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    Star Wars: From The Bacta Tank - Ep. 11

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    FROM THE BACTA TANK A Star Wars radio show filled with gossip, comedy, discussions, skits and a whole lot more. 

    Today on the show:

    George Lucas has not watched the episode 7 teaser. 
    According to Disney execs the teaser almost was not release due to J.J. Abrams wanting more secrecy on set. 
    A discussion on some new upcoming expanded universe stories, our branded comedy skits and the guys from Bacta Tank take the trolls to task. 

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    CM Punk Episode!!!!

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    It's a special episode as after all these months Cm Punk talks on why he left the WWE. It's a Must listen episode!!!!

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    Bacta Tank: Star Wars Rebels Edition: Idiot's Array

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    Star Wars Rebels Edition: 
    This week a discussion on the latest episode of Star Wars Rebels 'Idiot's Array'.

    "Idiot's Array" is the ninth episode of the first season of the animated television series Star Wars Rebels. The episode, which features Billy Dee Williams reprising his original trilogy role of Lando Calrissian, was released on WatchDisneyXD.com and the WatchDisneyXD app on January 12, 2015, and premiered on Disney XD on January 19.
    The episode centers around the crew of the Ghost working for Lando Calrissian, after Garazeb Orrelios loses a sabacc bet to the smuggler and gambler. Calrissian uses the crew to his own ends in order to begin a mining operation on Lothal, while at the same time evading a crime lord called Azmorigan.

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    The Weekly Wrestling Talk Show: Comeback show, Heated CM Punk debate

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    Topics discussed on TheWWTS Include

    Booking Decisions
    Face/Heel Turns
    Character development
    PPV build & results

    And much more

    We enjoy hearing from our listeners during each live shows, if you would like to join the debate or discussion tweet @TheWWTS using the #TheWWTS or call into the show by calling (657) 383-0022

    *The views, opinions, & affiliations of TheWWTS are subject to time. As a result, some of the content in these shows may become out-dated or no longer pertinent. The opinions displayed on the show are in no way affiliated with World Wrestling Entertainment, or any other wrestling promotion.

    *TheWWTS is an entertainment show; therefore conversation may become exaggerated to enhance entertainment value. Hyperbole, fictitious storylines & taking on the role of a character are parts of TheWWTS & their product. Though their opinions and beliefs are meant to be taken seriously; the way in which they are presented, are subject to the guidelines of entertainment & are not always intended to be taken literally. TheWWTS is completely, unrated, unedited & live, and we do not use any type of censorship, nor do we intend to influence people in a negative way.

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    New Music Monday with Shay Star: Interview w/ DJ SNS

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    9:00pm EST | New Music Monday Hosted by: Shay Star


    9:15pm EST | LIVE Interview w/ DJ SNS  

    9:35pm EST | New Music Mix with DJ Shoe Shine

    9:50pm EST | Dump It??? or Pump It!!!!


    Sponsored by: MP3Waxx.com

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    Episode 15: LWF Strikes Back pt 4. with CM Venom

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    Join Max Holiday Santana Starks and Johnny Draven as they bring the only episodic podcast to blog talk radio. A weekly podcast that embarks on a journey that most people would shake their heads at. Not our heros! 

    This month is LWF Strikes Back month. A 4 part serious that will go back and look over the history of the infamous backyard wrestling federation that became an Independent wrestling sensation and would produce one of the most controversial WWE Heavyweight champions since Stone Cold Steve Austin in one CM Punk. 

    Jan 5th - Billy Whack 
    Jan 12th - Mike F'n Broox
    Jan 19th - Supreme
    Jan 26th - CM Venom

    Purchase THE MIGHTY LWF paperback at this link:

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    CM Radio - Jan. 28, 2015 - Randy Bachman, The Unchained & Affinity

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    This week on CM Radio we have one of the true legends of rock and roll, Randy Bachman. Bachman, of course, rose to international prominence as one of the leaders of The Guess Who and Bachman-Turner Overdrive, writing countless hits across multiple decades, including "These Eyes," "American Woman," and "Takin’ Care of Business."  He is now forging ahead into 2015 with a brand new project billed simply as BACHMAN. Joined by a virtuoso rhythm section with Anna Ruddick on bass and Dale Anne Brendan on drums, the trio’s debut effort, entitled Heavy Blues, will be available worldwide on April 15, 2015 through Linus Entertainment/eOne Music Canada.

    Before that, we will be speaking with two of the excellent bands that will be taking part in the second edition of Generation Next Live (www.GenerationNextLive.com). We have Ryan Abramowitz of The Unchained, an instrumental groove rock band from Toronto who is making a name for themselves for that stellar live show and for their latest project,Lost in the Music. As well, we have Ashley Curtis, lead singer of Affinity, another band gaining buzz in the Toronto live rock scene and a breakout act at last year’s Indie Week. Their excellent debut EP, Consequences Pt. 1, came out last year and Ashley says that have new material in the works that they will be showcasing at Generation Next Live on Feb. 5 at the Phoenix Concert Theatre. 

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    star wars

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    this week on the world finest show we are going be talking about the classic star wars movie even the new one that coming out. and what j.j going with with the new movie. even the movie fan boys and where they went with that movie and where kevin smith came up with the idea of the film so call in or tune and let talk about star wars even the new one that coming out next year.

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    Reese Allbritton, credited television actor, campaign model is now the newest pop star in Hollywood. Reese has rigorously been working with the award winning sound engineer Cyril Viktor to create a music demo. This quickly flourished into something bigger than either imagined. The hit single "Dreamer" from his demo quickly created buzz for Reese. “Dreamer” is already featured on iTunes. Reese is currently recording his next song “Prince of Dance“ with featured vocalist and actress Alexis Arquette with whom Reese certainly has a history with. “Prince of Dance” will accompany “Dreamer”, together creating the demo. These two singles will both be remixed by the Perry Twins.

    He starred in the show Boystown: West Hollywood (LOGO). Throughout this period of Reese's life he was involved in a very publicized romance with Alexis Arquette, they still remain close friends to this day. Star Magazine, In Touch and other tabloids had a field day with this relationship. Reese also co-starred in her documentary Alexis Arquette: She's My Brother (A&E), which was featured at Tribeca Film Festival. Reese's TV credits include cameos on both Surreal Life (VH1) and Celerity Rehab (VH1).

    Reese has worked hard maintaining focus on achieving his dream. His dream is to express to people that life is beautiful and that we can do whatever we want. Reese Allbritton can be found on Google and his soon to be released website ReeseAllbritton.com. His single “Dreamer” is currently available on iTunes.

    Wire Image and Getty swarmed Reese at the “Sushi Girl” premiere party. He was received by the media with open arms and was recognized immediately from his film and television work. 

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    The Wrestling Debate: CM Punk and WWE Talk

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    This past weekend CM Punk was on Colt Cabana's Art Of Wrestling Podast and had alot to say. Join the usual crew as we discuss what Punk had to say as well as what happened on RAW last night. If you would like to chime in and give yout thoughts the phone number is (323)870-4022. Come join us as we talk whats fucked up in westling today.

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    All Star Reserves Announced 2014-15!

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    I'll be recapping what's happened in the World of Hoops along with giving you my feedback on who was selected for the All Star Reserves! I also want to ask the listeners who I think will win Player of the Month in January for the Eastern & Western Conference! That will all be available here on the Hoopers Log Friday edition along with a solid Preview of the Weekend

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