) to women in love with Pastor... (yeah, you know who you are too.) could the church's expectations be ruining your chances of dating a man (you know...outside of Jesus?) How big of a part does religion play in your love life? PLUS...Celibacy and only "giving it up" for God. JOIN US FOR THE SEASON FINALE OF CHOCOLATE CAKE RADIO...WEDNESDAY NIGHT @ 10PM!