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    Reality Check By Johnny Nelson (EP 2)

    in Wrestling

    Welcome TCW and BWE Fans, alike. I am first ever and only TCW GrandSlam Champion to date and 2014 BWE Breakout Star of the Year, Johnny Nelson and This is Reality Check where I let you in on my thoughts and predictions in both TCW and BWE.

    With Special Guest: Nicholi White

    This week we talk about what happened in TCW This Past Sunday:

    Here is the Card: 

    CJ D. Johnny Nelson via KO

    OD d. Wayne 

    Brooks Promo

    Boondoxx D Nicholi White

    Jacob Ayers & Jaymes Won Tag Title Gunlet Match

    Christopher Chambers D. Deadkidd 

    Dean Raddick Lost to.... A TCW Ledgen 

    NXZN vs Dyanmo

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    Co-creating with Andreana Dorrs and her amazing horses

    in Spirituality

    This week Jennifer is co-creating with Andreana Dorrs where we will hear about her fabulous work with horses.  Andreana is a very skilled lady who has studied a variety of healing methods.  She uniquely works with the horses' energy fields, by using reiki and balancing their chakras. Listen to Andreana who explains it a lot better than I can!  Although, I work this way with people, I am astounded and extremely impressed that someone can do this valuable work with horses.  We talk about chakras in general and the need to keep in balance.  In addition about the healing power of horses!

    "Totem Animals was initially a vision that Andreana had over ten years ago when she got Ebony Sky, her first horse. That experience was to change her life and in turn inspire her to want to help change others lives."

    Andreana now has 5 horses which she uses in her healing work.  A large part of her work includes working with autistic children.  She has found the healing energies these horses share to be extremely calming and beneficial to so many.  I'd love to go and meet these amazing animals myself sometime!

    More about Andreana can be found:-




    Music The Enchanted Forest by Ajna




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    Believing is the first step to creating reality.

    in Comedy

    If you believe, then you can achieve. If you truly in your heart that it can be done, then it will be done. Any lack of faith will lead to your plans crumbling. You have to believe that what you think of will become reality. In this episode I talk about truly believing.

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    CO Golf Show

    in Sports

    This show features David Ogrin, multiple winner on the PGA Tour and one of America's top golf instructors.

    The show is hosted by Greg Crawford, editor of http://crawfordsgolfdaily.blogspot.com (golf and sports biz combo)

    In July, this show will start its 5th year of Ogrin and Crawofrd working together

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    The Reality of Co-creating Reality!

    in Self Help

    All this talk going around about co-creating reality but what’s the ‘reality’ on co-creating reality?! How powerful can we really be as co-creators and what does it really take to live the life of our dreams? Get ready for Robert to keep it real on this intriguing and powerful subject! Tune in to find out what the true strategies and psycho-spiritual technology are that will really empower you to living your fullest potential with a focus on the ‘Co-dependent’ pattern!  Be prepared to have your eyes opened with this reality check and dial 818.495.6927 with your questions on how you can be the most powerful co-creator you can be! 

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    Co-creating with Keidi Keating about her newly released book 'The Light'

    in Spirituality

    This week Jennifer co-creates with Keidi Keating about her life and her newly released book ''The Light'.  

    "Twenty-two luminaries unconditionally contributed chapters to the book, including bestselling authors such as Neale Donald Walsch, Don Miguel Ruiz, Marci Shimoff, and Barbara Marx Hubbard.

    The book manifested soon after I endured a life-stopping spell of depression, desperate to know what my purpose was in this lifetime. Eventually, when I realized I had reached rock bottom, I looked up and asked the Universe for a sign. Less than twenty-four hours later I received an answer, in the pages of a magazine, and this led me on a journey of intense healing. Amazing spiritual teachers began to magically show up in my life, all guiding me to step out of the darkness and shine my Light brighter."

    Keidi Keating (taken from Keidi's website).

    Together, we discuss aspects of the book, as well as talking about why Keidi decided to write it and her own personal journey.  I found this interview to be absolutely fascinating and I'm sure that you will too.  Keidi is going to have a regular slot on my show to discuss elements of the book, in the new year.  This will be an opportunity for you to call in and ask any questions that come up for you and to have some great feedback.  It is a great time to go and get a copy of this book which is life enhancing.  We can also share and talk together about the practical implications of using the wisdom held within its pages.  I love it, and I am sure you will too.

    Listen to Keidi's unique interview with me on Thursday!  




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    CO Golf Show

    in Sports

    Featuring David Ogrin, multiple winner on PGA Tour and one of America's top golf instructors.

    Hosted by Greg Crawford, editor of http://crawfordsgolfdaily.blogspot.com

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    Reality Check Hosted by: Johnny Nelson

    in Wrestling

    Welcome TCW and BWE Fans, alike. I am first ever and only TCW GrandSlam Champion to date and 2015 BWE Breakout Star of the Year, Johnny Nelson and This is Reality Check where I let you in on my thoughts and predictions in both TCW and BWE.

    This week we talk about what happened in the BWE Rumble and the upcoming event, TCW PowerTrip.

    In BWE's, The Rumble:

    In the Pre-Show: TCW United States Champion Wayne Gracie def. former TCW Superstar, Andrew Gonzalez via Pinfall.
    Johnny Nelson, myself, with, the beautiful, Sammi Mayhem def. Joey Badass via Pinfall to qualify for The Rumble.
    Xero def. "The Don" Dave Matthews via Pinfall.
    BWE Championship Match: OMX def. Jay Cloud (c) via DQ.
    TG1 won the BWE Rumble by last eliminating TPC Abraham.

    In TCW's, Powertrip:

    United States Championship will be on the line as Wayne Gracie defends against Official D. 

    The TCW Tag Team Champions, the Syndicate, is put to the test against the newly formed team of Deadkid and Nicholi White.

    Dean Raddick takes on Johnny Nelson and if Dean Raddick can secure a victory, his tag team partner, DC Brawler, will get his job back in TCW.

    The first time two female competitors go one on one in TCW's 9 year history as Sammi Mayhem takes on Beyonka Brookes-Gracie.

    Bless vs The Equinox's Showtime Wes and if Bless wins he gets to join The Equinox.

    The Equinox (Nicholas Crowley and J Hostel) vs SmashMouth Marcus and Hellsfire, collectively known as Ragefire.

    the first ever Warzone Champion, trys to get the Warzone title back from the current Champion, Jacob Ayers.

    And in the Main Event, Jaymes Tyler defends his TCW Championship against Boondoxx, Jakovski and, former stalemate and fresh off a big win against the champ, BDM.

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    CO Golf Show

    in Sports

    Into its 4th year, this show features David Ogrin, multiple winner on the PGA Tour and one of America's top golf instructors.

    The show is hosted by Greg Crawford, editor of http://crawfordsgolfdaily.blogspot.com

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    in Television

    MONDAY 04/27/15 LIVE AT 7pm ET/6pm CT/4pm PT MICHELLE COSTA (BIG BROTHER 10) HOSTS THE MANIC MONDAY SHOW with Special Guest: ***GILLIAN LARSON from Survivor Gabon AND Reality Rally fame! GILLIAN LARSON just wrapped up the 2015 REALITY RALLY event and we always Love having her join us to share the Wonderful and Amazing stories that come from #RealityRally every year AND because of it's HUGE SUCCESS, how #MichellesPlace will benefit! There was even a marriage proposal on the Red Carpet this year! So if You attended #RealityRally2015 please call in and say THANK YOU to Gillian Larson for all the hard work and dedication she puts into this event each and every year, and share your Reality Rally story too! What Reality Stars did you meet? What was your favorite event at Reality Rally? Do you have a Great Story from the weekend? Also, MICHELLE COSTA may have another #RealityStar or two planning to call in, but she likes to leave a few surprises for her fans! (Those who listen regularly know when she says that, she's usually got something special up her sleeve...or unitard!) So don't miss another Very Special #ManicMondayShow! Click the link and scroll down to join us in our Live Chat Room and/or call in at 1-347-237-5506 to say HI to MICHELLE and GILLIAN! Cherry Garcia & Paul from Mn. will be Co-Hosting with Michelle. 

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    The Edge Of Reality

    in Entertainment

    Allie and Priscilla will be discussing your favorite Reality TV shows. Join us in chat.
    FIND US:

    Facebook           Twitter:   Allie   Priscilla