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  • Author, Miranda Parker

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    Author of The Evangeline Hunter Bounty Series, Miranda Parker, discusses her novel, "A Good Excuse to Be Bad".

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    Close-Up Talk Radio welcomes back Denise Holloway of Life UnLtd!

    in Self Help

    Cumming, GA – There are few times more stressful for a family than when a child is preparing to apply to college. For the teen, the decision is fraught with anxiety: What is college? What am I going there for? What am I trying to accomplish while I’m there? It’s easy for a 16-year-old to feel overwhelmed by the prospect of making a decision that’s going to determine the course of the rest of their life.

    Denise Holloway is a Certified Professional Coach and the founder of Life UnLtd!, a coaching practice that specializes in teens and parents of teens, taking them from fear and frustration to joy and appreciation.

    “I have huge empathy for teenagers,” says Denise. “It’s a really pivotal time in their lives but it doesn’t have to be so difficult. I’m here to make it a little easier for them. I think it’s really needed.”

    Denise says parents can make a tremendous difference just by being more open and being able to listen without judging. They can improve their teen’s lives by showing them the love they feel for them rather than getting tied up in their own fear. Parents can make a powerful impact by changing how they deal with their teenager.

    “To be delayed at the beginning can be a terrifying thought but that’s a perception. Who are you racing against?” says Denise. “The decision your child makes can feel like a point of no return, but there’s nothing wrong with a wrong turn.”

    Denise provides teens with a framework for how to make decisions the rest of their life.

    “We’re creating our world all the time, we’re just not doing it consciously,” says Denise. “When teens realize they have choice and they’re making these choices, they can start to take responsibility for themselves and their decisions.”

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Tereasa Jones of Coached Living

    in Self Help

    Tulsa, OK – Most everything we do comes down to our relationships. Whether it’s a boss, a friend or a spouse, if you’re easily distracted and struggle with impulse control, it’s likely to interfere with your relationships.

    This is especially true for those individuals who suffer from Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD, a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects a person’s ability to focus and complete tasks.

    Tereasa Jones is a senior certified ADHD Coach, master certified relationship coach and founder of Coached Living, where she works with individuals struggling with ADHD to develop systems and strategies to accomplish their goals and improve their relationships.

    “ADHD is a challenge for sure, but it can also be a delightful blessing,” says Tereasa. “People with ADHD have more energy than 10 people. They just sparkle. That sparkle can easily be dulled if they don’t learn strategies and methods to overcome their issues. So what I want to know is how can we maximize their sparkle?”

    Tereasa had been a therapist for a number of years when she first decided to transition to coaching. She says initially she didn’t have a niche, but more and more people with ADHD started showing up. Though she admits she was puzzled by it at first, she enrolled in ADHD Coaching School and became determined to read everything she could.

    “My passion for ADHD came when I discovered that people with ADHD are not boring,” laughs Tereasa. “They come to you full of energy, excitement, intelligence and creativity. I feel more energized after speaking to my clients than I do before speaking to them.


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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Maureen Moriarty of Path to Change

    in Motivation

    Palm Springs, CA -- In recent years, we’ve seen an unprecedented paradigm shift: businesses are transitioning from the traditional chain-of-command management model to creating and sustaining a more collaborative, team-engaged culture.

    Maureen Moriarty is the founder of Path to Change, an executive coaching practice dedicated to helping emerging managers and senior leaders to be more effective by enhancing their ability to lead, communicate and collaborate. Path to Change helps business leaders and managers improve leadership and team performance through organizational development consulting, executive coaching and leadership development training.

    “True leadership is about inspiring people to do more than just show up,” says Moriarty. “It’s about challenging and supporting people to reach their potential and higher levels of excellence.”

    A recent Gallup poll of more than one million employed U.S. workers concluded that the number one reason people quit their jobs is because of a bad boss or supervisor. Bad bosses often lack self-awareness. They don’t understand how their behavior negatively impacts their teams. According to Moriarty, it is your emotional intelligence – your capacity for self-awareness, adaptability and interpersonal communication, particularly under stress – that will ultimately determine your effectiveness as a leader.

    “If you look at the research that’s been done on what derails leaders, it’s all connected to emotional intelligence,” says Moriarty. “I help my clients become more self-aware and more mindful of how their behaviors and actions impact people positively and negatively and how to be more effective under challenges. Great leaders are not born. They are molded, taught, guided and developed."

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Amy Anfinson of Divine Unlimited Possibilities

    in Motivation

    We all desire freedom and balance, yet we often grow frustrated when we don’t see the results we want. According to Amy Anfinson, if we learn to manage our emotions, we will move through life with more ease and grace and experience success in every single aspect of our lives, no exceptions.

    Amy Anfinson is a coach, mentor, spiritual teacher and the founder of Divine Unlimited Possibilities, a positive change coaching practice dedicated to moving people from stress to success. Amy teaches her clients to empower themselves to create more money, fulfilling relationships and a vibrant health in mind, body and spirit.

    “I help people open up to the unlimited possibilities in their lives,” says Amy. “Sometimes we look at our experiences and say, ‘This is just how it is.’ Our thinking then stays small and we get trapped into repeating the same old patterns and producing the same unsatisfying results. I get my clients out of their old thinking and behaviors and train them to change their results by changing their thinking. People feel immediate relief, rapidly open up to unlimited possibilities and have fun along the journey.”

    To ease people from stress to success, Amy created the OASIS Approach, a powerful system for creating the life you want. OASIS stands for “Openness, Awareness, Silence and Small Shifts, Intentions and Support Systems." People who have used this transformative system and worked with Amy have experienced immediate relief and rapid positive changes.  

    Says Amy: “My simple, 5-step OASIS Approach can help you to move past life’s toughest road blocks and discover your passions and dreams.”


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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Denise Holloway of Life Unltd.

    in Motivation

    Cumming, GA – It’s natural for teenagers to push their boundaries. It’s a time in their lives when they’re becoming more and more independent and they’re treated like they’re not independent. Teens need to assert this independence while parents need to assert their authority. It can be a struggle.

    Denise Holloway is a Certified Professional Coach and the founder of Life Unltd., a coaching practice that specializes in teens and parents of teens, taking them from fear and frustration to joy and appreciation.

    “I truly believe that the limits we see, feel and believe are self-imposed,” says Holloway. “That’s the unlimited part. I love helping others break through those limits. What is it that you really want and what does that look like? I get the biggest charge from working with people who are confused and overwhelmed."

    Holloway developed a passion for coaching teenagers following her experience with her son, a junior in high school at the time who simply would not wake up to go to school. Every morning they would go through this same process: she would tell him to wake up; within half an hour, a fight would ensue.

    “One day we had one of our usual morning,” recalls Holloway. “I went back to the reading I was doing for the coaching program, a book called The Mastery of Love by Don Miquel Ruiz. I realized every word out of my mouth with my son had been about fear. At that point I decided to step back and come from a place of love and not fear.

    “That’s always been behind the interest of being involved more with teenagers. I just had a lot of sympathy and empathy for parents and teenagers because it is a tough time for them. People don’t give teenagers enough credit for who they are so it’s a passion of mine to help them.”

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Barb Gladue of B Proactive Counselling

    in Psychology

    Kelowna, British Columbia -- There is a prevalent misconception that all people with sexual addictions are able to control their maladaptive sexual behavior. There may also be a connection, not often considered by the public, between sexual addiction and sexual abuse both in cases of abusers as well as the sexually abused.

    “Working through sexual abuse can be a form of grieving,” explains therapist Barb Gladue. “It’s the death of the dream of who you were going to be because I believe that sexual abuse changes your spirit.”

    As a child, therapist Barb Gladue was herself the victim of both physical and sexual abuse; and throughout her journey of 30 years as a therapist she has sought to learn not only how to support those who have been oppressed by sexual abuse but also how to begin to change the cycle of sexual addiction within sexual addicts themselves.

    “Being abused can be a powerless position, but addicts can feel completely powerless also. It’s the other side of the pendulum,” says Gladue. “I wanted to know how and why the addiction started. I believe that sexual addicts are not born, they’re made. So my goal was to find out how they got there, how they were made and where we can go from there.”

    Today, Gladue is the founder of B Proactive Counselling, which specializes in providing client-centered counselling to individuals on both sides of the sexual abuse equation. Gladue offers a personalized treatment plan that focuses on healing and creating a more successful future.

    “Many of these addicts have wept in my office and shook their heads in shame and total disbelief that they were even capable of this behavior,” says Gladue. “If you want to be free and go down a new path, we set up a level of accountability and empower you to understand why it happened and find healing.”

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights psychic medium Rosemary Fox

    in Spirituality

    Largo, FL – If you don’t believe in yourself, you will stay where you are and nothing will change, but if you operate in a state of gratitude and you will receive more in life. You can make your life memories instead of wishes.

    Rosemary Fox is a psychic medium with more than thirty years of experience as a reader and healer. In addition to her work as a psychic, Rosemary has also been a Reiki healing master for over twenty years.

    “I lived in fear of my abilities for a very long time because I was afraid of being judged,” recalls Rosemary. “It was fascinating and terrifying all at the same time. My spiritual calling has changed the way I view life and death and everything else in between.”

    As a tarot reader, Rosemary can sense energy and vibrations. As a psychic medium, she can sense spirits. One thing Rosemary is not, however, is a fortune teller; her advice is a mirror into your future and a reflection of your past.

    “People who do fortune telling are just going to tell you things you want to hear,” says Rosemary. “You have to love yourself to understand the divine purpose for us all. I know my intention is good, so I’ve learned that if people believe in you, they will believe you. That’s why my path is one of integrity.”

    Rosemary is also the host of her own radio show on BlogTalkradio.com, The Third Eye. Listeners can tune in to Rosemary on Wednesdays from 7pm to 8.30pm EST. Each week, the show explores a wide variety of spiritual topics, featuring special guest appearances from other experts in the field.

    “I’m proud that I finally embraced my abilities and I use those abilities to help people,” says Rosemary. “For many of my clients the information I give them they already know in their hearts. I’m just there to confirm it for them."

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Sheila Walty of Create Change

    in Psychology

    Portland, OR – In an effort to create the life that we want, sometimes counseling is necessary. Counseling offers an opportunity to explore our past and present experiences in order to identify what we need to overcome as we move forward

    When counseling is complete, coaching can take us to the next level. What is possible once we’ve healed our past wounds? What does our life get to be now?

    Sheila Walty is a counselor, professional life coach and the founder of Create Change, which offers counseling services as well as business coaching, life coaching, retreats, workshops and skill training. Proactive and results-oriented, Sheila works with people who are motivated for change.

    “The reason for the name Create Change is that’s what we do,” says Sheila. “If life isn’t going the way you want, we work together to proactively create the changes you want to see in your life.”

    As a counselor, Sheila specializes primarily in trauma. According to Sheila, trauma memory is stored differently than our other memories; instead of the memory being stored as a movie in your mind, it’s more like a slide show. This can Ieave people with the feeling that they can’t trust what they remember.

    “I see trauma as something that can be healed,” says Sheila. “You need to express to the client that you understand where they are and where they are is fine no matter where it is. It’s important to instill hope.”

    As a coach, Sheila focuses on teaming up with you to create a path and guidance toward whatever goals you want to accomplish.

    “Whether it’s counseling or coaching, I absolutely love seeing people become whole again,” says Sheila. “Sometimes people don’t think their dreams are possible, I love building optimism and watching the success.”

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights Living Life with Passion Counseling Services

    in Psychology

    Denver, CO – Our culture is obsessed with sex and yet we still don’t know how to talk about it. According to sex therapist Dr. Rhoda Lipscomb, a healthy outlook and expression of our sexuality can have an amazingly beneficial influence on our lives.

    “When people would say, ‘We don’t talk about sex,’ I used to think, “Why not?” says Dr. Lipscomb. “I’m fascinated by how we make such a big deal about sex. We’re going to put a man on Mars but we can’t have an honest discussion about our sexuality.”

    Dr. Lipscomb is the founder of Living Life with Passion Counseling Services, a psychotherapy practice that specializes in sex therapy. As a licensed professional counselor, certified sex therapist and clinical sexologist, Dr. Lipscomb’s practice explores the full spectrum of human sexuality, including issues related to sexual function and alternative expressions of sexuality like fetishes.

    “Sexuality is often more about our identity than the mechanics of sex,” says Dr. Lipscomb. “It takes a lot of effort to create an environment where people can feel comfortable and safe knowing that whatever they tell me I’m not going to judge them.”

    Dr. Lipscomb says whether you have experienced sexual dysfunction, lacked intimacy with your partner or you enjoy dressing up like a baby and wearing diapers, you are still normal. She says even if what a client brings to her isn’t typical, the primary question is, “Is this harming you or anyone else?”

    “I have patients ask me if I can cure them. That’s how much shame is associated with our sexuality,” says Dr. Lipscomb. “This is not something you cure. It’s not something that goes away. We’re going to talk about it and explain what it is and what it’s not and how it can work in a healthy manner.

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    Close-Up Talk Radio spotlights cardiac sonographer Donna Hendershot

    in Health

    Turlock, CA – Every cell in the heart has the ability to initiate an impulse. Donna Hendershot began her life living in a railroad box car with no running water or plumbing. Growing up, she always dreamed of one day working in the medical field, but her family couldn’t afford to send her to nursing school. 

    At the age of 28, Donna Hendershot defied the odds, finally attending to be a medical assistant. With her foot in the door, finally, Donna resolved to learn every aspect of cardiology.

    That was over 36 years ago. Today, Donna is a retired cardiovascular sonographer. Over the course of her career, supervised all diagnostic testing at San Leandro Hospital and served as an educator, teaching hundreds of nursing students, as well as volunteers, senior citizens and nonmedical professionals, on all aspects related to the anatomy and function of the heart.

    “I don’t like to use the word retired,” says Donna. “I’m not done working. I have so much knowledge to share.”

    The heart works both electrically and mechanically. If an EKG is abnormal they will supplement that test with a sonogram. In cardiac sonography, a transducer penetrates sound into the chest, allowing physicians to look at the individual chambers of the heart and determine how well each is functioning. When you correlate a sonogram with a patient’s EKG, you have a really clear picture of what’s going on with someone’s heart.

    “It was my job to help the doctor help the patient,” says Donna. “The sonogram allows patients to know what’s going on in their bodies before it’s too late, so I loved working with patients and encouraging patients when they were going to have surgery.”