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    Crowdsourcing Fashion Swap - Decluttering Closets and Drawers

    in Women

    Everyone has great clothes in their closet just hanging out and waiting to be worn, but not necessarily by you. 

    This week, Lori talks about how to host a fashion swap party. 

    Fashion swap parties clean your closet and make room for a few newfound stunning pieces. 

    Like this idea? Tune in!

    As we sweep out February, it's a great time to declutter closets and drawers. We'll talk about how to tackle taking over your closets and drawers. And, we'll welcome our guest, Doug Arnholter, who is on a mission to unite America through art with http://muralofamerica.com/


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    Famliy Curses).How to clean the skeletons in our closets.

    in Poetry

    famliy curses)How to clean the skeletons in our closets.

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    The King Me Show: Relationship baggage! How much luggage are you carrying?

    in Radio

    What kind of baggage are you carrying? Do you have check in luggage bags that are so big that you can't even carry them around or you struggling to carry them from relationship to relationship? Or do you have carry-on luggage that portable crap that you bring with you in every situation. What causes relationship baggage? How do you get rid of relationship baggage? Do many of us walk around with relationship baggage and don't even know it? Do some of us have closets full of baggage? How do we get rid of the luggage?

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    Are We There Yet?

    in Christianity

    So often there are twists and turns in this life that are unknown to us and can never be explained. Twists and turn that end in the greatest outcomes and then there are some that leaves us baffled and often left asking God these three questions; why, how, and how long: Why it happened, how could God allow it to happen and how long is this going to last before I see the promise. Many of the events in life are experienced before the world and would be just a little bit more comfortable if God allowed us to just go through silently, tucked away in our closets instead of facing the judging, persecution, and the lies. But how else can God get the Glory if no one dresses or illuminates  your story? For the many of you that have asked God, "How long"  this ones for you.  So come and join us on this Sunday Morning as Pastor Douglas teaches on the message, "Are we arrived yet?"

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    This Just In With Rick Tamlyn: We've All Got A Closet - Bruce Jenner Interview

    in Culture

    This Just In with Rick Tamlyn is a unique opportunity to get real with one of the coaching industry's most amazing Master Certified Coaches, author, speaker and Fortune 100 facilitators. 

    This 30-minute episode of This Just In with Rick Tamlyn is a compassionate and provocative riff about the Bruce Jenner Interview with Diane Sawyer; about coming out of our own closets and the vulnerability it takes to do so in a highly visible and judgmental world. 

    Linda Lombardo, producer and host of the Voice of Leadership Network, holds the space for Rick as he shares his thoughts as only Rick Tamlyn can. 

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    Kristy's Connection to the Soul

    in Spirituality

    Join me as I welcome, Samantha Pregenzer to the show. Samantha is the owner of Simply Organized which began in September 2011 and has grown steadily each month. Samantha says that, "the blog that started as a fun way to showcase projects completed at home or for family and friends, has turned into a part-time business…and has continued to be my happy place."

    Samantha not only writes the blog, but is also a professional organizer and a member of NAPO in the SF Bay Area and works with a variety of clients that need organization help in their homes, offices and closets.
    She is also a contributing writer to the LaMorinda Mom's Club monthly newsletter
    (a large Mom's club located in the SF Bay Area).

    To connect with Samantha, you can visit her at: http://www.simplyorganized.me/

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    Fashion Clothes and Closets

    in Self Help

    It’s so important  for us to feel good about ourselves, but it is equally important that we feel good about the clothes we are in. Is your closet  busting with clothes you hardly wear and don’t even know you have? Do  you wake up in the morning and have a hard time getting dressed? Do you spend hours shopping for clothes and never buy anything? If you’ve answered YES YES and  YES well then join my conversation this week where I  will  talking to Jacqui Stafford, TV Style Expert,  Fashion Spokesperson, Personal Stylist; as well Author of her new book...The WOW Factor.

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    Spring Cleaning: Removing Toxic People From Your Life

    in Self Help

    Spring cleaning not only refers to cleaning our homes and our minds, but also removing negative people from our lives. We tend to hold onto negative thoughts in our minds and clutter in our closets, but did you know that we tend to hold on to other people? It's hard to let people go, especially when we feel like we have a connection with them or we think we "owe" them something: "I really like this guy. He's not that bad...maybe he didn't mean those things he said" or "Well...he/she's always been there for me." Toxic people do not have your best interests at heart and can't give you what you're looking for. What price are you willing to pay to keep them around? Tune in as we discuss the characteristics of toxic people, why it's hard for people to leave them, and how to get away from them. 

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    Every Day Angels with your host Marie Elisa ( Clarity by Mimi )

    in Spirituality

    Blogtalk LPS Radio Network - Everyday Angels with Host Marie Elisa, welcomes Clarity by Mimi, Intuitive Life Coach. As a young child Mimi was able to sense the thoughts of those around her. She often knew what they were thinking before they spoke. Her gifts were strong, but her understanding of them has been a lifelong discovery. Due to her desire to help others she became a nurse only to realize she wanted to do more before a person was ill, which began her quest to become the holistic life coach she is today. 

    Spring has arrived and its time for Spring-cleaning. Mimi will discuss how clearing the clutter from our homes helps us to manifest our dreams. Whether it’s de-cluttering our closets, storage units, our garage, or the car we drive the act of removing clutter signals a void to be filled with new positive energies and abundance. Nostalgia and just plain hoarding drives us to hold onto the past and limited belief systems. Mimi will provide insights how to begin the de-clutter process and the gifts it brings. 

    During the show Mimi will take callers questions -please ask only one specific question. 

    To contact Clarity by Mimi for an appointment: 




    To call in and listen: 347-838-9862.  To speak to the guest PRESS 1.

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    "Dont Worry..Be Happy"

    in Fitness

    Spring is usually the time to do some major cleaning. Well what about not just limiting it to your closets or your attic. What about about applying it to yourself? Join hosts Laurie Towers and Elite Ziegelman as they go over the best ways to do alittle "house cleaning" on your body and soul..

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    What Do You Want? - Episode 129 - Making Room

    in Spirituality

    So here we are a few days from the beginning of Spring and I am in the spring cleaning mode.  How about you?

    What happens when you do your spring cleaning?  For me I go through closets and get rid of stuff.  Clean out drawers and get rid of the detrius that we hold onto in our lives that is no longer useful.  At least that's what I do.  But I also make room for new things to come into my life.  

    That's what we are going to be talking about on the show.  Making room for more.  Do you have room for more?  I hope so because if you make room for it it will come.  Just like Field of Dreams. 

    See you tomorrow.

    Love, light and laughter,


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