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    Reaching Online Customers and Clients

    in Marketing

    Are you finding it difficult to reach new online customers and clients?  Are Googles more rapidly changing algorithms making it more difficult to keep your business in front of new clients?  Listen in as Video Broadcast Services President, Marcia Hawkins and Vice President, Kyle Clouse discuss new ways and strategies your can implement to keep your business in front of new clients and customers.


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    How to Handle Rude Clients as a Psychic & FREE Psychic Readings!!

    in Spirituality

    I don't want you to stop reading as a Psychic and I don't want you to be discouraged from reading professionally as a Psychic.  I understand it's harder when you first start out and when you are literally cursed at and degraded by a client.  It's because they aren't happy with what you have to tell you. They are angry and actually sad within.  However, I was cursed and degraded by a client I never read for yesterday on live chat.  I told this client I do not sugarcoat my readings and when I get a vision of your career, your spiritual development, or even relationship I am going to tell you the truth.  Yes, they will call you fake and I can say did you read my reviews?  So, I am confident that I can read as a Psychic.  Otherwise, I wouldn't.  Why would you continue to stay on live chat for 18 minutes and pay $4.99/minute when you think someone is fake?  I wouldn't.  The first 3 minutes are free and if you can't telll within the first 3 minutes than there's somehting wrong. Psychics will be yelled at as we are the messenger. Clients will yell at Psychics sometimes just to vent.  Will you get a bad review? Yes of course. Don't let it bother you as others have given you a 5 star review and left very nice comments.

    So, I want you to continue reading as a Psychic and if you are thinking about starting please do so and don't be discouraged. We can talk about it on here.  You can always vent on my show.

    I will also give FREE readings today and for a private reading contact me at mia0899cs@gmail.com.

    Love and Light,


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    Turning Buyers into Lifelong Clients

    in Business

    On September 30, my guest will be Benjamin Macklowe of Macklowe Gallery. Ben joined the Gallery in 1994, was appointed Managing Director in 2002 and became its President in 2012. Under his leadership Macklowe Gallery has become the world’s most respected dealer of Antique and Estate Jewelry, French Art Nouveau decorative arts and the entire oeuvre of Louis Comfort Tiffany, increasing yearly sales from $4,000,000 in 1995 to over $15,000,000 in 2013. He has brought a client-centered approach to a field that has traditionally viewed the customer merely as an ill-informed source of revenue, and has sought to educate the collecting public through one-on-one interactions, personal appearances and gallery publications. Ben is a sought-after expert in his field and has served as a lecturer for museum groups and scholarly organizations throughout the nation. He has appeared on television to discuss Tiffany lamps with Martha Stewart, lectured on the art glass of Emile Gallé at the Taft Museum of Art and has taught about Art Nouveau jewelry at Christie’s auction house on multiple occasions. University programs in art and design are regular visitors to the gallery, bringing graduate-level students and their professors to hear Mr. Macklowe talk about Art Nouveau and see the gallery’s collection.

    Ben is dedicated to upholding the highest integrity in his approach to business, and has established warm and mutually beneficial relationships with his peers in the field. He has helped expand the collections of The Metropolitan Museum of Art, The Dallas Museum and the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts, selling important decorative works of art to each.

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    Don't Be Discouraged Because of Rude Psychic Clients & Free Psychic Readings!!!

    in Spirituality

    I have had a few rude psychic clients and I will help you deal with these different scenarios if you are a psychic or spiritual reader.  Some of them really do need Life Coaching and I will do this if needed.  These clients do not want to accept the way things are which include someone who has children and their partner has to have contact with their ex because of custody issues.  I will be honest with a client who asks if this will continue and I say, "Yes, even when their child becomes an adult as they will graduate from college, get married, have children and so forth."  So, when you elect to be with someone who has children you have to deal with it.  I know I have read for clients who literally are jealous of their partner's children.  This is so wrong.  So, in a sense it does become counselling and the only part that is truly psychic is that I will say if I see that they will be communicating with their ex for the lifetime of their child.  If I saw the ex dying then I woud say that but otherwise there are situations where this will occur and mostly it is a lifetime.

    So, you can go from a 5 star review to a 2 star review on your next reading because a client doesn't want to hear what you are telling them.  I've read for clients who ask about love.  I get visions and I will not sugarcoat my readings.  I will not tell a client they are going to meet this great looking millionaire to appease them.  They are going to meet a regular man if I see it.  It may not happen right away either.  There are times people have to be alone and they want a time frame and sometimes it may be a year when they will meet this special someone.  I lived it and so have most people. They can be very rude because they want instant gratification.  Until they change themselves like I said before it won't happen..

    I will take psychic questions,


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    Attract Clients, Build Your Authority: Become an Author

    in Marketing

    Have you ever thought or been told that you should write a book? Does it feel daunting and overwhelming?

    Writing a book is no easy task, but done right, it can be a phenomenal marketing tool and leverage to position yourself as an expert in your industry.

    Expert author, Jan Bear, joins us to help you bring that book to fruition.

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    Business World - Attract Ideal Clients

    in Business

    Are you the small business owners, single parents with overwhelming commitments, overqualified professional who are made redundant each day, acting professionals, creative entrepreneurs with Big Ideas?

    Connect: http://speakonradio.com/   http://www.academyofsignificance.com/ 

    What is the short cut to succesful free-enterprise that facilitates economic growth and development in today's market place?

    How can you model ethical business practices to change your life and reach out for your dreams? 

    Why when you Believe in cultural diversity, you can influence and change for better the legacy for next generations.

    How do you set your GOALS and what is the process of turning your Vision into Reality? 

    Is the size of your business affected by the level of your personal performance and the standards of your thinking?

    How to Enhance your Personal Image without damaging, side effects on your lifestyle.

    Why when you Stop chasing Money, you become THE OPPORTUNITY everybody wants!

    with Serah Lister and Marina Nani and 
    special guests from round the world

    Connect: http://speakonradio.com/   http://www.academyofsignificance.com/ 

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    Why your clients secretly crave a better experience and how to give it to them.

    in Management

    How do you “wow" a customer in today's market?  For a service as involved as mortgage lending, the idea of meeting and exceeding expectations is incomplete .  Clients don’t know what they don’t know and they are numb to automated emails and post cards.  In today’s episode, we talk about the strategies you need in today’s fast-paced, high compliance environment to create repeat clients, happily referring new clients (and referral partners).

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    Spiritually WOW Clients - with Spiritual Business Coach Coach Cindy Sharp

    in Spirituality

    In this 15 minutes the thrive and keep your spiritual buiness alive, we will talk about what 1 big thing your clients need to feel coneccted to you and get them to turn in to raving loving fans!

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    Reading for clients Long Distance and Online!

    in Spirituality

    Hosts Maria G Maas, Janice Fuchs & Dax Carlisle discuss the many options for Reading for clients Long Distance and Online! 

    ...Plus Angel messages for their Callers!

    FREE Class: Becoming a Successful Live Video Psychic!

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    How To Have More Clients Than You Can Handle, with Todd Tressider

    in Marketing

    When I'm on Facebook or LinkedIn, one of the most popular questions I see is, "How can I get more clients?" 

    Everyone needs clients or customers to make their business successful. But it's not always easy. 

    How would you like to have more clients than you can handle? Todd Tressider can show you the way. 

    In this call, learn: 

    The difference between push marketing and pull marketing. 
    How to build a client focused website designed to convert your ideal clients buying process. 
    Defining the ideal client and their buying process 
    and so much more 

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    Bobbie McGrath Managing Difficult Clients – Its Not What You Say Its How You Say

    in Real Estate

    Everybody has done it; said just the wrong thing at just the wrong time. The moment the words leave your mouth, you wish you could take them back. But what about those more subtle times, when upon later reflection, you realize might have been taken the wrong way? Have you ever considered how the words commonly used within the Staging industry might actually be holding you back? And timing…when and how do we approach sensitive subjects such as pets and odors? Words mean more than their definitions. Understanding the power of the choice of words to use AND the timing of these words could be well worth your time to explore. Join me as I share my techniques on when and how to bring up those delicate and difficult topics in a way that will make you heard, understood and sought after by Realtors and Homeowners alike!

    Words have power. Their power can be maximized if you understand the nuance of timing, as well. This class will teach you how to approach clients from a positive/empowering perspective that is appreciated by Realtors and Homeowners alike. If you find you are sometimes at a loss for words this is the class for you!