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    STREAMING LIVE ON USTREAM AT:  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/trust-clairevoyant
    With my upcoming new PSYCHIC CELEBRITY REALITY SHOW, CLAIREVOYANT COMEDIUM™,  I thought I'd do a LIVE radio broadcast providing a few of my ACTUAL psychic readings of the UNO CARDS!  You're welcome to call in and get a live psychic UNO CARD Reading and I encourage EVERYONE to watch the LIVE STREAM broadcast of these UNO CARD readings at:  http://www.ustream.tv/channel/trust-clairevoyant
    Also check out my youtube channel with more information about my upcoming Psychic Celebrity Reality Show, CLAIREVOYANT COMEDIUM™.  http://www.youtube.com/user/trustclaire
    For those who need an explaination, I am a tested psychic and member of BEST AMERICAN PSYCHICS.  I am a CLAIRVOYANT MEDIUM.  I am also HUGE into laughter.  Get it? Comedian... COMEDIUM!  and being that I AM CLAIRE, I'm CLAIREvoyant and my TRUST CLAIRE Fans are my CLAIRE-audience.

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    La clairvoyance et ses pièges, les Sirènes et leurs charmes

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    Aujourd'hui nous parlons des photo inter-dimensionnelles et le contact clairevoyant et clairaudient avec les fées. Sans contourner les pièges pour ceux qui pensent que les capacités psychiques indiquent une maîtrise spirituelle.

    Marc nous traduit un épisode racontait par Almine quand elle a rencontré les Sirènes: le Peuple de la Mer. Dans son Livre des Enchantements elle décrie différententes variétés.

    Et pour concluire, nous avons choisi une incantation qui néttoye les blocages de nos conditionnements dans le colonne vertébrale pour retrouvé la Seconde Vue que nous avions au départ, mais qui 'disparait' dans la petite enfance. Marc le prononce pour nous dans sa copie du Book of Spells. A pratiquer pendant 30 jours d'affilée.





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    NOPR welcomes back Trust Claire

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    Join us 01/31/2015 ( 8pm Pacific /  10pm Central & 11pm EAST )

    NoOrdinary Psychic Radio is proud to welcome back Trust Claire! She is a Psychic, Radio show host, Comedium, Witch, Reverend. Listen as we talk about what she has been up too, Her Uno cards

    Callers please wait to call in with your questions till after  8:10 pm Pacific/ 10:10pm Central 11:10pm East coast. Call in number is (323) 843-6064 DO NOT PRESS 1 in till instructed to do so. ( This will give others a chance to call in before the lines get jammed packed. ANy callers that dont follow this rule will be dropped from CALL QUE , till 10 minutes after show starts

    When you are pulled on the Air , You will be called by your Area code. Remember 1 Specific question per caller. Please state your name, location and sign. If your question pertains to someone else please include their name and sign. No questions general questions such as HOW will my 2015 be? NO Mediumship readings done on the air and no  2 part questions. 

    NOTE: The radio show is 30 minutes LIVE air and has an additional 15 minutes of recorded air time.  Please come back and listen to Archive any time you like to hear your reading over again. No Questions will be answered from the Chatroom.

    Check NO Ordinary Psychic Radio at


    want to check out Trust Claire click on her picture and it will take you to where you can contact her directly.

    LIKE & Follow us on Facebook too!


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    Fundraising Eventful Show

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    Psychic UNO Card Readings by TRUST CLAIRE™ January 8th - January 11th Payment by donation only, made directly to: www.giveforward.com/janellejacobsoncollins20k Send me your donation payment confirmation to receive your Uno Card Reading. xxoo TRUST, Claire Janelle Jacobson Collins A single mom to 3 amazing kids, will need a great deal of help with out-of-pocket medical & living expenses while out of work (without pay) a minimum of 4 weeks during her recovery. After surgery, she will undergo expensive radiation treatment and will need our support large or small! Please consider donating anything you can to help---if we all pitch in we can truly make a difference in her recovery and life by reducing the stress and worry associated with her illness by helping with her expenses!

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    2 Comediums At Large: Cindy Kaza-Redmund is on air!

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    May 22- Cindy Kaza is a fantastic Tennessee Medium who travels the world doing great demonstrations of Evidential Mediumship: bringing through evidence and messages from loved ones in spirit at places like Hilarities, where she is billed as a Comedium. As you all know, developing some kind of sense of humor has long been an aspiration of mine so I hope to gain some insights tonight from Cindy! Join us for some laughter and great message work- and best dial in early for this show!

    (661) 621-7554 phones open 6:45 ET and the show begins at 7 pm ET.

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    Now is your opportunity to tell me why you don't like me!  What? you say...  WHO DOES THAT?  Who does that?  I do!  Equal opportunity for all things is my motto today. 
    Did I upset you?
    Did I say something that you didn't like?
    Did I make a prediction that didn't happen?
    Did I serve your crow too rare?  Or forget the side dish of mash potatoes?
    Don't waste your time upon countless hours of talking smack behind my back!  Call in and tell it like it is!

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    Intuitive Connections presents The CoMedium Hour

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    Intuitive Connections presents The CoMediums of Mediums Christina Nelson and Dawn Katzin. Join us every Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific for an action packed hour of spirits, laughter and insights.
    Is there such a thing as "possession", in the ordinary sense of that term?    "Yes; and it is this domination which really constitutes what you call possession. But you must understand that this domination is never established without the participation of the spirit who is subjected to it, either through his weakness or his free-will. Men have often mistaken for cases of possession what were really cases of epilepsy or madness, demanding the help of the physician rather than of the exorciser."   The word possession, in its common acceptation, presupposes the existence of demons, that is to say, of a category of beings of a nature essentially evil, and the cohabitation of one of those beings with the soul of a man in the body of the latter. Since there are no such beings as demons in the sense just defined, and since two spirits cannot inhabit simultaneously the same body, there is no such thing as "possession" in the sense commonly attributed to that word. The word possessed should only be understood as expressing the s

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    Intuitive Connections presents The CoMedium Hour

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    Intuitive Connections presents The CoMediums of Mediums Christina Nelson and Dawn Katzin. Join us every Tuesday at 5:00 PM PT for an  hour of spirits, laughter and insights.
    Are you in a soulmate or twin flame relationship? Does it really matter? Sarah Adelle and Sophie Elise Twin Flame and Soul Mate Experts join us to go over the different meanings and then to give you your very own mini-reading. 
    Join us for an hour and half of guaranteed laughs and insights plus, getyour very own relationship reading from two of top experts in the field. 
    Sophia Elise is a Certified Psychic, Intuitive Life Coach and Spiritual Counselor who specializes in love, romance, relationships and soulmates. 
    Lady Sarah is an Intuitive Counselor/Psychic, Spiritual Advisor and Psychic Life Coach with 20+ years experience, focusing primarily on LOVE and RELATIONSHIP issues. 

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    Intuitive Connections presents The CoMedium Hour

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    Intuitive Connections presents The CoMediums of Mediums Christina Nelson and Dawn Katzin. Join us every Tuesday at 5:00 PM Pacific for an action packed hour of spirits, laughter and insights.

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    Curious Times - Christina Nelson, Psychic Medium

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    Join us for 2 hours at 10 PM Eastern.
    Christina Nelson is a 3 generation Psychic Medium with a diverse background.
    Christina is a certified polygraph examiner, certified private investigator and has worked in a variety of other roles in her past.
    Christina has had hundreds of hours of certified training in psychic mediumship, and has been tested and endorsed by both Shay Parker and Lisa Williams.
    Christina is a Paranormal Investigator and devotes her life full time to spirit work. Whether providing readings, coaching, or clearing energy from people or buildings, she conducts herself in an ethical professional manner.
    Christina is a Co-Host of two Blogtalk Radio shows, namely Intuitive Connections which she co hosts with her cousin Leanne Thomas, and she also co hosts a show with Dawn Katzan at the Intuitive Connections channel, called the CoMedium Hour.
    You can find those shows at  http://www.blogtalkradio.com/intuitiveconnections
    To book a private reading with Christina please visit her website at:

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