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    Tutto Calcio Italia

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    The Rainmaker gets you covered for Round 3 of the Coppa Italia.

    Also, I announce the new sponsor for the 2014-15 Campaign, 5Dimes sportsbook!

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    Tutto Calcio Italia

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    The first of 2 segments on back to back days. I will be covering both Cups in Italy, the LegaPro and Main Coppa Italia as well on Sunday.

    4 - 1 to open the season on Thursday.

    Going to be a long year, football in Italy until June! You should decide sooner than later that getting to listen to these shows BEFORE the matches is more important than listening to them AFTER the fact!

    I think I have proven why over the last few years, the rest? Is up to you!!

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    Tutto Calcio Italia

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    I will be discussing the matches for Saturday and Sunday in the Coppa Italia on today's episode.

    I wish all my fellow Italiano's Felice Ferragosto!


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    Tutto Calcio Italia

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    The Weekend continues on the pitch in Italy with another segment of Tutto Calcio Italia.

    The weekend got started Thursday with the Lega Pro Cup, and it runs through Sunday.

    Also on Sunday, is the Main Coppa Italia that most are familiar with. 18 matches kick off the event and there will be matches every Sunday for 3 weekends.

    You've gotten your Thursday, Friday and Early Saturday matches already discussed. Now let's get into the Late Saturday and Sunday matches.

    2 Shows, 2 days, 4 days worth of plays if you started with the newsletter emails.

    Contact me at Ejtherainmaker@gmail.com if you are interested in having the advantage of listening to the shows before the matches begin. Let the rain fall my friends!!

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    in Health

    Italia Ricci, star of ABC Family's critically acclaimed hit series "Chasing Life", joins us in-studio for an exclusive interview about her life, the show and how her character April—a twenty something, smart and quick-witted aspiring journalist who is diagnosed with cancer in the prime of her life—has made such a difference for the young adult cancer movement. Survivor spotlight on Vanessa Hood. Don't miss this special broadcast.

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    Deepertruth: Eucharistic Miracle of Trani, Italy (11th Century)

    in Religion

    “Pretending to be Christian, the woman received Communion with the others… and took the consecrated Host from her mouth and transferred the Holy Eucharist to a handkerchief.  Once home she wanted to experiment with whether or not the Blessed Sacrament was bread and put the consecrated Host into a heated frying pan filled with oil. Upon contact with the boiling oil, the consecrated Host miraculously became Bloody Flesh and a hemorrhage, so to speak, would not stop flowing and went from the pan all over the cursed woman and her house. Terrorized, the woman began to scream… and the neighbors ran over to find out the reasons behind her cries…”
    The archbishop was immediately informed of the events and he ordered the return of the consecrated Host to the church. That same Cistercian Abbot Ferdinando Ughelli (1670), in his well-known encyclopedic work“Italia Sacra”, wrote in a notation of his seventh volume: “In Trani a sacred Host was fried to the dismay of our Faith…, the true Flesh and Blood of Christ was unveiled in the unleavened Bread which fell to the ground”.

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    We The People Show Live! For 03/18/2015

    in Politics

    today's topic will be on shared parenting, abuse of process, ciao support, a couple of questions of why men don't win in court, the system seems to be against man, the difference between doors and procrastinators. And what are you putting off that you could be doing to help your case.



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    Tutto Calcio Italia

    in Soccer

    August comes and it is time once again to start the Italian Football Weekly segments. With a new name no less!

    This year I am bringing you 'Tutto Calcio Italia', which will comtain of all things Football in Italy.

    New Year, same Ej, bringing the Cloudy forecast with a lot of Rain projected of course!

    Today, I will get into the few club matches with Italian Clubs involved and get us started with some plays. advice, and even an MLS play in the mix for tonight in the U.S.

    And I will give a little preview of what to expect this year in Italian Football, the new structure of Lega Pro and the Coppa Italia that kicks off August 10.

    Are you ready? Let's get this show on the road!! Buona Fortuna!

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    Tutto Calcio Italia

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    Midweek Fixtures means a midweek segment. After a very successful betting weekend, we follow it up with another show walking us through Serie A and Serie B. If you would like to register for the Rainmaker Newsletter to receive plays and picks from all leagues I cover, shoot me an email @ Ejtherainmaker@gmail.com and let me show you how easy it is! For now? Let's get to the pitch!

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    Sports Palooza Radio: We Talk Soccer with Matteo Bonetti!

    in Sports

    LaLiga, Serie A, Coppa Italia...oh my! This week we welcome beIN SPORTS' Matteo Bonetti who talks with Ej about what you need to know this week in soccer! Tune in. It's going to be a great discussion!

    Follow him on Twitter at @TheCalcioGuy

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    Tutto Calcio Italia

    in Soccer

    3rd Fixtures of Serie A & the 4th Fixtures of Serie B this weekend.

    This will be the 1st of 3 episodes this week, due to having mid-week fixtures in both leagues.

    63 matches in 11 days, and I am here to help us cover them!

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