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    CleanFreeFun interviewed Gherald Alaman of Talent & Skills

    in Entertainment

    Listen in as CleanFreeFun interviews Gherald Alaman, founder of Talent & Skills. Look at all the great things they are doing for the entertainment industry and changing the way people are being helped to get their start:
    Talent & Skills is a place for actors, models, singers and entertainers to get discovered by agents, filmmakers, casting directors, producers, studios, coaches, and scouts worldwide. Our mission is to unite stellar talent and industry professionals while providing all services to our talent for FREE: Online portfolio/resume, career advice, resources for agents-casting directors-talent managers-photographers-schools, auditions, placement opportunities, gigs. We also host and sponsor a variety of charity and networking events. Our goal is to inspire and creatively stimulate the global community.
    Talent & Skills online profiles?
    http://www.facebook.com/talentandskills http://www.facebook.com/talentandskillsfanpage
    Facebook Groups: Talent Advice
    http://www.twitter.com/talentandskills http://linkedin.com/in/talentandskills
    Linkedin Group: Talent Advice
    skype - talentandskills
    Google + = TalentandSkillsLLC@gmail.com
    We can be reached thru all social media platforms, by phone, email
    EAST COAST # (908) 922-GOOD
    WEST COAST # (213) 53T-ANDS
    International - Skype - talentandskills

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    CleanFreeFun Interviews LadyVee DaPoet

    in Entertainment

     LadyVee DaPoet is a spoken word artist and published poet originally from Augusta, GA. Her poetry performances celebrate the visual expansion of language. ScriptFury Publishing is an umbrella entity for her literary endeavors including writing workshops and Open Mic Showcases in Augusta and Atlanta,GA. 
    To get your own copy of LadyVee be sure to get her CD's by checking out our page.
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    CleanFreeFun Interviews Singleton

    in Entertainment

    Listen in as we speak with this aspiring model, Singleton from Atlanta. She has what it takes. Lets see where she wants to take her career.
    I have always had a passion for fashion.  I’m presently expressing that through modeling.  I started my modeling at the age of 14 at The Barbizon School of Modeling and Acting. When I first started at Barbizon my confidence level  was very low and I was extremely shy. When I officially starting modeling, I surprised myself with the confidence and lack of fear I had acquired.
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    CleanFreeFun Interviews Monique Aquirre

    in Religion

              "Touching Lives Through Vision"
    Monique L. Aguirre has the gift of prophecy with a continued growing ability to see personal and public visions. There are many who find themselves intrigued, curious,and even skeptical about Seers, Prophets and Visionaries. You are invited to learn more about her gift and how over the past two decades this gift has changed Monique and those around her. She welcomes you to hear her experiences, learn how God has blessed her to "Touch Lives Through Vision" and allow you to step further into the unforeseen realms of the naked eye. To Learn more about Monique please visit her at www.moniqueaguirre.com.
      You can also catch her on Facebook and Twitter. www.facebook.com/MoniqueAguirreVSpeakingLife www.twitter.com/Monique_Aguirre For scheduling on the CleanFreeFun Radio email us at info@cleanfreefun.com. You can learn more about CleanFreeFun.com at www.cleanfreefun.com

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    CleanFreeFun Interviews Founders of The Peoples Network

    in Entertainment

    Listen in as we speak with Renee and Bobby Peoples of TPN (The Peoples Network). They have produced movies and shows such as, Money Power & Respect: NEW WORLD ORDER, Chronicles of Passion Series, Love Atlanta Style, Wisecast Digital Television. 
    The Peoples Network is an Atlanta video production company concentrating on the development of powerful and creative video production projects in the Atlanta Metro area and beyond. We offer high quality, attention-getting results that are designed to meet and achieve the specific goals and/or target markets of each individual client.
    You can learn more by visiting their website at http://www.tpnbiz.com/

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    CleanFreeFun Interviews Robert D. Kintigh

    in Entertainment

    Listen in as we speak with Robert D. Kintigh as he discusses the book "The Lies We Tell Ourselves". This book is for everyone who wants to be better in their life and achieve more. You cannot get anywhere good in life by going through the motions and faking it. Success comes into play when we learn to be real, steady ourselves and then get really outrageous in who we are. You must be excited and attack each and every day. 
    Tune in to learn more and see what lies you have been telling yourself.
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    CleanFreeFun is interviewing Poet Kizzie Robinson

    in Entertainment

    Listen in as we interview and speak with Kizzie Robinson,.
    Ms Kizzie Robinson is a Vilgilant Spoken Word Artist who has taken her spirituality, life experiences, and personal testimony, put it in the form of poetry to equip and inspire individuals to Adorn themselves with the Full Armor of God while educating and motivating them through Spoken Word. Along with 10yrs of Healthcare experience and holding the title of a Single Mom raising to young men, Kizzie has created an Art filled with Inspiration to inform adolescents of life and health issues that surround today's society. Kizzie is also the Founder of "Keeping It Real Ministry" where the Love of God is not separated from the Love of Life!
    Kizzie Roinson : facebook @ Kizzie Robinson
    Email: Kizzie_123@yahoo.com

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    CleanFreeFun Interviews Ray-Ray Johnson

    in Music

    We are interviewing Ray-Ray Johnson, Atlanta's up and coming R&B Artist. He has a new song that is about to hit all the radios. Stay tuned and listen to the show to find out what it is and when you will be able to get your own copy. 
    Raymond was born and raised in the entertainment capital of the Southeast. Ray Ray, as he has come to be known as, has Atlanta as his home and music as his heart. RayRay, along with his two brothers was raised by his mother and father in a home that was filled with the love of God, school and music. From the age of 3, RayRays family realized that he had a special gift. Not only was he already showing exceptional vocal talent, he was eagerly commanding an audience at family gatherings. It could be the carpet in the family room or the picnic table at the family reunion, RayRay was always eager to put on a show. 
    To learn more about Ray-Ray Johnson and to follow him on Facebook, be sure to "Like" his page. 
    CleanFreeFun is the companion to www.cleanfreefun.com. You can check us out there for events going on in the city that are free and $5 or less. To be interviewed on our show visit us at info@cleanfreefun.com.

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    CleanFreeFun Interviews Hotep - #1 Business Mogul

    in Entertainment

    Urban Philosopher, Brand Master and Supreme Hustler are just a few of the titles earned by Hotep. Hotep is president and founder of HustleUniversity.Org, the first self-help HBCU for entrepreneurs. He is a Congressional Award-winning educator and media mogul known for his out-the-box thinking, guerilla marketing tactics, branding expertise and his unique “common sense” approach to teaching leadership, entrepreneurship and practical business best practices. Hotep is the author of several popular empowerment books including the original classic; The Hustler’s 10 Commandments.

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    CleanFreeFun Interviews Ex NFL Player Michael Basnight

    in Football

    Michael Basnight is an example of our soul’s ability to break through socioeconomic and emotional hurdles to achieve its destiny.
    His story begins in rural Gum Neck, North Carolina living with his grandmother.  Basnight’s father died twenty eight days before his birth.
    Basnight is a natural athlete and gifted running back. His stellar high school performance earned a scholarship to attend North Carolina A&T State University, in Greensboro, North Carolina.  Basnight’s collegiate accolades include All-American, All-Conference, the Jake Gaither Award (Black College Equivalent to the Heisman Trophy), and National Athlete of the Year.
    He joined the NFL Cincinnati Bengals in 1999. During his rookie year, Basnignt averaged five yards per carry and was voted Best Special Teams Player. His book, “Deeper than the Game,” was published in 2000, after establishing Basnight Books. The book is an epic poetic autobiography of Basnight’s life from his early teens. “Deeper than the Game,” has three sections; Deeper than the Game, Deeper than the Love, and Deeper than Soul. He has sold over 4,000 copies and received national sports media attention.
    Basnight created national headlines when he used his celebrity to halt rioting in one of Cincinnati’s most culturally and economically challenged neighborhoods. His humanitarian actions earned the City’s Medal of Peace. In 2001, Basnight became the first player in franchise history to sign with the Houston Texans in their inaugural season.  He helped market the team by participating in numerous community programs and promotional events. He is currently a retired.
    Basnight is also the first male member of his family to graduate from college. Basnight received his Bachelor of Science in Art Design from North Carolina A&T with a 3.01 GPA.   

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    CleanFreeFun Interviews Alexis - Rising Star from SFL

    in Entertainment

    Alexis Reise Brodman is 14 years old and is a freshmen in high school.  She has been performing since she was 6 years old and has been progressing ever since.  Alexis is inspired by the hit Fox Television show “Glee” and is passionate about musical theatre.  Her favorite musicals are Wicked and Rent. Her favorite artists are Chris Colfer and Darren Criss. She aspires to be successful in the entertainment industry one day. Alexis is currently working on her EP with “Rebel Music” from South Florida. She has performed in numerous plays, including the leading role in the musical “Annie”. Alexis has performed at many celebrity charity events.  To hear more of Alexis check out her Facebook page and Youtube page at Alexis Reise Music.
    Fun Facts about Alexis:
    1) Alexis’ favorite book is “The Land of Stories” by Chris Colfer.
    2) Alexis has 3 cats and a dog.
    3) Alexis has an 18 year old brother in college.
    4) Alexis also likes to act and dance.
    5) Alexis’ favorite websites are Tumblr and Twitter.
    6) Her favorite iphone app is “Zombie Tsunami”

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