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    The Knowledge Suite: Further Verication Of "OurStory"

    in Education

    A program dedicated to THE MOST HIGH YHWH, HIS Son YisraEL, and to the other nations of the earth.

    We are embarking upon things that are being revealed constantly. Things are coming out of the closets of time that men thought they hid, but THE MOST HIGH YHWH revealeth the secret things.

    The earth is YHWH's and the fulness there of. We the people of THE MOST HIGH are finding out the secret things of our enemies, and will soon by the power of our ELOHIM destroy and comquer all of our enemies. It will be a new time on the planet. It's called forever. We shall live, love, and enjoy the abundance of YHWH's blessings forever without the heathen being able to do anything about it, except submit to the will of YHWH or be destroyed forever. As we venture futher into "OurStory", we fill the relief of knowing that THE MOST HIGH YHWH has not Forgotten or forsaken us. Shalom!

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    Crowdsourcing Fashion Swap - Decluttering Closets and Drawers

    in Women

    Everyone has great clothes in their closet just hanging out and waiting to be worn, but not necessarily by you. 

    This week, Lori talks about how to host a fashion swap party. 

    Fashion swap parties clean your closet and make room for a few newfound stunning pieces. 

    Like this idea? Tune in!

    As we sweep out February, it's a great time to declutter closets and drawers. We'll talk about how to tackle taking over your closets and drawers. And, we'll welcome our guest, Doug Arnholter, who is on a mission to unite America through art with http://muralofamerica.com/


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    The Truth Will Come to Light

    in The Bible

    This show will have two angles.

    I wanted to first see this topic in the sense that everything that God needs for us to know, we will know. He reveals things to those who need it revealed esepcially those who are walking according to his will. Now whether we want to accept the truth and what we do with the revelation is our free choice. We do not need to go searching and snooping outside of God trying to find things. This only leads to sin and sometimes sin is the root of what is leading us to do that in the first place.

    The second angle I wanted to focus on was the fact that nothing we do is really in secret. We might think it is secret because no one on Earth saw us, but we must remember that God sees everything along with his son Jesus, the Holy Spirit, angels (good and bad), and Satan. There is a host of beings watching us. Now of course Satan cannot be everywhere at once, but he has agents everywhere.

    My hope is that this show gives us a different view of thinking about revelations and also the books that are recording everything.

    Luke 12:2,3 "For there is nothing covered, that shall not be revealed; neither hid, that shall not be known. Therefore whatsoever ye have spoken in darkness shall be heard in the light; and that which ye have spoken in the ear in closets shall be proclaimed upon the housetops."

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    Finding Hidden Gems at Home

    in Entertainment

    Join us tonight to discuss what hidden gems may be lying about your home that could actually amount to cash in your wallet. There are often many items in our closets, attics, and basements that can be extra cash for you and your family.  Whether it's a yard sale, eBay auction, or RealSimple or LifeHacker, have a scrounge around and let's make some money.

    Call us with your ideas, your successes, and to learn some great ideas to make some money, (646) 668-2620, 7-7:30pm for news and sports, and then we engage.  We're excited, hope you are, too.  Call us, we'll be waiting.

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    in Current Events

    POLITICAL ANIMALS-Hillary Clinton--Will San francisco government political corruption and federal trials--Shrimp Boy--Leland Yee--Amos Brown--london Breed--Mayor ed Lee etc affect Hillary's presidential ambitions?

    ***Alexander Hamilton---estalished US Monetary system US Treasury

    ***Francis Salvador--english merchant & first Jew elected to public office in America

    ***Benito Juarez--Mexican political reformer  ancestor of Attorney & public reformer Raul Vincente Almacen

    ***Sir John McDonald Canada's first prime minister

    ***Francis Scott Key--composed of the words to the Star Spangle Banner

    ***General Beast Ben Butler  Union Army general threatned New Oleans women for attacking Union troops

    ***1569 One of the first known lotteries

    Political Forcast for 2016 part One---Politicians --Media propagandists etc. who have embraced crotch politics  --will they be outed from their closets?

    **US economy a false prosperity?

    1-11- Births-Deaths & events relevant to US(a)



    Upcoming  How San Francisco really treats its homeless!



    Racial attitudes and practices of some of America's Presidents

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    The Tim Black At Night Show 12/4/2015

    in Entertainment

    Tim Black's Infamous: Say Anything, Ask Anything:  Callers, chatters and lurkers ask or say anything.  Tonight's the night you clean out your closets!


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    Let’s Chat with Monica Roberts- Facts just the Facts

    in LGBT

    Our very special guest Wednesday, November 4, 2015 on CAN WE TALK FOR REAL is the TransGrio herself - Ms. Monica Roberts. Monica just became the first African-American transperson to be honored with the Virginia Prince Transgender Pioneer Award at the 2015 Fantasia Fair in Provincetown, MA. The award honors those who have sacrificed their careers, their families, their fortunes to change the world so transgendered people could begin to come together in safety and comfort. Wi...thout them, we would not be here; we would be at home, hiding in our closets. Monica has been working tirelessly on Houston's Equal Rights Ordinance (HERO) on the November 3rd ballot while speaking across the country on Transgender and Equal Rights Issues.
    Monica always inspires and educates. Join us at 8:30PM EST/7:30PM CST. CAN WE TALK FOR REAL - your award winning blog talk radio show with your hosts Teresa (TerryBoi) Jackson and Michelle Elizabeth Brown

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    Famliy Curses).How to clean the skeletons in our closets.

    in Poetry

    famliy curses)How to clean the skeletons in our closets.

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    How to Fight Your Enemies On Your Knees

    in Christianity

    TEXT: Luke 6:27-31

    During the many times we have talked about prayer in the Bible, we have often mentioned the importance of going to our prayer closets -- a private place where we can get away from the world and alone with God. However, we must not fall into the trap of treating our prayer closet as a place to hide from the world and the difficulties of life. Yes, prayer to God is a way of gaining comfort and solace as we fight off the world, the flesh, and the devil. However, the prayer closet is also a place of preparation. It is a place where we get suited up to go back out into the world and do battle in a Godly manner. Jesus' words in our passage for today paint a vivid picture of this truth.
    Listen to Jesus' command: "Love your enemies, do good to them which hate you, Bless them that curse you." Jesus's words are not complicated. They are not difficult to understand. But they are remarkably hard to obey. Just how can you love your enemy? In our natural mindset, the word "enemy" denotes some whom we have hatred for. How could we love such a person?
    The key is to get rid of our natural mindset. Jesus challenged his followers to live beyond the reasoning of the world. The natural mindset says, 'Hate your enemies.' It feels unnatural for us to do anything else. However, the Christ-like mindset says, 'Love your enemies.' So, how can we go from hating our enemies to loving our enemies? One way in which we can do this is through prayer. Jesus tells us, "pray for them which despitefully use you."


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    The Benefits of Praying Alone to God (Praying Through the Bible #161)

    in Christianity

    TEXT: Luke 6:12-16

    One day, a telephone repairman was working on fixing the telephone lines in a church. As he worked, he heard the pastor talking to two of the deacons about the most effective praying position. The pastor shared that he felt the key was in the hands.  He always held his hands together and pointed them upward as a form of symbolic worship.  The first deacon suggested that real prayer was conducted on your knees.  The second deacon said that they both had it wrong -- the only position worth praying in was while stretched out flat on your face.  At this time, the telephone repairman couldn't stay out of the conversation any longer.  He said, "I have found that the most powerful prayer I ever prayed was while I was dangling upside down by my heels from a power pole, suspended forty feet above the ground."
    Sometimes, it takes a dramatic incident to force us to our prayer closets, or to our knees, or even on our faces in prayer to God. However, the Gospels testify to the fact that Jesus made spending time alone with God a regular part of his life. We see it again in this passage from Luke 6. In the midst of the great work he was doing, Jesus always took the time to get alone with God and spend time praying to Him. From this passage, we notice three benefits of making time to pray alone.

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    Finding Empowerment , Learning Communication and Creating Style

    in Self Help

    Life's Issues Hosted by Lauren Jawno with Special Guest Janna Beatty & Jamelle Sanders:

    Janna Beatty was one of the world’s first image consultants. She is co-author of Quintessential Style, a compilation of beauty, fashion and wardrobe tips that really work! She has a degree in Communications and formerly worked as anchor at one of the country’s top 100 television stations.Excellent credentials, and better yet, 30+ years spent in people’s closets taught me that for every challenge, there are multiple solutions. I love my clients who have trained me well. People are brilliant, and once we clarify what is really going on, we simply make changes that change our lives.

    Jamelle Sanders - I am a life and business strategist, success mentor, radio host, author and EO of Jamelle Sanders International. JSI is devoted to empowering individuals to fulfill purpose and maximize potential. As a leading Empowerment Specialist, I have empowered leaders and entrepreneurs for success. I am committed to helping entrepreneurs and leaders succeed by sharing the secrets and strategies that have contributed to my success. This commitment encompasses books, live events, training systems and empowerment programs. I'm a regular contributor to The Huffington Post, Elite Daily and numerous other media outlets. I was just recognized as a huff Post Icon Next. I have been named a Power 30 Under, Who's Who Among Business Leaders and a host of other honors. I have empowered leaders and entrepreneurs around the world for success.

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