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    Re-Broadcast - Bodega Cigars

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    Well we are having an ice storm here in PA and the crew can't make it to the studio. So we will be re-broadcasting the Bodega Cigars show we did some months ago.

    Stay safe and we will talk with you next week.

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    1502 Cigars and Nicaragua

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    Well we will be doing a very Nicaragua based show tonight. First we will be speaking with one of our great friends - Enrique Sanchez owner of 1502 Cigars. Second Mike just got home from his trip to Nicaragua and visiting and photographing various factorys in Nicaragua.

    We will speak with Enrique about his newest cigar as well as what is on the horizon for 1502.

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    Jordan Alexander III Cigars

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    Tonight we have the owners of Jordan Alexander III Cigars coming in studio with us. We are excited to talk with them and try their cigars for the first time (Vince has had them and obviously liked them to contact them about coming in). We will find out more about the blends and how this company of young men started this brand and where it is going!

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    Bodega Cigars

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    We will be sampling the boutique brand - Bodega Cigars tonight. We will also be getting a call from one of the owners - Gino. We will discuss the blend and find out more about this boutique.

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    Torano Cigars

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    We will be exploring the newest cigars from Torano this week.

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    Villiger Cigars and a visit with Robyn

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    Tonight we will not only get a visit from our friend Robyn of Villiger Cigars but also get to smoke a few cigars with her. We will be smoking the Tobajara & La Capitana by Villiger.

    We will find out what is going on with Villiger as well as what has been going on in the always interesting life of Robyn.

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    Punch Signature Cigars and Old Friends

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    Tonight's show will be awesome as we visit with some old friends! We will have old crew member Drew sitting in with us. It has been a long time since we have have had a cigar and drink with him! We will also be getting a call from our Great Friend - Jack Torano! We treasure everytime we get to talk with Jack. Not only is he a great friend to the show but to the entire crew! We are happy to hear from him and also want to promote the great brand he is now with - Roberto Duran Cigars! We love them!

    We will be smoking the new Punch - Signature Cigar. It is a new release and we will see how this floats amongst the crew.

    Tonight's show will be our last show on Tuesday. We will be going back to our old show nights - THURSDAY! Next week our show will be on Thursdays!

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    Another Round of Mystery Cigars

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    Niko has brought in a few cigars with the bands removed. We will smoke them and review them as unknown cigars as well as try to guess which company made them.

    Since we are in the Philadelphia are we will talk about the Eagles and also trash Green Bay since Graham likes them.

    We will review the Delaware Cigar Festival from the 20th and also hopefully have George call in from Ultimate Cigar Party . com and tell us how his event went last night.

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    Cigars, Cigars, Cigars!!!

    in Comedy

    Tonight we'll be joined by two of my friends from the popular blogtalkradio.com show "Over a Cigar".  We'll be talking about cigars and we'll see where the conversation leads...

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    OAC - Drew Estate Smoking Monk Cigars

    in Lifestyle

    Smoking Monk from Drew Estate brings something completely new to the table. These handmade cigars are specially blended to pair with a specific style of craft beer so that the cigar enhances the flavor notes in the beer and vice versa. Cigars and beer – great alone, but better together, and with these exciting blends from Drew Estate, you're about to fall in love with both even more.

    Hefewiezen – Mild-bodied with creamy notes of vanilla and a sweet finish

    Imperial Stout – Hearty, medium to full-bodied blend with nuances of cacao and sweetened dark roast coffee

    American IPA – Medium-bodied with a zesty flavor profile of citrus, spice, and slight smoky finish

    Porter – Well-balanced, medium-bodied blend filled with notes of dark chocolate, coffee, and caramel

    Triple Belgian – Medium to full-bodied with a rich, complex tobacco flavor and a spicy finish

    We are smoking the Imperial stout- drinking North Coast Brewing Old Rasputin, American IPA – drinking Stone IPA and the Triple Belgian – drinking Chimay White

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