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    Winter Coat Drive - Aug 30th

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    Join us as we discusses current affairs and the Winter Coat Drive. We will get into the March on Washington and race relations, and our Winter Coat Drive. And of course we will have the post of the week from our FB group Visual Thoughts and talk about out Winter Coat Drive!

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    Great Dads Society Coat Drive and Holiday Donations

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    On this week's program the hosts are joined by the great dad Chris Jackson. Chirs will be discussing the upcoming coat drive the Great Dads Society Atlantic City Chapter is holding. The Atlantic City Chapter is proud to announce our first annual Great Dads Society Winter Coat Drive and Holiday non perishable food item donations. 
    We looking for your help to expand this this idea across the entire GDS community. We need used good condition winter coats, NEW socks & underwear (all sizes both genders), and non perishable food items. In my little corner of the world here in Atlantic & Cape May Counties, New Jersey. Chris has set up 2 donation drop off centers. 401 West Ave Ocean City, NJ 08226 known as 4th Street Service Center & 26 Vernon Rd Marmora, NJ 08223. Drop off at these locations can be made 8am-5pm Monday-Friday without an appointment. Please call for directions or to make an appointment (609-391-0993) with Atlantic Cape Transportation to schedule an evening drop off or to have your donation picked up. We are a great group and during this season of giving let us come together and show our communities what we can do. 

    We will also be talking about Thanksgiving traditions & the knockout game once again, which seems to gotten the attention of mass media since we spoke about it last month.

    Don't miss this show which is bound to be another classic that millions will download for the holiday commute 

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    Psalm 5:3 In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.   In the morning, Lord, you hear my voice; in the morning I lay my requests before you and wait expectantly.    

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    Explore the Beautiful Island of Antigua & Barbuda

    in Culture

    Winter is coming here in the states. Look into purchasing a "winter-away" in the beautiful and sunshine island of Antigua & Barbuda. Come explore the many opportunities to purchase homes, beachfronts, and resorts, with our expert team Mr Gavin Otto

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    (#22B) White Coat Syndrome Power

    in Spirituality

    New data on THE LAW here in the state called GEORGIA mandates that I present a (Part B) to my Cancer related saga. As much passion as I generated around this issue today it's become crystal clear that focusing my attention on JUSTICE is a waste of time without some very well connected supporters with "Capital Hill Type Contacts" for only they know their way into, around and through the red tape and all the road blocks in place to keep the masses in limbo.

    This segment is very short and officially frees me from tying up my energies in negative ways. I take this as A COSMIC SIGN that leaving everything that represents stress, strain, struggle, and Matrix Related endeavors (100%) alone is my path!! There are after all plenty of folks on the planet doing their best to wake people up.

    To all with the stamina to stay in the thickness of the muck and mire ... I salute you and bless your endeavors. However for me, I've so earned the right to step UP AND AWAY AND BE THE PARTY & PARTY GIVER!! News gathered today makes it crystal clear that it's time to focus on deeply loving myself by living my forgiveness of whatsoever I've ever done that dishonored my body over these years and finally establishing optimally wholistic health, lavish wealth, true heart peace and joy.

    Time Service Options & Backup Data:




    And only if you know lots of people who genuinely desire and require a legal cash stream:  without adding more stress to their daily/weekly life:


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    (#22A) White Coat Syndrome Power

    in Health

    Okay Peeps ...

    Time to begin linking the dots between ... LONG TERM PROGRAMMING and what you mindlessly assume, and between PROGRAMMING and what you thoughtlessly believe about the (disease) called cancer, the doctors we see whenever we are not well, etc., etc.

    This is the hour to get slammed upside the head with truth that you can no longer ignore, dismiss, devalue and not pay attention to for only you can ever save you from the BS that the Matrix Wizards perpetrates against us for hundred of years.

    Remember:  Don't shoot the messenger because you don't like the message, because you don't resonate with the message and/or because you're unable or unwilling to assume a NEUTRAL POSTURE ... gain insights and then decide for yourself.

    If you resonate with this message, please show our support with any donation amount that is comfortable for you.  Visit Http://SoulPathClarity.Biz, which is a one page site.  Scroll down the page till see the PAYPAL DONATE BUTTON near page bottom, and trust that you are opening a cycle of abundance for yourself, by supporting my outreach.  Thank you very much.

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    Chris Larsen, Blue Coat Systems

    in News

    As part of an ongoing series, we have been interviewing Chris Larsen, Malware Research Team Leader at Blue Coat, on a number of topics including malware attacks and government.
    Today, we are speaking with Chris about his presentation from RSA 2013, which focused on log tracking an organization’s riskiest users to find the bad guys.

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    PODCAST: George Teas, Blue Coat

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    Discussion about the SecureWeb Gateway Virtual Appliance (SWG VA) from Blue Coat Systems. 

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    Red Coat Piers Morgan fired from CNN

    in Politics Conservative

    Red Coat Piers Morgan's Anti-Gun position has gotten him fired from CNN.  If gun control was popular would he have lost his job?  

    TWITTER @briancraigshow

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    Torah Treasures- Vayeshev Genesis 37:-40:23

    in Spirituality

    Join Rabbi Hilbant as he teaches on this week's Torah Portion. This portion is titled "And he lived", where here we begin to start on the journey of Joseph, which will wind itself into a hige impact on the People of Israel.

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    PODCAST: John Yun, Blue Coat Systems

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    Blue Coat Systems is a sponsor of the upcoming Mobile Work Exchange Spring 2013 Town Hall Meeting. 
    John Yun, Director of Product Marketing at Blue Coat Systems, will be speaking NIST about the unique security risks and mitigation strategies that all government professionals must understand as more mobile devices are introduced into agency networks.
    Today, we are speaking with John further about his presentation.

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