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    Coal Tar and the Other Fun Things In Your Kid's Food

    in Health

    You may have heard my previous broadcast about foods banned in other countries.  Most of those foods were in fast food items, but what about the foods your bring home?  The fruit snacks "made with real fruit juice", the cereals with toys and cartoon characters.  Besides just the sugar, there is coal tar and many other harmful ingredients in our and our kid's foods.  Some of these just may be leading us towards more people with ADHD, auto immune issues and more.  Find out what you need to know to #keepkidshealthy.


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    DOPE PIGEON, COAL MINE SHUT DOWN, GOLD MINE SPILL, New Facial Recognition Software Used By Police – Misuse, Complaint filed against Texas judge over 'get married or go to jail' order, Calling Police 'Pigs' Lands Teen in Jail 

  • Coal, Climate, and Cash: 3 Pressing Questions for Today's Energy Market

    in Business

    In this week's episode, Sean and Tyler explore three topics on the minds of energy investors: Can coal survive? Will oil companies actually do something about climate change? And why is cash so important to energy investments?

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    CanAm Coal: Record Year Of Coal Production In Alabama

    in Business

    CanAm Coal (COE.V or COECF) believes in the long term viability of coal as a fuel source and that demand will grow going forward. CanAm Coal had a record year in 2012 producing over 455,000 tons of coal in mining friendly Alabama. This is almost a ten fold increase from 2010 demonstrating significant production growth. Over the next three years CanAm's goal is to possibly produce 2-3 million tons of coal. The company is developing three new mines and has attracted a significant financial institution to fund the operations. The company is well positioned for 2013 after investing a significant amount into opening up three new mines in 2012.  CanAm is a surface miner which does not have as many risks as underground mining. CanAm is the recipient of the "Sentinels of Safety" Award commending safe and reliable operations.  CanAm has focussed on building reserves and producing the higher quality cleaner coals, lower in sulphur, ash, mercury and arsenic. New EPA regulations could drive demand and premium pricing for CanAm's cleaner coals. The company already has 85-100% of 2013 production sold out and close to 650-750k tons for 2014. This provides investors with highly probable cash flow and earnings stability. The company could eventually generate a significant amount of free cash flow to make further accretive acquisitions.  CanAm's quality coals are already sold out for 2013 as they meet the new EPA standards. The company is deeply discounted with a market cap that is less than one times EBITDA and trading near a three year low. Most of their peers trade three or four times that value and CanAm is considerably undervalued in the sector. The mines are run by 30 year industry veterans that has put their own money on the table. Management owns just over 25%. 


    Disclosure: Author and Interviewer Owns CamAm Coal and the company is a sponsor on my website.

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    Trump vs Establishment

    in Politics Conservative

    Trump vs Establishment - Advantage Trump

    George Soros buys coal mines - What's up with that?

    State Dept loses more e-mails.....are you shocked?

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    Maria DeVivo, author of The Coal Elf

    in Writing

     Maria Devivo author of The Coal Elf will be with me to discuss her latest work. Amazon says about the book:   Ember Skye is a fed up teenage Coal Elf with a big ashy chip on her shoulder. Having been torn away from a carefree life and forced into a world of dirt and darkness has started to get the best of her. And being the only girl-elf working as a coal miner at the North Pole doesn't help much either! Then there's Sturd: a power-hungry, twisted elf with a checkered past and a serious grudge against Ember. Slowly but surely, his maniacal tendencies are revealed, leaving Ember with the sacred "Naughty List" literally in her lap. When a mysterious illness threatens to decimate elves both Above and Underground, Ember is thrust into a journey that will see her confront the literal and figurative demons of her past and lead her to the head of the North Pole himself. Yes! Santa is real. But this isn't your childhood Christmas tale!

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    The Administration gone Wind, People are Insane it's Only Wednesday w/Tracey

    in Current Events

    I will be talking about the new Coal regulations with Christian Palich.  We will also be discussing responsible Clean Coal Technology.  

    Ohio Representative Patmon will be with me to talk about this crazy Plan Parenthood Baby Mill 

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    The Green Guy

    in Self Help

    Tune in tonight,the Sierra Club(the nation's largest and most influential environmental organization) will be on to share the Beyond Coal Campaign,the Clean Power Rally in Atlanta,Wednesday,August 5 and President Obama's Major Climate Action.

    Join the discussion on the EPA's new Climate Plan,the closing of 200 coal plants nationwide and celebrate Clean Power for Georgia.
    Solar+Wind+Energy Efficiency=Clean Energy,Cleaner Air,Cleaner Water and More Jobs!


    Don't miss the show!

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    Equality Act-Really? Son Writes of His Hero WWII Dad Behind Nazi Lines

    in Politics

    Ryan Anderson-The William E. Simon Senior Research Fellow in American Principles and Public Policy discusses "How So-Called ‘Equality Act’ Threatens Religious Freedom."

    Andrew Hodges-Dr and the firstborn son of World War II hero presents his book, "BEHIND NAZI LINES: My Father’s Heroic Quest to Save 149 World War II POW’s."

    Steve "The Movie Guy" Evans-Reporting live from the movie capital of the world, Hollywood, CA, The Movie Guy gives us the 411 on Mission Impossible 5 and other box office winners.

    Jan Arnow-Internationally renowned expert and author of In the Line of Fire: Raising Kids in a Violent World asks, "When is enough, enough?"

    Larry Shumbres-Vice President of Business Development at eVestment, explains how we can find out what the "Big Guys" are investing in.

    Tom Borelli-Senior Fellow with FreedomWorks and authority on energy policy and crony capitalism discusses how Obama is driving the last nails into the coffin of the coal industry.

    Jack Cashill-The journalist, blogger and weekly contributor to the WorldNetDaily Web site writes how the new scarlet letters don't include an "A" in his latest book, "Scarlet Letters: The Ever-Increasing Intolerance of the Cult of Liberalism” 

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    TAR 2ND PIT STOP SHOW w/MARY CONLEY (Seasons 10 and 11) "Kentucky Coal Miners"

    in Television

    FRIDAY 03/13/15 at 10pm ET/ 9pm CT/ 7pm PT - The Amazing Race 2nd Pitstop Show w/MARY CONLEY (TAR 10 and 11 All-Stars) "The Kentucky Coal Miners" - 

    Join us for THE AMAZING RACE 2ND PIT STOP SHOW where we recap and discuss one of the most Exciting and Award Winning Reality Shows: THE AMAZING RACE! MARY CONLEY (Kentucky Coal Miner's team from Season's 10 & 11) will be Hosting and sharing her insights. Depending on his work schedule, DAVID CONLEY joins us when he can too! If YOU Love THE AMAZING RACE, we encourage you to call in and talk to MARY to share your thoughts on the episode! Call us at 1-347-237-5506 - or click on our link and scroll down to join us in our Live Chat Room and post your questions or comments there too! We'll Enjoy THE AMAZING RACE together each week, One Pit Stop at a Time! Our show starts one hour after #TheAmazingRace airs on #CBS! It's so much fun to ReCap #TAR right after everything happens! So come on by and lets chat about what #PhilKeogan said to the last team to meet him at the mat! 


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    Testosterone Thursday with Sticks and Mark

    in Current Events

    Sticks and mark examine why George Soros is buying coal companies, Hillary Clinton is swiping he r server and Russia and china are having  operations

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