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    Coastal Holiday Adornments and Decoration

    in Design

    Hello Folks and welcome back this week for our exciting segment of Coastal Holiday Decorations as that time has come upon us so quickly and I'm sure we would much rather like to prepare for it festively! Correct?
    Ok we can do that by starting in with our beautifully decorated wreaths and garland just to kind of bring our spirits out alittle more, and then the closer it becomes we can add those gorgeous adornments we've been saving all year to add sparkle and help spruce up our holiday season. And, what better way to share and give thanks with our loved ones, family and friends!  Perfecto for the season, so come join us tonight as we share and brainstorm ideas with holiday decoration..
    See Ya There!

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    All Things Transfer Paper with Charlie Myers of Neenah Paper

    in Business

    Heat Transfer Paper has been a staple of our industry for years and with the recent uptick in the laser transfer market, Terry and Aaron invited a guest from the paper company who has been the gold standard in transfer paper for years. We are excited to welcome Charlie Myers from Neenah Paper to talk all things Transfer Paper with us. We will get into the history of Neenah and Transfer Paper, talk about what they are seeing today with the transfer paper market and what the future might hold.

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  • Troy Nunes Is An Absolute Podcast: ACC Coastal Division Preview

    in Sports

    John and Dan get together to discuss the ACC's Coastal Division, probably talk about Syracuse too, and of course, some beer as well.

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    Niche Markets for Direct-to-Garment Printing

    in Business

    Finding a niche market has two parts. First you need to determine the capabilities of your chosen decoration method. Second, what options in the marketplace are best suited to that technology? On our show this week we’ve determined our decoration method will be direct-to-garment. Part two will be a discussion of niche markets best suited to this process.

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    Everything you Need to Know about Embroidery Supplies with Kristine Shreve

    in Business

    This week we welcome back friend of the show, Kristine Shreve from EnMart to explore the world of Embroidery Supplies. Admittedly Embroidery is an area of weakness from the 2 Regular Guys, so we are fortunate to have experts we can call on to get you details you need to know. We will talk bobbins, threads and backers oh my! Tune in to learn what your embroidery business needs to be successful after you have purchased that embroidery machine.

    Aaron and Terry will also bring you details on things you want to discuss. Join the conversation at our Facebook or Google + Page or even hit us up on Twitter. Tell us about what you have going on in your business!

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  • The Consciousness Shift - Who Are the Blue Avians?

    in Spirituality

    There can be no doubt that our world is changing at an accerlated pace.  So much new information is being revealed, expanding our concept of what's possible.  Join Nicole and Gwen for a look into the E.T. group called the Blue Avians as stated by Corey Goode. It's an "out there" topic but, how else to we expand our view of the universe?

    Join us for commentary on the shift of this age in Aquarius!  Authors, mentors, teachers... astrologers, practitioners, healers, yoga, metaphysics, eastern mysticism, we talk to the ever changing emotional body of our evolving planet.  We cover a lot of territory!  Nicole Tomassini and Gwendolyn H. Barry host an hour peaking into the new consciousness.  Every Saturday afternoon at 3pm eastern. 

    Gwendolyn H. Barry is the owner of Daughters of Isis, making essential oils and flower essense tools to aid you on your journey. Visit: Daughtersofisis.com

    Nicole Tomassini is the founder of Spirit Therapy, offering paths of alignment with Spirit.     Visit: spirittherapynyc.com

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    CREATIVE Conversations-How do you envision the future present?

    in Visual Arts

    Inner-galactic Pop Up Research Station will be a  portal in the built enviroment a place for  curators and artists, to envision the future present? Those new to the world of creativie place making.  These installations produce "Creative Conversations” artists speaking about their art, the Emissaries Arts Action project will continue the conversations, and provide another platform for curators that network with the Phantom Galleries.

    Christine Ilewski-Huelsmann,Face Not  Forgotten,

    Faces Not Forgotten project I began here in St. Louis, artists painting portraits of young gun violence victims. 

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    Waqfe Nau, USA - Live Weekly Class

    in Religion

    From Sea to shining sea! The weekly live Waqfe Nau class offered by the Classes & Curriculum Desk of the Waqfe Nau Department, USA. Visit us at http://www.waqfenau.us

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    Linda Clifford and Karen Williams on Brunch In The Basement With JaVonne

    in Music

    R&B, Disco, and House are the genres of music our legendary guest is known for. Songstress Linda Clifford is best known for her classic hits such as "Runaway Love" "If My Friends Could See Me Now" and the super sexy duet with legendary artist Curtis Mayfield "Between You Baby & Me". Ms. Clifford is now a part of the spectacular trio First Ladies of Disco with Martha Wash and Evelyn Champagne King
    Also joining us on the show is our first true comedian, funny woman Karen Williams. She is not just any comedian, she is hilarious! She's so funny, she teaches other comedians how to be funny! She's known as an "out" comic, has been on HBO numerous times, has been featured on numerous cable and television shows and is now gearing up to do comedy for a cause! Make sure you don't miss this segment! Miss one episode, you miss a lot!

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    Positively Liah With Taliah Rose

    in Current Events

    Good Morning, it's Monday & it's time to enjoy the beginning of your week with me Liah. I've have some wonderful news for you today, and what is that you may ask? It's a great day to be alive. Today I'm going to update you on today's most important, underground news, positive energy, and help with self improvement  So don't be sluggish and weary, leave your worries behind, dive into  your work and plans, and let's start this week  on a high note. And without further ado on with the show.


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    His & Hers: Ain't None of They Business

    in Entertainment

    The Ladies & Gentlemen of His & Hers discuss the way intrusive parents, family and friends affect relationships and the dynamic between partners. The real, the good, the bad and the nasty when there are too many people involved. Join the conversation and discuss it with the His & Hers team!

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