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  • Music Business and Beyond!

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    The Building Your Xtra-Ordinary Business Radio Program!

    Music Business and Beyond!

    My guest this Thursday is Micheal Castaldo.  Micheal is an award-winning, classical crossover recording artist, songwriter, entertainer, and producer with a spirited, passionate, enchanting voice and flawless delivery.  From humorous storytelling to his innovative and unique arrangements, this artist breathes new life into songs made famous by such legendary singers as Enrico Caruso, Elvis Presley, Roy Orbison, The Beatles, the Bee Gees, Simon & Garfunkel, Claudio Vila, Leonard Cohen, Judy Garland, Louis Armstrong, Gypsy Kings, and Andrea Bocelli. Micheal combines virtuosic musical feats with an accessible and engaging program of well-known international classic HIT songs sung in Italian, classic Italian, Calabrian, and Neapolitan to create a show that’s “fast-paced, heartfelt, hopeful, funny, and touching, with a stellar voice and commanding accompaniment.”

    Micheal is also an avid and passionate olive oil connoisseur. As such, he offers Opera ‘n Olive Oil, a unique cultural program for students of all ages. This deliciously educational show blends an olive oil tasting with a unique musical performance featuring some of Micheal’s favorite songs from his Olive You CD and beautiful scenes of Italy projected on a large screen behind him as he sings. There is no other show like this in the world that combines a beautiful classical musical performance with the delightful culinary experience of an imported organic extra virgin olive oil tasting. www.michealcastaldo.com

    Log onto www.blogtalkradio.com/Jim-Nemley on Thursday, September 3rd, 2015 at 7:00 pm EST Don’t Miss This Show!

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    America's Classical Music Jazz

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    This evening, I will interview and share music of Maija Rejman a jazz vocalist who resides in the Washington Metropolitan area.  When she was nine years old, she began performing on several Jacksonville, FL television stations.  At 11 years old, she sang regularly on the radio for the USO in Newport, Rhode Island, and on WEEI, Boston. Then at age 12 local Boston songwriters started hiring Maija to do new song demos.  After graduating from high school, she sang briefly with Bobby Timmons at the original Bohemian Caverns in Washington, D.C.  In 1987, Maija sang at the Apollo Theatre winning one of the weekly contests.  As a result, she started performing in all the major venues in the Washington Metropolitan area.  Over the years, Maija has performed with many great jazz artists such as Bobby Timmons, Keter Betts, Ron Elliston, Charlie Byrd, Buck Hill, Bob Butta, Robert Redd, Chuck Redd, Tommy Cecil, James King, Wade Beach, David Kane, Drew Gress, Naser Abadey, Lenny Robinson, Tony Martucci, Mike Crotty and Claudio Roditi.  Join us this evening at Jazz Notes keeping jazz alive.

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    Entre Nos: conversa com jornalista e apresent dos programas In - Claudio Emanuel

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    Radio Angola (RA): Entre Nos, Master Ngola Nvunji, conversou exclusivamente com o Claudio Emanuel -  jornalista e apresentador dos programas In, Akapela e Luanda a Noite da Radio Despertar. Em conversa com Master Ngola Nvunji, Claudio King como é vulgarmente conhecido, disse ainda, que em Angola a pratica do jornalismo (sério) é inexistente. 

    A Rádio Angola – uma rádio sem fronteiras – é um dos projectos da Friends of Angola, onde as suas opiniões e sugestões são validas e respeitadas.

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    May18@10pmET CandidFrankLive CFL Talk: Claudio Raposo & Aaron Nagy

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    Tonight to Monday June 22, 2015 we will be Working out, Exhibiting both rookies and verteran Broadcasters for the 2 positions available until and including Monday June 22, 2015 the end of CFL Training Camps.
    June 24th, 2015: Premiere Show will air on Wednesday June 24th, 2015.  
    June 25th, 2015: CFL Regular Season Begin Thursday June 25th, 2015.
    Thank you to all, who in varying degrees of Interest from, want to but, to am a pro and looking for a show about the CFL where I can contribute.
    Time to contribute varies from little to how much time do you need me for.
    I apologize to those I left out to thank.
    Aaron Ford Aaron Russell Mackenzie Nagy Aaron WalshAdam PardiacAnita DeaconAnthony J LewisBill McmahonBox J BoyBryce GauwCarolyn SchroederCatalina Maria JurcinoChad IsaacCharles CliffChristopher JonesClaudio Raposo Claydon GorveattDan GiancolaDarren TannerDarrin ScanlanDave MillarDavid Michael HugaertDebbie Kavalo Debbie WormsbeckerDella GardenDennis BoboloDouglas J. CampbellFelipe Lima de MeloFrank Kirby the MascotIan R AlbertIngrid StewartJessica ToupinJohn Fernie John RepponJohn RepponJosilyn Martens Judith WaltonKeith Cruickshank Kevin KreshewskiKevin LilleyKhalif MitchellKim Gordon RoyLennox LeaderLiam CerdasLordele GreenyerLynda TarvesManny CorenblumMarg KislankoMark WennMatt RoweMel McGuiganMichael WilloughbyMichelle BabottMyk the Aussie Nancy Miklian Pat Myketa,Paul MurdockPhil KitchenRay JamesRichard Charles ErasmusRichard SkowRio WellsRobbie Kirk at TSNRobin Smerdon (Scallion on BBM)Roland LavalleeRon MontgomeryRyan YSantino FilosoScott FitzsimmonsSerena SwopeShawn LewansSimone CameronStorm SchmidtTammy JacksonTammy Lee BraunerTerri PitzelThaddeus ScottTodd MoggeyTom DriliosVal LeeWendell Anderson

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    VOC Nation Wrestling: Wrestling Unwrapped 4.2-PWG Card Subject to Change 3

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    I feel like we've been here before. Well, maybe because we have... kind of.

    So, instead of last week's setup with no Patrick, this time it's no Harry. So, join Patrick and guest co-host Paul Brian Leazar as they head back west to the L.A. region, and back to everyone's favorite company to come out of an American Legion hall (AAW and SHIMMER are out of an Eagle's Club, get it right), as they cover the third installment in PWG's Card Subject to Change series. Headlined by Claudio Castagnoli vs. Joey Ryan for the PWG World Championship, and a dynamite match between Low-Ki and Akira Tozawa, THIS is the kind of show you think of when you think of PWG. 

    Why are Patrick and Paul going out of order with their lineup and not doing a WWE DVD? it's their show. 

    Plus, Patrick and Paul will discuss other things, including Patrick's weekend in Berwyn for SHIMMER, and how he managed to piss off over a half dozen wrestlers in 1 days, along with his newest take in DVDs.

    Also, don't miss the weekly Cash and Trash of the DVDs. What did Patrick and Paul find to be the Nicole Matthews (good) of the DVD, and what did they find to be the Allysin Kay of this show?

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    If centuries of sex, sin, violence, Romance and Heresy echoed within the walls of your childhood home, would you dare spill the secrets now solely in your possession?

    The Sins of Castel du Mont is based partly on Italian Folklore  passed down From generation to generation... secrets whispered from father to son, mother to daughter, until the day the author incredibly became the first legitimate child born within its infamous walls.

    In 1964, feeling the lure of the castle and the legends surrounding it, author Rosemary Bracco Greenbaum Kohler was drawn to her birthplace  to unravel the mysteries of the Castel du Mont. Conducting intensive interviews with only local citizens over eighty years old, the author collected the four epic tales artfully woven together into this monumental novel. The haunting stories surrounding The Castel were given to her in the dying dialect of Piedmontese.

    For centuries, The Castel has kept its secrets and for decades, these unorthodox accounts whispered from generation to generation simmered in translation until the time was ripe for the stories to be revealed…

    Legend has it that the occupants of the castel lived a life of notoriety and scandal. The Sins of Castel du Mont  is actually four interwoven stories based on the  research the author  collected and some of castel’s most memorable residents, including Bianca, the bride of an oppressive and cruel count, Clara and dante, victims of an indecent and obscene priest, and lovers, Roxanne and Father Claudio whose forbidden love was shocking not only because Father Claudio was a member of the clergy but because it was under the dispassionate eye of Roxanne’s womanizing husband. 

    For Centuries, The Castel has kept it’s secrets. For decades these unorthodox accounts simmered in translation until the time was ripe for the enigma to be revealed.



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    Computer America - Spellex ; Parallels!

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    Computer America

    Hour one:
    Spellex.  Vincent Petrillo, Product Manager.

    Spellex Corporation is the world leader in industry specific writing tools software. The flagship line of Spellex products features its plug-in industry spelling software for Microsoft and their speech recognition software for Dragon Naturally Speaking.

    Hour two:
    Parallels. Kurt Schmucker, Senior Product Manager.

    Parallels Cross-Platform Solutions make it possible and simple for customers to use and access the applications and files they need on any device or operating system. They are the leader in helping customers take advantage of the best technology out there, whether it’s Mac, Windows, iOS, Android, or the Cloud.

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    This week on The Awakening Liberty Show, Sean interviews Claudio Marty who started the now viral Facebook page "I am the Face Of 9/11 Truth" We will get Claudio's take on 9/11 Truth and find out why he started the group; Why and when Claudio woke up as well! We will also discuss many of the issues that have so many Americans questioning what the hell really happened that day! Should be a great show!! 

    A hard hitting program focused on Truth and Liberty. The show includes news and commentary on the New World Order Agenda and the Global takeover by Central Banks. It also explores ways that WE the resistance can effect change in these Dark Times. The show will also look at historic events that perpetuated the rise of the New World Order, who is involved and what their agenda is!

    Join Sean for an enlightening evening!

    Call in at 347-324-3704 or Listen Live

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    KS Radio: The Vagina Monologues

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    This week we talk about The Vagina Monologues that is coming up FEB 22 at Bert Church Theatre in Airdrie and play a couple tunes too.

    Tickets to The Vagina Monolgues can be purchased online at www.threedcoaching.ca/vday2015

    Kim Cheel interviews Cathy Perrotta and Robin Mueller two of the lovely 16 ladies participating in The Vagina Monologues. Interesting conversations around women, girls and men.

    Kim also interviews some of the guys that are participating in A Man's Prayer which is part of the 1 Billion Rising piece of the show. Chris Nicholson is the newby this year and Chris Gourlie, Claudio Fornasiero and Bob Barruso are returning after their experience last year. Great to hear men coming out and supporting women.

    Thank you everyone.

    Song 1: Rob Dawson, Falling Out www.robdawsonmusic.com

    Song 2: Official One Billion Rising Song - Break the Chain

    Song 3: Debbie Bergeron, Break the Chain www.debbiebergeron.com

    Any questions or want to be a part of any of our shows contact Karen at info@kultureshake.com


    Tickets to this event www.threedcoaching.ca/vday2015


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    Three-Time Tour de France Winner Greg LeMond and Dr. Mark Hom

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    The Total Tutor Neil Haley will interview Three-Time Tour de France Winner Greg LeMond and Dr. Mark Hom, the authors of The Science of Fitness:Power, Performance and Endurance.


    Born on June 26, 1961, Greg Lemond was the most talented rider in the mid to late 1980’s. He was a proven performer in two of the biggest races of the year: the Tour de France and the World Championship Road Race.

    Lemond may have been the most talented cyclist to come from the US. He could sprint, time trial and climb with the best. He was a master at peaking for the big events and was a force in the Grand Tours and one-day races.

    Only 5 riders have won more titles in the Tour de France and only 4 riders have won more titles in the World Championship Road Race.

    Lemond is 1 of only 5 riders to win the Tour de France / World Championship Road Race double in one year.

    Lemond won the Tour de France three times, in 1986 in front of Bernard Hinault of France and Urs Zimmermann of Switzerland, in 1989, in front of Laurent Fignon of France and Pedro Delgado of Spain, and in 1990, in front of Claudio Chiappucci of Italy and Erik Breukink of Holland.


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    9/11 The BIGGEST LIE - with Host James Easton & Guest Claudio Marty

    in US Government

    Claudio is coming at us with a refined discourse on his stance about 9/11 and with some positive reinforcement to get us moving as a movement. Listen in and Call In if you please to ask either of us questions.