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    The Fault in our New Year's Resolution Part 3 "Breaking Bad, Habits"

    Tonight on Elevated Minds Elevated Minds Radio we will skip ahead to our 3rd episode in the series (the second will be postponed to a later date Stay Tuned!!!)The third most common New Year's Resolution is to break some sort of bad habit smoking, drinking etc,. We will discuss what causes us to Break this resolution so much and how we can work to push through this just like any other obstacle. If you would like to ask questions, make a comment, or just tune in call (917)932-1078. and press 1 for any comments or questions. You can also tune in by going to www.elevatedmindsradio365.co and scrolling down to you see us. Survival Radio Network the Station you cant live without, We do RADIO!!!!

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    Tonight on Elevated Minds Radio we will start a series called "The Fault in Our New Year's Resolutions". In this series we plan to tackle the four most common New Year’s resolutions that people set and don't accomplish. The most popular New Year’s resolution is to get in shape. Millions of people flood gyms across America. (Even though they vacate by March) in hopes of getting their dream body. However, this is also the most broken resolution as well. On Sunday we will be discussing why this Resolution is so hard to stick to and we will speak with some of New Orleans’s best personal trainers who will give tips and answer any questions you may have about your fitness journey. If you would like to listen in to the show you can call (917)932-1078 Press 1 to ask the host or their guest a question or make a comment, you can also listen online via @, www.elevatedmindsradio365.com

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    Eat Clean! Train Mean!

    in Health

    Are you ready for a healthier you in 2015? Join MSKeepItMoving on The Keep It Moving Blog Talk Radio Show with special guests Sharnita L. Smith of FitndFabChics Building Beautiful Bodies and Ronda Bryant, certified Zumba and Fitness instructor.  Want to get your body looking tight and do it right? Listen and learn how you too can Eat Clean and Train Mean in 2015!



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    Brenda Perkins - Hearts for Kindness

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    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Brenda Perkins from Hearts for Kindness.The groups goal  is to promote community and hope through acts of kindness that bring people together within the community. Please visit their website at http://www.heartsforkindness.com/.

    The Friends of Kevin Radio show promotes Businesses, Non Profits and Artists if you would like to be a guest on the show please email me at Kevin@friendsofkevin.com

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    With 2014 winding down, and resolutions being pondered, everyone is looking to do some sort of self-improvement. Sunday Night on Elevated Minds Radio we want to help breakdown some of the social and cultural stigmas that have plagued the black community for decades. we were inspired by the short film Dear "White People" instead of discrediting the stereotypes of the Black community we will be shedding light on the good, the bad, and the most ridiculous in an attempt to put a mirror to the underlying issues that some of these misconceptions stem from www.elevatedmindsradio365.co or call in at (917)932-1078

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    The Genocide of Our Young Black Males

    Sunday night on Elevated Minds Radio Elevated Minds we wil discuss President Barack Obama's issuance of long-awaited Executive Order on immigration policy on Nov. 20. The executive order will help skilled undocumented workers gain temporary citizenship.So what will this mean for the millions of illegal immigrants already living in this country. To join the conversation call (917) 932-1078 press 1 to ask a question or make a comment live on air. you can listen at www.elevatedmindsradio365.com

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    Lena Germaine Clark Joins Us To Discuss Her Book, "Amazing Minds,"

    in Motivation

    Renee Huewitt Hall is honored to welcome Lena to the show. She brings an amazing story with an amazing book. She gives some great information about mental health and stability. And, how we as a people should be healthy with our minds and body. 

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    We are admonished to guard our hearts.  This is vitally important in the world that we live in now.  As we look around, we see all types of inputs coming at us that attempts to peck away at our foundation in God.  It is the samll foxes that spoil the vine. How much of the world that we live in can we let in before it begin to chip away at our foundation?  Or should our goal be to be of this world but not live according to it's dictates about what is right or wrong?  How do some of us sometimes start off fighting the good fight of faith and end up shipwrecked on a backslidden island?  We will discuss this and more, so join us for this word from God. . 

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    "Elevated Minds" Year in Review

    in Motivation

    THis is the last Sunday of the 2014 year.It is a time of great reflection and planning for the future. Tonight on Elevated Minds we will be summarizing the highs and lows of the year as well as discussing what we have to look forward to in the New Year. We will also be making an anouncement about changes to the contentof the show Stay tuned!!!!!!


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    Re-Awakening Minds with your host Dr. Nailah Gilliam & Special Guest Tuere Cheka

    in Spirituality

    On this episode of Re-Awakening Minds with your host Dr. Nailah Gilliam with Special Guest Tuere Cheka.

    Call in early for your reading!!!

    Tune in Monday @ 6 Pm PST / 9 PM EST

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    Illuminating Minds Society

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    Rev Druana Johnston B.Msc guides you through Life’s Challenges in an effortless fashion through our Life Coaching  techniques utilizing the understanding of the Universal Laws, Multidimensional, Parallel Universes, Quantum Physics, Esotericism,  the Power of your Thoughts, Your Words,  Subconscious Reprogramming, and Vibrational Energy, Sound, hypnotherapy, Meditation  teachings on Law of Attraction, within the Microcosm of the mind and the Macrocosm. In order to master the outside world we realize one needs to move inside our own inner reality to manifest the reality we wish. If you are ready to  take your power back as a Sovereign God/dess you will know how to act appropriately against life’s difficult challenges and obstacles.  We coach others on how to effectively operate on in the mundane of Malkuth confidently without any misconceptions that have been construed by the public, media and education system, of the belief that we are just a human chattel lacking the capacity to utilize the gifts that are inherited to us by Prime Creator

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