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    A pansexual engaged to a gay man? Yes! Celebrating 2nd anniversary today!

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    What happened when Daniel G. Taylor first met his fiance Joshua Lansell-Kenny? 

    How have these two gents managed to co-create a life together that celebrates both:

    an age difference as well as

    two unique sexual orientations?

    Listen to Daniel and Joshua share a bit about their unique relationship as they celebrate their second anniversary as well as one-year engagement!

    Wish these guys a happy Anniversary by sharing a comment in the comment box below!

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    Loki's Closet What's on your mind? Q & A Session

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    As Loki climbs out from under all his research for future episodes to be aired on Loki's Closet, he has decided to let you his loyal listeners chime in with you questions as well as offer your insights.  After all this is a community show. LGTBQ questions, Relationships, Fake main media, Protests, Police misusing their authority...The possibilities are endless.

    Loki is very honored and humbled to have his friend Aaron Grubbs sharing his life experiences and knowledge.

    If you have any questions you would like to ask anonymously feel free to send Loki a message on Facebook or send him an email at:homoloki@weresisters.com

    Tune in Sunday night, December 14th at 8:00 pm EST/ 5:00 pm PST

    You can call into the show to talk to Loki by dialing (347) 857-4397 or use the Skype option

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    "Closet Lovers" on COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS - Hosted by David Glover on KLJN 107.7

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    Scenario #64:  CLOSET LOVERS

    You work at a nursing home with your best friend's fiancee Kevin.  One night during the middle of your 11:00-7;00 a.m. shift, you walk into the linen closet and find Kevin and Nurse Jill having sex!   You rush to close the door without being seen.   Now, what do you do?  Do you tell your best friend, or do you keep silent?

    COCKTAIL CONVERSATIONS - The Book, is available!   Go to KLJN 107.7 to order your copy NOW!

    Join The Controversial Counselor, David Glover LIVE each Monday night at 7pm (PST) / 10pm (EST).

    CALL THE SHOW LIVE!  (347) 237-5342 to join in on the discussion.  Or listen online at KLJN 107.7




    KLJN 107.7  * Sacramento, CA  * (916) 238-8863 * Email:  KLJN107.7@gmail



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    Loki's Closet

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    We Resisters Network of Podcasts hosts are forcing Loki King out of the closet in this inaugural episode of "Loki's Closet."  Join us at 8:00 pm Eastern and 5:00 pm Pacific (4:00 Alaskan) as we drag Loki out of his closet and into the limelight to tackle the issues of the LGBTQ community with a libertarian bent.  

    Loki will be surrounded by his friends, Isa Hodge, Common Cal, Chuck (Smithfix) Smith, Steven O'Brien, Dru Forseti and others for his first ever episode of Loki's Closet.  

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    Republicans Won't Repeal Obamacare

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    No, the Republican wave of wins this month will not equate to the repeal of the Affordable Care Act. Too many conservatives realy have it it the mix about timing.  There is no way in the world that spending the next two years fighting about the ACA is a smart move. There is zero chance the president will sign a law that repeals the ACA. The republicans still do not have a signifcant majority to over-ride a veto. So.. what are you all talking about!?!

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    Loki's Closet Understanding the T in our LBGTQ community

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    Loki is opening his closet to takes to the air waves to figure out and understand the "T" in our Rainbow community.

    It baffels Loki how we are supposed to be such a tight knit community and be so understanding and supportive we still draw lines in the sand or have our own clliques, our seem to seperate people because of their looks (Not a twink, body builder or super model) and heaven forbid they be Transgender, or be over the age of 25...It's time to get real!

    Loki takes to the air waves Sunday night, November 30th, 8:00 pm EST/5:00pm PST.

    Loki's Closet is part of the We Resisters Radio Network that airs 7 nights a week on Blogtalkradio.  Don't be a sheeple and lets take our country back.

    Listen In or even better yet have your voice be heard by calling in and talking to Loki live at (347) 857-4397 or you can call in using Skype.

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    Season 4: Gay Marriages ; Gays & Religion

    in Women

    Tonight we will discuss your views on Gay Marriages and Gays in the church.Decimates want to hear everyone's opinions on this topi

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    Andrew Chad Caldwell - "I'm Not Gay No More. I Am Delivered"

    in Religion

    This evening, we have the pleasure of interviewing a young man who became an overnight sensation on social media after a video in which he appeared, went viral. Unless you live on the moon, you have heard of Andrew Chad Caldwell, the man who, while at a convocation this past November proclaimed, "I'm Not Gay No More. I'm Delivered".

    Join us as we delve into Andrew's world since appearing in the now infamous video. He has been judged, ridiculed, threatened (by Christians and non-Christians), and has reportedly been physically attacked since his declaration that he is no longer gay. Andrew has said on his FB page that he is often videotaped by people who hope they can catch him reverting back to his former lifestyle. On the other hand, Andrew Chad Caldwell is now a household name >>> but at what cost?

    Andrew Chad Caldwell is an author with numerous books on Amazon.com. and has a new book coming out in 2015. 

    Call in and Let's Talk About It.

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    Republicans did not hear the American message in November.

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    House "Republicans" sided with Obama to fund Obamacare in 2015. They obviously didn't hear the message conservatives sent to Washington on November 4th. We cannot afford to have the Democrats or spineless Republicans run our nation into the ground any longer. Two new polls show most people are unhappy with the direction of the country under current liberal leadership. A new Pew Research survey shows that most Americans believe the U.S. is no longer the world power it used to be. “This doesn’t mean we’re losing confidence in ourselves, rather it’s an indication that the progressive ideologies that have been foisted on the nation in recent years are wearing thin,” to conservatives. In our past set America has set an example to the world’ by ‘demonstrating what a free people can do and that has been destroyed by this administration and the left wing America haters as well as the go along to the get along, RINO's. Obama began his first term in office with an apology tour of Europe and the Middle East that left a lot of us saddened and perplexed by the lack of pride he had in his own country, which has escalated to the point of destroying America from the inside. The Left wing party, called Democrat, was taken over by liberal elitists bent on drastically changing the way we live, work and think and to hell with jobs and security. Tune in Thursday morning 11AM for the revealing facts.

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    Republicans win: Impeach Obama

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    Join the team of Ron and Don as we talk about the national and local elections and why the Republicans might give president Obama a rough time in his last two years. 

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    Loki's Closet

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    Let's get one thing "Straight" I'm not. Nor am I a label or a stereotype. What I am is someone who is able to think for himself, that has a good heart, has feelings and opinions. I am a Human Being just like you!

    Loki is cleaning out his closet and throwing out and getting rid of the old Myths and Stereotypes that people believe define what makes a person homosexual.  Join Loki in getting rid of these ridicules, unrealistic nonsense of labels and let’s focus on the real issues...Fighting to regain the respect our county deserves and making it a place we are proud of and not just the all talk and no fight country that is being mocked and laughed at!

    Tune in Sunday night at 8:00 pm EST/5:00 pm PST

    To chime in and offer your opinion, right, wrong or indifferent it matters. Call in using Skype or landline at (347) 857-4397

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