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    The Art & Joy of Hospital Clowning with Jeannie Lindheim

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    All eyes turn to Center Ring, as the Big Top spotlight here at AHeart4Clowning TalkRadio Show broadcasts a very special guest interview with Jeannie Lindheim, Founder and Creative Director of “Jeannie Lindheim Hospital Clown Troupe” in the Boston area – now known as “Hearts and Noses Hospital Clown Troupe.”

    When one thinks of the "Art" and "Joy" inherent in Hospital Clowning, the importance of improvisation integral to performances Hospital and Caring Clowns give, and the attention to detail, Jeannie Lindheim's name most often comes to mind.

    Author of "The Art and Joy of Hospital Clowning" Training Program now in 23 countries, Jeannie, has conducted over 100 regional and national workshops for primary care and specialty physician groups. She has also taught acting, movement, improvisation, creativity, auditioning, characterization techniques for the past 30 years at a variety of educational institutions.

    Jeannie Lindheim has received numerous honors, and taken her specialty outside the hospital walls. Following Hurricane Katrina, Jeannie went to Houston where she did 1,100 ‘by the cot’ visits to clown and support those who had been evacuated from New Orleans.

    And, there's SO much more! The show airs live at 1:00PM EDT Thursday, April 8th, will be recorded and available for download from the show archive. Plan to join us for experienced insight and inspiration!

  • BS of the Sun Podcast 8/5/15: Send in the clowns

    in Basketball

    Paul Coro from the Arizona Republic joins the show to discuss the foolishness surrounding Marcus Morris's twitter bonanza, Summer League and the rest of the team's moves this offseason.

    In addition to Coro, Dave King and Jim Coughenour examine the ruckus caused by ex-Sun Marcus Morris and whether it might be cause for concern with his twin brother, and current Sun, Markieff Morris.

    Is the Suns organization partly at fault for the scorched earth nature of recent player departures and should the team finish cleaning house? Does a trade of Markieff for less than equal current talent have minatory implications on the team's 2016 playoff hopes?

    This episode is all Morrii... because these guys are such a charming pair to fawn over.

    We'll try to keep the clowning around to a minimum.

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    Are Bronsexuals ruining basketball talk?

    in Comedy

    We are discussing Bronsexuals.  These are men similar to women in the Beyhive.  They repeat stats that dont mean anything.   When you try to talk basketball, they call you a Hater.  Or some 8 yr old response, because they cant handle a grown man conversation.  Tonight. We are clowning these kats. 

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    The Talk of Our Times. The George Wilder Jr. Show

    in Politics

    Things in the news.

    Chicago fest
    Nieghborhood fests.
    Movies in the parks.
    Concerts in the parks.
    Outside cafes, theater, and lots more.
    What is happening in your neck of the woods?
    Smart Quiz Question/Name one of the longest rivers in the United States.

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    'A Heart 4 Hospital Clowning' Interview with JT "Bubba Sikes"

    in Comedy

    The Center Ring Spotlight this month is on special guest JT "Bubba" Sikes world-renowned Hospital Clown, COAI clown-in-residence, great trainer and downright – and outright VERY funny guy! He will be on the July show to talk about Hospital Clowning and humor in the healthcare setting – with tips, ideas and pointers you can use!

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    Wavy Gravy: Saint Misbehavin'

    in Lifestyle

    Wavy Gravy, who's reached official geezerhood, is more active and more effective in the world then he was decades ago. Back then, when still known as Hugh Romney, he stood on the stage of the original Woodstock concert and announced...."What we have in mind is breakfast in bed for 400,000!" He was at Woodstock as a member of an entertainment/activist commune known as the Hog Farm. Today, the Hog Farm still exists, collectively owning and operating the 700-acre Black Oak Ranch and hosting the annual Pig-Nic. And Wavy lives a third of the year in a Berkeley Hog Farm urban outpost, a big communal house he refers to as "hippie Hyannisport" But Mr. Gravy has expanded his activities over the past two-and-a-half decades to include co-directorship (with his wife, Jahanara) of Camp Winnarainbow, a performing arts program for children which takes over the Hog Farm for 10 weeks every summer, and the organization of all-star rock concerts to raise money for a variety of environmental, progressive, political, and charitable causes, most notably Seva, a foundation he cofounded in 1978, initially to combat preventable and curable blindness in the Third World.  On May 17, Mr. Gravy will host a concert benefitting Seva to coincide with his 79th birthday.

    He may be best known to millions as a cosmic cut-up and the inspiration for a Ben & Jerry's ice cream flavor, but it is because of his good work on behalf of the planet and its least fortunate residents that Wavy Gravy has achieved his own brand of sainthood. His friend and satirist, Paul Krassner, has called him "the illegitimate son of Harpo Marx and Mother Teresa." Wavy says, "Some people tell me I'm a saint, I tell them I'm Saint Misbehavin'."

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    Welcome to the Enlightened 30 with Chuck and Mark Update on medical issue.

    in Culture

    Chuck will be clowning around and updating his current medical condition.  Love and light will be in the air tonight.

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    Get It Off Ya Chest Part 2

    in Comedy

    Don't forget to call in and Get itt off ya chest!

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    Get It Off Ya Chest.....Straight Clownin 2015

    in Comedy

    Straight Clownin, no hold bars, messy, comedy

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    True Paranormal: Sandra Boord, Ghost Hunter, Haunted Collector

    in Paranormal

    Hosts, Jonathan Lento & Deb DeRousse are excited to talk with Sandra Boord!  

    Sandra Boord has been investigating for 10+ years, she is a collector of haunted items and received her first item, a doll Nance in 2004, she has many others in her collection including the infamous Vincent the clown doll, featured in Leslie Rule's book, Ghosts Among us, The chapter Clowning Around, join us for a fascinating conversation.

    Question of the day, If Sandra was Vincents mommy, and Jonathan is Vincents daddy, how did this happen?  

    Call in to listen or ask a question (347)850-8292


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