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    Weekly LIVE! Broadcast for 7-23-14

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    LOOKING GOOD WITHOUT LOOKING We're BACK from early summer hiatus with all the best deals, tips and trends. Fall 2014 fashion and color preview, Destination Ocean Grove, Miss Manga Mascara, Tommy John Underwear AND top resume mistakes to avoid! Secrets of Online Shopping and more!!!! Video! 

    THE KOVACS PERSPECTIVE - 9:00 - 10pm Paul Louden, radio show host and 31-yr-old man with autism, talks about Google Glass and how it can help the autistic. Tom North, a child of the North family portrayed in "Yours, Mine and Ours," tells the real nightmare story not shown in the movies. Audio ONLY!

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    Still Standing with Author KS Oliver

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    Tonight, I will be talking  with Ms. KS Oliver, Author of Still Standing. 

    I am a mother of two boys, William Sha’Kwan & Trystyn K’Shaun. I was born in New York and raised in Georgia. I am the oldest of eleven children. I have an Associate’s Degree in General Studies, and a certificate in Medical Billing & Coding. Although I have these skills, writing has always been my guilty pleasure.

    On May 20, 2010, following the birth of my youngest child, I was diagnosed with SLE also known as Lupus. Subsequently, I was diagnosed with Discoid Lupus (Skin Lupus), Fibromyalgia, Fibrosis, Hypotension, Hypothyroids, Cricoarytenoiditis (Lupus in my voice box) & Severe Depression.

    Over the past three years, my medical records are as thick as a how-to manual. I have stayed home in bed for weeks at a time in tears. I had a sore throat for over a year with no explanation. My hair has fallen out in clumps. My skin has broken out to the point where I was almost unrecognizable. God grace has spared me from death more than one person deserves, but even still I am here. 
    I want to raise awareness to this debilitating disease. I want people to understand it is not easy feeling like something controls your life more than you do.

    Authoress KS Oliver 


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    Younique - OnLine/Live Beauty FoRe! A Purpose

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    Younique Virtual OnLine OnLIVE Beauty FoRe! A Purpose Party!!!

    Do you have a cause you are representing that needs assistance in raising FUNds? If the answer is yes. . . This has been proven to be the easiest way to accomplish this. Join us LIVE right here and online via Facebook...and BE YOUnique, with Beauty FoRe! A Purpose.  

    Our Causes we are focusing on this evenging: 

    The Mission - Brining two beautiful children home from Haiti into Shasta's loving arms...finally!   

    FoRe! Greece: We are bringing the W.I.N. Hellas - Διεθν?ς Υποστ?ριξη Γυναικ?ν programs to Mrs Mary on Crete, who has just broke ground of the first orphanage in Greece in decades, and who has a Women and Children's Shelter in Heraklion. This has been 6yrs in the making and it is all finally coming true! Thank you Kally Takis Mada - please tag those you know in the US and Canada and let's sign them up now FoRe! Greece! 
    Brought to you by: The Ambassador System
                                    Soul Sista Enterprise
                                    FoRe! International                      www.youniqueproducts.com/FoReGreece      



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    Out With The Old, In With The New

    in Goals

    As we say goodbye to 2013, we reflect on the successes and failures that transpired in our lives.

    Dustina Alley can agree with that as she has fulfilled her goals this year and is dedicated to taking it to another level in 2014.

    Her background in personal training and working in the fitness industry has helped her to be an inspiration to many people who are looking to get on track with their fitness goals.


    Michelle Madrid-Branch returns to talk about her new year's goals and how 2013 has allowed her to grow as a person and her upcoming projects.



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    Beauty Etiquette 101

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    Let's be honest: We’ve all seen shameless beauty faux pas happen around us. From behind-the-wheel mascara applications (now, that's just unsafe!) to desk-side fingernail clipping, these primping errors need to be corrected. But in our fast-paced world, some public preening is unavoidable, right? In order to separate the absolute no-no’s from what’s okay in the modern day, i developed an easy cheat sheet.

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    "Hey There, Career Girl" with Katie McBroom

    in Business

    What is Hey There, Career Girl? We all want to know what it's like to be other people, right? What does their life entail, what do their jobs look like and feel like? Hey There, Career Girl, gives you that looking glass into a powerful woman's life. You'll find out about her passions, her mission, her day-to-day, and more. We pick some of the nation's most fascinating women and ask them what makes their career tick!
    This week, Kathi Toll is talking with Katie McBroom from Martinis and Mascara.
    Access the recording below or subscribe to our iTunes channel to see all of our past and future podcasts by clicking here.
    About Katie: Martinis and Mascara is a blog devoted to all things beauty (and occasionally, cocktails) written by award-winning beauty blogger and professional makeup artist Katie McBroom. Well versed in all things beauty, Katie has several years of experience writing for various lifestyle publications, covering topics from makeup tips to celebrity beauty news.

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    Reality Check Radio w/ Mascara Mafia & Silvie Silver

    in Sports

    Listen in or Call in *LIVE* as our host(s) set forward with the new motto, "Revealing the Superstars of the Future" and speak their minds on professional wrestling. Tonight's guest(s) include, OVW's Mascara Mafia of Epsy & Paredyse, plus Female wrestling superstar and Fitness model, Silvie Silver as the "MAIN EVENT"

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    Quick Fixes for Your Worst Beauty and Fashion Disasters

    in Women

    Nothing ruins a look faster than makeup mishaps (or fashion faux pas). How do you handle it when beauty goes bad while you're on the run?

    Whether your confronted with smudging mascara, blotchy foundation, bleeding lipstick or a torn hem, Paula and Bryan reveal the tips and tricks that will transform you into a beauty MacGyver! 

    For more beauty tips & expert advice, visit Paulaschoice.com.

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    The Blood-Jet Writing Hour w/ Jason Bayani

    in Poetry

    Jason Bayani is a graduate of Saint Mary’s MFA program in Creative Writing. He is a Kundiman fellow and a veteran of the National Poetry Slam scene. His work has been published in Fourteen Hills, Muzzle Magazine, Mascara Review, the National Poetry Slam anthology, Rattapallax, Write Bloody’s classroom anthology, Learn Then Burn, and other publications. He has been on 7 National Poetry Slam teams, he is a National Poetry Slam finalist, and was the 2010 International World Poetry Slam representative for Oakland, California. He is also one of the founding members of the Filipino American Spoken Word troupe, Proletariat Bronze, and has been an organizer for the Asian and Pacific Islander Poetry and Spoken Word Summit. He currently lives in Austin, Texas where he is an English Instructor.

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    "Beauty Talk" Featuring Professional MUA, Alexandra Butler

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    Known amongst her youtube fans as, "AlexandraBond", this artist "made" with a degree in Industrial Engineering and former Product Specialist for MAC, knows her stuff and excels above the norm. Alexandra's varied background has left a "beauty mark" on the industry and has enabled her to work with a vast array of celebrity clientele and national networks and shows.
    Particularly known for her blending techniques and varied use of color, Alexandra is lending a voice to our most popular segment, "Beauty Talk" during which we dish on everything from techniques and trends to brand building and getting your foot in the door.
    Follow along on Twitter @bagladies for extra off-air commentary. And for an on-air shout out and to have your beauty and biz questions answered live by Alexandra, tweet with #BagLadiesLIVE attached NOW.
    Beauty, Makeup, Fashion, Trends, Makeup Techniques, Beauty Products, Lipstick, Contour, Blending, MAC, Mascara, Bronzer, Foundation, Concealer, Eyebrows, Abercrombie & Fitch, Beyonce 

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    The Dr Marilyn Joyce Show: Safely Clean You & Your Home

    in Health

    Are you worried about what's safe - and what's not safe - to clean yourself with? To clean your home with? Are you clueless when it comes to what ingredients to avoid in your personal hygiene, and home cleaning, products? Do you just need a list of some of the healthiest and safest products - and brands - out there for your next shopping trip? Do you worry that the cosmetics you're using might be doing more harm than good to your skin, your hair, and your body? Ever heard of RAW mascara, and vegan eyeliner? Get the scoop on what's healthy, and what's not, in personal hygiene and home cleaning products. Protect yourself, your family and the planet by learning what brands produce the safest, healthiest and most natural products for everyone, from babies to seniors, and for all of your furry family members as well.
    Now head on over to our facebook page, LIKE the page, and then share your thoughts on this show, any product you recommend for all of us to try, and any questions you have about this show, past shows or future shows...

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