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    Interview Preview: Legendary Cinematographer Haskell Wexler

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    In this preview from our upcoming interview, legendary cinematographer Haskell Wexler discusses his collaborations with Mike Nichols, Hal Ashby, George Lucas and Milos Forman.  The entire interview premieres on Sunday, October 4 as the Season 3 finale of our Art of Cinematography series.

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    RADIO MOONLIGHT - Lessons from a Cinematographer In The Sahara Desert

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    John Keedwell, Award Winning Author & International Professional Speaker brings you Radio Moonlight
    The Moonlight Illusion is a phenomena John personally witnessed at night when filming in Mali in the Sahara desert.

    This extraordinary experience changed John's perspective on a lot of things and so many other experiences he had on the desert had the same impact.  As a cinematographer, John had the pleasure of working with big names in the music industry and big broadcasting corporations. Each story, experience, challenge comes with a lesson in life and business. 

    This led him to ask these profound questions that he's also asking you:

    Imagine you were able to create your own movie of your own life and map out your future from pre-production to the end credits.

    What kind of story would YOU write for yourself to appear in?

    How long would you wait before you started the movie?

    What would you need for this project?

    What risks would you be willing to take to get your movie produced?

    What mindset would you need to complete the project?

    Listen in and learn from John how using what you already know you can write a box office success

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    Guest:Salvatore Totino/Cinematographer/Everest/Concussion/Inferno

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    Salvatore is currently one of the foremost recognized cinematographers in cinema. He approaches each project with a unique visual style, and seamlessly translates each story's unique concept into breathtaking moving images. Born and raised in Brooklyn New York, Salvatore is a regular fixture on director Ron Howard's team.  In addition to Inferno, the duo collaborated on films such as The Missing, Cinderella Man, Frost/Nixon, The Dilemma, Made In America, The Da Vinci Code and Angels & Demons. Salvatore Totino began building his reputation as one of the finest commercial and music video DOPs of his generation.  Today, he has over 500 commercials on his resume, having contributed to high profile campaigns like Jack Daniels, Nike, Jaguar, The GAP and H.I.S. Jeans, winning a Clio Award for the latter.  He lit the music videos for such celebrated bands as Radiohead, REM, Bruce Springsteen, Sound Garden, U2, and many others. Totino's first feature film as Director of Photography came in 1998 when Oliver Stone hired him to work on his American football drama Any Given Sunday.   Since then, Totino has compiled an impressive list of credits, including Changing Lanes directed by Roger Michell, People Like Us for Alex Kurtzman, Concussion for Peter Landesman and, most recently, Baltasar Kormakur’s Everest. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    35th Anniversary: RAGING BULL

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    The Movie Geeks celebrate the 35th anniversary of Martin Scorsese's Raging Bull by featuring interviews with the film's cinematographer Michael Chapman, and director William Lustig, the acclaimed filmmaker behind the cult classic Maniac who also happens to be the nephew of boxer Jake LaMotta. 

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    20th Anniversary: CASINO

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    The Movie Geeks celebrate the 20th anniversary of Martin Scorsese's Casino with replays of our 2009 roundtable discussion, and our interviews with actors Kevin Pollak and Frank Vincent, editor Thelma Schoonmaker, and cinematographer Robert Richardson.

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    TCH Ep. 66: Actor/Producer/ Cinematographer Tom Gore

    in Film

    On this episode, we will be talking to Actor, Producer and Cinematographer Tom Gore (who served his country in the US Army as an Apache Longbow helicopter pilot for 20 years!) as well his work in the genre, including such titles as Zombie Fried Chicked (TV Series, 2012-13), Nosferatu Blues: Vampire Blues (2013), Shades of Crimson (2014), Bombshell Bloodbath (2015), Fix It In Post (2014), Night Of The Living Dead: Genesis (2015), Demon Lane (2015) and more!

    We will be reviewing Scream Factory's Special Edition Blu-Ray Release of From A Whisper To A Scream as well as Anchor Bay's Blu-Ray Release of Echoes!

    We will also be featuring Abiotic and their most recent CD Casuistry in our Metal Blade Spotlight!

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    Shriekfest Radio! Denise Gossett interviews writer/director Mark Steensland!

    in Paranormal

    Mark Steensland self-published his first book while in the fourth grade, and has been telling stories ever since—some of them true. He became a professional journalist at the age of 18, writing about movies for such magazines as Jim Steranko's Prevue, American Cinematographer, Millimeter and Kamera. He has directed two feature films: The Last Way Out (a crime drama) and The Gospel According to Philip K. Dick (a documentary). His short films (including Lovecraft's Pillow, Dead@17, Peekers, and The Weeping Woman) have played in festivals around the world and earned numerous awards. His novel for young readers (Behind the Bookcase) was published by Random House in 2012. He currently lives in Northern California with his wife and their three children.  Mark took home the Best Horror Feature Screenplay award at Shriekfest in 2015!

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    Guest:Tobias Datum/Cinematographer/Grandma/Frank and Cindy/Doll & Em HBO

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    Tobias Datum was  Born and raised in Frankfurt, Germany. He first studied cinematography at the SFOF in Berlin, Germany, and later at the AFI in Los Angeles. Since then he has shot well over a dozen feature films, 2 single camera TV-shows from pilot to series and many short form projects. Many of his films were shot on location all around the globe and his films have premiered at the most prestigious festivals such as Cannes, Berlin, Sundance, Toronto, Venice, Rotterdam, Moscow. Many of which went on to win major awards. You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film

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    Weird Scenes Inside the Goldmine 12/3/15 - Ciao, Mario

    in Entertainment

    This week, we're talking the undisputed king of classic Italian horror!

    From his roots as a cinematographer for forgettable neo-realist dramas and sword and sandal pepla, Mario Bava rose from uncredited co-direction to full fledged auteurism on many of the all time classics of the horror genre!

    Nearly singlehandedly creating the Italian Gothic, the Giallo and the 80's slasher film well before these subgenres would flourish, Bava languished without any real critical approval for decades, only coming to appreciation long after his death in the DVD era.  A genius at staging (it's said he could take a few potted plants and a column or two and turn them into at least four completely different sets), he was a man noted for his sense of humor and dismissiveness about his own work...and yet, he crafted some of the most morbid, dark and for the time, extreme visions in cinema.

    Join us as we talk one of the true greats in Italian cult cinema, and obvious inspiration for so many even more famed auteurs (and genres) to follow somewhat slavishly in his footsteps - the inimitable Mario Bava!

    Week 17
    Ciao, Mario


    Your hosts "Doc" Savage and Louis Paul


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    The Haps Welcomes Nadia Hallgren Cinematographer

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    Cinematographer and filmmaker from the Bronx, New York. My camera credits include Michael Moore’s Fahrenheit 9/11, the Academy Award-nominated Trouble the Water and HBO’s Emmy-nominated War Don Don.
    I’ve shot celebrity-driven documentaries about Britney Spears, Cameron Diaz and Richard Branson that have aired in prime-time slots on MTV, Showtime and the Sundance Channel. Commercially, I have filmed large scale branded content projects for Grey Goose, IBM and many others.
    As a director I made two films; Sanza-Hanza, a short-documentary profiling teenage train-surfers in South Africa that was later acquired by PBS, and Love Lockdown, which premiered at SXSW and won the prize for best short film at HBO’s Urbanworld film festival.

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    Guest:Romain Lacourbas/Cinematographer/The November Man/Taken 2/Marco Polo

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    Born in France in 1977, Lacourbas studied at the Ecole Supérieure de Réalisation Audiovisuelle (ESRA) in Paris.  After graduating he became camera assistant to renowned director of photography, Pierre Aïm (Matthieu Kassovitz’s film Hate), with whom he worked for several years.In 2008, when working as additional cinematographer on The Transporter 3, Lacourbas met Olivier Megaton and embarked on a fruitful collaboration, which led to two features films both produced and written by Luc Besson (Europacorp's founder, producer, director (The Professional, The Fifth Element, Lucy) : Colombiana in 2011 (starring Zoe Saldana, Jordi Mollà, Lennie James and Cliff Curtis) and Taken 2 the following year (starring Liam Neeson, Maggie Grace and Famke Janssen).In 2013, director Roger Donaldson (The Bounty, No Way Out, The bank Job…) offers him to be the cinematographer on The November Man (starring Pierce Brosnan, Luke Bracey, Olga Kurylenko and Bill Smitrovich).In 2014 the Weinstein Company propose Lacourbas to start Marco Polo's first season, produced by Netflix (starring Lorenzo Richelmy, Chin Han, Benedict Wong, Joan Chen and many others…). He set the look of the show as he lit the two first hours directed by Joachim Ronning & Espen Sandberg (Kon-Tiki, Bandidas) and then work with director David Petrarca (True Blood, Game of Thrones, Boardwalk Empire…) for episodes 7 & 9. He enters the A.F.C. (French Society of Cinematographers) the same year.You can email your questions to 123filmeasy@gmail.com or follow us on Twitter @123Film