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    Sergey Kovalev vs Jean Pascal Recap

    in Sports

    Sergey Kovalev, man. He's a fighter who doesn't give opponents whole lot of options. For instance, when he's about to knock you out, he either thrusts his pelvis in your direction or laughs at you. And after he knocks you out, he makes an internet meme out of you. Make no mistake. Kovalev is an assassin, and he proved it by stopping a ballsy Jean Pascal in the latter's backyard. This week on TQBR Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and The Queensberry Rules' Patrick Connor welcome Brent Brookhouse of MMAjunkie to the show to talk Kovalev-Pascal, Andre Berto vs Josesito Lopez, Floyd Mayweather vs Manny Pacquiao, and much more. Thanks for tuning in!

    (Photos: Herby Whyne; NotiFight;

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    Voices Carry for Animals # 34

    in Pets

    Hosted by Debbie Dahmer

    Guests will be Capt Yocum - NJ SPCA  &  Jeff Coltenback -Founder, President at Paradise Pet, Inc and Founder, Director at Pitty Rescue, Inc.

    What Constitutes Animal Cruelty?  Acts of violence or neglect made against animals are considered animal cruelty. Examples include overt abuse, dog fighting, and being neglected or denied the basic necessities of care, such as food, water, shelter, sanitation, grooming and veterinary care.  Neglect is the failure to provide an animal with the most basic of requirements of food, water, shelter and veterinary care.Neglect is often the result of simple ignorance on the animal owner's part and is usually handled by requiring the owner to correct the situation.

    Patrick the Dog Starved -Thrown Away As Garbage

    The 22 story apartment building is equipped with garbage chutes on each floor for tenants. Someone had no more use for this dog. They had starved it to near death, put it in a garbage bag and threw it down the garbage chute. A maintenance worker cleans out the bin every few days and on Wednesday, March 16th, they were cleaning out the contents of the container to go directly into a trash compacter. The bag moved a little and the worker opened it to find a moribund dog inside -- pathetically thin, cold and near death.

    http://njspca.org/  NJ  SPCA  The New Jersey Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was created in 1868 and is the second oldest SPCA in the country. Its agents were established as Law Enforcement Officers in charge of investigating and prosecuting all persons involved in animal abuse and neglect. 

    Our mission today is the same as it’s always been. Through the tireless efforts of our highly trained and professional law enforcement personnel, we are making a difference…one animal at a time.

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    Family Time with Mike Dee & Russell Taylormade Smith ( Mr.Network) Show

    in Social Networking

    7:30PM to 8:30PM

    The Mike Moore Show

    The President of Lone Star High Steppers

    8:30 PM to 10:30 PM

    Russell Taylormade Smith Aka Mr.Network

    This Wednesday Night Show Line-up is In. Tune in @ 8 : 30pm cst toMrNetworkTM.com . I promise you don't want to miss this show. It definitely will be something different smile emoticon
    First guest will be (8:45pm)18 year old Huntsville tx calf roper , team roping chute dogging youth ranch rodeo Cowboy Desmon Johnson
    He has been riding since he was little and just started really roping when he was 14 won the chute dogging this passed year in cadwell and recently won a roping at Ricky Cantons his team was 4th over all in TYRRA his Rookie year.
    Following Dez We will be checking in with 5 year old (9:15pm) Cy Cole 's mother. I was informed that this young muttin bustin sensation took rodeo Houston by Storm along with several others this past weekend.
    This Last guest Arqueze Girdy Age 23  has agreed to come on the air to share his story of a different road traveled along the Rodeo Trails.
    You don't want to miss (9:30pm) Arqueze Girdy or better none as Quay . Tell the untold story of the road less traveled in the sport of Rodeo.
    Here is a little about what he has accomplished so far along the way. 

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    Brandon Rios vs Mike Alvarado III Preview with Brin-Jonathan Butler

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    Already in 2015, it's been a little easier to stay optimistic about the future of boxing may bring. Since last week's show, there have been announcements about boxing's return to network television via Al Haymon, the US picked up a heavyweight belt-holder for the first time in years in Deontay Wilder, on an entertaining first big TV card of the year, and while the schedule isn't densely packed, there's enough going on to keep us occupied. This week on TQBR Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and Patrick Connor of The Queensberry Rules welcome Brin-Jonathan Butler back to the show to discuss recent happenings in the sport, the upcoming schedule and much more. Specifically previewed will be this weekend's HBO rubbermatch between Brandon Rios and Mike Alvarado. Thanks for tuning in!

    (Photos: Esther Lin/Showtime)

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    Bermane Stiverne vs Deontay Wilder Preview

    in Sports

    Welcome to 2015, ye oulde fans of boxing. Not enough has happened yet this calendar year to be able to say how it's starting out, but like always, we'll complain both before and after, no matter what. This weekend is the first bigger boxing weekend of the year, though, centered around a match between two heavyweights that's actually interesting. This week on TQBR Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and The Queensberry Rules' Patrick Connor preview Bermane Stiverne vs Deontay Wilder on Showtime, and accompanying undercard. Look alive and you might just catch some movie quotes, lame humor, pessimism and whatnot. Thanks for tuning in!

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    Word Matrix guest author: Robert Chazz Chute

    in Culture

    My guest today is author Robert Chazz Chute, is the author of “the Hit Man Series”,  “Cracking the Indie Author Code,” as well as the “Plague of Day’s Series” and that is only a few of his works.  I love the “Hit Man Series” and we are talking about his projects as well as other interesting topics. Don’t miss it. Sunday at 12 p.m. EST on Word Matrix on blogtalkradio.

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    Terence Crawford vs Ray Beltran Recap

    in Sports

    Boxing has had an international flavor the last few weekends, even if that hasn't added quite as much to the plate as we had hoped. The sport has seemingly tried to kill the stench left from a lack of quality in 2014 by simply throwing more fights our way at the end of the year. It might work, it might not. But it doesn't matter, because we'll always be back. This week on TQBR Radio, James Foley of Bad Left Hook and The Queensberry Rules' Patrick Connor relive the weekend by recapping Terence Crawford's wide win over Raymundo Beltran on HBO (which also featured Evgeny Gradovich's draw with Jayson Velez), and the Tyson Fury's second win over Dereck Chisora, with Billy Joe Saunders getting by Chris Eubank, Jr. in the co-feature. A lot of boxing happened, it's just that most of it wasn't particularly exciting. We'll still talk about it, though -- and upcoming stuff like David Lemieux vs Gabe Rosado. Thanks for tuning in!

    (Photos: Chris Farina/Top Rank - HBO Boxing)

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    CoffeeHouse on Magick Blvd. guest Robert Chazz Chute

    in Motivation

    Today on, CoffeeHouse on Magick Blvd. Author Robert Chazz Chute is our guest today. He is a horror, suspense and crime novel writer. He also writes some non-fiction as well. I found his work in a free digital give away and I was hooked. It is action packed, fast paced with lots of twists and turns. He is the author of Bigger Than Jeuss (The Hit Man Series) as well as This Plague of Days (The Zombie Apocalypse Serial, as well as his other work that can be found on his website.





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    Voices Carry for Animals # 7

    in Pets

    This show is hosted by Debbie Dahmer and Co-hosted by Howard Epstein

    Our guest this evening is Deb Padovano

    Patricks Law in New Jersey.  http://www.nj.com/politics/index.ssf/2013/08/christie_signs_patricks_law_to_increase_animal_cruelty_penalties.html

    Gov Christie signs Patricks Law to Increase animal cruelty penalties.  It was in March, 2011 when Patrick, a reddish brown pitbull, was starved and dumped down a Newark apartment building trash chute and left for dead. At barely 19 pounds, the emaciated dog was brought to the Garden State Veterinary Specialists in Tinton Falls and nursed back to health. Patrick has made a full recovery and is now being fostered by Patricia Smillie-Scavelli, the administrator at the vet hospital. There is an ongoing civil suit between the City of Newark and Associated Humane Societies, which claims custody of the dog. Patrick will remain with Smillie-Scavelli until the legal matter is resolved. (Video by Andre Malok / The Star-Ledger).

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    Irish Yoga day on Unity America Radio


    Check us out for our new shows in the chute Pulp Fiction Radio and Dinos Dungeon.


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    VOC Nation News: CrabNation Daily - The REAL Independence Day Special

    in Current Events

    The Crabs welcome Monday with these headlines: the boys of SCOTUS side with Hobby Lobby on the war on women; even the GOP in Colorado think potato-faced Gordon Klingenschmitt is cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs; Super Fades Barber Shop in Florida is super fun after dark; an escape chute accidentally deploys in the passenger cabin mid-flight #changeofunderwear; man's best friend pukes out a symbol of life long monogamy #Tucker. Finally, only because the swimming man-eater was "cute", we avoided a "When Animals Pissed Segment."

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