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    Clarity Daily Radio

    in Self Help

    Connect with @13Clarity and @InfiniteDolo as they bring clarity to different topics.

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    Clarity Daily Radio

    in Art

    Join @InfiniteDolo & @13Clarity as they share their views & opinions about the #RapeCulture movement.

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    Getting Clarity on Anything!

    in Motivation

    Hey Guys! Call in for questions on anything that may need a little extra clarity at thispoint in your life. What if life could be easier? What if the key to having everything you desire is different than what you think? What if your parents were incorrect when they told you about responsibility and "duty"? what if everything you knew from the time you were a wee bambino about joy and pleasure and creativity and sexualness and play and freedom is actually what's true for you? What if your life could become easier if you started listening to YOU rather than what others are choosing? would that be more fun?

    I'll be facilitating using the tools of Access Consciousness to help you energetically unlock all that's been keeping you stuck. It's actually the ENERGY of something that gets you stuck, not anything external. By undoing fixed points of view you can start to have more freedom of choice and move into being the phenominal you you were meant to be! Let's play, yo!

    Might want to check this out if you cerebrally need to know what the Clearing Statement is that i will be using: http://www.theclearingstatement.com/

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    Clarity Corner Radio

    in Business

    This episode we discuss Mastering Media with Clarity. If you were given the opportunity tomorrow to be a guest on a 'live to air' talk show or on a TV programme what would your initial reaction be? Would you go into meltdown mode or would you run with open arms into enthusiasm mode? This episode discuss the principles of getting on air and thriving there. Fail to prepare, prepare to fail............

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    Clarity of Intent

    in Spirituality

    The primary reason people are not as happy or successful as they desire is that they are not clear on their intent. They don't know exactly what they want, and if you don't know what you want, how do you expect to get it? Join Dick and Roberta as they discuss how you can acheive Clarity of Intent in your life. Dick will guide you through a short meditation to explore your clarity of intent.

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    Rebecca Fisk: Clarity with Compassion - LIVE!

    in Spirituality

    Rebecca Fisk is back!  Join the show for an hour of Clarity with Compassion!

    You've heard her on her own show, "I AM REBECCA!"  Now you can hear Rebecca on Rated G Radio!

    Questions about love, money, job, family, home, the holidays?  Call 323 657-1493 to ask Rebecca your question!

    Follow Rebecca on her Facebook Fan Page by clicking here!

    Follow Rebecca on her website by clicking here!


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    Clarity in Love!

    in Spirituality


    How do you choose to move yourself forwards into a greater status of Love?
    What is keeping you from Love?
    What is the new beginning that you are waiting for?
    How will it affect your life, when it is here?
    What is it, that determines you receiving it?

    I will begin the show by speaking briefly to these topics, before handing over to my Guide, Jayriel, to take you deeper into your own Clarity in Love.

    Your shares and questions are welcomed during the show, or by emailing in ahead of time, via the contact form on my website - we look forward to sharing this journey with you!




    Testify to Love by Uluwehi Gurerro on In My Heart CD

    Soulmerge and Sanctus by Ashana & Thomas Barque on Jewels of Silence CD


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    Clarity...on Anything!

    in Motivation

    Are there areas of your life you'd like to change but haven't been able to? What if what you needed was more awareness so that you could know a diferent possibility? Using the simple, weird and practical tools of Access Consciousness, we can begin to shift anything that isn't working and give you a new sense of space and ease. Come play!

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    Choose Clarity and Balance

    in Self Help

    Join Nancy Gentle Boudrie as we center and empower ourselves to claim clarity and balance on a cellular level through a guided meditation to clear the seven chakras of the body and own a mindset of choosing balance in our lives.

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    Is It Really A Lack of Clarity Or Is It Fear?

    in Self Help

    Have you been trying to get clarity so you can answer the question of what you should do, be or have and keep coming up against a wall? Well there is a good chance that you're not working with a “clarity” problem but something else instead. Join Dr Mary Ayers on this as she challenges you to see what the REAL issue could be and then shows you how to take the steps you need to get the clarity you want.


    Mary Ayers, PhD, brings with her over 26 years as a accomplished Licensed Therapist, Success Coach, author and top EFT/Tapping. expert. Her professional achievements include being a coach for 5 years with the Anthony Robbins Organization. She’s a featured presenter on The Tappers Insiders Club, and The Tapping World Summit, as well as on several globally heard teleconferences. She is the co-producer & co-host of the Unstoppable You in Business, Intensive. All of her coaching programs are filled with ‘unconventional’, ‘fail-proof’ practical strategies you can use immediately to get results. For more information go to www.TapIntoAction.com and you can email at Mary@tapintoaction.com

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    Ask Questions, Receive Clarity, and Be Empowered

    in Self Help

    Looking for support?
    Longing for someone to listen to you and help you uncover your answers?
    Seeking clarity?


    Angie K. Millgate will delve into her intuitive nature and open up to the universe to channel empowering messages and provide clearings for the energy blocks she sees within your questions so that you may discover your own answers and create a path forward into a life you want to live..

    To participate in this free experience, send an email to Angie's email with your story, question, or situation you're seeking clarity on and then listen in live or to the archives any time after the show airs at: Moments of Awakening

    "... it is always rare to find someone who possesses a genuine gift. Angie K. Millgate does indeed possess that gift. She is highly intuitive, empathic even, and her overall spirit is friendly, warm and inviting." - past client

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