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    Los ABC´s de la enfermedad de Lyme ( para nuevos pacientes)

    in Health

    Hoy es Domingo de Radio Lyme y les tenemos una sorpresa. ¡Por peticion de los radio escuchas regresa a Radio Lyme la bella y talentosa Gaby Pineda Maitret como mi Co-conductora! 

    ¡Les imploro que no se pierden el program de esta noche!

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    Cannabis for Lyme and the Natural Reconnection

    in Culture

    Special friend and book author Shelley White returns to EntheoRadio to tell us about the amazing insights shared in her recent writing project and the resultant book (title coming soon).

    Captain Hugh T Alkemi and Shelley will speak dynamically about things such as cannabis and plant medicines for healing and health. Callers and questions are welcome during the live show.

    SHELLEY WHITE works as a writer and editor, and is studying to be an herbalist specializing in Lyme disease and other infectious diseases. Shelley is the author of 'Cannabis for Lyme Disease and Related Conditions: Scientific Basis and Anecdotal Evidence for Medicinal Use,' and is a regular contributor to sites such as Collective Evolution and The Mind Unleashed. She has written for various other sources as well, including SKUNK Magazine, Mind Body Green, and Natural News. The topics she most frequently covers include cannabis, psychedelics, pharmaceuticals, infectious diseases, alternative health, and consciousness.

    Her favorite pastimes are reading, learning, and spending time in nature. She is fascinated by plant medicine and plant consciousness. She credits her drive to continuously learn and connect with plants to her experience with Lyme disease, which taught her the importance of herbal medicine and expanding her mind. She firmly believes that, in the end, you are your own physician and the only one capable of fully healing yourself.

    To read excerpts from her book, view a detailed outline of the information it covers, and/ or order it, visit www.cannabisforlyme.com(it is also available for purchase on Amazon).

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    Bert Martinez joined by Christine Clifford, Mack Dryden, Dave Jaros

    in Business

    Christine Clifford, CSP  Humorist, Author, Professional Speaker, President/Chief Executive Officer of Christine Clifford Enterprises?
    Her experience taught her how to market and sell products, services and herself. Now, Christine Clifford shares that message with others. Christine Clifford has definitely cracked the "glass ceiling"

    Mack Dryden motivational speaker and standup comedian who has appeared on dozens of TV shows including The Tonight Show with both Johnny Carson and Jay Leno. He’s also acted in several movies and was a staff writer on Politically Incorrect with Bill Maher.  As a young backpacker, long before he was in show biz, he found himself caught up in a terrifying ordeal when he went to prison in Africa. He’s written a book about it entitled, “Fluffing the Concrete: Making the Most of Foreign Prison—or Anything Else.” 

    Dave Jaros has worked at several successful software companies, most recently leading worldwide marketing programs and demand generation for SolarWinds (SWI), a publicly-traded, $200mm IT management software provider. Prior to that, Dave held marketing leadership positions at Blue Coat Systems and 724 Solutions. Dave has also worked as a management consultant in New York City and got his start as a software developer at Computer Sciences Corporation. Dave graduated from the University of California at Berkeley and holds a Bachelor of Arts in History and received his MBA in Finance from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania


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    Love At Our Roots: How Freedom Became A Force For Change - James H. Commander

    in History

    James H. Commander utilized genealogical research techniques to author his book, Love At Our Roots: How Freedom Became A Force For Change.

    His book has been accepted into the prestigious Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture in New York, as well as, the Auburn Avenue Research Library on African American Culture and History in Atlanta, Georgia. His lecture focuses on using family research to uncover empowering heritage for future generations.

    Commander holds a Bachelor and Master's degree in arts, entertainment and media management from Columbia College of Chicago, Full Sail University.  He resides in Greenville, South Carolina with his family.



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    Entrevista con Michelle Alban de Argentina

    in Health

    Hoy es Domingo de Radio Lyme y mi invitada sera Michelle Alban de Argentina. Michelle nos contara como su hijo Diego esta luchando por su vida contra la enfermedad de Lyme cronica.  Esta entrevista si que vale la pena escuchar!

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    power of perceptio paranormal Ottawa Paranormal Research and Investigations (

    in Spirituality

    I have been investigating and researching the paranormal since 1995.  My first experiences occurred in my family’s funeral home when I was 8 years old.  I saw the apparition that I later found to be my great grandfather who died 3 months after I was born.  Over the years I have had countless encounters with paranormal activity and worked with many different groups and as a freelance investigator.

    In the summer or 2014 I decided to form Ottawa Paranormal Research and Investigations (OPRI) because I was sick of being on teams that were trying to imitate those they see on TV.  I use my knowledge and experience to help those afflicted by extreme paranormal activity.  I am considered by some a demonologist though I prefer to think of myself as a paranormal investigator first and foremost.


    Currently, In addition to Lead Investigator for OPRI, I am Director of Demonic Investigation for the Haunted North America Network as well as Director of Assessment and Investigation for the Holy Order of Saint Micheal The Arch Angel.  I have spent years developing a network of likeminded teams throughout North America and beyond to help anyone, anywhere that contacts me in need of assistance regardless of their situation or beliefs.

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    Problem Solving in Genealogical Research with Mary M.Tedesco

    in History


    Problem Solving in Genealogical Research
    (Strategies / ideas for breaking through your genealogy brick walls.)

    MARY M. TEDESCO is a professional genealogist, speaker, and author. She is a Host / Genealogist on the PBS TV series Genealogy Roadshow (season 2) and the Founder of ORIGINS ITALY. Mary speaks Italian and travels often to Italy to conduct client genealogical research and visit family. Mary is the co-author of Tracing Your Italian Ancestors an 84-page Italian research guide published by Moorshead Magazines. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Mathematics from Boston University and a Certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University’s Center for Professional Education. In addition to her Italian ancestry (Calabria, Trentino-Alto Adige, and Tuscany) on her father’s side, she also has deep American roots (German, Irish, Danish & English) on her mother’s side and is proud member of the Daughters of the American Revolution. Mary is a member of a number of local and national genealogical societies and serves on the Board of Directors of the Massachusetts Genealogical Council. She can be contacted at www.originsitaly.com


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    April 13, 2015 10pm PDT- Unexplained Research with Author Chad Lewis

    in Paranormal

    Chad Lewis is a paranormal researcher and author for Unexplained Research.  Chad holds a Master's of Science degree in Applied Psychology from the University of Wisconsin-Stout.  Chad had trekked across the world in search of the paranormal.  From tracking vampires in Transylvania and chasing the Chupacabras in Puerto Rico, to searching for the elusive monster in Loch Ness, and pursuing ghosts in Ireland's castles, Chad brings over 18 years of research experience to his presentations. 

    Chad has been featured in hundreds of radio interviews, TV appearances, and newspaper articles. Chad is also the co-author of the Road Guide to Haunted Locations book series. 


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    Step up with Pastor Clifford Fair

    in Lifestyle

    Call in for some awesome teaching of the word of God every Tuesday morning at 8:00am central time 9:00 eastern time

    Get prayers

    Call in 917-388-4161 and comment on the word, ask questions

    Step out of where you are; Step into God's will for your life; STEP UP to where God wants you to be. Let God be your stepping stone.

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    Fine Art of Paleontology - Preparing for Field Research

    in Education

    On Monday April 6th at 8pm est, 7pm cst and 5pm pst, Field season is upon us in the northern hemisphere as we enter spring. Join New Mexico Museum of Natural History field paleontologist Ken McKeighen and Ken Boorman as they discuss getting ready for the field on the Next Fine Art of Paleontology. A successful field days requires good planning and execution. The results can thrilling as new sites are discovered and even new taxa found.




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    A New Strategy for Suicide Prevention

    in Health

    Drs. Barbara Stanley and J. John Mann will be speaking

    Every year, there are more than 30,000 suicides and ten times as many suicide attempts in the United States.  Better prevention is urgently required. That requires improving our knowledge of the causes of suicidal behavior.  We know psychiatric disorders, most commonly major depression, are associated with suicide. But most people with a psychiatric disorder never attempt suicide. The group at higher risk of suicide have a predisposition to suicidal behavior. Learning about how genes and childhood experiences affect how we deal with stress, depression and make decisions, and how those functions are in turn related to brain functioning are key to understanding why people die by suicide.  The Conte Center for Translational Neuroscience at Columbia University and the New York State Psychiatric Institute, funded by the National Institute of Mental Health, has been at the forefront of this research. 

    Differences in brain circuitry in suicide attempters are linked to the predisposition to suicidal behavior and are the result of a combination of genes and childhood adversity. Evaluating brain circuitry of family members of those who have suicided or made serious nonlethal suicide attempts may identify a higher risk group.  The Conte Center for Suicide Prevention uses two brain imaging modalities, positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), along with several biobehavioral measures to study risk and resilience factors for suicide in patients with major depression. 

    In this radio program, we will describe how we seek to prevent suicide by studying the brain biology and abnormalities in stress coping and mood regulation that increase risk of suicidal behavior, and then seeking ways to reverse these effects.

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