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    Sacredheart Old time Gospel Hour_Missing_Nukes_pt2

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    Dr. Butch Continues bringing the TOP NEWS of the Missing USA Nules, WHere are they..??? WHy did they move them..??? WHat Dr. Butch has found out that the STATE of TEXAS is a MAIN PLAYER..Texas had Nukes there ever since the Cold War...now our Gov. or who...took them out of state toward the east coast...The Truck Driver told News that he took them to South Carolina...Also a lot of U.N. Trucks (((Brand new ones))) at that...is traveling all ove the South Eastern States..From Alabama, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina,,,there is something going on BIG TIME...we all need to be very very worried about it all...Here we will talk about whats going on right now..inlight of now they can pull off a lot of stuff right under the peoples nose because of the 2016 Hillery Election running for President...God Help us all if that Demon gets in the White House...of the things she has said about this country and its people, and how many lies she has told and BIG TIME Crimes she has covered up...yeah she'll fit right in ...UH...??? Tune it tonight at 8PM USA /EST :

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    Sacredheart Old Time Gospel Hour_Trumpets_Of_Heaven

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    Are the Trumpets of Heaven now sounding off..?

    All Around the world, people are recording and hearing strange Trumpet like sounds, Booms, Shaking of the Ground and the Local Government does not know what it is...tonight Dr. Butch will dive into this subject, as it started late 2011 and got going even heavier 2012, the Mayan Year of the end of thier recorded time line. Then we find it has continued and may have gotten louder and worse last year and this year..we will listen in around the world tonight to the recorded sounds from the very people that heard them...news reports all coming in across even now the inter net...youtube..facebook...join us tonight at 8pm USA EST and hear the REAL SOUNDS the people around the golobe is hearing..how fighten they are...where is it coming from...???  The SKY...!!! Is it Gods Warning to mankind, will they listen..??? Is it a warning of the coming of Jesus or warning that the Devil is now on Earth and in FULL CONTROL...no matter which it is THE END OF DAYS or TIME...!!! TUNE IN TONIGHT..!!!

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    Sacredheart Old Time Gospel Hour_The Smiles OF Heaven_the 7th cow

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    The " Smiles Of Heaven " ,  

    In this show Dr. Butch Brings to you the speech given to Capital Hill by the RABBI Jonathan Cahn a powerful man of the HOLY GOD OF ISRAEL , his warning given to those of Congress, those that would come or even show up to hear his words of dire warning to America...as Dr. Butch will show how the RIGHT was there and the LEFT was missing in action..the Progressives went  AWOL....WHY..?? Also we will talk about the 7th Cow the RED HEIFER...there were two born on September 2014 on Passover and both on that same day..predicted by GODS WORD....they are here listen to the reasons why one is red and one black...and MANKIND IS THE LAST  SACRIFICE ever.
    TO hear this short POWERFUL SPEECH that should set under you a HOLY FIRE OF GOD...and for AMERICANS LAST CHANCE to get BACK TO GOD...so Dont MISS this show, it just may ONCE AND FOR ALL SHOW YOU HOW THIS COUNTRY HAS TURNED ITS BACK ON GOD AND HIS CHILDREN...THE END OF DAYS IN GODS OWN WORDS..THE RETURN OF JESUS IS SOON UPON US ALL...may we all REJOICE, for ALL EVIL will be burned in the great PIT of DAMNATION FOREVER MORE to set us his children Finally FREE FROM THIS NEW PROGRESSIVE EVIL that now RULES this Planet...tune in to get back to GOD..America is now doomed as a Kingdom... no more last chances...the time is at hand...the power of GODS HOLY WRATH IS NOW AT THE WORLDS VERY DOOR...Watch ...but dont FEAR CHILDREN OF GOD...for we that are his will be taken care of in total PEACE as the WORLD BURNS and EVIL IS DESTORIED...AMEN AND AMEN : TUNE IN TONIGHT (THURSDAY , 23RD AT 8PM USA / EST : 

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    Sacredheart Old Time Gospel Hour_Bible Trumpets_Continues

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    Dr.Butch will continue on with his thoughts of why the Strange Trumpet sounds around the World is happening now. What does the Bible tell us about it..how the Evil of tis world is now Considered GOOD..and GOOD now is EVIL...sound like Satan is in FULL control NOW..tune in to hear the last part of this as we wait on more signs to come...NOW IS THE TIME TO TALK TO JESUS :

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    Special Guests: Steve Alexander, President, AMCA Smoky Mountain Chapter Michael Goehring, Founding Member, AMCA Smoky Mountain Chapter Keith Kizer, Executive Director, Antique Motorcycle Club of America

    One of the most important things about owning an antique motorcycle is the chance to interact with others who have the same passion as you do. And what better way to accomplish that than to join one of the largest old motorcycle clubs in the world: The Antique Motorcycle Club of America. The AMCA provides a nationwide network of old bike enthusiasts who are looking to interact and further the good, clean sport of vintage motorcycles. In addition, the AMCA is also comprised of smaller regional chapters of the club that allow you to meet the people in your area that share your passion. But, what if you don’t have a chapter near you and still want to have an AMCA affiliation? Our guests this week have answered just this question by forming the newest affiliate of the AMCA: the Smoky Mountain Chapter.

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    Poppa L's Old School Flava Sunday's w/Co Host CM Dubb @ 4pm on PD Radio

    in Radio

    This Sunday join Poppa L's his Co Host CM Dubb and the Old School Flava Crew as they put that needle to them classics records you love and cherish....its time to dance, reminisce, and turn them speakers up! 

    Only on #PoeticDesignsRadio Sunday @ 4pm tune in and get your dose of timeless tunes... listen via phone 657-383-0107 or Blogtalk.com/PoeticDesignsRadio...what's your flava?

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    Sacredheart Old Time Gospel Hour_about todays END TIMES

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    Huge Missing Nuke Update!  Sign of the END TIMES ..??

    Special Forces Invade Appalachian Trail , Oparation Helms 15 , Obama fires all of the TOP Petagon Generals also Obama has fired the Top Nuke Generals and Code holders...Obama is trying to transfer Nukes from Texas to South Carolina which has not one Base  that can guard them or even fire them if they were missles, but were they MISSILES or just a BOMB to be set off as a FALSE FLAG to PIN IT ON ISRAEL..?? Or are they getting ready to ship them out of the port of S.C. to Iran..? Was these Nukes part of Obama and John Kerrys NUKE DEAL with Iran..????  Now are you wondering ??...also the take over of our Militery that will soon go to our streets to take the guns away from the people, the first step for the Gov to take full control after Obama writes a Exe Order for  Federal Martial Law...and MORE TODAY AT NOON.. as my Friend in Jesus Alex Jones which listens to us, Jones whats me to spread this because its THE END TIME FOR AMERICA For SURE AS WE KNOW IT...!! THIS IS NOT JUST ANOTHER Rabit STORY, THIS IS REAL, BACKED UP BY THOUSANDS OF DOCUME NTS AND NOW EVEN THE GOV ITSELF HAS ADMITTED THAT HELMS 15 is going on..and that NUKES ARE MISSING AS THE SENTOR GRAMM WARNS OBAMA, and HIS PEOPLE OF HIS STATE TO BEWARE OF A NUKE STRIKE IN THE PORT OF CHARLSTON, then  OBAMA will Somehow tie it in to ISRAEL...!!! Has the REAL DEMON SHOWED HIS FACE...?  Will WE THE PEOPLE STAND BY AND LET THIS MAN KILL US IF WE DONT GIVE UP OUR RIGHTS OF OWNING GUNS..PLUS GOLD...YES I SAID ...GOLD Obama will order all PERSONAL GOLD FROM YOU ACCOUNTS OR YUOR PERSONAL HOME WILL BE TAKEN AWAY ...WHY..??  GOLD IS POWER...!!!I DR>BUTCH TURNS LOOSE HIS RED DOGS,  MAY GOD BLESS AND HELP US ALL...PLEASE PRAY FOR AMERICA...!!!   

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    Sacredheart Old TIme Gospel Hour_Moden Day Satan

    in Religion

    As this last ERA of time for man is now setting up Satans Firm RULE...LIES upon LIES the Gospel tells us, We shall know Satan by how he lies and makes the sheep take his lies as the FULL TRUTH ...!!! This world is now fully accepting lies as full truths..and TRUTHS as LIES !! The Bible says that in the END OF DAYS, man will not be able to tell which is which, Jesus warned us that ,, " In that day, you will not be able to tell the seasons one from another." As Jesus used medifores , a use of words that was not up front, because he wanted only people that wanted to THINK for them selves to TAKE HEED...to be the ones that would follow after him..so they could teach the real meanings of SATAN WORDS against that of GODS...Thinking OUTSIDE of the BOX was what Jesus used, as he also tired to teach us to use...but as we became lazy..we use all the short cuts and we dont care if the world is told LIES or that we follow said LIES..Tune in to hear how those lies will lead to mans destuction today..Saturday at NOON...12 pm USA EST..God Bless ALL: 

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    Playtime With Sandra Radio: Cruisin in Classic Mobility

    in Entertainment

    Good Evening, Ladies and Gentlemen!

    Tune in tonight at 10:00pm Pacific Time to the latest LIVE episode of Playtime With Sandra Radio

    with your hostess, Sandra LONDON of Live&Grind, based in Southern California.


    MUSIC, courtesy of FreeMusicArchive and Naked Girls Radio




                           Listener Call-In:  (8 5 8) 8 1 5 - 2 3 3 3


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    Special Guests: Ron Christenson, Mecum Auctions  E.J. Cole

    Recently, the world turned its eyes to the city of Las Vegas, Nevada, where Mecum Auctions handled what is now being called the “Auction of the Century”. 225 staggeringly-rare and historic motorcycles from the personal collection of Mr. E.J. Cole crossed the auction block and headed off to new owners around the world. Many of these machines had never before been seen together and collectively represented the development of the American motorcycle industry throughout the 20th Century. The auction produced several record sales prices, such as $650,000.00 for the 1907 Harley Davidson Strap-Tank, and $775,000.00 for the ex-Steve McQueen 1915 Cyclone. On April 8th at 7pm Central, join us as we sit down with Ron Christenson, head of the Mecum Motorcycle Division, and Mr. E.J. Cole himself to discuss the results of this monumental sale


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    Classy Gaming: The Midwest Gaming Classic - 2015

    in Video Games

    Join Scott and Future Doctor Pinkos as they regale you with tales from the Midwest Gaming Classic. They'll shower you with all of the happenings, goings-on, and everything in between. They'll also bring you progress on Game Centric Radio's up-and-coming YouTube Channel: Game Centric TV! So, tune in and don't miss out!

    Subscribe to GCTV here.

    Check out GCTV's MGC playlist here.