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    Church officials to face a moral dilemma.

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    Same sex marriage...YES or NO???  This is the question that the Supreme Court will be deciding in the late Spring.  However, the Court is nnot the only organized body that has to make a decision...How about our religious institutions???  The Church, with its many denominations, Judaism and Islam, will be facing the same moral dilemma and question of conscience.  How will they handle the delicate balance after generations of preaching and sermonizing that marriage is between a man and a woman...Adam and Eve and not Adam and Steve!!!  How do you feel about this???  Te Rebellious Rev and The Doc want to know...Call us at 646-595-3275 and bring your coffeel 

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    Dress Dilemma on Lou Talk

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    Louis- acting as hosts matt and kyle, two of the most successful people from my high school discuss happenings

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    How would you cope if your spouse was suddenly diagnosed with a deadly disease?

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    How Do You Deal with the Seeker's Dilemma of Decu so Prevelent in Seeking TRUTH?

    in Spirituality

    What is decu? Is it something you can prevent? Why or why not?

    Deception, unbearable doubt, disappointment, recovery from betrayal, restoring trust in your Spirit search ans in yourself, how to recognize what matters from what seem right-on but is a diversion, how to recover from unexpected setbacks or deception, how to deal with the bottom falling out of something you were depending upon, unholy surpises... these very difficult let downs are often sorrowfully experienced and dealt with privately.

    How much can a heart take? It is TRULY puzzling about how this type of experience accompanies our return to Love... Please explain.

    Why is a search for TRUTH and our Creator's Love so fraught with such repulsive and hurtful activities? It seems to be counter intuituve. Is there a way to avoid this distastful aspect of seeking our comfort in our Origin?

    But, maybe it is something better to have out in the open and looked at for its repetition, seeming inevitabilty, and prevelance.

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    The King Me Show: Can A Women Change A Man?

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    It's that age-old dilemma: you've started dating a man, things are going pretty well - but you want to change some aspects of his style and personality. Is it ever possible or the right thing to do? Most men are pretty hardened creatures when it comes to their emotions. However, love is a crazy thing and it can change people in ways that you never thought possible. Do men change because the women wants them to or do they see something special in that women that drives him into changing himself? Can women be pushy and emotional when it comes to a man not changing when she wants him to change? Do some women drive men crazy to where they will give in and not really mean it?

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    BEDazzled! It's About Sexx Baby??? Or Is It...

    in Christianity

    “Beware of letting your natural desires hinder your walk in love before God. One of the cruelest ways to kill natural love is through the rejection that results from having built the love on natural desires. But the one true desire of a saint is the Lord Jesus. Love for God is not something sentimental or emotional— for a saint to love as God loves is the most practical thing imaginable.” ~ Oswald Chambers

    "A.C.E." Abstain?  Celibate? Entertain? We all have “been there done that” testimonies. We have all had to face this at one time or another, especially if you are 25+ - 60+++, been married before or hasn’t been “born again.” And if we’re single and were looking to be married, during that 40 year period, this dilemma has followed us into and out of many, if not all of our relationship attempts at pursuing matrimony.

    Sometimes we do, sometimes we don’t. Sometimes we will, sometimes we won’t. Damned if you do, damned if you don’t! I have said many times that premarital sex is a no-no. I have to because it is in The Word of God. God will forgive us if we falter; but how do YOU feel after you’ve “given your all”, they ‘took it’, and it didn’t work out? Disappointed? Brokenhearted? Betrayed? Guilty? Abandoned and lonely again? So now what? SMH You do it all over again, expecting a different outcome? #Insanity

    Join The Kernal & Ms. T on March 5th, 2015 @ 7:00pm EST/6:00PM CST at www.blogtalkradio.com/twelvekings Or dial in at 323-642-1768

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    Do the Right Thing ~ Right!

    in Business

    This week's show will feature a guest who will talk about an ethical dilemma they faced and how they resolved it. Allen Jordan is Managing Director of the FarPoint Alliance where he works with small business owners to focus their Search Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Online Reputation Management campaigns. 

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    Being Independent: Do you really know what that means?

    in Art

    There is one question that every artist has had to face at least once in their career: Do I pursue my dream full time or do I back burn it all while engaged with a nine to five? The consequences of a wrong choice can be life altering and the root of the dilemma is always money!

    Tune in as we discuss the beauty, glory, and potential horrors here at #HmeGrwnRadio!


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    Do the Right Thing ~ Right!

    in Business

    Our guest this week is Diana Schneidman and she wrote Real Skills, Real Income: A Proven Marketing System to Land Well-Paid Freelance and Consulting Work in 30 Days or Less to help the unemployed, the underemployed, and current solopros who underearn to land more clients quickly. The book, available on Amazon, explains exactly what to do and say to start building your clientele in less than a month.

    Diana helps people who want to land well-paid freelance and consulting work quickly. Her publishing and coaching practice is named Stand Up 8 Times after a Japanese proverb: Fall down seven times, stand up eight. She is also a freelance writer and researcher specializing in the insurance and asset management industries; clients have included Allstate Insurance, CNA Insurance, Nationwide Insurance, and Zurich Insurance.

    Visit her website at StandUp8Times.com.

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    The Poetic Soul Artisty: Vol.#4 Nappy Roots, The Black Hair Dilemma

    in Entertainment

    What is African-American History? 

    Black History month grew out of Negro History Week, which was established in February 1926 by African-American historian Carter G. Woodson, who founded the Association for the Study of African-American Life and History. President Gerald Ford declared February to be "Black History Month" in 1974. African-American history was once viewed by many as vital to black liberation and power.

    Here we are 40 years and later and what does this month really mean?


    If her natural hair is treated is she sending a message of needing straight hair to be beautiful and professional?
    Can she view her curls as the crowning of a woman and a political statement to reclaim power?
    What message are we sending to the up coming generation with hair processing and wearing weaves? Are we saying this is what defines Beauty?

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    Ending Homelessness

    in Politics Progressive

    Kim Aiken (Cockerham) won the title of Miss Columbia in 1993 which led her to the crown of Miss South Carolina.  At 18 years old she won the coveted title of Miss America making her only the second Miss South Carolina to win the national title.

    Kim’s platform during her reign was her HERO Program for the homeless.  Her year of service as Miss America helped generate public awareness about homelessness and brought a better public understanding of this significant social dilemma. Kim has made numerous television appearances and was recognized in People Magazine as one of the "Fifty Most Beautiful People in the World". She has received numerous keys to cities for her humanitarian efforts.  In addition she was also awarded “The Order of the Palmetto” which is the highest honor to be given to any South Carolinian.

    After graduating from New York University, Kim pursued a career in public accounting with Ernst & Young LLP, one of the Big Four accounting firms. Today, she is a community volunteer and entrepreneur, and motivational speaker. A professional speaker for nearly twenty years, she entertains and inspires audiences with her programs, using her varied experiences and sharing stories of overcoming obstacles, such as brain surgery.

    Kim is the daughter of Valerie and Charles Aiken of Columbia, South Carolina.  She is married and loves being mom to her two beautiful children.

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