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    Finding Love On A Dating Site with Anita Covic of Anastasia.com

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    What an exciting show we have for you on Wednesday January 6th. We hope to inspire you to find love in the most unexpected places. Guest Anita Covic of AnastasiaDate.com will demonstrate how love can be found virtually. As an expert dating specialist, Anita, founded in 1993, two very powerful and successful websites, AnastasiaDate.com and AsiaDate.com. These are two very innovative dating sites built on the belief that love knows no boundaries.

    AnastasiaDate and AsiaDate are one of the first to develop a platform designed to connect people from around the world and they remain at the forefront of its field, continually developing improved communication technologies that allow people to discover and enjoy the possibilities of an exciting, globally-interconnected future. The sites now have over 20 million members, more than 80 million visitors annually and 1.5 million+ messages exchanged daily.

    We'll discuss dating and finding love on a dating site then we'll broadcast the Feature Designer of the day as well as, the news and events for the week.

    Feature Designer: OMIA EARRINGS by Anne Marie Chagnon

    The Omia Earring consist of a one side 22kt Gold-plated hockey stick shaped earring set in a gold circlet with dangling leather strips and includes a second side that has a silver chain attached to a 22kt gold-plated charm.  Earrings are finished with a sterling silver lever back closures. This piece is handcrafted and detailed by Anne Marie Chagnon

    Length: 2.7" - 19.3" (6.8-33 CM).

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    Mississippi confirmed God killed at least 10 people in fierce tornado

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    On Thursday, heavy rain flooded parts of Alabama, Georgia and North Carolina causing mudslides, multiple road closures. It also shut down two stations on Atlanta's public rail system.  Officials in Mississippi have confirmed that four people were killed Wednesday evening in Benton County and two more in Marshall County in connection with the severe weather that swept through the area. Two are still missing in Benton and Tippah counties. Holly Springs coroner James Anderson told The Weather Channel that a 7-year-old boy was found dead in a van on Highway 7 outside Holly Springs in Marshall County. The boy's family was taken in unknown condition to a nearby hospital. Anderson didn't release any preliminary cause of death, but did confirm it was related to the severe weather in the area.  The three other deaths in Benton County were confirmed by the emergency management director for Benton County. The vicitms have not been identified, but Benton County Coroner Shane Ward said the dead are two men and one woman, all approximately in their 60s.  At least 40 people across six Mississippi counties were injured in severe storms, according to the Mississippi Emergency Management Agency.

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    recap A world gone mad!

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    JOIN US AT 4 PM CST As we cover the Islamic invasion -It is a global caliphate and who is behind the financing-We will also cover facts on 3 nuclear plant closures in America in the last 7 days what the real cause,Why mainstream media has given little to no mention and who is likely behind it

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    The View Up Here & @ABCVeterans2015 talk Anyone But Conservative

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    After a decade of neglect, unspent funding, office closures, staff reductions, ignorant Ministers and blatant misinformation from the Harper government, Canada's veterans are standing against all this and more for Election 42. From a Veteran's Ombudsman that was "not renewed" for doing his job, to the unfair implementation of the Veteran's Charter, to a new generation of veterans that are finding hardship upon discharge, things must change now.

    Anyone But Conservative (ABC) was first coined by Newfoundland Premier Danny Williams. In 2014, veteran Ronald Clarke started a campaign called ABC. In 2015, veteran Thomas Beaver joined him and Canadian Veterans ABC Campaign was born. After extensive collaboration with veteran's groups and advocates nationwide, the organization was readied for action. The common issue was that this Conservative government refused to work with anyone.

    ABC Veterans 2015 have three main goals. First, the fair treatment of all veterans. Second, to inform the Canadian public how veterans are being treated by this CPC regime. Third, to remove the Harper government from power. This group does not support any political party, but certainly opposes one. This group does not speak for all veterans. Operating expenses are generated by private donations from individuals, sign sales and private business donations. Over 18,000 independent businesses have supported to date. After this election, the group will stay operational and work with the new government to make sure we never get to this place again.

    Veterans deserve our respect, our attention and our support. Tune in and learn why "ABC" must happen in October 19th.

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    Spotlights: Sseko Designs, Molly's Suds, Commissary Closures

    in Military

    We're highlighting a few new businesses we recently discovered and love.  Many of us are entrepreneurs and we want to know how these businesses got their start and why customers love them.  Maybe you can find some inspiration and tips for your own business.
    Sseko Designs: We met the founder of Sseko, Ben, at an INC conference and he’s doing amazing things. He has a brilliant shoe which allows people to simply switch the ribbons out for a new color and look.  We talked to Ben about making a Marine Corps Ribbon and providing a portion of the proceeds to the Semper Fi Fund and he agreed!  We can’t wait to show you the finished product.
    Molly’s Suds: We were given a package of all natural laundry detergent and Abbey is going to offer her opinions on the product. We’re also going to ask Monica Leonard, the founder of Molly's Suds, how she followed her dreams of starting a business which is good for the environment and also her family.
    Commissary Closures: This week starts the beginning of the commissary closures on Monday.  If your Commissary is normally closed on Monday, then they will now be closed Monday and Tuesday. 

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    Joaquin leaves destruction without coming ashore: S. Carolina devastated

    in Politics Conservative

    PROGRAM TIME: Thursday morning at 8AM-10AM EDT

    Jump "In the Pickle Barrel" for an up close look at what is being called "A thousand year flood". South Carolina and parts of North Carolina have been severely damaged or utterly destroyed  from the nearby vist of Hurricane Joaquin. Several local, county officials (including Florence County Sheriff Kenney Boone) and State officials along with field media will be joining us as we take an in depth look at what happened, what is going on now and what to expect in the future as the State(s).

    We will also be discussing what we can do to provide help during these troubling times. South Carolina is truly In the Pickle Barrel needing help to get out.

  • (r)Evolution with HiC

    in Lifestyle

    Our Bodies, Our Choice

    Personal Agency and Sovereignty of Our Bodies

    L*I*V*E Readings ... connect or call in to receive a reading L*I*V*E on the air during the show with HiC !

    Should the government have a say in what we choose to do with our bodies ? From sacred prostitutes of ancient times to sacred intimates of today, the role of the sex worker has played an important and vital function in society.

    And yet, some people and governments feel the need to criminalise such activity and dictate what is and isn't acceptable between two (or more) consenting adults.

    On the heels of the closures of websites such as Redbook.com and Rentboy.com (by Homeland Security, no less !), HiC is joined by a former sex worker and someone who supports those in sex work to talk about the misperceptions of this type of work and the people who do it.

    Challenge yourself and your own perceptions and beliefs by tuning in. And, if you have a comment or question to offer during the interview, join the conversation by calling 646.716.5510. All perspectives and beliefs, pro or con or somewhere in between, are welcome (as long as they are offered respectfully).

    We'll also have our regular monthly features ... a passionate ROUNDTABLE with Mildred Lynn McDonald, Deb Carosella, and John Carosella ... throught-provoking discussion  during LIVING WELL WITH LINDA ... and our monthly ASTROLOGY UPDATE with Prometheus the Astrologer.

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    Conspiracy News: Agenda 21/Bilderberg group and Walmart closures.

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    Welcome to COnspiracy news where we discuss the news hidden from the people. Today we will talk about Agenda 21 and the Bilderberg Group. Why is Walmart closing stores? Plumbing issues?mmmm Think again.... 

    All the latest current hidden news and more with your Host : Dr. Jerry Williams

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    Mental health and the shooter - Trump read the bible?

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    Hr1  WDBJ on air shooting today. When are we going to have a serious conversation about mental health? Guns don't kill people. Sick people kill other people.

    Eric Golub weighs in on the recent shootings... Quarantine mentally ill people. They are a danger. Stop showing more compassion for those harming others than law-abiding citizens.

    Liberal Jews are liberals first, Jews second. Only 151 rabbis who signed onto Iran Deal have congregations or rabbinical duties. They're academics with a title.

    Hr2  Do you think Donald Trump is living his life according to the Bible?

    Donald Trump was 1st person to ever score perfect 100 during one of Frank Luntz focus groups. Is he virtually invincible?

    Joe takes a listener call talking God, Christianity, and more.

    Hr3  Jobs reports... layoffs, closures, ... Oh sure, the economy is recovering. Tell that to the little towns being wiped out.

    ACLU launches lawsuit to force Catholic hospitals to provide sterilization services. So much for civil liberties!

    Black, gay reporter murders white, straight journalists and media blames the gun. Hate crime, anyone?!

    Have you had your healthy dose of reality lately?

    There are always at least two sides to every story. Have you ever wondered how someone, who saw the same thing you did, walked away telling a vastly different story? Which version was correct? Which one was the REAL story? Actually, both are! It’s just a matter of perspective.

    Joe takes the issues… especially the controversial issues (politics, prejudice, religion, illegal immigration)… and brings in people from different sides to share their viewpoint. This is definitely not a fluff piece. And while no one is attacked, the questions are hard-hitting.

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    Educator Extraordinaire, Dr. Naomi Johnson-Booker, Founder of The Global Academy

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    Educator Extraordinaire, Dr. Naomi Johnson-Booker, Founder of The Global Academy talks with Roy Paul on The Gist of Freedom, www.blackHistoryUniversity.com

    Global Leadership Academy Charter School (GLA) is a Kindergarten through Eighth Grade school with two wonderfully organized small learning communities located in West and Northeast Philadelphia. GLA is a holistic teaching and learning environment. GLA's goal is to provide a solid educational program developed through global studies and leadership skills to develop future leaders of the world.
     "On Tuesday night, Global Leadership Academy Charter School in West Philadelphia held its lottery for grades kindergarten through 8.
    Parents were on the edge of their seats because they know what's at stake.

    About 500 more parents joined the gamble this year. GLA believes it's because of the controversy surrounding Philadelphia School District closures.

    Once those names were called, there was a lot of joy.
        "I'm excited. I'm happy. My oldest son goes to GLA so I know what's in store and I'm happy," Nicole Chism of West Philadelphia said.