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    Join me as I  share the music of one the 80's biggest heart throbes, Rick Sprinfield. He started as actor on General Hospital playing Dr, Noah Drake as well as Zac, the brother of Captain Apollo in the  movie Battlestar Galactica, but most fans know him as a rock  star.  HIs first album in 1980 Working Class dog, featured his one and only #1 hit, along with some 80's radio hits. He followed that up with his 1982 album, Success hasn't spolied me yet and produced a few more top ten hits. To date Rick Springfield has produced over a dozen albums, on this show, I will expolore many of these with you. So sit back and enjoy....

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    Classic Music Friday: Irene Diaz, Karen Dezelle

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    This Friday I will on my to Ireland to interview bands. So today we will treat you to a classic Music FridayLive! with Irene Diaz and Karen Dezelle. There will be no show April 18.

    Irene Diaz opens in Segment 1.  She is a twenty-six-year-old, LA –based singer- songwriter trained in classical piano and steeped in blues and jazz.  Inspired by artists such as Nina Simone, Ella , Fiona Apple,  with tones reminiscent of Eva Cassidy Irene just released her debut EP, I Love You Madly.   We will play cuts from it, including the stunning single, “Crazy Love” which will haunt your mind and hypnotize your ears in a riptide of emotion.    

    In segment 2,  singer-songwriter Karen Dezelle combines honest narratives with soft, soothing vocals, creating vulnerability with wide appeal.  Karen has lived all over the world and it shows in her deft blending of beats and melodies. Inspired by artists such as Jewel and Joni Mitchell, Karen', emotionally-complex lyrics are offset by a minimalist song structure and  innocent vocals in a moving sound, both calming and exciting. 

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    Troy Doherty: from TV to music. Doe Paoro: music and mystery

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    Doe Paoro  is a Brooklyn-based, California-loving songwriter and vocalist whose music both uplifts and unsettles, entertains and mystifies.  With an operatic-range voice honed by studying Tibetian folk opera, she is a unique force in today’s music scene.  Her 2012 debut Slow to Love introduced her with stark production and a raw, ethereal vocals. Her most recent album, After,  maintains the soulful intensity but is majestic with  finely textured sound.  Her sound is unique, her songwriting gut-punching and her voice magical…an artist to watch.

    Troy Doherty is a triple threat - singer, songwriter, and actor – whose sound is a mix of blues and pop-rock . Troy began learning piano and guitar around the age of 10, experimenting with musical influences including Led Zepplin, Journey  and pop-rock on the radio. His debut EP, Citizen’s Arrest, was made possible through the help of successful Kick Starter campaign funds which exceeded the fundraising goal, demonstrating the depth of emotion of his fans.   


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    Join your host, Lisa J. Moore as we talk about the issues of the day from a "classic conservative" viewpoint.

    Your views are welcome as well anytime during the show on "TALK ABOUT IT THURSDAY!"

    Yes, It's live...so anything can happen....and that is the fun.

    Bring your friends, bring your snacks and beverages....and let's continue to make history!

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    New Music Inferno w/ Ryan Redebaugh, The New Classic & Ballyhoo!!!

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    Ryan Redebaugh - Pop/Rock Singer/Songwriter from New York...New album "Nearby Places" out now...Also working on another new album which will be out in the near future...He also dabbles in acting & composing music...Check out his music & more @ www.ryanredebaugh.com

    The New Classic - Tucson,AZ based Indie Rock band...New Self-Titled Record out now..Headed out on the tour named "The West Meets The East" beginning on August 12th in Tucson,AZ...Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/TheNewClassicBand

    Ballyhoo - Alternative Reggae/Punk/Rock band from Aberdeen,MD...New EP "Halo(Beautiful Day)" out now...Currently on the "#SuperHappyFunMoney" Tour w/ Bumping Uglies & Fayuca...See them live this Sunday in Las Vegas @ Backstage Bar & Billards..Check out their music & more @ www.facebook.com/ballyhoo

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    Join us this Wednesday night as we have a special show planned for you. This week we will have another music show for you. We will discuss the latest album by Kendrick Lamar titled "2 Pimp A Butterfly". We will talk about the albums content and do we think this is a classic album and does it have the power to change the sound and quality of hip hop today. I will have a all star panel join me on this show. We will have former Bad Boy A&R Barry Bondz joining us. We will have my man from SmashmouthFM Mr. Thomas Jones aka DJ T Soul. As well as Brian Keith who is a singer songwriter and producer. And we may have a few more other guest. We will also play some of the album as well. So be sure to tell a friend and relative and rock out with us at 8pm est this Wednesday 4/8. Our call in number is 619-393-2813

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    Pedii Talks Music ep.35

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    Our thirty-fifth epsiode. We will have an interview along with songs from NishoSoul our featured artist!!! check out more songs from him at http://www.soundcloud.com/NishoSoul/sets/the-manifest and don't forget to like us on facebook to always know when to tune into the best music radio podcast in the DMV area.https://www.facebook.com/PediiTalksMusic

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    Pedii Talks Music ep. 36

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    Our thirty-sixth episode. We will have an interview along with songs from Matthew Richardson our featured artist!!! check out more songs from him at https://soundcloud.com/matthewrichardsonmusic and don't forget to like us on facebook to always know when to tune into the best music radio podcast in the DMV area.https://www.facebook.com/PediiTalksMusic

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    Classic House Music Show

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    Classic House Music All Night Long with Dj Scarface

    Featuring European and Domestic House

    Featuring Dj Scarface In the Mix

    House Music from 80's, 90's & 2000's

    Club Music, House Music, Trance, Tribal

    Dj Richard Humpty Vision, Bad Boy Bill, Dj AFG,


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    Pedii Talks Music ep.34

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    Our thirty-fourth episode. We will have an interview along with songs from Chantél our featured artist!!! check out more songs from her at www.youtube.com/LoveMusicHair and don't forget to like us on facebook to always know when to tune into the best music radio podcast in the DMV area.https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pedii-Talks-Music

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    A Great Music Mix

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    Real Soul Music Talk Radio presents another great music mix from yours truly DJ Jano G.  Please Join the movement and we do not judge anyone.  We are so sorry for the week off because of interference of changing our internet provider so we apologize again.  We are back up and running and join us any week day at 10 pm cst.  

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