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    Sports Clash Episode 1: Super Bowl Matchup, Fantasy BBall and Instant Replay

    in Sports

    In the debut episode of Sports Clash with Rich Arleo and Chris Carey, we'll tell you a little about ourselves, chat about the AFC and NFC Championship games and the impending Super Bowl matchup as well as share some Fantasy Basketball advice and our thoughts on instant replay. Rich and Chris are longtime sports fans and rivals who know their stuff but don't always have the same views. What topic will they "clash" on today? Find out by tuning in to the first ever episode of Sports Clash radio.

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    Clash Of The Titians

    in Radio

    Hosted By-Edwin J Applewhite


    Music By-Nicki Minaj Ft-Drake,Prince Royce Ft-Snoop Dogg,MackMilly Shineboy Ft-Jadakiss,Zoey Clarke Ft-Fetty Wap,Alyxx Dione Ft-Jason Derulo ,Jordin Sparks Ft2 Chainz,Puff Daddy The Family Ft-Pharrell Williams,Jamie Foxx Ft-Chris Brown,The Game Ft-Drake,Usher Ft-Migos,Janet Jackson,Ciara,Tink,Natasha Mosley,Snoop Ft-Charlie Wilson

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    Sports Clash Episode 2: Konnichiwa Tanaka

    in Sports

    In the second edition of Sports Clash radio with Rich Arleo and Chris Carey, Yankees fan Rich basks in the glory of another big signing and Orioles fan Chris tells us just how much he hates the Yankees as we take a look at the disparity between the two teams' off-seasons. Plus, musings about the ever-exciting Pro Bowl and more.

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    Welcome to the clash of civilizations

    in Politics Conservative

    Concepts of diversty and equality pushed under political correctness took a huge hit in the opening days of 2016. And the unraveling of PC doctrine will likely continue as the new year advances.

    Reports of migrant mobs assaulting women in German cities were inititially denied or played down in the cities where they happened, but the mobs were so large, and the attacks so numerous, even political correctness couldn't keep a lid on what happened.

    Meanwhile, here in the U.S., President Obama's final State of the Union address resorted to politically correct fabrications that all is well, and that the progressive transformation remains on track. But the most notable declaration of the evening may not have been one from Mr.Obama. That dubious honor likely goes to South Carolina Governor Nikki Haley, who in delivering what was supposed to be a Republican response to the president's address, chose to instead attack the Republican party base who no has faith in the Republican party's ruling elites.

    Let's not forget that Gov. Haley, much like the political elites in Germany, was an outspoken supporter of resettling large number of Middle Eastern migrant in her own state until voter outcry demanded she retreat, at least publicly, from her position.

    Join us Friday as we connect the dots, and assess where the trends now taking shape may lead us as Election Year 2016 advances in America. 


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    Sports Clash Episode 5: Spring Training Begins

    in Sports

    Spring Training is underway! No games have been played yet but, there has already been a lot of news. From big injuries that will affect your fantasy baseball team to the major announcement from Derek Jeter and more. Rich Arleo and Chris Carey will run down the biggest news and happenings from Spring Training.

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    Wrestlechat- A clash of " Styles"

    in Wrestling

    Will AJ Styles be able to succeed in the WWE?...Latest on the royal rumble rumors and possible finish... Can Wrestlemania find a way to shine this year..?TNA looking to hang on to top stars....Whats next for the Divas of WWE?

    All this and more Sunday aat 2"30 EST

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    Clash of the Rams NFL Radio Episode 1

    in Football

     Clash of the Rams host Jeremy "The Batman" Hayes leaves Studio 73 at Suffolk University in the heart of Boston to go on Radio for NFL talks about the offseason, plus the upcoming draft...

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    Episode 83: Clash of the Champions 25

    in Wrestling

    It is our final night on Blog Talk Radio and of course there was a ton of technical issues on BTR's end, so we had to tape the show to air later. Emerson and Brian review Clash 25 with Ric Flair vs Vader and a lot of bad matches! Plus Emerson rants about Tough Enough!

    Thank you for listening and tune into TalkShoe.com for future episodes!


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    "Can Personal Relationships Clash With Professional One's"

    in Romance

    What happens when Professional relatiionships are complicated, for example the recent situation with Drake, Meek Mills and Nicki Minaj. Taheerah, Nacone and Karishma will host the show on "The Girlfriend Network" and dig into the topic.  

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    in Entertainment

    TRUMP Campaign Supporter Daniel McFarland & Islam Supporter Muhammad X Clash in a Free-for-All as host Richard Rossi attempts to offer the message of Christmas to both.  Also joining the conversation is "Doomsday Dan," who believes the world is ending soon & that Trump & Isis together may be the antichrist.

    To support Richard's new film project "Canaan Land" to share a message of God's love, peace, and healing power, make a tax-deductible donation today at http://www.gofundme.com/canaanland

    ABOUT: Rossi hosts his talk-show "Richard Rossi Live" as a podcast on BlogTalkRadio. In 2015, the format of the program changed from its Christian roots on WPIT, a Christian station on the Salem Radio Network, by broadening its content for a general audience. Although Rossi still discusses spiritual issues, the program's focus is on known artists, writers, and celebrity guests. Recent guests have included (partial list): Michael Jackson attorney Thomas Mesereaus, Elvis fiancee Ginger Alden, actors Richard Anderson, Lindsay Wagner, Cindy Williams, Dawn Wells, Sally Kirkland, Kathy Garver, Karolyn Grimes, and Julie Adams. 

    Richard occasionally uses his skills as an actor and playwright & does special shows to make a point through caricatures.  He is capable of concocting a cast of fictional characters, all of whom he plays as personality parodies on air while simultaneously serving as host of his talk radio program. The views expressed on the program do not necessarily reflect the views of Richard Rossi or BlogTalkRadio.

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    Clash of the Rams Interactive NFL Radio Episode 2

    in Football

    CALL-IN to Clash of the Rams host Jeremy "The Batman" Hayes is joined by Brandon Crosby of the Suffolk Voice, Studio 73 at Suffolk University is in the heart of Boston, but now COTR is on the Radio for NFL talks about the offseason, plus the upcoming draft...