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    Seperation by Dedication with Professional Coach Kenny Baldo

    in Parents

    As a Certified Professional Coach, Kenny Baldo, Endurance Athlete and Professional Entrepreneur I coach dedicated athletes, professionals and aspiring healthier adults who want to keep doing what they love without losing the support, appreciation and unity with the ones they love, by combining smarter choices with winning habits inside and outside the home, so the whole family can experience the win and avoid separation by dedication.

    E-mail kbaldo@live.com

    We are all products of the messages we receive in our lives; messages from peers, media, and friends. None of these messages are as powerful as those we receive from our caregivers in childhood.  Our childhood messages impact the intimacy we have or don’t have, our parenting skills, even the careers we choose. We become imprisoned in these roles, guided by inner voices created in childhood.  Together lets silence those intrusive inner voices, so wecan be who we truly want to be not who we were were set up to be. 

    Thomas Gagliano, MSW

    Life Mentor, Author & Speaker


    (732) 266-4952



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    Clyde Edgar Smith - One for the Ages

    in Current Events

    Clyde Edgar Smith, one all around guy that what a true soldier to the very end.  You could count on Clyde for everything and he never let you down.  He was a lover of jazz music, a person that could weld and work with steele and iron, as well as a professional chef in the restaraunt.  He loved construction work and building some of the hardest homes and office buildings in the United States.  He has built monuments that will be here for hundreds of years and his name is written all over them.  The show starts off with Vessie Simmons, "You're Everything I Need" from the KDTN Radio One Music station.  As our baby brother, he will be greatly missed and greatly adored.

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    Bring it to the TABLE:The Bonnie & Clyde Type Relationships

    in Lifestyle

    Is She Your Ride & Die? Is He Down For you Regardless of What? Big Jazz Will Break Down The Relationship Everybody Want somebody Down For them! Is Bonnie & Clyde Relationships Still Alive in these Days (Trust Money Loyalty) Tune in Tonight @9pm. To Bring it to the TABLE with Big Jazz

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    IWC: Night Of The Grudgematch! Alamino Casino vs Epic Z

    in Wrestling

    Welcome to the IWC, the road to New years Revolution is under way

    Night of the Grudge Match:

    Gimmick Changers

    Clyde vs Fangz

    Old vs New

    Crisp vs Smith

    FAst as Fast can be

    Alamino vs Epic Z

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    Women Who Marry Prisoners Like Charles Manson

    in Radio

    Charles Manson is getting married to Afton “Star” Burton, age 26. With over 2 million people incarcerated, it's not surprising that thousands of American men and women have spouses or romantic partners in prison. What is surprising is that some people are getting involved with prisoners who are already behind bars. Men serving time for some of the most notoriously heinous crimes apparently have enough sex appeal to turn death row into a dater’s delight. Prison weddings in California are a regular occurrence. About 20 inmates get married on the first Friday of even-numbered months at San Quentin. Hybristophilia is a sexual perversion in which people are attracted to someone who commits horrible crimes like rape, murder, or armed robbery. This phenomenon is also known as Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome. Some women believe they can change a man as cruel and powerful as a serial killer. Some hope to share in the media spotlight or get a book or movie deal. Mental health experts view such women as insecure females who cannot find love in normal ways or as love-avoidant females who seek romantic relationships that cannot be consummated. We’re not judging, but since Charles Manson is a lifer, he and his new bride won’t have the opportunity for consummation. Ever. Join Life Coach Jenn A Nocera and me for this timely topic. After the show, check After Hours at Jersey Coastal Live for more info.

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    Diva Interviews Lauren Koslow and James Read

    in Television

    The Diva of Days of our Lives and friends interview actors Lauren Koslow (Kate Roberts) and James Read (Clyde Weston).  This is a live, call in show!

  • 02:22


    in Wrestling

    Wearewrestling.net presents; IWC X-TREME, the only user driven Indy Wrestling league's 10th IPPV!

    on the card:


    Anon GM vs JP Derrywickle


    Zigglypuff vs Ming vs Double L

    Steel Cage

     Tiger Vs Moredci

    5 on 5

    Team WAW vs Team WINC

    Tag Team Title

    Weed The People vs True Bolieva

    Armageddon Championship

    Mum Raa vs FMM

    Legends Championship

    Deadpool vs Dave Scott

    IC Championship

    Alamino Casino vs the Burying God vs Ron Burgondy vs Dark Clyde

    Women's Fatal 4 Way

    Diva 316 vs Mrs Ambrose vs Screwy P Newton vs Missnightshade


    Open Challenge!



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    Facades and Extreme Ultimatums

    in Entertainment

    This week on Littany we will be discussing Day of Our Lives and The Bold and the Beautiful. A lot has happened this November and we can't wait to chat about it!

    During the Days segement we will be chatting about all things Salem...including Paul's facade and his connection to Sonny. How will his arrival impact the already fragile Wilson? Speaking of arrivals, fans were thrilled to see Melanie Jonas return to the canvas this week however, it became apparent that like Paul, she isn't being upfront about exactly what landed her back in Salem. Where would you like to see her story go and with who? We will also be discussing Chad's descent into all things Dimera, the pieces of Jordan's secerets slowly coming together and Kate growing closer to Clyde despite the obvious red flags. 

    On The Bold and the Beautiful we saw Liam and Ivy take a big step in their relationship and Hope's not-so-subtle reaction to it. We also saw a major shift in Bill and Katie's relationship and a major twist in the Rick/Caroline/Maya and Ridge saga. Both Maya and Rick have gone through major character transformations and many fans have been sounding off on it. Love it or hate it, these shifts in character motives make for a great saga.

    Join us during the show in our online chat or call-in. We can't wait to chat all things Salem and Forrester and look forward to hearing what fellow fans have to say about how things are shaping up on both shows.

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    Clyde Frazier Sr On The Danny Tisdale Show As Part of Black Philanthropy Month

    in News

    Listen to The Danny Tisdale Show on HW Podcast as we celebrate Black Philanthropy Month as he speaks to Clyde Frazier Sr., executive director of The Friends of Frederick E. Samuel Foundation.

    Mr. Frazier, is executive director of The Friends of Frederick E. Samuel Foundation is a 501 C3 not-for-profit organization which promotes high school and junior high school girl's basketball teams with Slam Jam, especially as a tool for college scholarship.

    Any questions please contact us at harlemworldinfo@yahoo.com or go to our website at harlemworldmag.com.

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    SWAG Radio Presents: A Gangsta's Girl with Chunichi

    in Books

    On tonight's episode Yara will be talking to Chuninchi, author of A Gangsta's Girl!

    Since the release of her 2004 debut novel A Gangster’s Girl, bestselling author Chunichi has gone on to pen several additional bestselling novels. With more than a half of a million books in print, Chunichi’s talent as a writer, combined with her consistent and successful track record speaks for itself. In addition to her hard work and relentless drive, Chunichi’s rise to the top of the literary world can easily be attributed to the fact that she has lived through the same fast lifestyle of sex, money, drugs, cars, and designer clothes, that she writes about in her books. The former quiet southern girl from Alabama had her life transformed when she moved to Virginia Beach in her teens. Dubbed the Urban Diva of literature because of her striking beauty, Chunichi’s stunning looks and Scorpio sex appeal was evident since her teenage years. She instantly became a magnet for attracting ballers who elevated her social status while introducing her to an intoxicating high-end lifestyle. That lifestyle transformed the sexy seductress into a gun toting Bonnie who was trained to fire for her Clyde. Chunichi’s fast pace lifestyle soon began to mimic that of a vixen as she spent countless nights in some of the top clubs in the country as well as countless days being the spoiled female darling of several top pro athletes and entertainers. Consequently as Chunichi matured, she decided to make a change in the way she was living. Never forgetting her past but making sure to leave the fast life behind, Chunichi went on to pursue and attain her bachelor’s degree in nursing, while simultaneously putting her real life experiences on paper. 

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    The Entertainment Review Radio Show

    in Entertainment

    The Entertainment Review Radio Show has teamed up with Clyde Hill from Magnetized Productions to present THE NEW MUSIC OF CANADA for the first 3 weeks of November. The hosts John Jeff Brandyberry of Diminished Pitch Entertainment and Willy "The Beast" Forrest will have a great discussion with Amrik Singh from the band Bridges To Royal on November 2nd 2014 at Midnight Europe Time 11 PM UK Time, 6 PM EST, 5 PM CST, 4 PM MST, 3 PM PST on Wacko Bob's The Wacko Radio Network.

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