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    Making Clinical Trials a Care Option for Patients: Piloting an Infrastructure

    in Science

    At Dpharm US 2015, Katherine Vandebelt, Global Head, Clinical Innovation, Eli Lilly hosted a talk show on Making Clinical Trials a Care Option for Patients to fantastic reviews. Valerie Bowling, producer welcomes Katherine as she hosts a similar session on Pharma Talk Radio.

    About the Show:
    This talk demonstrates how an organized multispecialty healthcare system, clinical research site network and pharma company uses clinical research as a tool and connector to help improve patient engagement in their overall healthcare management and compliance. More specifically:

    Healthcare System: improving health and service to patients and advocators of clinical research participation
    Clinical Research Site Network: bringing the right patients to the right trials with increased quality of data and engagement of patients
    Pharma: expanding our reach to patients and getting trials done faster
    Shifting the paradigm: Applying a Value Based Health Care Delivery Framework to improve outcomes and reduce healthcare costs  

    Hosted by: Katherine Vandebelt Global Head, Clinical Innovation, Eli Lilly and Company


    Jeff James, MBA, CEO, Wilmington Health
    Jennifer Byrne, CEO, PMG Research
    Allen Buechler, MBA, Strategy and Operations, Eli Lilly and Company
    Toyin Okanlawon, MD, MPH, Senior Health Care Researcher, Harvard Business School Health Care Team

    For more information on cutting edge topics in clinical research/trials visit:

    Dpharm US, visit www.theconferenceforum.org

    Dpharm Europe, visit www.theconferenceforum.org


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    Helping Prevent Alzheimer's Through Clinical Trials

    in Caregiving

    Dr. Marc E. Agronin, Vice President, Behavioral Health and Clinical Research, Miami Jewish Health Systems, will join us to share about the importance of clinical trials in the fight to prevent Alzheimer's disease. He will share how to find a clinical trial and how to know if a clinical trial is right for your family member and you.

    In addition, Dr. Agronin will talk about the importance of early diagnosis and what we can do to promote our own brain healthy lifestyle.

    About Dr. Agronin

    Dr. Marc Agronin is Vice President, Behavioral Health and Clinical Research, Miami Jewish Health Systems. Dr. Agronin is also Affiliate Associate Professor of Psychiatry and Neurology, University of Miami Miller School of Medicine and author of "How We Age: A Doctor's Journey into the Heart of Growing Old." You can learn more by visiting his website, www.marcagronin.com

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    Multiple Myeloma Update & Clinical Trials

    in Health

    This show is part of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Patient Education Series. 

    Our special guest is Dr. Christopher Yasenchak from Compass Oncology in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Yasenchak received his M.D. from Pennsylvania State University. He continued his training at the Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and is board certified in hematology, medical oncology and internal medicine.  His clinical focus is multiple myeloma, lymphoma, stem cell transplantation, gastrointestinal malignancies and clinical trials.

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    Personalized Puzzles For Reminiscing, Plus Clinical Trials For Dementia

    in Caregiving

    Today we will talk with Mindy and Missy Dalgarn who created Pieces of the Past in collaboration with Portrait Puzzles in May of 2014.  It is their intent to spread the word about the power of puzzles as a reminiscence activity/ Email Mindy

    The second half, we will have Dr Neelum Aggarwal from Rush University Medical Center, who will be discussing dementia and clinical trials.

    Check out  DontForgetAlzheimers     AlzheimersChicago

    For more information on dementia and caregiving

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    Keeping the Faith when facing trials!

    in Religion

    A lot of times people face hard trials and face tough situations that cause them to lose the faith the they have built in Christ Jesus. Though the trials are hard you can still keep your faith and move forward with strength. Tonight the panel will encourage you and let you know that even though you are going through hard trials you can still be what God call you to be and be where God wants you to be. Tune in to find out how. 

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    Thanksgiving In the Mist of Storms & Trials

    in Spirituality

    This week on "Christ Voice of Thunder" we will continue ouf discussion on Patience in the Mist of tRials and Storms. Whenever God allows suffering into our lives it’s because he has something better for us. Of course, we don’t want to go through trials! But even in the midst of bad, painful circumstances when can choose to be thankful. Why? Trials and Storms are painful, but God wants us to endure through thanksgiving and praise.

    Jesus went through rough times during His earthly ministry, and if we want to be like Him, (which is what the Christians life is all about), we too will have some hard knocks.

    1 Peter 5:10 English Standard Version (ESV)

    10 And after you have suffered a little while, the God of all grace, who has called you to his eternal glory in Christ, will himself restore, confirm, strengthen, and establish you.


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    Clinical Air Episode # 10 Patients as Partners in Clinical Trials

    in Science

    Join host, Craig H. Lipset, Head of Clinical Innovation, R&D, Pfizer lead a discussion on what it really means to partner with patients in clinical trials.

    Guests include:

    Jeri Burtchell, Founder, Partners in Research

    Regina Holliday, Artist and Medical Advocate

    For more information on Jeri's new launch, visit: Healthivibe.com and for Regina walking gallary, google Regina Holliday, walking gallary.

    For more information on the topic of Patients as Partners, visit www.theconferenceforum.org. The Conference Forum presented a program in March 2014 fully dedicated to understanding the journey a patient takes in clinical trials. Also take a look at Disruptive Innovations to Advance Clinical Trials scheduled for September 11-12, 2014 in Boston. This event addresses significant innovation to help improve a patients experience in a clinical trial.


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    Exploring the Myths and Benefits of Clinical Trials

    in Family

    Our guest on Monday, February 10, 2014 is David Fuehrer. Dave is a two-time testicular cancer survivor and President of CureLauncher, a company he cofounded. Prior to doing so, Dave spent 10 years developing new products across North America, China and Europe for Pfizer, General Electric, Dow and many others.

    Dave will share his mission to solve the clinical trial enrollment problem that currently exists in the United States.  His company and website connects people to lifesaving medical treatments that they might otherwise be unaware exist. Some of the best medical treatment can be found in clinical trials, but few know or trust them enough to seek them out.

    Join us as we discuss the myths and invaluable services CureLauncher and clinical trials provides to patients and the medical community.

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    Winds of Change: The Importance of Clinical Experts As Teachers

    in Health

    We appreciate those who fought to make this profession licensed in the United States and who set up the programs in Chinese medicine, making this a valid career path. However, since it's inception in the United States and the West, Chinese medicine has been ruled largely by academics, scholars, anthropologists, and historians. There has been, and continues to be, a paucity of true clinical experts teaching this medicine. This is largley due to the fact that the leaders in this field simply lack the large, consistent patient volume needed to become expert clinicians. Chinese medicine colleges and state organizations are increasingly focused on revenue, administrative in-fighting and clinically irrelevant adademic ponderings. Meanwhile, the quality of clinical education is declining. Graduates enter the real world of managing patients' many health concerns with largely ineffective skill sets, based on theories regurgitated by scholars, most completely lacking adequate pulse diagnosis skills and/or highly effective acupuncture methods. Luckily, there are American and Western Chinese medicine practitioners who are seeing 300-600 patient visits per week who are stepping forward to teach the real life, clinically proven, practical skills so badly needed to not only survive but thrive practicing this medicine. This is medicine, it has real-world consequences and is not a theoretical exercise, people are sick and they depend on us to get them better. The time has come to listen to those on the front lines, making this medicine work everyday. 

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    Georgina Cannon - Clinical Hypnotist and University of Toronto Lecturer

    in Paranormal

    Georgina Cannon is an Award-winning clinical hypnotherapist and lecturer at the University of Toronto, She is recognized as the "public face" of hypnotherapy in Canada and is a respected member of the mainstream health community.  In her book "Return Again" - a do it yourself regression workbook, she helps people learn how to find meaning in their past lives and interlives, and how to consciously prepare for and create a better future by understanding the past.

    Join Georgina and Host Elizabeth Anglin as they discuss past life and interlife regresssions,  the planes of existence, body and soul agreements, karma, levels of understanding, soul mates (you CAN have more than ONE!) and interlife - the life between lifetimes. 

    Feel free to call in or join in on chat to ask questions. 

    To find out more about Georgina - see her website http://www.georginacannon.com



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    Navigating the Complexities of Global Clinical Trials

    in Business

    Drs. Christopher Gallen, CEO at SK BioPharmaceuticals and Mitchell Katz, Executive Director, Medical Research Operations at Purdue Pharma, in a candid conversation on navigating the complexities of Global Clinical Trials and addressing topics including: Why global trials? Why are global trials so expensive? How are companies re-thinking global trials? What's happening with global outsourcing? Thoughts on emerging markets and patient recruitment What can we do to help mitigate the risks of global trials?