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    President Clinton, NO, NOT THAT ONE: me

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    I said that I want to establish a new criteria for our Presidency: A PRESIDENT and A KING. What does this mean. I’ll get to it – someone who undertakes the Oval Office with character/integrity/honesty and a dispatch for the benefit of people of the Kingdom/Nation and more. NEXT, we have to stop electing members of/from the two Political Parties - YOU KNOW WHY  ??   and forget about this Capitalization yelling stuff suggested by it. I capitalize and that's it. Can't you see that a Political Candidate can't shed Her/His political bars(ranking- Sen/Gov/higher up), stripes(platform – no matter how tilted and irrelevant) and allegiances( friends, donors & Campaign sponsors/staff). I want to have a different path to the White House: non-political people. Politics is the art of government and relationships as thought of. But it has become synonymous with being a Democrat or Republican in the White House, with either the Democratic or Republican Party behind you. Do you know why I ask for 120,000,000 Presidential Write-In Ballots for me: it’s because I want the whole country – the entire nation - every American to feel like she or he has someone in the WH who he or she can identify with and feel some personal & national opportunity with and then see it come true. NEXT: there are cures for our country and they are a splice of life – 2B an American, you need 2B a DEM and a REP with a little of conserve and liberal and other colognes: the smell test   bwell   c2it   C Clinton

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    The Paradox of Hillary Clinton

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    As the MOMocrats prepared for this week's podcast, news was still unfolding in Paris, which was under lockdown again after a raid looking for the mastermind of Friday's horrific terrorist attack. It's been reported that two people have died, including a woman wearing a suicide vest. Needless to say, US political discourse in the wake of ISIS has turned to the topics of foreign policy, terrorism, and immigration - areas that are in the bailiwick of the Democratic front-runner, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. MOMocrats Karoli and Donna Schwartz Mills talk with Joanne Bamberger, author of "Love Her, Love Her Not: The Hillary Paradox."  

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    Hillary Clinton Speaks at #PushTECH2020

    in Technology

    Hillary Clinton Speak at Push Tech 2020 - Introduction by Jesse Jackson.

    We want to move the needle to significantly expand the participation of Blacks and people of color in employment. Key areas of diversity and inclusion are:

    Members of Board of Director
    Executive Leaders in the C-suites
    Employees/workforce: in both technical and non technical areas
    Supplier Diversity
    Utilization of minority owned advertising and marketing firms; legal and other professional services;
    Inclusion of minority owned financial services firms in 401K retirement plans, debt offerings, IPOs and other financial transactions.
    We want to open up and expand access to capital to accelerate the launch and development of Technology Entrepreneurs and start ups;
    We want to accelerate the inclusion of people of color in VC and investment companies.

    In just a few months, Rainbow PUSH’s advocacy and public engagement has created a new climate of change is sweeping through Silicon Valley. It’s the civil rights imperative of this era.





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    Hillary Clinton and the Santacrats

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    DUE TO TECHNICAL ISSUES PLEASE FAST FORWARD MINUTE 29 OF THE SHOW TO START LISTENING. Tonight on the Fine and North Show. We discuss the Democrat debate and look at the rise of the "Santacrat" party. Hillary Clinton comes out of the Benghazi hearing unscathed or did she? If you listen to the main stream media you would believe she came out of the hearing stronger well we have a different take. The persecution of Christians continue in the Middle East and much, much more!!!

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    Want an A+ in COUNTRY, a better President: Write-In Curtis Clinton c2it

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    it’s lonely here on this sife of the broadcast at BLOG TALK RADIO. I have no staff, no support ( and that should tell you something ), no money – just determination, excellence, hope, service and vision. you will never see or hear me quit, I may say that I don’t have a chance at the Presidency. That doesn’t mean that I am quitting. you may notice my lack of capitalization. It’s casual & more personal this way. What I have to speak to you today is not nominal. I will be carrying this flag and patriotism for us forever, even if I don’t get into the White House. But then, I won’t be able to deliver the time of your life and the way to live better. my family is not involved in this like the families of the Political Candidates. The Candidates’ families are decked out, handsome & gorgeous. Not mine, we are plain fair looking and we accept it that way. But I got what no other Presidential Candidate got. I have talent designed for the WHITE HOUSE. OBTW, did you see my spelling – wow, I missed some letters   -   my eye vision, and not that other vision, needs bigger glasses ( My Cousin Vunny ).   I did that on purpose. OBTW AGAIN, I may paint part of the WHITE HOUSE some seasonal colors to keep a lively and clean, green, sheen of a WHITE HOUSE. I may also have casual MTWThF. It’s fitting that we have a President from the people, looking like the people. you have seen rich/well dressed. Now you can witness clean down to earth, without make-up, rouge & concealer. I don’t conceal. Do you want that, for a change, in a President. I am here for you when you decide that it should be me for the WHITE HOUSE. Hopefully you decide soon before you waste more money and time. I am Curt Clinton, Curtis Clinton. the best of a Clinton.  120,000,000 Write-In Presidential Ballots can do it,    bwell


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    Hitlery Clinton debate LIES !

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    On this October 19, 2015 program (which starts 40 seconds in) we expose the LIES of Hitlery Clinton which she spewed out during the first democratic debate:

    Her email scandal is not a scandal. Idiot Bernie Sanders then bailed her out.

    She told the Wall Street banksters to stop foreclosing and they did.

    She is an outsider because she is a female.

    She did not take a position on TPP until she took a position.

    She blasted Sanders for being soft on gun control and a few days later said she wants to follow the Australian and Canadian gun control laws.

    Go to FreeWorldFilmWorks.com for a detail expose of the CRIMES that Hitlery and bill committed in Arkansas and DC. See the DVD "None Dare Call it Murder."



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    Get an A in Country and a good President with Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton

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    do you want your country back to its future...  are you willing to listen and then understand and then commit yourself to amassing 120000000 Write-In Presidential Ballots for the one who can do this. i am he.  it's a very big statement and i am not a big guy in that manner of speaking, otherwise, i am a rather big guy.  it's very plain to see, to me and to others who nod with consent and approval.   the longer you take in discovering me and my candidacy, our country may slip even more, and then, with that, i won't be able to get us back to the last rung of the assist ladder that i am engraving into the walls of our granite hole.   i am Curtis Clinton, a Clinton who will not embarrass other Clintons and our country. i can do the job and get us handsome and attractive again. i can create an economy that will only get better and better for us - the world will take mnotice and take our model to resuscitate theirs. i cand undertake ISIS-ISIL-wnatever their appelation. i can bring law and order out of the closet of our minds and assure justice is served to everyone,  Do you know why STEEPLECHASE, Coney Island was closed - the owners would not let Black Individuals into the pool. it was a successful lawsuit, but, it destroyed STEEPLECHASE for all and for good. Millions, not Hundreds of Thousancd, of people will never know STEEPLECHASE, unless we rebuild it and return Coney Island to the world. right now it sucks and it's not even Coney Island - how could New York let it go into the ground, along with FREEDOMLAND and then PALLISADES AMUSEMENT PARK.    bwell  c2it      if you want a better country and better living and honest true meaningful socila gains, let me in   to the White House...  it doesn't cost you a dime ---   my campaigning is free   without and cash or currency contributions. of course, that is also a case of who is he...

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    Get an A in Country: 120000000 Write In Presidential Ballots gets you C Clinton

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    I have the range of character and person 2B successful in the WHITE HOUSE. It's because i been on the low level of life's opportunity and still struggle to earn income and live normally, paying for things and relieving my wife from working so hard. I know things and i can put them to great use  if I were President. Now, I don't want to be President for the status that comes with being President. I don't want the glamour or prestige. I just want to help people, our country and the world AND I can do it. Please listen in and be of sound mind and body and together in this 2016 Presidential Election. BTW, I am losing some sight and mobility. But I still have nobility of a common man. bwell   c2it.     i know this, being on BLOG TALK RADIO, is useless. who cares.

    i care for all of us.   curtis  clinton   11/19-15

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    Get an A in COUNTRY, a Fine President: C Clinton with 120000000 Write-IN Ballots

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    I will offer my Color Wheel of TRUE COLORS, in tandem with Cyndi Lauper.

    I am white and I am sick of the color discrimination and tired of ethnic discrim-

    ination, all going on around us. So I say, simply and bluntly - and someone has to say it & do everything about it - it will take a white man among white men to eradicate these indifferences and discriminations. We had a shot with a black man and that didn't happen. No woman will accomplish this with the gender gap and gender chasm. So I will and I will put an end to these things of shootings - drive-bys & law enforcement encounters. I respect law enforcement, but not as much as of yester-year. I can do so much because my family was discriminated against socially & immorally by religious people - that says something about religion, and i won't forget it. I will mow down & blast to kingdom come all this crap. My language is not holding back. So. So now. Who is fit 2B President: Politicians or Rich who have done nothing & said nothing about these things for how many years, OR, me. Your choice - make it a good one - and make it with 120,000,000 Presidential WRITE-IN BALLOTS. Its a brilliant idea: with that many popular ballots, DEMs & REPs will each figure that they will have an opportunity with a Non-Political President and every American too, will start the day after Election Day with no animosity towards an opposite political Party member. It's a fantastic idea and a fantastic possibility, improbable yes, face it  - it is, unless you decide that enuff is enough. I have already decided. I decided it 8 yrs ago. Where was everyone else - sleeping, collecting salary and living bigger than you. Curt Clinton, a better Clinton for the White House and one Clinton who will not embarrass all the other Clintons. bwell,  c2it  that's always my send-off.   

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    Get an A in Country and a good President with Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton

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    every day i 've been spouting more than any Candidate for president and that's because I care more about what happens than any other Presidential candidate. If only you had listened to me back before Obama, we would not be in this mess. So let me clear it up for you:   a plague is on the horizon - say the BLACK PLAGUE, what you going to do - travel to Europe; OR say an epidemic of ANTHRAX is on a boat approaching our shores, what you going to do - run the other side of our Cuntry; OR say that contaminated fish is entering our Nation,,, What you going to do - burn down the piers...    It's DIRTY TIME, time to get DIRTY with the DIRT of the world and our Country. Who are you going to trust: rich, populous politicians, spellbinding women, blinkling madness...   Pick you poison or pick me for a Rev-Solution. I was right about Syria 2 yrs ago and I am right again. Viva La France and off with the head of the terrorists and the arms of the followers.

    A tree grows in brooklyn, that's all you need to know.    bwell    c2it  

    c2      120,000,000 free - no campaign financing - Write In Ballots gets us where we should be and have to be.      Keep me under wraps and you'll be wrapping up our Country for a gift.    Plain talk from a plain guy.        Curtis Clinton          and I didn't have to pay for this ad

    don't worry about my spelling or grammar, you're not paying me to write for the Washington Post;;; I caught a few before finalizing this.


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    Get an A in Country, a President with 120000000 Write-In Ballots: Curtis Clinton

    in Elections

    you want me     come get me.    vett & bet    ter yourself with me.   Aren't you amazed, or, aren't you blinded, or, aren't you offended, or, aren't you dissatisfied, or, aren't you succumbed by the Karma of Politics at the hands of money, money baggers, carpet baggers, barkers and pollsters. I am a calmer candidate, yeah: angry at the world for its terrorism. killing, pollution, poverty;; angry at our Conhress for its cheating, lying, sleeping, B S ing, gift accepting;; angry at out White House for its cheating, lying, sleeping, B S ing, gift giving;;  angry at our Government for its cheating, lying, sleepimg, B S ing, gift stealing;; angry at many of you for your cheating, lying, sleeping, B S ing, gift grabbing. My life seems to be perfect for the Presidency of our Country. Who would have known, certainly not you, my teachers, my friends, my neighbors, my mother, my father, my grandmother, my Godmother, my Godfathers, my wife, my daughters, my pets.. I am nobody special, yrt, i am capable of special and i want special. Does it not add up. I know you are not seeing it. Why do i feel it. It's probably desperation at what's going on around us and at home, your home, our courts, our streets, our churches/our neighborhoods. America, Americans, please  please  please hear and see me as President. i really want the job and for 8 years i have been wanting this task. If you don't want to tune in to me, go in peace and success.   bwell, c2it    i am Curtis Clinton, vying for the Presidency, needing 120,000,000 Write-In Ballots since i have no campaign financing and i don't want it - REALLY $100,000,000 needed 2b President. Sounds like Las Vegas, Looks like Crooks, Smells like Sh__. Truth hurts, offends and makes better,   you bet.......   c2