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    The Human Auric Field

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    On this episode of the The Oracle Treehouse we are talking about the human auric field, What is it? What's it made of and more, I will all so be doing live free on the air readings. 

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    Field St Forum Radio Podcast Talking Georgia Sports and Recruiting

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    Last episode of 2014

    We'll give you the latest rundown on UGA recruiting

    Give you a preview of the Georgia vs Louisville Belk Bowl game

    Plus highlights from the past year of Field St Forum

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    The Language of Dreams

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    Dreams, just how important are they? Very. Dreams are your subconscious mind telling you either: what is going on way down inside of you needs your attention, or they may be telling you of what is to be. Either way there are many books, speakers and groups that share their opinions on them. But the cosmos have a funny way of talking to us, and what one book, one person says that your dream means “this”, well, you may have your own way of interpreting what is being shown to you depending on what the symbols mean to you.  The Universe talks to us so that we as individuals may understand what is being said.  Please join us on Mon. Dec. 1st, @ 7-8 p.m. eastern (347) 838-9736 As our panel of experts, StarzJames & StarzDragonSpirit, discuss this important language, this is an interactive show, so please feel free to call in to share your experiences and thoughts on this intriguing topic.

    Mini readings in chatroom only




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    I Share Crowdfunding - Share Your Dreams

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    We love to share crowdfunding. We want to here your dreams, where are you going what do you want to do today to change your life. Not only your life but others. It is time to be who you want to be and CHANGE YOUR LIFE TODAY!!!

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    Using Your Dreams To Write

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    Have you ever dreamed of writing? Join Kelly as she interviews Dr. Christopher Harz all about how to use your dreams as inspiration for writing today on The D-Spot.

    Dr. Christopher Harz worked in research at the RAND Corporation, the military think tank in Santa Monica, on national defense problems including communications, advanced weapons, combat robots, and UAVs. He also worked for DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, on virtual reality and simulations, including the very first MMOG, Massively Multiplayer Online Game, which cost $240 million, and developed the technology for today's World of Warcraft and other videogames. 

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    Unsweet Dreams- What are your dreams?

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    Unsweet Dreams, What are they trying to tell us?
    Angélica and guest co-host Justin Bacon, talk about the deep sea world of dreams! What are your dreams trying to say to you? are dreams really other realities? what are the meanings telling you about your past present or future?

    Stay tuned and listen up!

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    Howard Richmond MD - From the Battle Field to The Healing Field

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    Howard E Richmond MD is an integrative psychiatrist with a message for consciously seeking people who want to shift energy-draining reactions to realign body, mind and spirit. This episode is about moving from the battle field to the healing field. He will discuss with co-host Deborah Louise Brown the movies in your head and the long-term value of learning to write a new script.

    One of the lessons Dr. Richmond has learned over twenty years in private practice is the value of being “out of your mind” and into your heart. This philosophy is beautifully displayed in The Healing Field, his first novel. The Healing Field is a riveting account of the healing breakthrough that saved his patient’s life and transformed his own. The book chronicles the daring, out of the box healing journey with his anorexic patient “Lori,” who was determined to die. Between her desperation and his determination, they become locked in a battle for life that crosses conventional boundaries and reveals that healing and freedom come in surprising forms.

    Dr. Richmond practices hot yoga daily in San Diego, California, where he lives with his wife, Elana, and their two German shepherd rescues, Jayde and Houdini. Read more at HowardRichmondMD.com


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    Simple Steps to Impossible Dreams (Think & Grow Rich)

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    In this episode, I will uncover the simple secret of turning your dreams into reality. You will agree with me after the show that your dream can be made real within 30days especially if you can just apply my "New Science of Association." principle. This proven science makes to understand that our associates or our friends are part of our growth in this life, they can either help our dream come alive or they can destroy it. Therefore this show will help us choose our friends wisely so that we can achieve our dream at ease.. Know that success is a journey its destination is filled with abundance, peace, joy, and opportunities which can always be attainable through this new science of personal achievement,.

    Napoleon Hill once defined "Master Mind" as : "Coordination of knowledge and effort, in a spirit of harmony, between two or more people, for attainment of  a definite purpose."

    King Solomon the riches and the wisest man that has ever lived said that, " He that walks with wise men shall be wise: but a companion fo fools shall be destroyed." Proverbs 13:20

    Come to the radio by 7:30PM New York time, and see your live transformed for real.

    Your Radio Host: Dr. Emmanuel Udoeyo. Cell: (267) 423-5695 

    Radio Link: www.blogtalkradio.com/winnersbroadcastingradio

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    The Healing Room - Visions and Dreams For Our Future

    in Women

    Today's Show:

    Many people have expressed that they sense a whirlwind, swirling just above us, threatening to remove or at least change the things we know and love forever. Perhaps it isn’t just a feeling. Perhaps it is Biblical truth. Tune in to The Healing Room, Christian Radio for the Whole Woman, Thursday night at 7 Eastern. We are going to discuss visions, dreams and our future.  There is always hope for those who trust in God.


    Spiritual Health Source

    Tell Me About God



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    Want to know what your dreams mean? Clues left by Spirit.

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    Want to know what your dreams mean? Clues left by Spirit.

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