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    Author, Speaker,Consultant Nicole Turner, Dominique Wilkins​ & Reds Johnson

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    Nicole Turner is an author, motivational speaker, life strategist, consultant, and change agent who has a passion for helping others. Nicole delivers powerful and proven ideas in an enlightening and inspiring manner. Nicole inspires others to move.  She motivates others to step outside of their comfort zone and recognize that their environment does not dictate their future or determine their opportunities. Nicole encourages other to see beyond their current circumstances, to leave familiarity behind, and make a move. 

    Christian Fiction Author Dominique Wilkins from Indiana says.....I am an up and coming urban Christian fiction writer. Writing books with a message. Books to encourage, motivate and inspire for your enjoyment.www.AuthorDWilkinsGoodbooks.com.

    Urban Fiction Author Reds Johnson from New Jersey.


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    Pete Rose to be inducted into Reds Hall of Fame in June ceremony

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    Pete Rose to be inducted into Reds Hall of Fame in June ceremony



    Heart Disease Awareness 

    Annual Red Dress event :River Park Community Center

    301 11th N Naples. Fl. 34102

    when: SaturdayFeb: 20th 2016

    At 7:00 Pm


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    The "Mean Reds" of Business | MMPT

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    Monday morning pep talks delivered straight to your inbox to help you start your week right. Because if you start your week right, you'll end your week right.

    Get them in your inbox: http://www.bestkeptself.com/subscribe-to-monday-morning-pep-talks/

    This week, learn about the "Mean Reds" of business and join in on the discussion: http://www.bestkeptself.com/2015/12/13/the-mean-reds-of-business-monday-morning-pep-talk/


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    January 2016 - Super Bowl, Pete Rose, Hall of Fame

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    The latest Seton Hall Sports Poll, which polled 771 Americans (by landline and cellphone across the nation), was unveilved on January 28, 2016.  With the Super Bowl coming right as the presidential primary season “kicks off,” Americans said they were following the presidential contests by more than a 2-to-1 margin over football, with 60% choosing the political contests, and 24% the Super Bowl.  53% say the political races will be the most competitive, compared to 37% naming the Super Bowl. 

    The reasons for watching the Super Bowl are of course, varied.  40% said it was best explained because they were football fans, with 19% saying they were a fan of one of the participating teams, 18% saying it was a “big event,” and 10% interested in the commercials.  Only 2% said it was primarily because they had a bet on the game, although in another question, 13% said they participated in wagering on the game.

    Peyton Manning, whose name emerged recently as having been sent human growth hormones (the report was on Al Jazeera and was recanted by the source), was the subject of a question on whether that report changed opinions about him.  (During the polling period, the NFL announced it would investigate the charges).  A significant 11% said they thought “less favorably” of him, and 76% said it had no effect.

    Pete Rose, who will be inducted in the Cincinnati Reds Hall of Fame this year, was the subject of two questions, the first asking whether that was appropriate - to which 47% said yes, 33% no.  The second asked if he should be eligible to be elected to the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, to which 56% said yes, 28% no.

    The Seton Hall Sports Poll has been conducted regularly since 2006.

    Media: Media: Marty Appel Public Relations (212) 245-1772, AppelPR@gmail.com; Rick Gentile (917) 881-9489.

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    Shirts v. Skins (from the RV)

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    Wow, a lot of crazy football has taken place, and we'll do our best to disect the chaos, especially what happened in Pit/Cincy & MIN/Seattle. Burfict cost his squad, period (and got 3 games for it). Same goes for Blair Walsh. St. Louis Rams to Los Angeles! Sucks to be a St. Louis Rams fan, but the NFL is a business, and this is a no-brainer business move by the NFL. Will San Diego join the them? They've got a year to think about it. Hue Jackson is headed to Cleveland to be the Head Coach. Over/under on how long he'll last? A-Rod & the Pack looked like them old selves against the Redskins, and Kansas City put the Texans in a Goddamn sleeper-hold! Alabama wins their 4th National Championship in 7 years in a thriller against Clemson. Congrats to the Crimson Tide, even though I wanted you to lose. Is Alabama's dominance as impressive as the Patriots? Why or why not? I'll give my take, and is Derrick Henry a legit NFL prospect? I don't think so. And the WIAA (Wisconsin Interscholastic Athletic Association says students can't say "Airball" at WI high school basketball games anymore. That, my friends, is the end of Humanity. Call in and vent! Phone lines will be open, 213.943.3423.

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    Steelers vs Cincy

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    Talking Steelers Bengals game & NFL Contenders

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    2015 Year In Review - 100th PCF Radio Show

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    Join Captain Jay & Wayne as they look back at the highlights from 2015, including a review of the PCF Live tournament trail and an epic old drum season on the NC Coast last fall.  Special guest Mark Davis of Penn’s Bigwater Adventures will join the show t discuss his visit to NC to target the reds on the Pamlico Sound last year and other highlights from the upcoming season of his show, which airs on the Outdoor Channel on Fridays at 2:30pm, Saturdays at 9:30am, and Sundays at 6am.  

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    Baton Rough! Oscar Combs, Meredith Hornsby & Mary Jo Perino Join Us!

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    Got a super fun show on tap tonight! First show of 2016. We'll look at the Kentucky Wildcats tough loss to the LSU Tigers.

    We have a big time group of guests tonight!

    The legendary Oscar Combs, the founder of The Cat's Pause and UK Sports Network cohost joins us right off the bat at 6:05 to talk all things UK and maybe a touch of NFL and MLB too.

    Meredith Hornsby, writer at bamahammer.com, will stop by at 7:00 to discuss the Alabama Crimson Tide and their quest for another national championship.

    Mary Jo Perino, cohost of The Dan and Mary Jo Show on 1300 AM WLXG in Lexington stops by at 7:30 to chat about the Minnesota Vikings and the NFL Playoffs.

    Tune in! Join the fun: call us at (845)277-9373 or tweet us at @CatsTalkWed! 

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    FTI Sports Show - Reds offseason look ahead

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    In this episode, I am joined by my Page2Sports colleague Zak Ballard to discuss all things Cincinnati Reds and their offseason. We will look at what moves will be made and should be made. We will also take questions and because of technology and how great it is, we tried to take calls to no avail.

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    NFL MVP race?? Sean Payton may replace Tom Coughlin?? Broner calls out Arum??

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    1- NFL weekly review!!
    1A- MVP race who should win and why??

    1B- NY Jets beat New England Patriots to keep playoff hopes alive!!

    1C- Playoff spots secured!!

    1D- Sean Payton may be in discussion to take over the head coaching job in NY with the Giants??

    2- Boxing
    2A- Adrien Broner calls out Bob Arum and Manny Pacquiao!!

    3- MLB
    3A- Daniel Murphy signs with the Washington Nationals!!

    3B- The NY Yankees acquire RP Aroldis Chapman from the Cincinnati Reds!!

    4- NBA
    4A- Matt Barnes is suspended by the NBA for his attack on NY Knicks head coach Derek Fisher!!

    4B- Is Derek Fisher a good coach??

    4C- The Phoenix Suns fire 2 asst. coaches... Is Jeff Horaceck next??

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    Cardinals vs. Bengals preview: Cincy Jungle talks Palmer, Dalton and more

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    The Arizona Cardinals have another appearance on Sunday Night Football this week. They face the 8-1 Cincinnati Bengals at home after having defeated the Seattle Seahawks 39-32 in Seattle. The game features two of the NFL's best teams and two of the league's most balanced teams offensively and defensively. 

    To preview the game, Scott Bantel from SB Nation's Cincy Jungle was a guest on the show with host Jess Root and talked about a whole bunch of things leading up to the game. 

    Of course, we couldn't ignore the Carson Palmer angle, so we discussed what his departure meant for him and for Cincinnati. Clearly, it worked out for everyone. 

    Bantel tells us about how Bengals fans have elevated expectations and, despite all the success the last four years, are really in a wait-and-see mode for the team until the postseason. 

    He gives us the implications of the injuries they have suffered on defense and also the matchups that favor and do not favor the Bengals. And that whole prime time thing with Andy Dalton and the Bengals? There might be something to that.