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    Interview With The Maids and Cleaning Maid Easy

    in News

    Cleaning For A Reason Founder and President Debbie Sardone interviews two local Cleaning For A Reason Partner companies that are making a difference one home at a time.
    Owner Jenn Hilton of The Maids of Southern New Hampshire and Kasi Fisher of Cleaning Maid Easy of Acworth, Georgia.
    Owner Jenn Hilton of The Maids, has been a part of Cleaning For A Reason since 2008. Jenn says her employees appreciate being a part of giving back because it creates meaning in what they do.
    Owner Kasi Fisher of Cleaning Maid Easy became a cleaning partner in 2012 and just recently accepted another cancer patient. Her company is proud to offer all natural, non-toxic cleaning products as a part of their cleaning program to help promote a safe experience during the cleaning process.
    Cleaning For A Reason is the nonprofit providing free housecleaning services to women who are battling any type of cancer.  We utilize a network of professional cleaning services who are insured, bonded, and perform background checks on employees. To find a certifed Cleaning For A Reason partner company that's making a difference one home at a time, please visit:  www.cleaningforareason.org and click on MAID SERVICES to see if there is a participating company in your area.

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    Spiritual House Cleaning with Eddie & Alice Smith

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    A demonically infected atmosphere is a result of doors that have been left open & doors of sin, even the sins of previous residents and of past generations! And evil grip is often maintained as a result of one's possessions. Your home should reflect the pure peaceful presence of Christ. A defiled spiritual atmosphere will affect you your relationships your health and even your success. But you can rid your life your family your home and your place of worship of the enemy's influence and create a place of purity and peace.

    Join Allen & Francine with special guest Eddie & Alice Tuesday January 12th @ 9PM as they reveal God's prescription for detecting diagnosing and dealing with these issues. 

    Symptoms and causes of spiritual pollution and how to detect them
    How to deal with your children (of different ages) with family and with the uninitiated
    Spiritual church cleaning! You must read this chapter!
    Wisdom and warnings
    God's seven-step biblical process of purification

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    Cleaning Your Home with Essential Oils

    in Health

    During week two of National Podcast Post Month, Amy will share some of the ways she has integrated essential oils as part of her household cleaning routine. 

    *Amy and Jennifer are independent distributors of Young Living Essential Oils. All opinions and experiences are our own and are in no way from Young Living. Consult with an aromatherapy professional to see if essential oils are right for you.

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    Butlers Brand- Green Cleaning...Protecting Our Planet

    in Business

    Several organic cleaners are currently on the market but only one has been designed, tested and is being used by the worlds leading butlers and estate managers. 

    Join host, Matt Haack, as he discusses the newest green product to enter the cleaning area called Butlers Brand. Hear from the Butler, Chris Allen, the Scientist, Brian Bishop, and the Environmentalist, David Youdovin. Together these three have designed a product that does not smell, is recyclable, biodegradable and most important will actually clean. 

    o Learn how green cleaning has changed over the past 20 years.

    o Why is it important to protect our environment using green products?

    o Is this just the latest fad?

    o Chris will share some of the struggles he experienced while trying to meet the demands of his principals regarding green cleaning.

    Be sure to join us during the Live taping to learn how to receive your complimentary sample of Butlers Brand Cleaning Solution.

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    Spring Cleaning

    in Self Help

    For the month of March, we'll discuss spring cleaning our home, our minds, and removing toxic people from our lives. 

    A common problem that people struggle with is removing clutter from their homes. We tend to want to save everything because "we may need it/can still use it one day." Do you REALLY need to keep that winter coat from 1975 just in case your granddaughter needs it? What do you plan to do with your college notes and research papers when you graduated 10 years ago? Why do we hold onto things we no longer need? Does having a lot of stuff really make you feel good or are these things controlling your life? Is the statement "A cluttered home represents a cluttered mind" true?

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    No, Your Cleaning Products Don't Really Kill Germs ...for long

    in Parents

    Traditional chemically based cleaners kill both the good and bad bacteria. This is the reason doctors give you probiotics (pro life) when you take a course of anti-biotics (against life) to bring your body back into balance. But there's a couple problems with disinfectants and anti-bacterials — first, they only last a few hours and second, they make things worse by giving new bacteria a food source — yes, all the bacteria you just killed. This layer of dead bacteria is called BioFilm and it's all over your house — and new bacteria just love it. While chemical cleaners have been the standard for decades — there's a much better and more natural (GMO and chemical free) approach to cleaning indoors.


    When I stumbled across Airbotics I was fascinated by their stuff. Airbiotics uses all-natural probiotics formula called StaBiotics™, the only Environmental Probiotic Technology in the world designed to protect indoor living spaces from air and surface contaminants.

    I wanted to learn more about how it worked so I invited the CEO, Robert Meirovich on my show to talk more about the science behind Airbotics. 

    Join us as we chat about

    Why our air indoors is so dirty
    What are the common side effects of traditional chemical cleaners?
    What health conditions have been scientifically linked to "dirty air" indoors? 


    We will even open the phone lines for your questions, so be sure to tune in live! 

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    Spring Cleaning and More

    in Lifestyle

    We have officially been in SPRING for over three weeks. Have you completed your spring cleaning well if not and you looking for some "Good old fashion cleaning at its best" look no further be sure to tune in as I interview Markeisha Robertson of Family Oriented Janitorial Service, LLC and hear how her company can provide you with good old fashion spring cleaning. She also will be discussing her Aflac business and how you can benefit by adding Aflac to your life. 

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    Healthy Matters: The Radio show-Toxin Free Cleaning

    in Health

    Are those great smelling cleaning materials in your home cleaning well or, are they actually harming you? Can one make a surface too sterile & what in the world is too sterile? Are those wonderful aromas wafting up your nose really indicating clean or giving us a false sense of clean... Are they safe causing chemical changes in our bodies? Because it's in the store, do we simply assume they're safe? Are safer, more effective methods available and what are some?
    In this weeks installment of Healthy Matters: The Radio Show, we will tackle Toxic Free cleaning and other issues that affect our everyday lives.
    Join myself, Dennis Jefferson and my cohosts the knowledgable Ms Verna Hair-Brown and Ms Dana Pitts as we discuss and get to the bottom of common household items, toxicity and provide you with some safe alternatives and healthy solutions.
    Bring a friend and join us each and every week at 8 pm central standard time for a new episode of Healthy Matters: The Radio show.
    Start your week with a Healthy Matter.

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    DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies on Herbal Prepper Live

    in Education

    DIY Non-Toxic Cleaning Supplies!
    The Herbal Prepper Live
    on American Preppers Radio!
    Sundays 7:00pm/Est 6:00pm/Ct 5:00pm/Mt 4:00pm/Pt
    Live Listen and Chat go to: http://prepperbroadcasting.com/listen-chat/

    Learn to make your own non-toxic herbal household cleaners in this episode of Herbal Prepper Live. The ability to stay clean increases your chance of staying healthy. Many of these contain toxic ingredients, some suspected of being carcinogens. Plus, many people take for granted that there will always be a store to pick up some extra soap or counter top disinfectant spray.

    Read More→ HERE

    Tags: American Preppers Radio, Prepper Broadcasting, The Herbal Prepper, Health Care

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    Candelo's Corner Rebroadcast: The Importance of Cleaning Yourself After Ritual

    in Spirituality

    Tonight a special Candelo's Corner rebroadcast from December 22, 2014: 
    The Importance of Cleaning Yourself After Ritual

    "Candelo Kimbisa hosts Candelo's Corner on Blogtalkradio each Monday night. Tonight he and his co-hosts Ancestor Healing and Malik Kimbiza discuss the importance of cleaning yourself after ritual. This topic was covered in its basic and subtle aspects on the Corner to assist you in all your works. 

    Join Candelo Kimbisa every Monday on Candelo's Corner at 5pm PT, 8pm ET. While you cannot reach the show tonight via phone and we will not have a chat for this show, you can listen to this special rebroadcast or tune via your web browser.

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