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    Where did civility go, I'm missing it!

    in Spirituality

    Spirited was actually on the board of an organization called "Civility-at-Large" years ago.  The intent was to focus on the issues surrounding the growing lack of civility between people of all walks of life.  The subject still is an intense one for her, as well as most of us, as we go along our way each day.

    From Bullying and lack of senstivity to where to draw the line in our interpersonal relationships in all areas of our lives, it's all quite a spiritual topic! 

    Tune in to what promises to be a show that some may not want to hear, and others may leave applauding!  

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    JR Wild Show episode 3 -- Civility

    in Politics

    Tonight we are on late, because I was at a local meeting.  They where talking about civility and that is what we will do tonight.  

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    Coffee Party Book Club "Reclaiming Civility in the Public Square"

    in Politics

    "Reclaiming Civility in the Public Square – 10 Rules That Work" is a user-friendly guide to how civility in the governing process is possible.  Each rule is illustrated with a true life story.  These stories not only demonstrate how the rule works, but also give evidence that while “civility in government” may sound like an oxymoron to some, there are examples to be found showing civility to be alive and well in the political sphere.

    Cassandra and Tomas are co-founders of the Institute for Civility in Government, a grassroots non-profit organization that works to bring more civility to the governing process in our communities and our nation.  With more than 15 years of experience in leading legislative conferences, Cassandra and Tomas know first-hand what it takes for citizens to be effectively engaged in the political process on Capitol Hill and beyond. They have addressed community groups, schools, churches and members of Congress, and have been interviewed on radio and television, including PBS, C-SPAN, NPR and CBC.  Both are ordained pastors in the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.) and are actively serving a congregation. Both Cassandra and Tomas have mediation training



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    Rosalinda Randall Etiquette and Civility Consultant

    in Entrepreneur

    Host Kevin Willett is joined by Rosalinda Randall Etiquette and Civility Consultant. Listen in to hear some great advice for Holiday Networking. Please visit her website at www.rosalindarandall.com for great adive on etiquette 

  • Boehner Blowback - Are Grassroots Effective? Civility in Civics

    in Politics Conservative

    We are back! Tonight we are bringing you a special episode of the Waco Tea Party Watchdog Radio Show. Our special guest is Felicia Cravens from the Houston Tea Party Society. We've know Felicia almost six years, and we respect her level headed responses to political events. 

    Our Hot Topic tonight is Speaker races and effective ways that citizens can engage in the political process. Civics and Civility are lacking in the discourse, tonight we'll talk about why it is important to know the process and being respectful when addressing elected officials. Manners Matter.

    Join us at 8:00 PM (CST) online, in live chat, and on the phone. Call in your questions, comments and suggestions. Just be civil.

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    Respect, Civility, and Collegiality: Do They Exist in Today’s Workplace?

    in Business

    Join us today on Women Leading the Way Radio as Cecile Bereal, your host of Serving Up Diversity, interviews Dr. Billy Vaughn, DTUI Managing Partner/Chief Learning Officer.
    It has been said that the workplace is a reflection of society at large, and there are behaviors that demonstrate a lack of respect, civility, and collegiality, inside and outside the workplace.

    With diverse ethnicities, multi-generations, lower wage employees and no age limits as to how long an employee can continue to work, studies indicate that incivility, lack of respect and collegiality are serious problems that are getting worse.

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    Business Etiquette, Relearn Civility

    in Business

    Keep it Civil, Stupid! The Civility CEO, Sue Jacques (pronounced JAKES) is on today's Piggy Bank Promotions radio show, talking about the importance of running a business that insists on civility...and how to set it up.
    Come listen on Blog Talk Radio--Wendy Meyeroff

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    Is Civility Even Possible Anymore?

    in Politics

    As members of the Coffee Party media team, we here at the Middle Ground see a lot of posts, emails, show responses and tweets. The one thing that continually strikes us is that, no matter how hard any of us want civility, it seems like an increasingly difficult state to attain.
    Tonight we're having an OPEN CALL NIGHT on The Middle Ground. We want to hear about what YOU think it's going to take to reach true civility--not just from a handful of us, but from a majority.
    Presented by Coffee Party USA, "The Middle Ground" covers a variety of topics with a trans-partisan approach with an eye to finding the place where the two major political parties share that 'middle ground.' Co-hosted by award-winning filmmaker Eric Byler (center-left perspective) and political author Michael Charney (center-right perspective), the show airs every Tuesday 8 to 9:30 pm ET.
    We love our callers: 646-929-2495.

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    Civility In The Little Brother Era

    in Comedy

    James and Benjy talk to Peggy O'Leary and Sean Martin about side pieces and more.

    Follow @JamesLMattern @TheBestOfBS @Seanjuan55 & @PeggyOLeary

    Use promo code LUST at www.StandUpNY.com for 2-for-1 tickets to Stand Up NY.

    Visit www.StandUpNYLabs.com to listen to all our other great podcasts.

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    Civility Under Siege: LUNCH W LOUDEN 3OCT13

    in Politics

    The LWL Brain Trust has hit a philosophical wall. In our discussions about how to have a meaningful conversation about the root causes of the shenanigans in DC this week, we find ourselves appearing to violate the “civility and reason” agreements of the Coffee Party. Shane Brooks, blogger, CP member, and former Tea Party activist, will join this conversation  today.
    As a group we do not believe this accusation of bias is true. The conundrum is: how does one create a safe place for people from all walks to discuss an issue when the data weighs heavily in one direction?
    There is a myth about civility that says it must be weak and “unbiased”: milk toast. We at The Tru

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    Dynasty Pulse Presents the DFW 2015 Rookie Extravaganza!

    in Sports

    With the NFL draft two weeks away four DFW prospectors gathered to share their rankings and debate each other with civility. Dan "Burgandy" Heins, Sir William Cervi and Dynasty Pulse co-host Josh Johnson brought their offense ranks at each skill position. There was some opinionated differences. Bruce "FatKat" Kimbrough also stopped in to enlighten the boys about his Top 10 IDP options in the draft.

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