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    CanAm Coal: Record Year Of Coal Production In Alabama

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    CanAm Coal (COE.V or COECF) believes in the long term viability of coal as a fuel source and that demand will grow going forward. CanAm Coal had a record year in 2012 producing over 455,000 tons of coal in mining friendly Alabama. This is almost a ten fold increase from 2010 demonstrating significant production growth. Over the next three years CanAm's goal is to possibly produce 2-3 million tons of coal. The company is developing three new mines and has attracted a significant financial institution to fund the operations. The company is well positioned for 2013 after investing a significant amount into opening up three new mines in 2012.  CanAm is a surface miner which does not have as many risks as underground mining. CanAm is the recipient of the "Sentinels of Safety" Award commending safe and reliable operations.  CanAm has focussed on building reserves and producing the higher quality cleaner coals, lower in sulphur, ash, mercury and arsenic. New EPA regulations could drive demand and premium pricing for CanAm's cleaner coals. The company already has 85-100% of 2013 production sold out and close to 650-750k tons for 2014. This provides investors with highly probable cash flow and earnings stability. The company could eventually generate a significant amount of free cash flow to make further accretive acquisitions.  CanAm's quality coals are already sold out for 2013 as they meet the new EPA standards. The company is deeply discounted with a market cap that is less than one times EBITDA and trading near a three year low. Most of their peers trade three or four times that value and CanAm is considerably undervalued in the sector. The mines are run by 30 year industry veterans that has put their own money on the table. Management owns just over 25%. 


    Disclosure: Author and Interviewer Owns CamAm Coal and the company is a sponsor on my website.

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    Oct 1 ~ Charlotte View: Moving Mountains the Movie "Deep Mining & Water Wells"

    in Environment

    Join Charlotte View for an exclusive, interview with scriptwritter and crew members of critically acclaimed, award-winning movie "Moving Mountains," based on the true story of Patricia Bragg, who grew up in Mooresville, NC. The movie tells the story of Trish Bragg of Pie, WV in Mingo County, as she and her friends struggled for safe drinking water after a deep mine destroyed their wells. A story of faith, hope and perseverance that will stay with you long after the movie ends. Based on the book, "Moving Mountains," written by Penny Loeb. This film-festival favorite is being shown at AmStar 14 in Mooresville, NC on October 6th 2014

    In 1994, Trish Bragg was a coal miner's wife, struggling to get by. Then a vast deep mine destroyed her neighbors' water wells. Guided by her strong faith, she and her friends stood up to a billion-dollar coal company and government bureaucracy. This movie is the struggle of a people, desperately battling to keep  their way of life , their lands, and their families and homes intact. A group of citizens battle to change a mind set that has remained in Appalachia for many years. “One simply does not fight the coal mining company". These companies are powerful entities with finances, machinery, and backing of our government; but fight back we did! In the end, they made history. 

    During this interview, Penny Loeb, T Paige Dalporto, Paul C Brown, Austin Jetton and Patricia Bragg will talk about their journey of discovery, lucky breaks, frustrating obstacles, collaboration, fear of failure, etc

    Contact: cfdodge@msn.com (Penny Loeb)  trishbragg@frontier.com (Patricia Bragg)

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    A Chat With Author Jared Dean About Big Data, Machine Learning and Value

    in Technology

    Join the All Analytics community, the A2 Book Club, and author Jared Dean for a discussion about Dean book, Big Data, Data Mining, and Machine Learning: Value Creation for Business Leaders and Practitioners.

    The potential for big data analytics in the enterprise is huge. It can help to bring in new customers, strengthen relationships with existing customers, identify efficiencies in enterprise operations, and lead to innovative new business opportunities. Factor in data mining technologies and techniques, and machine learning and we can leverage big data to enable predictive analytics applications that can help us to see where our businesses and our customers are moving. That is turning data into value.

    In this half-hour A2 Radio Show you will learn about:

    Predictive modeling techniques
    Time series data mining
    Recommendation systems
    Text analytics
    How organizations are finding bottom line success by "putting it all together"

    Join us on Thursday, January 15, at 2 pm for our discussion with Jared Dean, and share your comments and questions with him and your peers in the analytics community.


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    Donna Darzentas - Senior VP - SD & HSE Mol Group

    in Women

    Donna Darzentas

    Very early in her career Donna Darzentas was one of the first females within an oil and gas company, a very male dominated sector. She had to face the "prove yourself first concept", that is to say that she had to prove first that she could meet challenges before being compensated equal to her male colleagues. Donna is today Senior VP - SD & HSE at Mol Group, a large international Oil & Gas company whose headquarters are in Hungary. 
    Prior to her current role Donna worked as Vice President in Walter Energy, an international mining company specializing in metallurgical coal production and processing, where she was a key member of the Business Team reporting directly to the President of Canadian and European Operations. Before that she also held several managerial positions in BP, including the position of Vice President of Health, Safety and Environment in BP Global and the position of Health, Safety and Environment Director in TNK-BP (leading Russian oil company specializing in crude oil processing).

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    The Authors' Words with JD Holiday: Author Dellani Oakes

    in Books

    JD Holiday talks with author Dellani Oakes! 
    Lone Wolf~The year is 3032 and mankind has expanded far beyond Earth’s galaxy. Matilda Dulac is a member of the Galactic Mining Guild. With her lover, Marc Slatterly, she works in a small mining ship in deep space. Their well ordered life if suddenly thrown into chaos when one miner arrives with a load of Trimagnite, a highly toxic liquid ore. Enter the Lone Wolf. Wil VanLipsig, known as the Lone Wolf, arrives to take the Trigmagnite off their hands. Is it a coincidence for him to show up on Marc’s ship years after Marc thought he’d killed Wil? Or is this the beginning of something far more insidious? www.amazon.com/Lone-Wolf-Dellani-Oakes/dp/193517150X/
    Shakazan ~Beginning where Lone Wolf left off, Wil VanLipsig and Matilda Dulac continue their epic sci-fi adventure. John Riley is gone. He disappeared using an ancient transportation device. They hope he's dead, but can't count on it. He's far too dangerous. 
    They trek across the galaxy, venturing further into deep space. They arrive at a long forgotten planet–Shakazhan. www.amazon.com/Shakazhan-Lone-Wolf-Dellani-Oakes/dp/1938101316 Find  Dellani Oakes at: dellanioakes.wordpress.com
    JD&Show's sites: jdholiday.blogspot.com & theauthorswordswithjdholiday.blogspot.com/

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    Damien Luzzo - Climate Justice Activist

    in Current Events

    Talkupy with Annie Lindstrom welcomes climate justice activist Damien Luzzo to the show on Tuesday January 20 at 2 pm ET. We will talk about the need for climate justice and his experience taking part in direct actions with Utah Tar Sands Resistance last summer, which aimed to put a halt to the first tar sands mining project in the U.S.

    For more information on Damien go to his Facebook or Twitter page @damienLuzzo. For more information on the Utah Tar Sands Resistance go to the group's Web site or Facebook page.

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    Re-Tooling For Our Coming of Age

    in Finance

    Re-Tooling For The Coming of Age is hosted by Jeff Dunphy, and brought to you by Central Metals Corp., an international gold and silver bullion dealer .

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    Conscious Monday

    in Education

    Defining the Revolutionary Culture of the of the 21st Century Part 2 The Fight against Technology In part 2 we will be talking about the tools that are being used against us in the fight to end things like the Prison Slave system, the unjust injustice system, the corporate control of the government, the incarceration of our youths, the greed of the capitalism, the propaganda of the media, Police Murders ect ect..., and how those tools operate and the known capabilities of those tools. The Technological Edge that Big Business and those under the influence of Big Business within the government enforcement agencies have is HUGE. Data Mining, Big Learning, Zettabytes and Quantum computing are things we need to be Conscious of. Discussing possible solutions to the problems these things pose and how we can defend ourselves against these things will be the focus of this conversation. .In order to do this we NEED YOUR INPUT.....Please Call 713 955 0708 at 6:30 CST 7:30 ET 4;30 Pacific press 1 and share your views.....

      We'll be Defining Consciousness and talking about what it means to be Conscious in a society that is OPPRESSING our community. Forming Bonds between different "Conscious" communities and seeking solutions on how those different communities can work together to reach solutions to the problems the system that oppresses us all creates.

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    PNN - New in 2015 - Hunger n Love

    in Politics Progressive

    PNN Host and News Director Rick Spisak welcomes Co-Host Luis Cuevas of Progressive Push

    We will have special reports on the Clean Water River Rally 1/16 on the recent massive release of SUGAR-POISONED Lake Okeechobee Water

    Another special report from Dezeray of Food Not Bombs will get us UP-to-Date on Ft. Lauderdale's WAR on the Hungry

    Water Activist and Film Maker Mari-Lynn Evans will tell us the latest on West Virginia's Water POISONING and the ongoing Betrayal by her Civil Servants who are protecting Coal Companies, instead of West Virginians. (Watch for her film, "BLOOD ON THE MOUNTAIN" about this history of resource extraction in West Virginia.

    Walter Witter Director of Operations for Palm Beach County's Food Bank will talk about feeding the hungry in Palm Beach County.

    Meredith Ockman of NOW and Allen Hendriks of Equality Florida will discuss Marriage its not just for straight people anymore. 

    Our First Show of the Year - Join Us, Spread the Word

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    Releasing the toxicity of Anger and Resentment

    in Self Help

    Do you find yourself filled with impatience or a short fuse and just plain angry all the time? Society further encourages this emotion through sarcasm, and cynicism that is presented in a manner that is supposed to be humorous. Join me as we facilitate releasing this programming and embrace a more peaceful content way of living.

    "Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intent of throwing it at someone else; you are the one who gets burned."-Buddha

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    Travel Today - The Broadmoor, Colorado

    in Travel

    This week’s Travel Today with Peter Greenberg comes from The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, Colorado, one of the great grande dame icons. The official opening of the Broadmoor was in 1918, a building constructed on the same land where the original Broadmoor Casino stood before burning to the ground. Once a hotel that only allowed “old school money tabs” or cash as forms of payment, the Broadmoor’s concession to the 21st century is that they now accept credit cards.

    Richard Sauers, Executive Director of the Western Museum of Mining & Industry, joins us to discuss this functional museum and why people travel from around the world to see the working—and fascinating—mining equipment. Then, Harris Kalofonos of the International Olympic Committee details how Colorado Springs became an Olympic Sister City and what that really means.  All this and more from The Broadmoor.

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