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    On this ongoing series of Bi-weekly, episodes, we pick it back up at TOPIC #10: ROAD WRECKS OF THE PROPHET NAHUM PREDICTION with various MULTIPLE VEHICLE PILE-UPS during the treacherous wintery conditions along the east coast! We also talk about several headlines from TOPIC #11: COMING GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE when GOLD & SILVER BECOME WORTHLESS from the PROPHET ZEPHANIAH'S FORECAST... SUCH ECONOMIC ALARMS as: "Record 470 Banks vanish from High Street in Brittian, as Closures more than Double"; "The Year of Dollar Danger for the World"; "Ten Warning Signs of a Market Crash in 2015"; "US Debt Soars by $100 Billion on Last Day of 2014"; "$200 Billion in Debt Looms over American Oil & Gas"; ... Who presided over such UNSUSTAINABLE DEBT? None other than Mr. Antichrist himself, Obama, Barack Hussein (MABUS), who we will also talk about in TOPIC #12: OBAMA THE HISTORY MAKER with such stories as "Lord of Flies: Obama Takes on Pesky Pest Once Again"; "How Obama Lied About Obamacare"... We also talk about some alarming stories under TOPIC #13: PERILOUS TIMES SHALL COME IN THESE LAST DAYS... SO STAY TUNED!.. STAY INFORMED! GET IN THE KNOW!.. AND ENJOY THE SHOW!...

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    When Systems Collapse & You’re on Your Own: Your Life in the Crosshairs

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    Guests: Steve Quayle & Greg Evensen

    No police. No EMS. No utilities. You're on your own. What are you going to do when the system collapses?

    There's always someone who has long been wearing on you, constantly blabbing about “being prepared for the worst.” You’ve had just about all you can take of their constant yammering about hyper-inflation and bank closures, conspiracy nonsense about false flag attacks, and whatever this persistent bearer of incessant warnings is talking about. After all, your money is insured by the FDIC, the supermarket is full of fresh produce and aisles of food, gas prices are lower than they’ve been in years, employment is up according to the nightly news, and things are as normal as they’ve always been.

    That guy needs help, you think. Is he trying to sell me precious metals? He keeps telling me to prepare and protect my money, get food, water, and even a gun. What would I do with a gun? Why carry money – my debit card works fine. Food? The store is 3 minutes away, and it’s open 24 hours a day. What an idiot, you think, and as you look around, you actually begin to chuckle at his doomsday musings. Damn fool, just like on those “prepper” shows. He can’t scare me, these things won’t happen here, and even in the off chance they did, there would be plenty of notice.

    Or will there be?

    Listen as Steve Quayle and Gregg Evensen talk about "when systems collapse."

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    What is Diva Glam Studio Weave? Hosted by the name of Julaun Hubbard.

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    Diva Glam Studio Weave:

    Hosted by Julaun Hubbard

    Diva Glam Studio Weave                                                                                             

    Diva Glam Studio Weave is providing an exclusive line of 100% Virgin Indian, Brazilian, Malaysian and Peruvian human hair.  Made in machine weft, top closures and lace frontal human hairlines. With outstanding customer service and beautiful hair.  You will not want to shop with another online extensions hair provider. Once you've had Diva Glam Studio Weave you will never shop anywhere else for your 100% virgin human hair.  So, go ahead and fall in love with Diva Glam Studio Weave. You will never be the same.

    We have provided our unmatched premium quality products to Salons as well as Consumers and their hair stylists for many years. With people's growing interest in 100% virgin human  hair, we recently decided to market our products to the global market and consumers.   We are now proudly serving customers with the same supreme products worldwide through our online shop.

    In order to serve our customers beyond their expectations.  We have built a very strong relationship with our suppliers, ensuring that the hair you purchase is just the way you want it: 100% virgin human hair, beautiful, natural, healthy and strong.

    After all, we want our customers to become customers for life. With our expertise from many years in the beauty and hair industry, we understand a our customers' needs and we are committed to provide the best products and service available. 

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    In The Streets with Beverley Smith: Breathless and Dumbfounded (Episode 8)

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    The nation reels from the recent Grand Jury announcements that refused to indict the killers of Eric Garner and Michael Brown. Protests, marches, die-in, walk-outs, highway and bridge closures all over the nation and rallies of support from foreign have monopolized the news. More details emerge about the police officer who killed 12 year old Tamir Rice. The UN admonishes the US regarding police brutality. Apache sacred land to be sold.

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    Closures for Chicago: CTA & CPS w.the QCrew

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    Anna DeShawn & the QCrew (Queer Crew) bring authentically-edgy conversation on current topics affecting queer people of color around the country. They bring dynamic guests, engaging conversation, and the hottest independent music. You can tune-in every Thursday at 9p.m. CT/ 7pm PT/ 10pm ET.

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    First Aid on the Street with The Herbal Medic

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    The Herbal Medic
    on American Preppers Radio!
    9:00pm/Est 8:00pm/Ct 7:00pm/Mt 6:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to:

    Widespread social and urban collapse is something that historically takes days, weeks, months or even years to happen. Rarely (outside of natural disaster in a confined urban area) does an urban area become complete pandemonium overnight. Leading up to more cataclysmic events like civil war, there are often protests, demonstrations, clashes between ethnic or religious groups, clashes between civilians and law enforcement or military, economic fallout, bank closures and gradual lack of a rule of law and other forms of gradually increasing social unrest.

    How can we as an individual, use our first aid and herbal first aid skills in a “street” environment that is outside of our home and outside of our comfort zone? In this episode, join Sam Coffman as he discusses some of the technics, first aid resources, security issues, plant medicine and social tactics to be a proficient “herban medic” in a street environment.

    Visit The Human Path
    Tags: The Human Path, Prepper Broadcasting, Plant Medicine, Skills, 

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    Closure Time

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    Join Sue Graywolf, Sharon Rainbow Eagle and Jim Graywolf for Eaglewolf Radio on the Ciracle Radio Station on Wednesday, 9/3 at 1 PM MST, 3 PM EST, 8 PM London and 10 PM Israel time as we talk about a subject facing many - closure of past wounds and pains.

    Now as the time of the shift nears its’ end we are experiencing the need to reach closure on any and all events we feel we never had an acceptable ending around. It can be around people, places, events or anything else in our awareness and experience. And it may also manifest in any of our aspects (mind, body, spirit, emotions, sexuality and dreams) as it is worked on and through.

    We will speak about the different types of closures needed by people now and share some ways to effectively bring closure to the issues being faced. Come be part of the healing.

    We invite listeners to come and participate in the discussion and sharing of knowledge. And we thank all our listeners for truly “being” the shows we air.

    Join us! We will see you soon. 

    ~ Ciracle Radio: programs to guide rebirth and growth

    ~ Join the conversation on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/455896104456562/

    ~ Adopt a month of Ciracle Radio and support the ripples by donating $39 to www.sotem.org.

    ~ Ciracle Radio is a member of the Sanctuaries of the Earth Mother family

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    Guest-Robby Sobel Anti-Repub Crusaders, A.G Eric Holder in Ferguson 8/21 @11amET

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    WELCOME to Independent Underground Radio LIVE - Michigan's Top Politico Program - Aired Tuesday and Thursday from 11:00 - 1:00 PM ET. 

    Listen to today's show as we will cover:

    -Guest Robert Sobel will discuss his popular Facebook Group Anti-Republican Crusaders and Politics in the US along with around the world on the program.

    -Attorney General Eric Holder visited Ferguson, MO on Wednesday, and the city after 8 days of turmoil had another peaceful night of calm without tear gas or rubber bullets. Is in time for the National Media, quasi Celebriteis and National Civil Right Leaders to GO HOME and let the People of Ferguson handle the fallout from the Murder of Mike Brown from here?

    -Detroit Public Schools has announce more closures, this time up to 43 more schools are on the chopping block with teachers who will be required to take ANOTHER 10% wage cut. Is the plan to complete destroy DPS? If not then what? We'll discuss

    Independent Underground Radio LIVE FEATURED FOUR YEAR ON BTR -Progressive Talk Radio- podcast based out of Ann Arbor covering Michigan and National Politics, breaking news and more. As Michigan's Top Politico podcast, IU Radio LIVE had over 200K podcast downloads in 2013 alone!

    Host Monica RW is an owner/writer for the popular Independent Underground News website, media consultant for ROJS Media LLC, a experienced grassroots and elected local political leader, and brings her researched Independent opinions to the political issues of the day.

    Call into the show with your thoughts and opinions at 347-934-0185 or tweet us @IUNewsTalk.

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    Casino City Gang -- Monkey see, monkey do edition

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    Casino City's Vin Narayanan and Dan Podheiser discuss the impending casino closures in Atlantic City and how the resort town can turn things around, the latest online poker developments in New Jersey and Nevada and Maryland turning into a major casino market. They also make their best bets for the week and investigate a little monkey business.

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    VA cuts on disabilities, Pentagon Commissary closures.

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    What is going on here. Lets find out together.

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    What Can Brown Do For You?

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    This week's episode of "The Rod Stevie Show" will tackle the ever changing landscape of the public school system. The Brown vs. Board of Education ruling has increasing been removed from the system and schools have been re-segregated, with numerous inner city school closures to make way for high rises for gentrification. What can be done to make sure there is still equality in our schools? Call 347-850-1228 to share your insight!

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